The REAL reason why Elsa had to freeze in Ahtohallan.

Alt. Universe


Anna was sitting with Olaf inside the cave after Elsa sent them both away in an ice canoe. Anna was both fuming mad and worried sick. Elsa had pushed her away, AGAIN, and just sent off to Ahtohallan without her.

Elsa promised they would do this together.

Anna promised she wouldnt let anything happen to Elsa.

Now her sister could be drowning in the river of memory since she wasn't there too stop her from going too deep.

"Uh, Anna." Olaf says.

"Yes, Olaf?" Anna asks weary.

"Um, I think I see Elsa."


Anna got up and rushed to where Olaf was.

He was facing the other way, gazing out the opening of the cave to the dam. There was frost forming all the way down it. The earth giants marching towards.

At the Dam Elsa was motioning the earth giants with her hands. Next to her was the Nokk, frozen and thus able to walk on land.

"Come on, come on." Elsa muttered as the earth giants marched towards her. "Just alittle closet."

Anna and Olaf we're running out of the cave. They had no idea what Elsa was doing.

"Elsa! Stop!" Anna shouts. "They're going to destroy grandfathers dam! Arendelle will be flooded!"

Kristoff and Sven rush by and scoop them up.

"I'm here, what do you need?" Kristoff asks.

"To the dam!"

"On it!"

They rush towards the dam where they run into Lieutenant Mattias with the Arendellian guards.

"Your highness!" Mattias shouts.

"What is Elsa doing!?" Anna asks.

"We don't know, she just showed up and started freezing the dam." Mattias points to the dam which is now completely frozen over and starting to crack. The earth giants are getting ready to throw stones at it. "One hit and the dam is destroyed."

The giants get ready to throw.


The stones it hit, the dam shatters instantly.

The Arendellians watch in horror as water starts rushing towards Arendelle. But then they notice something Elsa. A gust of wind. The sky shining. The mist is gone, the curse is lifted.

"Wait what?" Anna asks.

In the water they see Elsa running in some, water horse, then she freezes the waves before they reach Arendelle.

"Don't worry, I'm sure this will all make sense when we're older." Olaf says.

They start rushing to the beach, they see Elsa on the shores with the Nokk. She is radiant, hair flowing and in a white dress.

"Elsa?" Anna rushes towards her.


"What was that!?" Anna asked outraged.

"I needed to destroy the dam to lift the curse." Elsa explained.


Elsa sighed. "I saw it in Ahtohallan. King Runeard hated magic. The dam wasn't meant to strengthen the waters, he built it to weaken them. Weaken the waters from Ahtohallan, we weaken the magic, he wanted to subjugate the Northuldra."

Anna could t believe it. Her father always made their grandfather out to be a hero. He was better than Hans.

"There was more I think, but the statues went to a deeper section. I got what I really needed so I just left." Elsa explained.

"Did you find the fifth spirit?" Anna asked.

Elsa smiled.

"You ARE the fifth spirit." Anna gasps.

"And I think I found my place." Elsa says.

Now Anna's scared.

"What do you mean?"

"I feel at peace here Anna, I don't know how the forest needs me now but I want to be here when it does."

"B-but what about Arendelle?" Anna asks. "They need their queen."

"And I'm sure you will make a great one." Elsa says. "Don't worry, I promise to visit and write. I need to talk to Yelena now, tell them what happened."

Elsa walks away.

"But Elsa! How am I supposed to be queen? didn't need me here at all..."

Kristoff decided to wait to propose.


I think that's why Disney had Frozen 2 go the way it did. Elsa went through character development, Anna needed too as well. the sisters needed too do it together.