CLST, Donna, Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron were going through some fan mail when they came across a mysterious file from Danger D'Amo, leader of the NSA.

"How do we get one fan mail spot to another fast?" asked Lilo.

"NSA has special places to deliver mail to supers whose cover job is traveling rockstars" explained Sunny.

Carefully, they opened the letter and found a DVD and a letter inside from Mr. D'Amo.

Dear CLST,

Nice job saving Beach City from turning into a Dennis the Duck Cartoon.

I figure you guys need some entertainment while returning home.

So The NSA decided to give you guys a copy of the files of The Cyber Crusaders.

They consist of martial artist, "Ninja Man", telepathic illusionist, "Illusioneer", marksman, "Ordance", super jumper, "Top Speed", and strong-man, "Power Lord".

In the Zallegro Galaxy, The Amulets of Zallegro have been the valuable gems in the galaxy. Many tried to get their hands on the jewels but perished under the hands of their evil leader, Emperor Zator.

One day, his daughter, "Princess Zanell" had enough of her father controlling the galaxy with an iron fist. So she smuggled them onto their ship and flew off, hoping to find the chosen ones. While she was patrolling the cosmo, she came across signals that belonged to Earth's, "Backstreet Boys."

Their positive energy, natural talent, and messages of love made them the chosen possessors of the magical amulets.

Undercover as judges on the first-ever season of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick, they will find themselves protecting themselves from Emperor Zator and his wicked minions.

I hope you enjoy the files.

Sincerely, Danger D'Amo.

"The Backstreet Boys are with the NSA?" asked Cho, "How come no one ever told us?"

"If we know anything about musicians with extended careers" Lec answered as he took Cho's hand, "They needed a personal life."

"Maybe these files can help give us ideas" Teal suggested, "As Danger said."

"What are the Backstreet Boys, again?" asked Star.

"They were a popular boy band from the 90s" explained Sunny, "They had smash hits like, "As Long As You Love Me", "I Want It That Way", and, "Backstreet's Back"."

"I wanna see it" shouted Star as she took the DVD.

"Careful" Poe sternly replied, "That is a copy of the files. We don't want any trouble now would we."

"Right" Star answered as she gave the DVD to Poe.

Poe placed the DVD into the DVD player and they started to play the files of The Cyber Crusaders.

Arthur's Note: If you don't know what The Backstreet Project is, The Backstreet Project was a web show based on a comic book Nick Cater did in the 2000s. Unfortunately, they ended the whole thing in a cliffhanger. That's why I did it in the first place. I knew very well that they have to resolve the cliffhanger sooner or later, and I decided to do my own version of them.