Doctors and nurses stopped on their tracks and watched a desperate Will Halstead in the middle of the E.D. yelling at his phone. His face was pure of anger, his hands trembling.


Doctors and nurses were separate in two teams while Will was yelled in his phone. The first time was from doctors and nurses who had found this side of Will scary and the other team -almost all the male doctors- found Will hot.

Only five days have passed since Will returned from New York. The young man left Chicago after Seldom almsot killed him a freaking microscope going to New York for vocation but something happens there and the red head doctor yell and snap at everyone . A lot of people like Dr. Cahrles, dr. Lanik, dr. Marcel, dr. Rhodes, Maggie and so many people tried to talk him but Will brusted them all.


Will may or may not have thrown his phone across the room after that last text. Everyone looks up in time to see the small object land on the couch.

"Goddammit" he curses; loud enough for the lobby to hear.

Maggie and Connor looks each other as Will run out of the room walking toward into a patient room.

Four hours later all the doctors, detectives and firefighters found themselves sitting at Molly's after a difficult shift. Jay, and Kelly were sitting in a bar together. Each of them nursing their drinks in front of them. Jay looked around before looking back to his boyfriend and smiled.

"Chicago is buzzing with life." He muttered, leaning into Kelly's side. The blue eyes man placing his arm over Jay's shoulder and pulling him as close as he could without pulling the detective out of his chair.

"Jay."said a voice cut off the sweet moment between the detective and then fireman. Kelly glared at his best friend, who was drinking with his wife.

"Where is Will?" Mat asked wrapping his arm around Gabby`s waist.

"Plotting to kill someone"

Jay shrugged, laughing as everyone`s eyes widened. Kelly leans in and kisses Jay lightly.

After a few seconds a young woman walked through the door of Molly. She was absolutely tiny, like 5 feet tall at the most. The young woman, that looks a lot like her though with long red hair, that looks like she can't be older than eighteen. She had long red hair that was curling slightly and her face from what he could see was the colour of coffee after you just poured half a milk carton in, she had dark brown eyes slanted cheekbones and her lips were painted was on her phone with a board expression though her mouth was twisted slightly as if the lack of response she was getting didn't surprise her. She was in jeans and high heeled black boots and a red jumper that matched both her lipstick and her noticed that the girl had her nose pierced and a tattoo.

She didn't look nervous or frightened in fact she looked board.

"Hi" she said sliding her phone into her bag that was resting on the suitcase.

"Dora"Noah Sexton yelled running toward her and took Dora in for a tight hug.

" Noah Chrispa Sexton"The girl shouted. "How dare you call me by that stupid nickname?"

'Chrispa?', comments, snickers and suppressed laughter can be heard all over the bar. The gir, apparently known as Dora, cringed with the girl's scream of his full name. "Come on Dora, you know I hate my full name.", Noah whined.

"Well, you know I hate that silly nickname, and I am not yours for you to call me yours", Dora answered back, crossing her arms.

"Aww, come on. I know you missed me and that stupid nickname and yes I don't own you but we haven't seen each other for almost six months. I missed you, Dora.", Noah childishly replied with a grin. "Dora, Dora.", he taunted in a singsong voice.

Dora grimaced.

All the while, unbeknownst to everyone , Dr. Marcel was quietly seething, the sight of the young doctor cuddling the young girl making a wave of unwanted emotions rise up and churn in his gut, the most prominent being full blown jealousy. At his first shift in the hospital, Dr. Marcel was created a small crush and only April have been told by him because he wants help.

"Does anyone of you know that girl?", asked Rhodes.

"Why are you asking us? We know nothing.", answered April, staring back at Noah and Dora.

"You're his sister.", replied Maggie.

"Sorry, guys, but I really don't know.", April said apologetically, as ashe gave them a apologetic look. "Looks like we'll just need to talk to him for an explanation later, during his shift.", April added.

"Leave the poor girl alone, Noah," A male voice cut the sweet moment between Dora and Noah. Jay Halstead walked toward the girl giving her a big hug, Dora rested her head on his chest whisperung again and again how much she missed him.

"I missed you so much, U.J"Dora calmly stated.

"The feeling is mutual." Jay paused."But was good to have some peace while you were at New York."

Looking up at Jay, she said ." Excuse me.!?. I was an angel..."

Dora was cut off by hands suddenly hoisting her up. "With horns. You used to drove crazy everyone every night and only Will was able to calm you down."

Standing up with a victorious grin on her face, Dora fist pumped the air and said "Yes! I used to be a devil?"

Jay waggles his eyebrows. " Used?"

Dora startles out a laugh.

"What I can say?" She smirked up to Jay." I am still fabulous. "

"Likr father, like daughter."Jay teased. Then raised a brow and questioned, " You missed him?"

"Yes ."Dora looks forward, smiles a little."It was so good have him back and had a good time just the three of us without fighting or yelling, it was like a fairy tail."

She licks her lips ."And then, this stupid bitch..."

"Really Dora, really?", Jay interrupted

Jay's arm was around Dora again, as they went into his suddenly noticed their audience. Both of them walkrd toward Kelly, who was watching the with curiosity.

"You must be the sexy fireman that U.J could not shut up about."Said the woman o offering the man an apologetic smile, she extended her hand."U.J's spoken highly of you but I have to say you are more handsome than he says"

"Heh, yeah...well..." Jay coughs with embarrassment and shuffles as he shoots a look up through his lashes. Dora always did love to tease him.

Kelly, trying to ignore Jay's blushing and his heart skipped a beat when Jay lips formed a small, but absolutely adorable pout, only to run the tip of his tongue over the pinkness of his lips a moment later.

Kelly offered the woman a smile.

"Kelly Severide"Kelly said, shaking their hands.

"I have a shovel and 30 acres of land. If you hurt a hair on his head, no one will ever find your body."Dora snapped while Kelly's face turned pink and Jay laughs kindly at Kelly's shock.

Dora`s lips curl up in a one sided smirk. "I like him."

Jay chuckles. "Like father, like daughter. "

Dora barely suppresses her laughter with a smile.

"Where is he?"She asks, her finger lightly resting on the black jacket of Jay.

"Behind you."

It was then that Halstead entered the room, catching the attention of everyone. The young doctor was was wearing casual dress pants with dirty converses. His light blue dress shirt was stretched across his chest. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, revealing thicker forearms. Almost all the women and some men couldn't tear their gazes from him.

Will looks around trying find his brother but the moment their eyes meet and Will looks up, into the girl's eyes in front of him, he pauses, taken back.


"Hey." Dora laughs, softly, incredulously. "Small world."

"Pandora Vestia Halstead-Specter"Will breathes out.

Her long red curls were bouncing while she walked gracefully towards Will.

"Hey Dad"