Note: Dreamworks and Netflix's She-Ra and the Princess of Power was created by Noelle Stevenson and is based on Filmation's She-Ra show and Mattel's toy line.

Adora used to be a member of the Horde, a team led by the evil Hordak. Hordak's sorceress, Shadow Weaver, served as a motherly figure and mentor to Adora, as well as her best friend, Catra. Shadow Weaver tricked Adora into thinking the Horde was a noble and heroic team of warriors, who were destined to fight the evil princesses, who had started a rebellion against the Horde. In reality, the princesses were hardworking and kind warriors, who were determined to stop the Horde from enslaving their lands.

After Adora fount out the truth, she decided to leave the Horde and join the rebellion. She quickly befriended two members of the rebellion, who were around her age, named Bow and Princess Glimmer. Also, Adora found a sword, which turned her into a superhero. She took up a new persona, which was called She-Ra. When Adora said, "For the honor the Grayskull.", she would turn into She-Ra. As She-Ra, she was stronger than any member of the Horde or the rebellion. Although some members of the rebellion were skeptical about letting an ex-Horde member join their team, they quickly saw that Adora had a lot of compassion and strength. Adora was given permission to stay in the kingdom of Brightmoon, which was run by Glimmer's mother, Queen Angella.

A few days after Adora left the Horde, she was laying down, while in her new bedroom. The room was bright blue and was decorated with lots of glitter and party decorations. Adora was the only one, who stayed in the room. It felt weird for her, because when she was in the Horde, she and her teammates stayed in the same room. She tried to enjoy her new room and her new life. She figured that shouldn't be too hard, since Bow and Glimmer were much nicer than her former teammates and Angella was a much more pleasant ruler than Hordak. However, there was one specific thing about the Horde, that she greatly missed and that was Catra. During her time at the Horde, Catra was the one consistently good thing about Adora's life. Although Catra could be selfish and immature, at times, she truly cared about Adora and Adora loved spending time with her. Adora often helped Catra act organized and responsible, while Catra taught Adora how to have fun.

Glimmer knocked on Adora's bedroom door. Adora sighed and said, "You can come in."

Glimmer went inside and looked at Adora, who looked like she was moping around. Glimmer asked, "What's wrong?"

Adora tried to act like everything's fine, by smiling and asking, "What are you talking about? I'm doing better than ever. I left the evil Horde behind and now, I get to stay in this castle and get to beat up bad guys. It's great."

Glimmer replied, "All that stuff sounds great, but you don't look great."

Adora said, "I can't help it if I'm not beautiful."

Glimmer sighed and replied, "I'm not talking about your looks. I'm talking about how you feel. Something's bothering you."

Adora responded, "You could say that."

Glimmer sat next to Adora, while saying, "I can tell something's up. I don't know what the Horde taught you, but at Brightmoon, lying is frowned upon, so don't try making up a fake story."

Adora replied, "To be honest, the Horde seemed to be big fans of lying." She paused and said, "Anyways, despite how much better my new home is, there's still something about my old home, that I really miss."

Glimmer nervously smiled, while saying, "I hope you don't miss being evil, because if you did, I'd have to beat you up."

Adora replied, "I certainly don't miss that. I just miss my old friend, Catra. She worked in the Horde, too. We spent our childhood, together."

Glimmer said, "Adora, if Catra's like you, I'm sure she'll leave the Horde, eventually."

Adora sighed and replied, "Catra and I are a lot different. A lot of our teammates wondered how we were able to get along, because we almost seemed like opposites. I always wanted to follow orders and act proper and Catra wanted to have fun, despite what anybody instructed her to do. She needed me and I needed her. I feel lost without her." She paused and said, "I hope that doesn't make me sound needy."

Glimmer replied, "As much as I want to tease you, I can't act like I'm any better. One time, Bow went on a one-month vacation and I felt a little lost and a little lonely." She put her hand on Adora's shoulder and said, "You shouldn't worry, Adora. You're not alone. You have me, Bow, my mom, and all the other members of the rebellion. As for Catra, I'm sure you two will cross each other's paths, one day."

Adora responded, "You're probably right. Thank you, Glimmer."

Glimmer replied, "You're welcome." She yawned and said, "It's getting late. I better get to bed, before Mom gets mad."

Adora responded, "Sounds good. Goodnight, Glimmer."

Adora got on her unicorn pajamas and returned to her bed. She tried to get some sleep. Although she had a lot on her mind, she was feeling exhausted, so she was able to close her eyes and start getting some sleep.

Meanwhile, Catra and Shadow Weaver reported to Hordak, in Hordak's throne room, because he wanted to have a talk with them. Catra looked a bit intimidated by Hordak, who sat on his chair, while having a grumpy expression on his face. Hordak said, "Shadow Weaver, is Adora still missing?"

Shadow Weaver replied, "Technically, we haven't gotten her back, yet. However, you don't need to worry about that. I'll have her report back to you, before you know it."

Hordak slammed his fist on his chair, while saying, "Adora's already been gone, for too long. It's been days. Adora's the most time-efficient member you've ever trained. I had just promoted her to Force Captain, when she suddenly vanished. You have no idea how bad this is, for you."

Although Shadow Weaver was Adora and Catra's mentor, she was willing to make them look irresponsible, in order to make herself look better. She said, "Hordak, the blame should really go to Catra."

Catra gritted her teeth and angrily asked, "What are you talking about?!"

Shadow Weaver said, "You were the first person Adora talked to, after becoming Force Captain. You've been known to give Adora bad advice, in the past. I'd hardly be surprised, if you tricked her into leaving the Horde, so you could get her promotion."

Catra showed off her claws, while replying, "How dare you accuse me of being a bad friend."

Hordak stared at Shadow Weaver and Catra, who continued arguing with each other. Hordak was getting tired of their arguing, so he said, "Stop trying to escape blame, Shadow Weaver. You took it upon yourself, to raise Adora. If Adora fails to fulfill her duties, you must take responsibility and admit you messed up."

Shadow Weaver replied, "Hordak, you can't possibly I believe would mess up."

Hordak slammed his fist down, once again and said, "Just admit you messed up!"

Shadow Weaver bowed to Hordak and said, "I'm truly sorry, for my past failures." Seeing Shadow Weaver beg for forgiveness brought a smirk to Catra's face.

Hordak looked at Catra, while saying, "Catra, you have been supporting Adora, for all these years. From what I hear, you two are very close. Because of that, if anybody can locate Adora and bring her back to the Horde, it's you."

Catra smiled, while replying, "I appreciate your confidence in me, Hordak."

Hordak said, "I'm counting on you, to bring Adora back to me."

Catra replied, "Then I'll do that."

Hordak responded, "Good. Shadow Weaver raised you, as well, so if you fail, she'll be in a lot of trouble."

Shadow Weaver said, "But Hordak -"

Hordak interrupted her, by saying, "Shut up and get out of here."

After Shadow Weaver and Catra left Hordak's throne room, they started walking around the hallway. Catra had a smug smile on her face, while looking at he mentor and asking, "Did you see how mad Hordak was? It must be hard, to finally feel the pressure you put me and Adora through."

Shadow Weaver grabbed Catra and angrily replied, "Don't act like you won the argument we had. Although Hordak is temporarily placing blame to me, I am your superior and I have the power to punish you. I think I've made it clear, that you are my most irresponsible, untrustworthy pupil."

Catra responded, "That's not true!"

Shadow Weaver said, "Then prove me wrong. Get Adora back to the Horde. I've been using my sorcery, to pinpoint where Adora is. She's been seen with members of the rebellion."

Catra raised an eyebrow and asked, "Do you think Adora would actually join the opposing team?"

Shadow Weaver said, "I truly hope that's not the case, but she can be easily persuaded. Go to Brightmoon. Adora will likely be there."

Catra replied, "Alright, Shadow Weaver. Since you keep messing it up, I'll start getting things done."

Shadow Weaver smacked Catra in the face and said, "Don't mock my work. I was more important, as an infant, than you are, as a young adult. Now, get Adora back to our team."

Catra sighed and replied, "Okay, boss." Catra got on a ship and started flying to Brightmoon, along with some Horde soldiers.

The next morning, Adora heard lots of sounds, that seemed to be coming from a battle. Adora was hoping she was just having a loud dream. However, Glimmer burst into Adora's room and said, "Some Horde soldiers are attacking a village in Brightmoon. We need you to change into She-Ra, immediately."

Adora stood up and replied, "Okay." She grabbed her sword and raised it in the air, while saying, "For the honor of Grayskull." In a quick moment, Adora transformed into She-Ra.

She-Ra quickly ran to the scene of the crime. She saw a bunch of villagers, who were being threatened by Horde soldiers. Bow was using his bows, to attack the soldiers, while Glimmer zapped them. She-Ra pointed her sword at the soldiers, while saying, "You guys better get out of here."

One of the soldiers looked at She-Ra and asked, "Who are you?"

She-Ra said, "I am She-Ra."

Bow said, "She-Ra's the rebellion's newest and strongest member, so you guys better start running away."

Catra stepped in front of the soldiers and said, "So, the rebellion has acquired a new member?" She observed She-Ra, while saying, "I must admit you're quite pretty, but looks aren't everything. Also, what's with the name? You call yourself She-Ra? Is stating your gender that important? It's not like Hordak calls himself Guy-Leader and I certainly wouldn't call myself Catwoman."

She-Ra stared at Catra. At first, she was surprised that Catra didn't recognize her. She figured Catra would be able to tell who she was, a mile away. She said, "Catra, it's me."

Glimmer raised her eyebrows and asked, "This is Catra? She attacked four villagers, a few minutes ago. She's not the type of person, that you would want to be friends with."

Catra took a closer look at She-Ra and said, "You look a bit familiar."

She-Ra replied, "That's because I'm someone you know."

Catra grabbed She-Ra and angrily said, "I don't care who you are. Since you're the rebellion's newest member, I'm guessing you're the one, who captured Adora. You better get her back to me, before you get scratched up." Catra pointed her claws at She-Ra.

She-Ra replied, "I'm Adora."

Catra said, "Yeah right."

Catra was about to start scratching She-Ra, but She-Ra used her magical sword to turn back into Adora. Catra's fierceness and intimidating nature started fading away, when she saw Adora. Since Adora had turned back to normal, she was in her unicorn pajamas. Catra smirked and said, "Nice pajamas."

Adora looked a bit embarrassed, while replying, "It's what I was wearing, before I transformed into She-Ra. It would never be my first choice, for an outside outfit."

Catra said, "I have a lot of questions, but first, there's something I need to do." Bow and Glimmer feared Catra was going to try to hurt someone, so Bow pointed an arrow at her, while Glimmer was ready to zap her. To their surprise, Catra wrapped her arms around Adora and gave her a big hug. Adora nervously smiled.

Catra said, "Adora, what happened?"

Adora explained, "I learned the truth about the Horde. They're not the heroic team, that Shadow Weaver told us they were. The Horde has been enslaving all of Etheria's kingdoms. Thousands of innocent lives have been put in danger, because of the Horde." Adora put her hand on Catra's shoulder, while saying, "I have to ask you something and it might seem like a rude question, but I promise I'm not accusing you of anything."

Catra asked, "What is it?"

Adora asked, "Did you know about the bad things, that the Horde has done?"

Catra sighed and said, "You've always been the nicest person on the Horde's side. However, your purity often led to you being easily tricked. Pretty much everybody knows, that being on the Horde isn't the most respectable or pleasant thing in the world. However, it's the place that raised us and it call the shots."

Adora replied, "I don't let the Horde make my decisions, anymore. I left the Horde and I've joined the rebellion."

Catra stuck her hand in front of Adora's face and said, "Hold on, Adora. Have you actually become the rebellion's newest member?" Adora nodded. Catra could hardly believe what was going on. She asked, "How could you leave the place you grew up in, so easily? How could you leave me?"

Adora explained, "The Horde is bad. They put innocent people in danger and their main is world domination. I can't be a part of that. Leaving you has been the hardest thing, about abandoning the Horde. I don't truly feel like myself, unless you're with me."

Catra folded her arms and said, "It's been hard, with you not around." She looked upset, while saying, "You shouldn't of left me."

Adora smiled, while saying, "Catra, I stopped liking the Horde, but I never stopped liking you. Seeing us be on opposite sides, during the fight we just had, was hard for me to stomach. I know there's good in you, because I've know you better than anybody. I want you to leave the Horde and join the rebellion."

Catra asked, "What are you talking about?! Hordak and Shadow Weaver are ordering me to bring you back to them and your plan is for me to just leave them?"

Adora casually answered, "Yep."

Bow looked at Glimmer and whispered to her, "Do you think Adora can talk sense into her childhood friend?"

Glimmer whispered back, "I hope so, but we have to be prepared, in case Catra stays on the Horde. Get your arrows ready, but don't attack her, until she tries attacking us." Bow nodded.

Adora looked at Catra, while saying, "I know it sounds weird and scary, to abandon the place you've spent your life in and join a new team. However, I promise that the rebellion is the team we were both meant to be on."

Catra asked, "Have you no sense of honor? You're willing to ignore your mentor and leader and just move on with your life?"

Adora answered, "Yes I am."

Catra said, "You're braver than I thought. However, do you really think you have the cleverness, to trick me into joining this new team of yours."

Adora confidently smiled, while replying, "I know I can make you join the rebellion."

Catra asked, "You really think so? What does the rebellion have?"

Adora said, "It has me."

Catra had an amused look on her face, while saying, "Wow, the rebellion's made you grow an ego. You think I'm going to switch teams, because of you? Talk about having too much self-confidence."

Adora smirked, while replying, "Come on, Catra. Whether I'm on the Horde or the rebellion, I'll always love you and you're obviously crazy about me."

Catra responded, "I can't deny I love you, even when you're in unicorn pajamas. However, do you really think I'd do anything for you? I'd give my life for you, but asking me to change the team, that I've spent my life serving, is a very big thing to ask."

Adora said, "I actually think it's a very enticing offer. Think about it, from a different angle. I'm asking you to leave behind the grumpy Hordak and the manipulative Shadow Weaver, in favor of me."

Catra replied, "When you put it like that, I feel like giving Shadow Weaver a piece of my mind, before jumping into your loving arms. However, things aren't that simple." She sighed and said, "If I joined your silly team, Hordak and Shadow Weaver would find out. They'd find out where we are and give us a brutal punishment. I've already suffered enough of Shadow Weaver's crap."

Adora held Catra's hand, while saying, "Then stop letting Shadow Weaver abuse you. Be strong, Catra. I believe in you. You're the one person, that I've never stopped believing in and there's nobody I'd rather defeat the Horde with, than you." Catra smiled and felt moved by Adora's words. A small tear came out of Catra's eye. Adora asked, "Did you actually cry a happy tear, because of me?"

Catra quickly wiped the tear away and said, "Possibly."

Adora said, "Catra, will you join the rebellion?"

Catra looked away from Adora, while saying, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do or say. Shadow Weaver's always gotten on my nerves, but she's always been our mentor, so I thought I had to listen to her."

Adora replied, "Catra, Shadow Weaver's been trying to force you into doing what she wants. I'm not going to force you to join my team. I'm just going to ask you to join."

Catra had a sad look in her eyes, while saying, "Shadow Weaver always liked you more than me. I was considered the loose, untrustworthy one, while you were the teacher's pet."

Adora gently lifted Catra's chin up, while replying, "Shadow Weaver was wrong about both of us. You're my equal. We'd both be lost, without each other."

Catra responded, "Yeah right. You always know what you're doing, unlike me."

Adora shook her head and said, "That's not true. Think about all the games we've played and all the times we relaxed and had fun. You were the one, that taught me that I shouldn't put so much pressure on myself. You taught me to loosen up and enjoy life. I probably wouldn't be able to make a joke, if you hadn't shown me the lighter side of life." She stuck her hand out and said, "Now, I'm asking you to join the bright side. We don't have to let the Horde make us feel bad, anymore. We can stand up and start making a positive difference." Catra still looked uneasy, so Adora spoke softly, while saying, "I love you."

Catra replied, "I love you, too. I know I care about you, but my other feelings are a jumbled mess."

Adora said, "Then look around you, Catra. Look at the villagers, that you and your soldiers chased after, this morning."

Catra looked around and saw a young girl and her parents. They were dressed in rags and were sitting on the ground. The parents had bruises on their faces and they cowered in fear, while hoping nobody would try to harm their daughter.

Catra nervously said, "I didn't hurt those people."

Adora replied, "True, but the soldier, who's standing behind you, hit both of the parents. He would of hurt the girl, if Bow hadn't stopped him."

Catra asked, "How old is the girl?"

Adora answered, "Probably four or five."

Catra turned around and faced the soldier. She said, "You're messed up." She scratched the soldier and threw him to the ground. The other soldiers started pointing their blasters at Catra, so Adora and Catra, along with Bow and Glimmer, started fighting the soldiers. The fight was moving quickly, so Adora didn't get a chance to turn into She-Ra. Thankfully, she was still a strong and clever warrior, so she was able to stop a couple of soldiers. Glimmer zapped a soldier, while Bow's arrows made a couple of soldiers fall to the ground. Catra used her claws and quick agility, to aid her in the fight. She managed to attack a number of soldiers. The soldiers were surprised that Catra was attacking them. They were also surprised to learn how strong Catra really was.

After the fight was over, the soldiers were passed out. Glimmer put handcuffs on the soldiers, while Bow looked at Catra and said, "You did an amazing job. You're quite the fighter. I think you'd be a good addition to the rebellion."

Adora and Catra stared at each other. Adora said, "I don't mean to tell you how you feel, but you did just attack a bunch of Horde soldiers. That seems to imply that you want to join the rebellion."

Catra replied, "I still feel confused." She looked at Adora, who had a pleasant smile on her face. As much as Catra was reluctant to admit it, the sight of Adora's smile often made her feel fuzzy.

Adora said, "I'm not going to force you to join, Catra, no matter how much I want this."

Catra said, "You know what? I'll join your little rebellion."

Bow and Glimmer both looked happy, but their happiness was nothing compared to Adora, who looked like she had just received a hundred Christmas presents. Adora asked, "You're really joining?"

Catra said, "I am."

Adora asked, "Have you finally realized you don't approve of the Horde's actions?"

Catra said, "To be honest, I don't know how I feel, when it comes to the Horde or the rebellion. The only thing, that I've always known, is that I love you more than every member of the Horde, combined."

Adora replied, "I feel the same way about you, Catra."

Catra pulled Adora closer to her and gave her a big hug. Catra said, "You're lucky I'm so crazy about you."

Adora replied, "We're both lucky, to have each other."

Glimmer walked up to Catra and said, "Since you're officially part of the rebellion, I'm sure I can talk my mother into letting you stay at the Brightmoon kingdom."

Catra asked, "The kingdom?" She looked back at Adora and asked, "Have you really been staying at a castle?"

Adora said, "Yeah."

Catra nudged Adora and said, "You should of mentioned I'd get to live in a castle when you were trying to convince me to join your team."

Bow looked at Glimmer, while saying, "We better go put the Horde soldiers in prison."

Glimmer replied, "Okay, but we better be quick, so I can give Catra a tour of the kingdom."

Adora said, "I'd be happy to give Catra the tour, myself."

Glimmer replied, "Okay then. Bow and I will meet back with you, later." Adora nodded and Bow and Glimmer started dragging away the Horde soldiers.

A minute later, Adora and Catra started holding hands, while Adora led Catra to the kingdom of Brightmoon. Catra looked at Adora, while saying, "So, those two are your new friends?"

Adora answered, "Yes, but you're still my best friend."

Catra replied, "I'm glad to hear that. I must admit it was a bit awkward, to have those two listen to our conversation."

Adora said, "Well, it's just you and me, right now."

Catra replied, "I'm glad about that, because I don't want anybody, except you, to see what I'm about to do."

Adora asked, "What's that?"

Catra pulled Adora closer to her and kissed her. Adora looked surprised, but she was happy to receive the kiss. Adora and Catra had often kissed each-other's cheeks, but this was the first time that Catra kissed Adora's lips. Catra had a big blush on her face, while saying, "Let's keep heading to the kingdom. By the way, don't tell anybody about what just happened."

Adora grinned, while replying, "You kissed me."

Catra said, "Yes I did."

Adora asked, "Why?"

Catra looked embarrassed, while saying, "I just wanted to. I probably should of asked your permission. I'm sorry."

Adora replied, "It was a lovely surprise. Also, it's nice to know you really do love me, girlfriend."

Catra angrily blushed, while saying, "Just call me Catra."

Adora replied, "I don't think so, girlfriend." Adora kissed Catra, before saying, "The last one to get to the kingdom has to kiss the other."

Catra responded, "That's not fair. You're the only one, who knows where the kingdom is."

Adora winked and said, "Then you better be a fast learner, girlfriend." Adora started running away, but she was careful to run at a distance that Catra could catch up with.

Catra started running after Adora. She was usually determined to win contests, but in this particular scenario, losing didn't seem like such a bad thing. For the first time in her life, Catra felt like a real winner.