The End of 6th Year

As Harry exited platform 9 ¾ at the end of 6th year, he wondered why he was even bothering to return to #4 and the Dursleys? Before Dumbledore's death, he had promise to return for the short amount time before his 17th birthday to extend the blood ward protection for as long as he could. He had no idea why he was doing so as it would make little difference in the long run.

The other issue he had was why Dumbledore did not want anyone else to know about the Horcrux hunt that he and his friends were to go on when there was so many others in the Order who were so much more knowledgeable about what he was fighting against.

Bill was a curse breaker and Fleur was a beginning curse breaker as well. Madeye was able to see through a great deal of structures and invisibility cloaks and had dealt with Dark wizards for years. There were so many that could help with the hunt that it made no sense to not include them.

As Remus was about to grab Harry to transport him to #4, Harry stopped him and told him that he needed to meet with the Order to talk about what Albus and him needed to do to finish the war. There was a bit of an argument but in the end Harry won out.

As many of the Order gathered at the Grim old place, Harry began to explain what he and Albus had been doing to see to the end of Voldemort. Hermione and Ron were adamant that Harry not talk about their mission but Harry ignored them and moved forward with what needed to be done. It was rather shocking when Bill began to cuss and mentioned the diary from Harry's second year that Ginny had been possessed by. Even more startling was when Kreacher brought forth the locket and told the story of how his Master Regulus ordered him to destroy the Horcrux stored within the locket.

Bill and Fleur went about checking the locket and trying to work out how to find the other soul pieces. With the combined Order and the Black library, they worked out how to call all the pieces and destroy them as one. It amazed Harry, Hermione and Ron that the combined group would be able to solve the issue with so many working towards eliminating Voldemort's soul pieces. Within days, the solution was made and the arrangements had been made to kill them all.

A ritual was setup by Bill, Fleur and Madeye and with the help of all those in the Order, all the pieces of Voldemort's soul were destroyed. What they didn't realize was he had linked his soul to all the DEs and when he was destroyed, they were as well.

With the combined efforts of the Order, the war was over in short order with all those supporting him gone as well.

As the reports came in as to how the DEs died and their thoughts about how Voldemort had taken his supporters with him, Harry thought about the prophecy and realized that the 'power he knew not' was cooperation with others. What an odd power to eliminate Voldemort.

As Harry sat back and watched the chaos that resulted from the ritual, he felt that Albus was rather stupid to not include the Order in trying to rectify the issue of the Horcrux hunt to destroy Voldemort. He was even more amazed that Hermione and Ron were still complaining about him sharing the mission that Albus had assigned them. He knew that his friendship with the two was at an end and life would have to move on from there.

The war ended with such a simple solution that no one wanted to believe it was possible. Harry just laughed and was ready for his last year at Hogwarts.

For Harry's final year at Hogwarts, there were no attacks and he did not have to worry about any type of confrontation during the year. It felt wonderful to him that the war was finally over and life could move forward without any fear of someone attacking him.

All was well…