Suits: season 4

Criminal Minds: season 7

White Collar: season 6

Law&Order: season 17

JJ and Will are not in a relationship.

Hotch is divorced without Jack.

Jessica , Louis and Sheila know about Mike's secret.

Not Rachel and Mike.

male/male slash

Anti-JJ/ light bashing BAU team ,Peter and Rollins.

Family secret is a secret kept within a family. Most families have secrets, but the kind and importance vary. Family secrets can be shared by the whole family, by some family members or kept by an individual member of the family.

Secrets. Every family has them.

The secrets may be from our past, back in the time before you had children or before you met your current partner. So how do we know whether to share these secrets or keep them hidden?

Guilty secrets, precious secrets: an affair, a crime, a lost love, a previous marriage, an abortion. We carry these things in secret, and the feelings attached to them. We may conceal them out of shame, fear of ridicule, criticism, or condemnation.

Mike Ross

Dominic Carisi

Spencer Reid

Neal Caffrey

They have secrets.

All families have secrets of one kind or another. Letters, photos, objects locked hidden away at the back of a drawer, perhaps memories of past events too painful to think about.

The secret of keeping these three men is precious to them and they will do everything to protect it

Everything to protect her...