Connor opens his eyes and smiles when he sees and feels Will wrapped in his arms. Last night was plain amazing. He couldn't have asked for anything better, especially for their first time. He could just lay here with Will like this all day.

"Good morning," says Will groggily tilting his head back towards Connor.

"Good morning," says Connor kissing Will's cheek and unwrapping his arms from around him so he can move. "How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good," says Will rubbing his eyes. "How about you?"

"Good," says Connor moving to lay flat back on his back. "I liked waking up to you in my arms."

"Me too," says Will giving Connor a small kiss. "I wish I was off today so we could just spend all day in bed."

"I know," says Connor as he looks into Will's eyes. Those eyes, he could just get lost in them for hours. "But let make you some breakfast before you go."

Connor starts to get up, but Will pulls him back down.

"Will," starts Connor scratching his arm. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing at all," says Will smiling at him. "I just…I really enjoyed last night."

"Me too," says Connor giving Will a kiss. "Eggs or pancakes?"

"Eggs are good," says Will as Connor gets up and walks over to his dresser to put some clothes on. "Scrambled please."

"Scrambled eggs coming up," says Connor as he puts on a wifebeater and boxers. "Rest, I'll call you when they're done."

"Thanks," says Will laying back down as Connor walks into the kitchen.

Connor entered in the kitchen to see Pandora sitted on a stool she placed both of her elbows on the table, with her hands supporting her head. Slowly her elbows began to move farther and father apart for each other. Her head began to fall closer and closer to the counter top, until itfinally landed on it.

"Soemone is bored!"

"Of course!" Pandora sayd." The idiot doctor of mine decided to spend his time with his boyfriend while Eva is not allowed to see me."

"Oohh really" said a voice and Pandora turned to see Eva standing at the door way with her parents and Jay with Kelly.

"Oh god, I'm starving!" Will yelled from the bedroom.

The coupled chuckled ushering themselves in, Connor shutting the door behind them. Hank and Antonio placed their offerings down onto the coffee table then pushed the armchair closer to the couch, squishing themselves into it.

Pandora walks toward Eva with a big smile over her face.

I missed you so much , Eva." She told her has Eva hugged her tightly.

"Me to, my beautiful girl"Eva told her softly leaning down to kiss her.

She smiles at her then and Pandora is struck by how lucky she is to have been given a chance with this beautiful girl. Pandora graped Eva's hands walking toward the table which they parents were sitting along with her uncle and his boyfriend. "Coffee? The pot's still warm."

"Yeah, please." Eva sat in the chair Antonio nudged forward with her foot.

"Just keepin it warm for you, babe." Anronio smiled sweetly at her. Hank muttered something under his breath.

"Uh huh. So… pancakes huh? No sugary cereal or instant oats today?"Will asks.

Hank answered her "Nope. We used to have pancakes for breakfast with the kids when they were younger. Chopped fruit, sausages, eggs sunny side up, the works."

"Anyway… Kelly, how do you take your eggs?" Connor set down his mug and grabbed a large pan out of a cabinet.

"Oh I-"

"Scrambled it is," he interrupted. He reached into the fridge and pulled out some eggs and various veggies from the crisper. Connor opened another cabinet and got a cutting board and began chopping some chives and green onions. "You bought more pepper right, amor?" Will grabbed a plastic bottle from the spice rack by the stove, handing it to Connor.

"Hey honey, we still have any of that weird hippie syrup left? Jay, go grab some plates" Kelly flipped the pancake he was working on.

"The one Connor bought? Yeah, we should still have some. Can one of you check the fridge for the syrup?" He started cracking eggs into the pan. "So guys what up with the case?''

''Some crazy kills people using his blood's victims as paint''Hank set a plate with a stack of fresh pancakes in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves to. ''We found a snake and a flower been paintined at the forehead of our victims''

Jay and Will sat down and began serving themselfves. Will watched them while he ate. Watched how his daughter bonded with them. Laughing and teasing and sharing stories around. Watched Kelly and Pandora and Jay arguing and putting bets on who would win in a fight between Batman or Ironman. Watched Hank and Connor smiling and talking with each other about something with Eva interjecting sometimes. All of this made Will smile and feel at ease despite everything.

He could easily see Pandora fit in into his life in Chicago like a puzzle piece.

Will and Connor are sitting at the large conference table with Sharon Goodwin and Diane Winters from human resources. She is an average height black woman in her late 50's with dark hair. Will and Connor are sitting on one side of the conference table and Goodwin and Diane are sitting on the other side.

"Thanks for coming, Dr. Halstead, Dr. Rhodes," Goodwin addresses the handsome couple. "This is Diane Winters, the head of human resources, and she's here to take care of your signing the hospital fraternization policy." She looks at her. "Diane."

"Hi, guys." says Diane with a small wave, looking at the papers in front of her. "Do you mind if I call you Connor and Will?"

"Not at all." Connor says as Will nods in agreement.

"Before we get started," Diane puts her hands on the table. "I understand that both of you spoke with the hospital lawyer and he looked over this contract and discussed it with you, correct?"

"Correct." says Will.

"So let me to reiterate what Ms. Goodwin has probably already told you." Diane clears her throat. "As a hospital, we are completely accepting of everyone regardless of sexual orientation and we support all relationships among hospital staff members. We take your privacy very seriously and everything you disclose to me today will be completely confidential and no one but myself will see it without your permission. Not even Ms. Goodwin. Any questions?"

"No." Will looks at Connor for consensus. "No questions."

"Then we can get started," Diane turns to Sharon. "Ms. Goodwin, I have to ask you to please step out. No hospital administrators or other staff members are allowed to be here for this, this is just between me and the two of them."

"I understand. Thank you, Diane."

Goodwin smiles at Connor and Will as she stands up and leaves.

"Ok," says Diane, pulling out some papers. "so all of this is going to be fairly straight forward. I want you both to know that because the hospital has a policy of acceptance and tolerance, you're receiving the same paperwork that all couples who disclose their relationships receive. There is no special paperwork for same sex couples and in that regard, you're going to be treated the same way."

"Understood." says Connor as he and Will nod.

"Please state your names for the record," Diane looks up at them.

"Connor Rhodes."

"Will Halstead."

She writes their names down and hands them the paperwork. "This is the hospital fraternization's policy, the contract is pretty standard. The first part is the sexual harassment policy, which you will read and sign at the bottom to acknowledge that you are familiar with it. The second part is an acknowledgment that this relationship is consensual and is being freely entered into by both of you. By acknowledging this, you agree to waive your right to file a sexual harassment claim against the other for any conduct prior to signing this. Any questions so far?"

"No," says Connor, looking down and following along.

"Moving on." Diane reads from her copy. "The third part is an agreement that neither of you will seek or accept a position where one will report to the other. The fourth part you can disregard because neither of you is the other's superior. The fifth part is an agreement that any issues related to this contract will be handled through mediation or arbitration. The sixth part is an agreement about professional behavior which details under what circumstances PDA is acceptable and not acceptable. The seventh part is an agreement to inform HR if your relationship comes to an end. And finally, the last part is an agreement that you respect the other's right to end the relationship at any point and a reassurance from the hospital that either of you have the freedom to do so without any fear of work related retaliation. Any questions?"

"This is me being impatient because I know I have to read it," Will looks at Diane. "but under what circumstances exactly is PDA acceptable and unacceptable?"

"Basically, if you look at your copy, in section six, it says that PDA is not allowed when actively engaged in work. So if you're treating a patient, talking to a colleague in the hallway, waiting on test results, anything on hospital time, that's when it's not acceptable. But, for example, if you're on break having lunch, wherever you are, as long as it's not in the vicinity of patients, PDA is acceptable. Same applies when you guys are in the break room not actively with a patient, that is a space for employees only so it's acceptable there as well."

"I guess we'll be spending a lot of time in the break room." Connor grins at Will who smiles before glancing at Diane.

"I'm sorry." Connor sheepishly looks at Diane. "That wasn't appropriate."

"It's alright." Diane clicks her pen closed. "I actually think you guys make an adorable couple, you're both so handsome. It's very refreshing to see same sex couples that are able to be open with their feelings. I met my partner Susan at work as well, but twenty-five years ago, we basically had to pretend that we didn't even know each other. The AIDS epidemic was still fresh in everyone's mind and being gay, even as a woman, still had such a stigma to it. I know there is still stigma today, but there's been so much progress, especially with the legalization of same sex marriage here in Illinois in 2014 and then the Supreme Court decision in 2015."

"Are you still with Susan?" asks Will, leaning forward.

"I am." Diane smiles. "She's the best thing that ever happened to me and I could never imagine my life without her. We've lived together for over twenty years and always hoped for the opportunity to get married. When Illinois legalized same sex marriage, we knew so many couples in other states still didn't have the right to get married, so we agreed to wait for the day when everyone had the freedom to marry who they loved. When it finally happened last year, we were one of the first couples that went to city hall."

She pauses to choke back the emotion and continues. "I was fifty-five when I got to marry the love of my life, but I felt like I was thirty again because of all the excitement. It was so special to be a part of such a momentous moment in history, not just for our community, but for humanity. I never thought I'd be able to exchange vows with Susan or call her my wife, but the day we got married was the happiest of my life. To finally be able to declare my love for her, to finally be able to marry her and have it recognized, was just the most amazing thing ever. It was worth waiting twenty-five years for."

Will and Connor are holding hands, truly touched by Diane's story. They really are lucky to live in a time where being gay isn't stigmatized like back in the day and couples aren't forced to hide their love like Diane and Susan.

"I'm sorry," Diane wipes away a single tear. "I don't know how this became about me, this is about you guys."

"Thank you for sharing your story with us." Connor looks at Will. "It's beautiful."

"I'm glad that you and Susan were finally able to stop hiding and get married." Will squeezes Connor's hand.

"Thank you." Diane smiles warmly. "Anyway, you guys should read over the contract and sign in all the appropriate places. That way you both can get out of here and be with each other."

Connor and Will smile at each other and pull their hands back so they can read over and sign the contract. It is pretty detailed so it takes them about fifteen minutes to read the whole thing over and sign it.

Finally done, they hand it back to Diane. Connor and Will sit quietly thinking about her story as she looks over their paperwork.

"Everything appears to be in order." Diane puts a paper clip on the contracts. "You guys are good to go. Any final questions?"

Will looks at Connor. "Do you have any pearls of wisdom for how to make a relationship last twenty-five years like yours has with Susan?"

Diane laughs. "Oh my dear, I never thought someone would ask me for pearls of wisdom. Susan and I made so many mistakes along the way and there's honestly so much I would go back and change if I could." She smiles. "But through all our challenges, Susan and I always put each other first. Our relationship and our feelings and their importance always trumped everything else. We knew from the beginning that we could never live without each other and knowing that helped us sort through all the issues that came about. I guess that's my pearl of wisdom, to always remember why you are together and the feelings you have for each other. Make sure that's always the trump card, that it comes before all else, and you'll be fine."

She pauses and notices that Will and Connor are looking at her intently. "You guys are going to make so many mistakes along the way like Susan and I did because as the saying goes, we hurt those we love the most. But I can promise you that there is no better feeling than being in love with someone who knows and accepts you for exactly who you are, flaws and all, and to have them be in love with you back. Oh, and open communication, understanding, compromise, and honesty. Yikes, I'm really not good at this."

They all laugh.

"Thank you, Diane." says Connor as he stands up. "For everything."

"Your story is inspiring." Will also stands. "You really helped put things into perspective for us."

She smiles as they extend their hands and she shakes them. "My pleasure, guys. I have high hopes that a handsome and sweet couple like you will make it all the way."

Will and Connor smile as they all walk out of the conference room.

A few moments later ,Connor walks through the entrance doors and over to Maggie at the front desk.

"Good morning, Maggie." Connor leans on the counter.

Maggie turns around and grins. "Good morning, Connor. Congratulations on last night."

"Thank you." says Connor as she walks around and gives him a hug. "It was a big step for us."

"Everyone's been talking about you and Will all morning." Maggie puts her hand on his arm. "You guys are Chicago Med's hot new couple."

Connor looks around and sees some of the staff looking at him and smiling before whispering to each other. "I guess I'll take that as a compliment."

"We don't have a lot of relationships around here." She laughingly replies. "What better than two great doctors, who are both very handsome, and the hospital's first openly same sex couple? Everyone on the staff is here to support you guys."

"Thanks, Maggie." says Connor with a smile. The hospital's first openly same sex couple, that sounds pretty good. He looks towards the break room. "Did Will get in yet?"

"Yeah." Maggie walks back behind the desk. "He got in a little while ago. Go see your man before we get swamped."

Connor laughs and taps his hand on the desk. "Thanks."

Connor turns around and walks into the break room to see Natalie pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Connor!" exclaims April, walking over and giving him a big hug. "I'm so happy for you guys."

"Thanks, April." says Connor as they break their hug. "Where's Will?"

"He went upstairs to drop some paperwork off to Goodwin." April says as Connor walks over to this locker to put his stuff away. "Did your dad see your posts from last night?"

"I don't know," Connor walks back over to her. "I mean, he's not on Facebook or anything, but I'm sure someone in my family said something to him."

April takes a seat with her coffee as Connor continues. "Honestly, I don't really care. My dad's made it clear how it feels, but this is who I am, this is my life, and Will is my boyfriend. Now that we're out as a couple, we'll be posting on social media so my dad just has to learn to deal with it."

"Good for you." April smiles as the door opens and Will walks in.

"There you are." says Will as Connor turns to around face him. "Hey."

"Hey babe," Connor gives Will a kiss. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too." Will pulls into a hug.

April looks on in pride. "Aw, you guys. I'm so proud to be best friends with Chicago Med's hot new couple."

Will laughs and looks at Connor. "I don't know where that came from, I came in and that's what April and Reese were calling us."

"They got it right." Connor puts his arm on Will's lower back. "You are hot."

"We're hot." Will looks into Connor's eyes. "Together."

Connor smiles and Will leans in to kiss him.

Suddenly, the alarms start beeping and Maggie yells "Incoming!"

"Let's get to work." April stands up and the three of then head into the ER.

They walk around Chicago trying to find a perfect place for breakfast. All the while, arguing over the movie which they watched last night.

"I mean, that didn't make any sense! The man was being shot at from ten different directions and not a single bullet grazed him! Seriously?" Noah argued, looking completely baffled.

"Why every time you watch an action movie you argue about how little sense it makes for you? Our whole lives doesn't make sense!" Eva rolled her eyes in frustration.

"She has a point." Pandora nodded along, laughing a little, then she reached over to take Eva's hand and intertwine their fingers. The smile Eva gave her was blinding.

Noah smiled a little at the scene. It was nice to see his best friend opening up like that.

He felt Crokett's hand finding his own and was being tugged closer to his body.

"Still it doesn't make sense to me." Noah insisted petulantly, wrapping his arm around his boyfriend's waist.

The older doctor laughed loudly and wrapped his arm around Noah's shoulder bringing him closer. "That's it. You are not going to watch action movies again. I am bored with you arguing every time we do."

"No you are not." He rolled his eyes at him.

"No, I'm not." Marcel admitted with a smile and kissed him softly on the cheek.

When they reached the car, they settled inside and Eva looked at them in question.

"Well, what do you guys want to eat? I'm starving." She asked expectantly.

"Personally, I am dying for a cheeseburger."Marcel answered, already imagining the cheeseburger in his hands. God, he was starving too.

"That's it. You are officially my new best friend." Dora grinned over at him.

"Awesome! Let's have a secret language and gestures to plan damnation on them." Dora grinned back gesturing towards Noah and Eva with his head.

"Deal." Marcel's grin turned mischievous. They both turned to look at their partners with huge smiles.

The angel and the supersoldier were giving them an identical raised eyebrow. It was hilarious.

"What? Are you jealous?" The doctor's daughter wiggled his eyebrows at Eva, who just rolled her eyes and turned towards Noah instead.

"Wanna be best friends and plan how to make their lives miserable?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure, why not." Noah shrugged with a small smile.

Marcel and Dora's grins slipped away immediately replaced by horror. They looked at each other in panic.

"We're doomed." They said together, making their partners laugh at their horrified faces.

The laughter was interrupted by Noah's stomach grumbling loudly. They all stared at Noah for a few seconds then all laughed loudly again.

"Yeah, yeah laugh it out." Noah rolled his eyes with a chuckle and started the car. "That settles it. We are eating cheeseburgers. And I know the place."

Dora leaned against the car window and closed her eyes. For the last two months she had the best times in her life, spent time with Noah, going dates with Eva and walks with her father at the park every day. Staying for her college with Marcel and some times with Connor, she met Eva's brother, Diego, leaving a few things about her girlfriend and saw baby's pictures of her. She forgot how was to look upon her shoulder every minute or to hide her phone, she forgot that someone was after her.

As she was getting lost in her thoughts, her leg tingles as her phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled out her phone and the caller ID showed "private number".

What she read made the color drain from her face.

My dearest Pandora,

The sight of you sleeping last night was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You looked like a modern day sleeping beauty.

My heart fluttered when you turned in your sleep as though you were waking up and I held my breath hoping you didn't wake from your slumber.

I was relieved that you remained asleep for that allowed me to watch you even more.

But then I became angry when you muttered a certain name in your sleep who is this Eva character? I warn you to stay away from her your mine. Do you hear me MINE.

I don't share and I don't intend too. If I see you with her again I will not hesitate to kill her understood? At least I hope you do. Good bye for now and I will see you soon.

You know who

After Dora read the massage be began to panic. What was she going to do? She should go to her father, but she doesn't want to trouble him. He was in her house he violated her sanctuary just to watch her sleep. She had a feeling she was being watched for she had, had them for almost a week now and these letters just confirms her suspicions now deciding what to do was going to be hard.

She was so screwed.

Harvey standing in front of the door of the apartment and his knee bounced up and down impatiently as he waited for someone to come and greet him. He hoped it would be Will. He had begged Jessica , Sheila ,Mike even Loagn to tell him where Will was and never gets an answer as well after two years they have not forgiven him for what he did to the doctor.

He took a long time to learn where the man he loved inhabited and he took the first flight to Chicago, wishing to win back the man he loved.

"What are you doing here?" As beautiful as always, Harvey thought. He was out of his two-piece suit and wearing grey sweatpants with a thin cotton white t-shirt and barefoot.

"I-I came to see you. I miss you, William." Harvey frowned down. "Do you have a minute,." Will searched for any clue on his face. After two years, It felt good to see him again but he was too vain to call him, to ask how he's doing or need anything. He has some wrinkles now. Will thought.

"We will talk about what, Harvey? I thought I made it clear that I don't want to see you anymore. ''

''How is Dora?!'Harvey asked brusquely.

''She is fine. Having the best time of her life, she and Noah drive me crazy and dates with Eva...''

''Our daughter is in a relationship''Harvey didn't expect that much information to fill his brain at once.

''She is happy!''Will murmured.''Why are you here?"'

The man in questioned opened his mouth to respond, but before he could, another, much more welcome voice, broke in.

"Excuse me, can I just slip by you?"

Harvey turned to the newcomer, his mouth clicking shut with a solid snap as his words died on his lips.

Before him stood a man he'd never seen before with grocery bags in his hands and a small smirk on his lips. His brown eyes held a knowing glint as he regarded Harvey, in turn. The latter took an indignant step forwards, the man's words finally registering. "Who the hell do you-"

"Come on in, Con," Will interrupted. He put a hand on Harvey's shoulder and shoved him slightly out of the way, opening his door wide and allowing the mystery man entrance.

Harvey was shocked, to say the least, and made his thoughts abundantly clear. "So you're letting floozies into your apartment ? You let my daughter see you like this."

The scathing remark left his mouth before his brain could catch up and he watched the cool gaze freeze before anger smoldered just beneath the surface.

"Who I decide to fuck on my own time is my own business. Whatever I do with my life is absolutely none of your concern, Specter, you've made that abundantly clear. So I don't know why you care all of a sudden, but that man has more of a right to be here than you do. Don't come here again and for Dora. I will never let anyone around her until I am sure about him but thank god my daughter is soo smart who saw first that is was in front of me before I could" Will growled, his whole body tense with pent up anger that he knew was a result of talking about everything with Connor. He'd kept his emotions locked up so tightly it was a wonder he could find them again. But once he let them loose, there was no stopping them.

Anger had been at the forefront and he'd finally found a worthy outlet.

The shocked look in his ex-husband's eyes was rewarding in and of itself but slamming the door before Harvey could get a word in was much more satisfying.

As soon as the door shut, Will collapsed against it, his forehead meeting the smooth finish, digging into the unforgiving wood.

Why?. Why now? After two years Will found someone and Harvey comes to screwe it.

"Come on, Will, let's go get in bed. I put groceries up already, but I can tell you got about as much sleep as I did. We'll sleep and we'll deal with what just happened when we're both thinking clearer, ok? It's okay, Will" Connor murmured, strong arms momentarily tightening around the trembling frame before coaxing him towards the stairs.

Wil didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Here was this amazing man, concerned for him. He has always been so kind, caring and patient with him, everything Harvey wasn't. . Maybe Harvey was at some point good and kind, but he changed for the worse and cheated on him. Harvey always made everything about himself, but here is Connor, concerned for him. Will honestly didn't know how to feel about that. Of course he was so happy, but something deep in his mind told him that he wasn't, nor would he ever be good enough for Connor.

They fell asleep entwined in each other. It was hard to tell where one man ended and the other began. Will's face was plastered against Connor's ribcage, his body curled around Connor's lower half. Connor's face was tilted towards Will, one hand resting securely in the short blonde hair, the other gripping the muscular arm around his midriff.

They didn't wake up again until Will's alarm went off, alerting them that they needed to get ready for their shift.

It felt natural, to wrap themselves in each other.

To weave around each other as they got ready, their bodies brushing without thought, their lips meeting in a sweet 'good morning' before either of them could think about it.

And when they pulled away, realizing what had just happened, they both wore smiles they hadn't had in a long time.

Yes, it was natural, and it felt so right.