Chapter One

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Mal stood by her desk, her hands resting on the surface as if unsure of her next actions as her eyes welled with tears. Quickly she grabbed a pen and stabbed at a nearby box as if letting out all her frustration and anger. As she dropped the pen, a sob escaped her lips.

"I don't belong here," Mal sobbed, her leather jacket clad shoulders shaking as she grabbed the box she had just stabbed. Briskly walking over to her bed, she grabbed the lizard version of her mom and placed it into the box.

"Let's blow this popsicle stand," Mal said with a near growl as she looked at her mother before putting the lid on the box and holding back tears. Leaving the room, Mal thankfully didn't run into anyone as she climbed on her purple motorbike that had been gifted to her by Ben previously that day. As Mal rode to a nearby cliff, she stopped and looked out towards the Isle.

It had been the location of her former life and now it would be where she spent the rest of her new life. Away from the hardships, away from the crushing rules. Away from her friends. Away from Ben.

Choking back tears, Mal pulled out her mother's spell book and began flipping through the pages to find the spell she needed. However, before she could begin the spell, she was surrounded by a bright glowing light. When the light faded, she found herself sans motorbike in the same room they had used for the previous viewing.

Standing in the middle of the room was the beautiful Blue Fairy. Mal stared in shock before quickly trying to wipe the signs of crying from her face. This was the second time the Blue Fairy had found her in an emotionally difficult situation and Mal hoped there would not be a third time.

"Now child," Blue Fairy said with a sad smile. "Tears are nothing to be ashamed of. But what happened? I thought that all was well in the kingdom, especially after the last viewing?"

Mal nodded, still ashamed to be caught crying. Especially by one of the most powerful magic users in the realm. "Everything's fine in the kingdom," she told the Blue Fairy, which was the truth. With Ben's policies, the kingdom had seen an economic boost. "It's just—"

"You don't feel that you belong there," the Blue Fairy finished Mal's sentence with a nod. "You would rather go back to the Isle?"

"It's the place that's right for me," Mal said, sounding more confident than she felt. "Auradon is filled with rules on where to go and how to dress. Any magic used is looked down on but it's the only way I can get through all my duties without messing up or bringing Ben down."

"Have you talked to anyone about this?" Blue Fairy asked but knew the answer from the look on Mal's face. Sighing, the Blue Fairy waved her wand over Mal's face, erasing any sign that she had been crying. "There."

"Why did you do that?" Mal asked.

"Because we're about to have company," the Blue Fairy explained, a smile gracing her lips. "I figured you would rather not have them see you with tear streaks on your face."

Before Mal could respond, the Blue Fairy waived her wand again and another flash of light filled the room. When it faded, Mal stared in shock at everyone who was there.

"Dizzy!" Kitty Charming exclaimed with a smile, rushing over to the smaller redhead.

"Kitty!" Dizzy exclaimed, returning the hug. Neither girl seemed to be questioning why they were in the same room as earlier.

"Blue Fairy, why are we here?" The former King Beast asked as Carlos, Jay and Evie rushed over to Mal, who had already been claimed by her half brother judging by the death grip he had around her waist. Mal had buried her face in Hadie's hair, partly due to how thrilled she was to see him but also so that she wouldn't have to look at anyone. Ben stood by his parents, watching Mal with a look of sad longing on her face.

However, before the Blue Fairy could respond, Mal had lifted up her head and seemed to perk up as she noticed another person in the crowd.

"What are you doing here?" Mal growled at a slightly smaller girl with bright blue braids before releasing herself from her brother's grip, subtly bringing Hadie behind her as if to block him from the girl's view. Jay, Carlos and Evie followed Mal's gaze and seemed to stiffen; as if they were prepared for both girls to duke it out.

"If I knew, I wouldn't tell you princess," the girl scoffed and one of the two boys next to her chuckled.

"Still doing Uma's bidding, Harry?" Mal asked, smirking a little at the boy. Ben had to admit, the casual way she had said the boy's name made him a little jealous. "I can't believe you're still her little lapdog."

"That's enough," the Blue Fairy said, breaking up the disagreement before Harry could respond. "Please find your seats."

"Something tells me we're in for another viewing," Emir chuckled as he went to sit with his family. Mal watched as everyone took their seats and had to smirk. Just like last time, there was a gap between where the kids from the Isle were sitting and where the Auradonians were sitting. However, this time Mal and her friends were considered part of the Auradonians.

"Mal?" Hadie asked, bringing her back to the present. "Who are you going to sit with? I know you don't like dad but he's got a watch on me after what happened last time."

"Oh where you went through a portal you weren't supposed to use and spent time in a land that could have easily sent you back to the Isle?"


"She's probably going to be sitting with Ben," Dizzy said as she walked up to Mal. "What did you do to your hair? You can't see where your face ends and your hair begins."

"Good to see you too, Dizzy," Mal chuckled, giving the redhead a side hug. "Let me guess, you're going to be sitting by Kitty and her family?"

Dizzy nodded as she seemed to bounce with excitement. "Alexandria's here too! She said she's going to be a buffer between me and Chad but Chad doesn't seem as egocentric as last time."

"I know, he hasn't even noticed I'm here," a familiar voice came from behind Mal and she turned to see Ben's former girlfriend looking at her.

"What did you do to your hair?" Mal asked, looking at the half pink half blue highlights in the newly blonde Audrey. Huh, that's probably why people kept asking me the same question.

"That bad huh?" Audrey asked with what looked like a grimace but Mal couldn't be sure. "Grammy insisted on it after she saw a photo of you with your new blonde hair. She thought it might help to win Ben back."

"Your grandmother is insane."

"For once you and I agree on something," Audrey said with a chuckle. "Thankfully, she doesn't seem to be here."

"Mom and dad are though," Phillip Jr added, pointing out the blonde and the brunette royals. They were grabbing seats next to Cinderella and Kit. "It seems the whole "Learning to be Royal" club is here."

"Along with their kids," Akiho's voice came from behind Mal, who rolled her eyes upon seeing him. "What kind of a viewing are we in for this time, Mal?"

"I love how you think I have any idea what's going on Akiho," Mal told him. "I'm just as in the dark as you are."

Akiho shook his head. "The Tourney team's grabbing seats. You want to sit with us?"

"I would love to if Evie would release the death grip from my arm," Mal said, shooting her best friend a look. True to form, Evie's hands were gripping to Mal as if the blonde would disappear if Evie let go.

"Join us at any time," Akiho told them as he turned to sit with his very pregnant looking mother and very worried looking father. "We'll have plenty of spots since Aziz is here this time along with Ashaki."

"Who?" Mal asked. She did see a young girl who looked to be around Kitty's age sitting with Aladdin and Jasmine but she couldn't just assume it was who Akiho was speaking about.

"Emir's little sister," Akiho elaborated. "He's the middle kid of the three."

"It also looks like Rapunzel and Eugene are here," Kitty pointed out, though Mal noticed the blonde's cheeks turned a bit red at the mention of Emir. "Whoo and all their kids."

"Who can hear you talking about them," Rachel said with a chuckle as she walked toward them. "It's alright though. Anastasia and Dmitri are here as well. Why are there so many pregnant members of the Learning to be Royal club?"

"The what now?" Evie asked but Mal just shrugged in response to Rachel.

Before anyone could say anything, the Blue Fairy cleared her throat. "Thank you all for coming."

"Not like we had a choice," Uma grumbled but no one said anything to her.

"I'm guessing we're watching another viewing?" Mulan asked, wrapping an arm around Lonnie as if to get comfortable.

"You catch on quickly," the Blue Fairy said with a nod.

"I'm sorry, what viewing?" Harry asked, sitting up a little straighter as Mal noticed Jane Darling scoot a little closer to her mother while wrapping an arm around her brother.

Mal couldn't fault Jane for that behavior. While one might see the prejudice of someone born in Auradon against an Isle kid, Mal knew what Jane and Jane's mother along with Jane's uncles had faced at the hands of Captain Hook as well as Harry.

It was the same reason Melody seemed to be sitting closer to her parents and sisters than she did in the first viewing.

"Why don't we all grab our seats and we can get this party started?" Emir suggested, wrapping an arm around Aziz.

Evie turned toward Mal. "Where do you want to sit?"

"What do you mean?" Mal asked. "I though you'd be sitting with Snow White and her family?"

Evie looked at Jay and Carlos before looking back at Mal. "Is that what you want?"

"Evie, I think you should drop it," Carlos said, looking at Mal. "Let's just grab our seats. The faster we start this, the faster we can get back to our lives."

"Besides, if this viewing is anything like the previous one, we'll end up with everyone sitting by us again anyway," Jay added, looking over at Mal as if hoping to see a smirk or some form of amusement on her face. Mal, though, wanted to be alone.

She knew what the viewing would show—or at least what the first part would show. She didn't want to show herself as a fraud in front of everyone especially Uma.

It looked as though she wouldn't have a say in the matter. Besides, on the Isle you don't let them see you sweat. All Mal needed to do would be treat this like a press conference. An annoyance, something that added way too much stress to her life. But still something that needed to be done.

"Let's just find our seats guys," Mal said, giving a small wave to Rapunzel and Eugene as everyone got settled.

"Ooh I bet this will be fun!" She heard Dizzy squeal. "I only saw half of the last viewing."

"Lucky!" Hadie exclaimed. "I only saw like fifteen minutes!"

"Be lucky you're watching this one at all," Mal heard Hades tell him. "Don't think you're not still grounded for coming to this side of the bridge last time."

Mal took a look around and saw that there were others that weren't in the previous viewing. It looked like Zeus was sitting with Wonderbreath (also known as Hercules aka her cousin). A boy who could only be described as Lonnie's brother was sitting between Lonnie and Shang.

The fairies from Pixie Hollow were fluttering around near the rafters, as if to stay out of people's view. Mal had to smirk as she saw Peter Pan lying on one of the rafters as well; sitting next to who Mal had to assume to be Roman Fairy.

Mal saw the Tourney coach sitting by Emir and Akiho while the Radcliffe's seemed to be off to the side.

"Are you all ready?" The Blue Fairy asked and, upon seeing nods from many of the royals, waived her wand at the very familiar screen.

Viewing List:






Fmr King Beast and Fmr Queen Belle

Rapunzel andEugene







Aladdin and Jasmine




Snow White and Prince Ferdinand (screw it I'm calling him David-it's easier to write)



Cinderella and Kit






Tiana and Naveen



Zeus (and Hera maybe?)

Hercules and Meg




Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Periwinkle, Fawn, Vidia, Terrance, Zarina, Silvermist, Iridessa

Wendy and Edward Darling



Eric and Ariel



Anna and Kristoff