It was a typical day in the Enchanted forest. Elsa hung out with the Northundra, went for a ride on Nokk, checked on the earth giants, and played with Bruni. She was currently chatting up with Honeymarren and her brother Ryder. She had really taken to their company since she came to live in the enchanted forest, they reminded her so much of her sister and Kristoff. Though she and Honeymarren were bonding in other ways.

Elsa tenses up.

"Elsa, what is wrong?" Honymarren asks.

"Someone just entered the forest."

Elsa looked at the man in front of her curiously. He was wearing very regal clothing under his cloak, he was probably a lord or a king of sorts. Elsa had to admit that he was very stylish. Although the most striking, and disturbing factor, was his appearance. He had dark brown hair with streaks of gray and a large chin with sideburns and familiar green eyes. He looked exactly like Hans, except he had wrinkles on his face and was clearly older. He got off his white horse and stepped forward calmly, placing his hands behind his back as he addressed her.

"Hello Elsa. Is it ok if I just call you Elsa? I mean its not like you have any royal titles anymore." He asked.

"Elsa, who is this?" Honeymarren asks standing beside Elsa. Her brother Ryder on the other.

"I don't know but he looks like someone I met once." Elsa says.

"I am the king of the Southern Isles." The man/king replies with a smile (which held a bit of maliciousness).

"Ah." Elsa says. "Your Han's father."

"This is the father of the monster that tried to kill you?" Ryder says pointing his spear up instantly.

"Oh please dont know me as the father of that weakling." He smacks the tip of the spear away. "And have more respect for royalty, savage." He snears.

Honeymarren grabs onto Elsa, glaring at the king in disgust. Elsa pushes her aside.

"Ill handle this. Please honey, go back to the village." Elsa says touching Honeymarrens cheek.

She blushes slightly before giving the king one last look before walking away. Her brother follows.

"Honey?" The king asks Elsa with an eyebrow raised and a downturned mouth.

"Her name is Honeymarren." Elsa responds with a straight face.


"Lets move on shall we?"

With the wave of her hand Elsa conjures up an ice gazebo. Five pillars went up fifteen feet forming a beautiful ceiling above them with ice triangles. Elsa sat down on a ice chair resting her elbow on an ice conjured table. The king, stoic through the whole thing, sat down in the other one facing her.

"Now can you make this quick theres somewhere I need to be." Elsa asks.

"I am here to ask you one question." The king says, he asks with a truly confused face. "Why?"

"Why what?" Elsa asks.

"Why are you here? In this forest?" He talks very seriously. "You were the oldest child of the king and queen. You were the rightful heir to the throne of Arendelle. Not a very big country, but with your power. Powerful enough to trap your entire country in a never ending winter, by accident, and growing. You could have easily expanded, y-you could have conquered every country in the world..."

Elsa feels a cool breeze against her face and she flinches, knowing what it means.

"...After my son returned home I spent three years researching everything I could about magic. I read, countless instances of magical beings being subdued by mere mortals, me and my business partner came up with contingency plan and contingency plan for the day YOU came to our lands." Then he turns to a look of annoyance. "And then, you pass the throne to your baby sister, you gave up your throne, your title, a castle to live in the forest."

"Yes." Elsa says with a smile.

"You were born a princess, then you became a queen, then you threw all that away. Now your sister is queen and your, just, Elsa."

"Yes." Elsa says again with a bigger smile. That just seems to irritate the king more.

"I just dont understand. How could you just give up your power like that? Your royal title? Give it to the spare while you live in the forest with savages and animals."

"First of all they are not savages." Elsa says, Bruni climbs onto her hand and Elsa pets him. "And I love the animals."

The king scoffs.

"Unlike you, your majesty, I dont care for power, and I never liked being queen. Just wasnt for me. My sister is better with humans than me so it just flows better for her."

"But how could-"

"I love this forest more than I ever did the castle. I am free to be who I am, I am appreciated for my power, and I feel like I truly belong. Now, I am upset that I dont get to live with my sister anymore, but she has a husband and I visit her often so were good. We had a good three years together. And as for you." She looks at the king. Who is secretly pulling a dagger from his sleve under the table "I really dont like people pulling blades on me."

Before the king could respond the gazebo exploded into a burst of snow then he suddenly found himself bound in ice chains. He looks at his restrained hands in shock as his dagger falls to the ground. He tries to pull on the chains but they create another link that binds to the ground, forcing him on his knees.

He glares at the former queen who chuckles along with the salamander on her shoulder. He see's a bundle of leaves fly around them.

"This is Gale, the wind spirit. He told me that he found some men hiding in the trees with bows."

Suddenly the earth giants arise from behind the trees, they are carrying two terrified looking men in their hands. They are screaming for help and to let them go.

"I remember you two. Erik and Francis right? You're the duke of Weselton's bodyguards." She turns to the king. "I take it he is your business partner? Didn't show up himself though? Figures. Let me guess, you two planned to take me out so I wouldn't threaten your kingdoms."

"With you gone we could work towards rebuilding the dam." The King responds. "Your grandfather was right to build it, you freaks are a threat to all of us. Though personally I would have preferred to bound you in chains, you would make a excellent weapon." He cant help but lear at Elsa's figure. "Good bone structure too."

Bruni jumps from Elsa's shoulder catching on fire starting the king. The flaming lizard hisses at the king.

"And you thought you could sneak up on me?" Elsa asks.

"Well, my idiot son nearly killed you and then you died from a river, so we figured it couldnt have been that hard."

Elsa just smirks. "Gale."

The wind swirls around them all, engulfing the two guards and the king in a small tornado. They scream as they swirl around in the air. Bruni climbs back onto Elsa's shoulder and they smile at the sight. Elsa conjured up an ice pillar which allows her to ascend to their level. She grabs into the kings collar keeping him in place for them to speak. He looks at her with terror in his eyes.

"By the way, I did NOT give up my title for nothing. I am Elsa, daughter of King Agnar and Queen Iduna. Former queen of Arendelle. Current protector of the Enchanted Forest and the fifth spirit."

"Some guardian. You needed your baby sister to save you twice." The king snarls.

Elsa places her hand on his chest.

Now he looks at her absolutely terrified.

"And that's what makes her so amazing. But I can certainly handle you. I'm going to have Gale send you both back home. And when you get back, tell your partner, tell anyone else who thinks of hurting this forest or Arendelle, the spirits will stop them."

Elsa gives them one last smile before releasing his collar and letting him fly again.

Elsa disintegrates the pillar and returns to the ground as the tornado carries the screaming men away as she waves.

Yelena and Honeymarren approach her.

"Very entertaining." Yelena compliments.

"Thank you."

"Do you still have time?" Honeymarren asks.

"Of course, I went to Althollan and I aw the nurses say that Anna wont be going into labor for at least another week."

Later, Elsa rides towards Arendelle on the Nokk. People see her and wave. They call out, "Welcome home queen Elsa." "Queen Anna awaits you, queen Elsa."

Elsa gets off at the beach leaving Nokk in the water.

"Im not queen anymore." Elsa says.

"You will always be a queen to us your majesty." A woman says.

Elsa smiles.

"Where is my sister?"

Later on, Elsa is kneeling next to her sister, Queen Anna of Arendelle, in her hospital bed. Her husband prince consort Kristoff is beside her.

"Im so glad you came Elsa." Anna says.

"You did great." Elsa responds.

"Thanks for the ice chips." Anna says.

Olaf comes bursting through the door with Sven, He is holding two teddy bears, one white the other blue.

"Hi everyone." Olaf says. "Sorry we're late, but Sven and I couldn't decide which teddy bear to give little Olaf, or little Sammantha. We couldn't decide on the color so we just got both."

Sven makes a grunt.

"It took hours..." Kristoff translates. "Well glad you both can make it. And actually you two did good because we had twins!"

"Im so happy for you Anna." Elsa says.

"How are things with Honeymarren?" Anna asks.

"Were just friends Anna."


"Well...she did invite me over for dinner a few times."

"Better accept soon. Lifes too short you know." Says Anna.

"Oh hey, so i've been wondering." Kristoff says. "Ok so Elsa is technically one of the spirits now, but she's still human so when she dies whose..."

The door creeks open, the nurse peeks through.

"Your majesties, the girls are ready."

Everyone gazes at the two babies wrapped up in cloth in Anna's arms. One has blonde hair like Kristoff and Anna's blue eyes. The other has the top of her head completely covered in cloth and her eyes are closed.

"They're beautiful Anna." Kristoff says.

"Now Elsa, you're going to have to be a cool aunt now, try not to get them in the head." Elsa jokes but the reminder makes Elsa flinch a little. "Sorry. Grand Pabbie told me at the wedding ceremony."

"So, what are their names?" Elsa asks.

"This one here is Sammantha." Anna says gesturing to the blonde one. "And this one.." She gestures the sleeping one. "I think we're gonna call..." She looks at Kristoff then they look at Elsa. "Elsa the second."

Elsa cries alittle.

"Oh Anna I..."

"Oh, I think she's waking up." Anna looks at the wiggling baby. "Hi there little one, i'm your mommy, Anna. We're your family. Here's your sister Sammantha, your pappa Kristoff" (Who is crying with Sven) "your cousin Olaf and your aunt Elsa. Your names after her." She turns to her sister. "Go on Elsa."

Elsa cautiously grabs her neice and coddles her in her arms. She makes snow flakes appear over the baby.

"Hi. Im your aunt Elsa. Im going to visit your mom and you more often now. And I want you to know, you have nothing to be afraid-"

The baby raises her hand and smaller snowflakes emerge from the palm.

This shocks everyone in the room. Everyone stares at baby Elsa II, except for baby Sammantha who is giggling.

"Wait what?"


"Are babies supposed to do that?"

Elsa looks at her niece and smiles as her icy blue eyes and platinum blonde fluff comes into view.

"I think we're going to get along fine."

This is how I wish the directors would end the franchise. Oh who am I kidding if they made this I would just wanna see them as teenagers.

But anyways, this addresses some things that I wish were addressed before the franchise end.

Hans father and the Duke. Because anyone who read Frozen Heart knows that Hans old man was a utter %^$& who believed that the strong should dominate (hencing approving of the older princes bullying Hans) so I imagine that finding out that there was a kingdom ruled by an insanely powerful ice mage would make him paranoid and seek to dominate her first in some way. Not to mention the Duke would still probably be afraid of her and want revenge for breaking off trade. Makes sense they would work together to take out Elsa, but instead we didnt get that.

The directors confirmed that Elsa is still human and not immortal so I thought that Anna having an ice baby would give Elsa a heir.

Kristanna babies in general, I mean, they are king and queen now they are gonna have to have heirs.

Did Anna ever find out what happened that night when she was a kid? I don't think that was ever addressed.

Also, the things which the king said I kinda thought myself, but after looking back at it I can truly appreciate how beautiful it all was and how relieved that Elsa must feel to finally be free. I just wish that Elsa and Anna had more than just three years together but I suppose if Elsa visits every other day it's like she isn't even gone. Also, the ending changed so many things, just thought that we could use a nice epilogue.