Narrator: There's something about the peacefulness and silence of a warm summer morning that makes you feel super good inside.

Elliot: "Good morning, everybody in Emmerdale."

Narrator: For Elliot, this fine morning was making him feel super cheerful, calm and-

Carly: [Over Loud Speaker] "Attention, Elliot, attention, Elliot, this is super important, please listen super carefully!"

Narrator: And right now, he was feeling very worried about it.

Elliot: "Oh dear, oh no, oh my, it's very important, where is it?! where is it?! what should I do?!"

Carly: [Over Loud Speaker] "Elliot, please report to the main apartment right away!"

Elliot: "The main apartment? I'm on my way!"

Elliot grabs his hang glider, pushes the blue button and flies right over to the main apartment.

Elliot: "I got here just as fast as I could, what's happening?"

Noah and Marlon: "Surprise, Elliot!"

Elliot: "What's going on around here?"

Carly: "Elliot, we're here to celebrate the fact that you made every single delivery right on time ever since you began your very own delivery routine."

Elliot: "I did?"

Marlon: "You bet, Elliot, and as your reward, Carly and I decided that beginning this afternoon, we're giving you a much more important delivery routine."

Noah: "That's exactly right, and we're giving you a super special surprise too. show him, Carly."

Carly: "We know how much you really love jelly donuts, Elliot, so here are coupons for some free good 1s at the Lucky Donut Shop, it's our way of saying thanks a bunch."

Elliot: [Gasps In Excitement] "Did you say jelly donut?!"

Narrator: A crazy thing happens to Elliot when he hears the word jelly donut, 1st, he goes all rubbly bubbly all over the place.

Noah: "Uh oh, stand back, everybody!"

Narrator: Then, his entire body begins to wobble and bobble, and he loses proper control of his appetite.

Elliot: "Scrum-scrum-scrum-scrumptiousy, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, jelly donuts, love 'em, love 'em, how I really love 'em!"

Narrator: And the bible always says that losing proper control isn't a good idea for all of us.

Elliot: "Yummy, yum, yum, good."

Noah: "You see, you guys? all you need to do is say the word you know what."

Marlon: "Wow, how impressive."

Narrator: Well, it didn't take that long for Elliot, Noah and April to go downtown, right to the Lucky Donut Shop, they used all of the coupons to get lots and lots of honey glazed, pudding and jelly donuts, and when they were finished eating them-

Noah: "Oh boy, am I stuffed."

April: "So am I. hey, Noah, where's Elliot?"

Noah: "I don't know, April, I thought he was coming right outta the donut shop right in front of us."

Elliot: "Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum yum!"

April: "Elliot, where were you back there?"

Elliot: "I went back inside, April, I just had to have some more jelly you know whats."

Noah: "I can't believe you had room for more. but don't you think you're eating way too many in 1 sitting?"

Elliot: "Noah, my dear good friend, there's no such thing as too many jelly you know whats, something that yummy good can't be super bad for you, is that really true?"

April: "I'm not really sure about that, Elliot, Zak told me that too much of a good sweet thing can be super bad for you."

Elliot: "No, April, that doesn't make any sense, maybe you didn't remember it the right way."

April: "Well, maybe. but I still think you should watch how many jelly donuts you eat."

Elliot: [Gasps In Excitement Again] "Did you say the word jelly donut?!"

Elliot: "Scrum-scrum-scrum-scrumptiousy, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, jelly donuts, love 'em, love 'em, how I really love 'em!"

Elliot: "Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!"

April: "Do you really mean to tell me he does that every single time he hears the word-"

Noah: "Uh huh. don't even say it out loud."

April: "Wow, super thrilling."

Elliot: "Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!"

Narrator: Later that afternoon, when they got back home, Elliot headed back to the main apartment to find out more about his new delivery routine, but when he got there, Carly was gone in a jiffy.

Elliot: "Carly? Carly! well, she's not here."

Elliot: [Sniffing] "Hey, what's that yummy goody smell?"

Narrator: There, on the blue table, was a brand new box of jelly donuts.

Elliot: "Oh wow, I think I'll have just a few more. but wait, April said I'm eating way too many in 1 sitting. no, that can't be right, you can't have way too many yummy, tasty, goody jelly you know whats."

Narrator: The bible says we shouldn't lose proper control, but Elliot just couldn't stop eating jelly donuts.

Elliot: "Good very good, hey, maybe I'll go visit Zak and tell him the news about my new delivery routine."

Narrator: And so, Elliot went right over to Zak's kitchen.

Elliot: [Sniffing Again] "Hey, what's that smell? it makes my stomach say yummy good."

Narrator: There, on Zak's counter top, was a brand new box of tempted jelly donuts.

Elliot: "Whoa, is this my lucky day or what? Zak must've left those behind, I think I'll have just 1 or 2 more."

Narrator: But Elliot didn't have just 1 or 2 more, once again, he ate the entire box, and when he was finished-

Carly: [Over Loud Speaker] "Attention, calling Elliot, calling Elliot, please begin your new delivery routine right away!"

Elliot: "Oh boy, here I go, go, go!"

Elliot grabs his hang glider, pushes the blue button and begins flying away to begin his new delivery routine.

Narrator: Elliot had no idea what was about to happen as a result of his lack of proper control.

Elliot: "Boy oh boy, it sure is gonna be super fun and thrilling to have a new delivery routine, new places to go and neat things to explore and-Whooooooooaaaa!"

Elliot: "I'm beginning to feel a bit more wobbly, YIKES! WHOOOOOAAAH!"

Elliot: "My hang glider can't hold me up anymore, I'm too heavy!"

Elliot: [Gasps In Shock] "Oh my word. I think I ate way too many jelly you know whats, and right now I can't fly around properly!"

Elliot: "April was absolutely right, you really can have too much of a good sweet thing!"

[Music In Background]

Elliot: Too many, too many, I think I've had too many, I wonder if I'll ever be the same

too many, too many, I know I've had too many, I ate them all, there's no 1 else to blame

Elliot (continued): when I just had 1, then I must had 2, and before you know it, I've had 2 + 2

Elliot: too many, too many, I've had way too many and I don't know what to do

Elliot (continued): I wish I'd never heard about those soft sweet things, I wish I'd never seen those little tasty rings

Elliot: even though they make my stomach jump and sing, if I just had any, then I must had many

Elliot (continued): too many, too many, I've had way too many, and I don't know what to do

Elliot: with a stomach that is feeling like a lump of lead, I really oughta be at home in bed

Elliot (continued): too many, too many, I've had way too many

Elliot: if only I've had eaten all of the holes [Hic] in [Hic] stead [Hic] [Hic] [Hic]

Elliot: [Groans A Bit]


Elliot begins crash landing.

Narrator: Thankfully, God always helps us when we make terrible mistakes, so he sent Noah on his hang glider over to help Elliot out.

Elliot: "Help me out here!"

Noah: "Huh, what?"

Elliot: "Noah, help me out here, I can't stay up!"

Noah: "Hang in there, dude, hold steady, please try to stay in 1 place, Elliot!"

Elliot: "Noah, hurry, help me, I can't stay up!"

Elliot crash lands right down on the ground

Narrator: Elliot was now terribly sorry for eating way too many jelly donuts.

Noah: "Elliot, what's the matter with you?"

Elliot: "Well, Noah, I think I ate way too many jelly you know whats and right now I'm too full to finish my delivery routine."

Noah: "Uh oh, that's not a super good situtation."

Elliot: "I should've listened to April, you really can have too much of a good sweet thing, Noah."

Noah: "Yeah right, I guess you can."

Elliot: "Now what am I gonna do? I can't go anyplace when I'm stuck like this for the rest of my entire life."

Noah: "Well, we could get Dad to pull you up and take you back home to our apartment."

Elliot: "No way. that's too embarrassing."

Noah: "Wait just 1 minute, I got a super good plan, Elliot. but we need some help 1st, wait right here."

Elliot: "Oh, I don't think I'll be going anyplace, not any single time soon."


April: "Hi there, Elliot."

Elliot: "Oh hi there, April, what are you doing here?"

April: "Noah told me to come and help you out. alright, Noah, what's your plan? how exactly are we gonna get Elliot back in mid-air on her hang glider again?"

Noah: "It's super simple, April, all you need to do is say 1 single word: jelly donut."

Elliot: [Gasps In Excitement Again] "Did you say jelly donut?!"

Elliot: "Scrum-scrum-scrum-scrumptiousy, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, strawberry banana donuts, love 'em, love 'em, how I really love 'em!"

Noah: "Faster, from now on, we need to go after him!"

Elliot: "Yum, yum, yum, yummy good!"

Noah: "Alright, April, you get on 1 side of him, I'll get on the other side."

April: "Good thinking."

Noah: "Steady now..."

April: "Be super careful..."

Elliot's finally back in the blue skies on his hang glider with Noah and April (also on their hang gliders).

April: "Yeah, alright, we finally did it!"

Elliot: "Whoa, hey, I'm flying around on my hang glider again!"

Noah: "Yes, Elliot. and right now, we can make your delivery routines."

Elliot: "Hey, thanks a bunch, you guys."

April: "It's alright, Elliot, that's what good friends are for. just promise us that you'll never eat way too many jelly you know whats again."

Elliot: "Good. then I promise!"

[Music In Background Again]

Elliot: When I have just 1, I will stop right there, so I won't have trouble staying in the air

too many, too many, I'll never have too many

so my body won't feel muddy, my flying won't turn to putty

I won't go quite so nutty when I'm eating jelly you know whaties...

Narrator: Elliot finally knew he'd learn how to use proper control, from now on.