Present Day

Faith, Ginger, Nadine, Jessie, and Dorothy cried tears of joy because it was just like they remembered as youngsters.

"Two days later" Dorothy explained as she cried, "I returned to England with my parents, siblings, butler, new sweetheart and his father. When I got back, I saw a flier for LADUWS: UK. Westley and I auditioned and got the parts.

"I've seen you two on the LADUWS: UK' Viewtube channel" Lilo explained, "Journalists say that you two are the most popular backup dancers on the show."

"We are" replied Westley, "We see Nick and the other boys every now and again."

"What about Jessie and Faith" asked Lec "Did they find love?"

"I met Cason Sharman during Season three of LADUWS" Jessie explained, "He doesn't know about the whole you know what; he's not good at keeping secrets and tends to pass out when he sees magical beings, fake or not."

"And I met my girlfriend, 'Jerri Aldrin' during Season 3 of 'LADUWS'." Faith continued." Faith explained, "She's also the instructor for the Inventions Classes"

"Your a lesbian?" asked Tucker.

"And married to weapons instructor?" Stitch interrupted as Tucker pulled him back.

"Yeah," admitted Faith, "I figured that out thanks to our little Backstreet Adventures."

"Too bad they couldn't make it to the tribute concert due to their personal lives" said Vincenzo, "Raising kids, shows, and recording songs."

Seeing the sad looks on their faces, Star decided to cheer them up with a little angel power. The five chibi Backstreet Angels came up and gave Faith, Ginger, Nadine, Jessie, and Dorothy big hugs. Feeling their cute wings, they felt like The Boys are with them, "These are the chibi Backstreet Angels from the mural."

"I figured you needed a little Backstreet companion" explained Star, "Anyway, let's talk about our favorite parts of the finale! I liked the part where Star and Wes kissed each other for the first time."

"My favorite part is when Hamoni made her cameo in the secret Disney World." Lec explained.

"As for me" replied Cho, "I like the part where The Boys and The Gals found the secret hideout for the alien refugees."

"Don't forget me" replied Sunny, "I liked it when Queen Zanell kissed King Zaid. Final shot of the alien couple."

"My favorite part is where Westley sang, 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'?" Teal explained

"As for me" said Lilo; "I liked the part where Zanell did the photoshoot with The Dancers."

"Meega like Griffin Pool Party" shouted Stitch.

"Don't forget me," Donna said, "My favorite part is where Dorothy meets Westley for the first time."

"I Am Groot (Mine too)" said Groot

"My favorite part is where Lucille wins LADUWS Season 1!" Pinkie exclaimed, "And the Disney Princess coming up, they were amazing!"

"Me, too" agreed Fluttershy, "She did it for the Angel Grove High music dept. Also, the Disney Princesses came up and coronated Lucille as Princess of LADUWS"

"I feel the same way, Darling," admitted Rarity, "My favorite part is where they inspired Zanell to go back to the Zallegro Galaxy to stop her evil father."

"As for me, Sugarcubes" replied Applejack, "I like them part where Poppa P was guiding them youngsters and finding Jubilamania Five."

"Well," Twilight replied, "My favorite part is where Zanell was coronated queen of The Zallegro Galaxy after Zator's defeat and the galaxy's revival."

"Now me" Rainbow Dash interrupted, "The part where The Boys danced to 'Larger Than Life' on a space ship was AWESOME!"

"I don't know about you, Dash" replied Tucker, "But my favorite part is where DJ Jalen did sign language towards his younger brother."


Twenty minutes later, everyone was dazzled up and ready to perform the Backstreet Boys Tribute concert. After one and a half hours of Backstreet songs, Faith came up and did a song she wrote for the boys called, 'Backstreet Angels'.

From the beginning in Orlando Bay

You shouted out I Want It That Way

Them you found love by saying, 'As Long As You Love Me'

Which they'll do Back Alright and make you free.

It is More Than That, you sing your songs.

It's The Call that makes you strong

Don't, 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart' you charmers of the Alieon

and get ready to say, 'We Got It Going On'.

Everyone cheered.


Later at the after party, everyone was congratulating Faith on her new song. Stitch was bored because he wasn't allowed to eat at the buffet. Then chibi Backstreet Boys sang the Backstreet version of, 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' for Stitch, which made him smile.

The End.