Four sets of hostile eyes and beneath them Bastiana quivers. The Halfling, the rotten egg.

Neal is the first to turn away. Drapes his arm across Sonny's shoulders. Sonny was his favourite. Bastiana thought it was her, but no, she sees Neal's strong arm pull Sonny closer, as they turn away, sweeping through the mansion to restart their lives.

"Have a nice life, Bastiana," Neal says airily over his shoulder. "And a short one, if you can manage it."

Mike growls. Never trusted Bastiana, never liked her. Smelled the difference that poured off her in waves. Mike is monstrous, calmed only by the ministrations of his mother's touch over his back and shoulders. She'll teach him to walk in the world. Nina turns to Bastiana, her expression cold and unfathomable.

"You'll be alone, in all of this, now, Bastiana," and the way she says it makes it sound less like a prediction than a curse. She nods, whispers old Norse words of comfort in her younger son's ear and begins to lead him gently away.

Mike is reluctant, curls his hands into claws, still watching Bastiana with eyes so wide Bastiana can see the white all the way around. War-face, for posturing, for frightening your enemies. But Nina still soothes, and leads him away, one step at a time.

Spencer with a half-smile on his face.

"You'll stay, Brother?" Bastiana half-asks, half-begs, lips too red, chin hovering on the edge of a quiver.

Spencer shakes his head, incredulous. "In this cavern? With you? Bastiana. I was never your manservant and I won't be your companion." Flickers his eyes lazily over his brother's partially stooped form. He smiles, and there is no warmth in it. "But I do wish you the very best. You've built a lovely home, here." Voice dripping with sarcasm. "Perhaps you can compel yourself some friends."

Reid cocks his chin, and is gone as well.

Bastiana waits more than one second, less than two, before rushing into the grand entry hall, from where her family are about to leave.

With a voice that echoes through the foyer like it might a great, empty cavern, Bastiana calls out to them.

"You owe me!" she insists. "I kept you safe, kept you close. So that we could be a family again."

"What is it you feel we owe you?" Reid asks, intrigued.

Bastiana shakes her head. "Love! You owe me your love."

All incredulous smiles, with one snarling war-face in the middle.

Bastiana's family take their leave, and she is alone again.

"Please don't leave me." He begged again, hand slapping her face lightly to get a response from her, but no use. She was as limp as a rag doll.

"Wake up." He urged her but again, he received no response from her.

He could feel his heart beating against his chest like a jackhammer, but her heart was silent.

He could feel his body shaking with fear, but she was unmoving.

"No. This can't happen." He said, picking her up in his arms. "You can't go. I... I won't let you." He placed her on his bed and with shaking hands, reached for the phone. Dialing a number he hadn't dialed for 15 years, he spoke.

"H… hello. Dr. Wanton…. Can… can you come? An emergency." In his current state, he was unable to form complete sentences. He hung up soon after and sat beside Bastiana again. His hand reached for her face and removed the blood soaked bangs from her bloody forehead. It only ended in splattering stains all over her face. Disgusted, nauseated, and afraid at the same time, he grabbed a Kleenex and made an attempt to clean her face. But the more blood he wiped, the more came out from her weeping wounds.

"Dammit." He yelled in frustration and threw the now red Kleenex on the carpet not caring if it left a stain. He placed a finger under her nose again, hoping to feel a gust of wind, but was disappointed again. His hope was extinguishing with every passing second.

"Please Bastiana." He begged, placing his forehead on the pillow besides her. "Don't leave me." His voice began to crack and a sob threatened to escape his throat, but his pride kept it inside.

"I… I don't… I don't want to be alone again." A lone tear managed to leave his already moist eyes. "Please, I'm… I'm begging you."

"Mr. Woodford?"

Alan's head whipped in the direction the voice had come from and was relieved to see a familiar face. Getting up, he went to the door where a man in his mid fifties stood.

"Dr. Wanton. Please… look at her. She… she won't wake up." The doctor seemed bewildered, and remained rooted to the spot staring at Alan. He had never seen Alan Wooford act like this before, so afraid, so insecure. But his mute demeanor was enough to snap the man out of his unusual state. Overcome by rage at the doctor's lack of response, Alan grabbed the elder man by his collar and threw him towards the bed.

"Don't just stand there, tend to her." He yelled in anger. The doctor, having gotten his senses back, shot a pitiful look towards Alan and turned his attention to the figure on the bed. As soon as he had done that, a horrified gasp left his lips.

"My god." He said in shock. "What… what happened to her?" He asked, his hands reaching for her nose to feel breath.

"Don't fucking waste time. Make her wake up." Alan growled from behind him.

"This… this is… oh God." The doctor was panicking much like Alan had upon discovering her condition. His hands roamed her body, pressing here and there. "How did she get in such a condition?" Dr. Wanton said, stopping his ministrations and turning towards Seto with accusing eyes.

"That is none of your business." Alan answered. "Just… just help her."

"I can't." Dr. Wanton's words caused his blood to freeze.

"What… what do you mean?" Alan's expression was of a deer caught in headlights. "Why?" Dr. Wanton sighed.

"She… she is in a very bad condition. I can't detect any vital signs. I don't think she's even al-."

"No." Alan cut him off suddenly. "She's alive. She's not dead." An uncanny glint appeared in his eyes as he stared at Bastiana. "She's alive. She can't be dead. She's alive." He moved towards her and placed his finger under her nose. "She'll be fine. Just do your job."

"I don't care what you have to do. You'll help her." He took a menacing step towards Dr. Wanton. "You're getting paid handsomely for your service, so make yourself useful." Sighing at the disturbingly familiar words, the doctor turned his attention back to Bast and took emergency medical equipment out of his small case. He tried to revive her vital, signs, but no use.

"Mr. Woodford, the equipment I have with me is obsolete in comparison to her condition. I can't do much. I'll have to take her to the hospital."

"No." Alan said, eyes narrowed in suspicion. "She'll stay here. And you'll do your job."

"I… I'll try my best, but I can't guarantee anything." The doctor said in defeat, knowing there was nothing he could do once a Alan had made up his mind. He restarted his efforts to get a response from the unconscious girl. Beside him, Alan prayed over and over in his mind. His hand was shaking under her nose, anxious to feel a flicker of breath, a gust of wind. But nothing came. The doctor took out various contraptions from his case and attached to her body to feel her heartbeat, but nothing. Alan was beginning to panic. His body had moved from shaking to trembling as he struggled to keep his cool.

'She is alive. She is fine.' He kept repeating over and over in his head, giving himself false hope.

'She is going to be fine. She-' Warm breath hit his finger.

"She's alive." Alan exclaimed in relief and joy. Surprised, the doctor checked and confirmed Alan's discovery. She was alive… but barely. Satisfied, Alan moved away from the bed, letting the doctor do as he saw fit. His body had stopped shaking, and he seemed a lot like the normal Alan, calm and stoic. After his withdrawal, Dr. Wanton immediately set to work, securing her life as best as he stood behind him, watching like a hawk. After a full hour, the doctor stood straight and turned to Alan.

"Mr. Woodford. I need to speak to you about her."

"Hurry up." Alan said, eyes still focused on Bastiana. The doctor didn't fail to notice this.

"Mr. Woodford, I have tried my best to help her, but I could do only so much with what I had with me." Seto sneered, obviously, not wanting to hear any of this. "In my 25 years of practice, I have never seen anyone is such a bad condition, not even after a horrible accident..I regonized her from the news, she is the lawyer who went missing"

"It's not of your bussness." Alan spat venomously. The doctor only sighed.

"You still haven't told me what happened to her." Alan's response was a glare, but Dr. Wanton had his answer already. "Mr. Woodford, she is alive, but barely. I have seen cases like this before, not as bad as this, but close enough. And what makes this one different than the others is not the amount of injuries, but the response of the patient." Alan still had no interest in what the old man was saying. To him, Dr. Wanton was wasting time he could be spending with Bastiana.

"Just get to the damn point."

"Other patients fight for their lives. They struggle to be awake. But in this case, I've noticed a complete submission to the darkness." At this, Seto's eyes widened. What was this old man trying to say? Noticing the surprised and curious look on Alan's face, the doctor continued.

"She had given up." Alan's eyes widened in shock. That wasn't true. His Bastiana was a fighter. She loved life, and she loved him. She'd never deliberately want to leave him. Never.

"You lie." He said in an accusing tone. The doctor shook his head.

"No. I'm telling the truth. Her mind didn't make a single attempt to grasp consciousness. It is as if she didn't want to stay alive." He locked his eyes with Alan's cold one and said. "Mr. Woodford, she wanted to die."

Bastiana swims in a sea of grey mulch, both consciousness and unconsciousness battling with neither gaining ground. Voices flit and filter through her mind, but he can scarcely grab onto one to hear what its saying.

Words, slow, thick, heavy, glide past her.






She knows she needs to fight. She just doesn't know if she has the strength anymore.

She's been fighting for so long; with her brothers, with Bruce, with her past, with Specter, with herself…

She's tired of fighting.

She's just so tired.

Then, dragged into a swarm of memories so sharp and so vivid, yet each one lasting only a brief second, Bastiana finds herself surrounded with the faces of her friends, her family, her loved ones.

She finds herself remembering what made Gotham home, what made New york home, what helped her through some of the darkest nights and what she still has to fight for now.

What she needs to go home to.











Her eyes snap open.


"Please Bastiana, come back to me." A voice whispered.

"I miss you. I miss you so much." The voice repeated. Who did it belong to?

"I… I need you here, with me." Who was saying that?

"Please, wake up. Please." The voice faded away, but the urge to discover the source of it strengthened.

Her eyes snapped open and were immediately assaulted by brightness. Her eyelids shut on their own accord. Hesitantly, the lashes fluttered and her bright orbs were revealed again.

Where was she? What was this place?

"Bastiana, you're awake?" The voice spoke again, in a louder tone this time. Curiosity got the best of her and her eyes moved in the direction the voice came from.

An unfamiliar face greeted her.

"Bastiana, I'm so glad." He moved closer to her and buried his face in her hair. "I'm so glad you are awake."

What was he saying? Who was he? Did she know him?

It didn't take Alan long to notice that he was receiving no reaction from her. Maybe she was angry with him. He pulled back to stare at her face and was quite surprised to see an expressionless look. Her eyes that had always glowed with life were now devoid of any emotion. It was as if they were… dead.

"Bastiana." He spoke her name in a soft voice, hoping to see any reaction. But there was none. All he received was a blank stare.

His heart raced. Why was she doing this? He knew she must be angry, but couldn't she yell at him, or turn her head away? Refusing to recognize him was the worst thing she could do to him. Didn't she know that?

"Bastiana, stop looking at me like that." He threatened, hoping that maybe he could count on her fear to stop this torture. But no use. Her eyes remained unchanged.

"Bastiana, please stop." He nearly begged. "Don't act like you don't recognize me." There was no response from her. His heart thumped violently against his chest. What if she really didn't recognize him?

'No. No.' His mind refused to believe that. There was just no way she could forget him. Not him. In frustration and fear, he grasped her shoulders and pulled her in a sitting position.

"Bastiana, whatever game you are playing, stop it. This is not funny." As soon as he let go of her shoulders, her body fell back on the bed like a rag doll. His mind began panicking. Why wasn't she responding?

"Bastiana, I… I've waited so long for you to open your eyes. Don't do this to me." She had always been kind-hearted. He hoped she would break under his pleading, but not today. With every passing second, his mind was darkening with fear.

"Please, say something." He wanted her to say something, but she didn't know how to. So instead, she watched him.

''I want to talk them'' Bastiana croaks, and Alan can see tears tracking down her cheeks. He reaches up weakly to brush them away.

Bastiana chokes on her own sob, shaking her head. "I want to say goodbye and then I am all yours''

Peter Brooke along with BAU' and SVU' s team were staring at the family who stood in the meeting room. All of them were dressing in expensive and sharp black clothes , their eyes were cold and their expresions were hard to read. Bastiana's siblings had an arm around their spouse waist in a protective way , like the teams is going to hurt them. Sonny, Neal, Mike and Spencer were not comfortable leaving their loved ones with those agents ,they may have been talked their for the strategy they will follow during the investigation , but they prefer to be at home away from people and cameres.

To the other side of the room , sitting in a chair Harvey Specter was looks like a ghost. The man was a he found out that Bastiana gone , Harvey tried to harden his heart into a cold stone, but in private he was losing it. He drank so much one night that he woke up in the morning naked in a pool of vomit on the kitchen floor with no memory of how he got there. Another night he fucked a stranger so hard in the women's room of a dive bar that the woman, whose head had smacked hard into the tiled wall, threatened to call the police until Harvey gave her three hundred dollars for her troubles.

''Rollins''says Olivia drawing everyone's attention to her.''I want you to accompany Mirs Caffrey at the room 5 while Finn will handle Dr. Reid''

The two detectives look at their boss knowing that they can not talk to Carisi or Dodds during the investigation.

Both of them were worried for their co-workers and wanting to call them but Olivia and Chief Dodds forbade it. They saw Carisi two days ago when the man visited Barba at his office but they did not dare to reach him out knowing that the young man will demand to learnt things about the case. They had eavesdrop conversations between Olivia and her girlfriend or their boss and Chief Dodds talk about the family, they found out for depression of the siblings and the letters. Rollins was angry and jealous of Jessica Pearson because she was the only person that Olivia have been talked to about her feelings for the case.

Hotch nod at Benson taking a step in front. He spent his night thinking about the investigations. The man was aware that no one of the siblings trust them , especially after Garcia hacked their personal files and him , who dared to take their sister on a date.

The man waits as Benson accompanied Lola Kinney at the room 8 , beofre give orders.

''Morgan''The boss said with a stoic voice.'' You will go with Dt. Carisi while Prentiss will have Mr. Ross. Rossi , I want you to talk with Mister Caffrey and Brooke can have Mr. Sander.''

''What about Mister Specter and Sarge Dodds?''Garcia asks walking in the meeting room holding her pc.

''I spoke with Aderson about Sarge.''mumbled.''I will handle Specter''

Hotch didn't wait for an answer; he was already turning for the door. The man walks toward the investigation room where Specter had waited for him but Rossi took charge and grabbed Hotch's arm, holding it over his shoulder.

"Do you need something Dave?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

''You can't be in the same room with Specter''Rossi stated with a flourish of his hand.

If looks could kill, Rossi would have been nothing but smoking ash. Hotch stood there, breathing hard, his gun hand tight on the hilt, his other clenching and unclenching as if he were trying to hold back hitting him.

''And why that?''Hotch says, scathing and cold and so fucking furious it's beyond description.

Rossi raised his eyebrows, his expression somewhat incredulous.''You know why. You are too close on his case, don't make me put you away by talking to Strauss. You know that the woman will kill anyone whi will dare to destroy the opportunity to take Bastiana back.''

It was true. the case hit soo close to the house, especially having Specter in the same room with him. He looked at the photo of Harvey Specter in his file. His jealous growled like a fire, that man is freaking handsome. Every night he sees numbers of dreams killing Harvey Specter and rescues Bastiana from him, also in last dream he kissed Bastiana and next seconded he woke up with a huge gasped. He still have the photo of Bastiana and Specter's kiss, Hotch was a masochist.

"Hotch?" Rossi called. "... Aaron."

Hotch blinked and his eyes snapped down to meet Rossi's gaze. He closed his gaping mouth and swallowed thickly. He opened and closed his mouth several times, but words failed him. After a moment, he slowly looked down. Rossi followed his gaze. Hotch was holding out his fist, palm up. And slowly, he uncurled his fingers. Rpssi winced inwardly at the sight of It was a necklace with a gold capotal R. The man recognized the necklace that only the members of the family Ross wore.

"... I just want her back." Hotch breathed, his voice shaking.

"Come on, Hotch. We're going after her." Rossi said.

Rossi walks into the room holding a file amd the first thing he saw was the eyes of the twin. Unfortunately, Rossi recognizes the look. He's seen it in the faces of family member who their beloved have been gone often enough. Neal is on the verge of defeat, of giving up and letting the darkness that lurks on the edges of civilization overwhelm him.

"Μy name is..."

"I know who you are!"Neal growled at him, his anger bubbling to the surface. The Agent backed away slightly to prevent any more distress.

"I know how you..."

"You don't fucking knwo how the freaking I feel"Neal corrected."My family and I were falling apart for almost two weeks while my sister is in a hands of some killer who can kill or turture or worst rape her..."Neal shook her head sharply, trying to fight his tears."So don't fucking dare to say that you know hwo I feel.."

"I am here to help you"Rossi said firmly.

"Sure," Neal says like he already knew that.

"You and your family have a lot of secrets. Secrets that we must know if you want to have Bastiana back."Rossi says, all conspiratorial goodwill as he leans forward on the table."I want to know your relationship with your sister and family"

Neal drums his fingers on the table for a minute, clearly figuring out his next move.

"It's difficult"Rossi says slowly when Neal stops drumming his fingers but doesn't say anything right away, ""your sister fought to keep everyone safe , keep you in the shadows wanting you guys safe."

"I want her back!" Neal says calmly, so calmly it sounds forced.''We never been seperate for soo long after the funeral of our parents. We vow to be together in the age of seven while my mother forced Bastiana to do things for girls like ballet and piano and I started playing football and basketball. Those were the hardest times of the day, when we could not see each other. Twins around the world have always had a special bond that people can never understand unless they have experienced it themselves. Some share the same dreams, some can get a gist of the others thoughts, and some can communicate through mere looks. Bastiana and I could hold a conversation by speaking few words and using many small facial expressions. That is what people hated the most. When we were silent, just staring at each other, deep into a conversation no one else could hear because no one understood. We had a special bond, a bond that no one could break, even in death''

Rossi nods, but then says, "We just want the real story of Ross's family."

Neal heart stopped beating. His lungs filled with ice. His mind stopped functioning. He felt empty, hollow, darker. He was ready to give all their family's secrets away, all those years of 'I against my sibling, my siblings and I against you" is going to be out pf the window but

their vow was to protect each other without thinking the reverberations.

''We were so different from our siblings. We preferred solitude, only finding company and comfort in each other, we never separated, and we slept in the same bed at night and walked by each other's side during the day. As we grew older, our mother tried to discourage us from spending so much time together but we did not care. ''

Rossi could see the desolation and agony that was now flowing in the man's heart and it nearly broke him.

"I was the only one excluding Dominic , who knew what really had happened at the funeral of our parents"

In on another room, Morgan was stared at the detective's who had an entirely expressionless face. The Agent thought that will been very easy to crack the young man in an effort to learn the truth but Morgan had forget. Forget that all the dibling were trained by Bastiana Wolf to how lie and hide from everyone. Sonny was not only Bastiana's brother but also a lawyer who been trained by her. The BAU and SVU were fucked.

"I saw her"Sonny could not breathe, his mind was left buzzing from the pounding of his broken heart.

Agent Morgan was looking at the young detective with pity. He couldn't even imagine how the blonde man has feel , with his sister missing and didn't have a single signal that the woman is alive. If Morgan was in Sonny's shoes, probably had been crazy with worry and anger.

"You saw what?"

"That fucking bitch , Edith"The tone was indifferent and cold. A cool expression painting Sonny's features."Kicking our sister out of our house blaming her for her son and daughter's death. He kicked my sister in the cold street in the middle of November, the only thing she had was a suitcase with clothes and a book."

"You and your older brother were the only people who knew the truth behind Bastiana's disappear?"Came Morgan's clipped question.

Both of them heard a laugh, sending shivers down Morgan's spine and making his eyebrow hair stand on edge.

"Mike!"Sonny's lips curved into an unfamiliar smirk and he dipped his head in some kind of sentiment.

"You didn't tell them the truth!" Morgan said shakily making Dominic furrow his brows.

"It was the best idea we had back then"Sonny answered and raised his eyebrow at Morgan, getting a little tired from the man already."We tried to protect pur younger siblings, knowing that they had hate Edith if they find the truth. We tried to prevent the quarrels and tears that would be in the house when one learned the truth about the disappearance of their sister. They would hate the old woman, and you may not believe it but when Spencer hate someone , he do it with all his heart and soul. Same for Mike. What we could not have predicted was that our dear grandmother would join the plan in the worst way. ''

There was nothing to say, nothing to be done.

Carisi allowed himself to be weaker, for a moment.''Before Edith kick me out of the house,I have been spend almost my teenager years hearing my younger brothers talk shit about Bastiana , all the vemon they had spat in the mention of her name and all those cold and hard glares toward Neal and me everytime we brough the topic up.''

Morgan broke the silence in a no-nonsense tone.''Kicked you out?''

They were curious. All of them wanted to learn the truth behind the Ross' family, their fears, their secrets, they want to see their real faces behind those masks but Rossi and Prentiss knew that may be diffucult . Those people have been hide for years behind masks, fake names and actions, behind meanless words and fake feelings. Thye stayed hide in the darkness for a long tome that they forget who they really are: Ross?. Wolf?

BUA and SVU's teams along with Peter had some hesitations to if they can believe them or not. After all, they were liars, and they were the worst kind of liar, because their lies sound so much like the truth, it is impossible for them to tell the difference.

''Edith was not a fan of us. Neal and I had the same eyes as Bastiana, something that old lady had hate with all her heart.''

''Mike Ross has blue eyes!''Morgan told him firmly, tracing the dark circles under Sonny's eyes.

''Michael was her favorite," Sonny told him bitterly. "The golden child…"

Sonny breathed out slowly, grasping at some form of self-control. "Neal was just an extension of Bastiana to her, wasn't he? They had that same brown hair and those same damn blue eyes, a pair of demons in human form. When Neal walked away from us, was the happiest day of her life and the next day my father's sister come to get me with her while Spencer went away with the other sister's of our dear mother''

''You and your older brother Neal, were the only people who knew about Bastiana's location all those years.''Morgan told Sonny flatly.

Sonny snorted with laughter. ''Location?. You make her sound like she is some kind of criminal!''

The silence was tell enough. "For god's sake…"

''We found gun in your sister's office''Morgan growled.''She has contactions with Mafia, brug lords and the list goes on. She had been a suspect for a murder and have 3 different mobile phones and maybe she have all the money because of...''

''Watch your mouth!''Sonny paused for a second and then added.''Everything Bastiana has got is the result of blood and sweat. No one ever handed her anything. Bastiana Wolf is everything her reputation would suggest - cocky, insufferable, arrogant…" he smiled, "...but only because she knows she's better than everyone else in that courtroom. But underneath all that bravado is a good woman…the best I've ever known. She's kind, generous, funny..." He smiled affectionately and then added, "...sometimes unintentionally."

Sonny glared, the pain and stress of the whole situation were pressing all of his buttons.''You know nothing about me and my family. So shut up or stay here and ask me questions without insulting my family''

''I learnd the truth five weeks after Bastiana showed up in our lives!''Mike said beside Prentiss . The woman chanced a small look at the young man, seeing him avoiding her eyes, looking down at his lap and the dashboard, but no where else. His hands resting in his lap, picking at his nails nervously as he kept his gaze down.'' I still remeber the day that Neal stormed in my house yelling and threating me to hit me for making our sister sad. Of cource Neal was the only person who could knew the truth!''

Mike though of his sister at something precious. He admired his eldest sister and adored her. He wouldn't admit it, but he had a favorite, he just wished she didn't protect Neal as much as she always had. She was protective of all her siblings, but her closeness with Neal caused Mike to be jealous.


Mike can'r say why but when he see's Neal running towards him he knows something terrible has happened. His eyes darken red in anger, the same flash of warning that appears in his blue eyes.

Mike winced at older brother angry expression

As Neal's face grew dark. He clenched teeth and fisted his hands.

"Have you lost your freaking mind?" Neal demanded in a dark voice, barely above a whisper.

"No," Mike frowned seeing the distress on Neal's face "What happened?".

"She came here. She came here for you and you kicked Bastiana out of the house," Neal said, the last syllable of her name getting caught painfully in his seemed to be happening an awful lot lately, Mike'd noticed - the pain only increasing in volume with every utterance of his fellow twin's name.

''Why? She is your sister!''

At this, Mike finally scoffed.

"Don't you see, Neal? I. Don't. Care." Mike bit out, cold and exacting in a way that sent a chill down Neal's spine.

A look of horror crossed Neal' face. "This is Bastiana we're talking about. Our sister. Surely that means something to you? It HAS to!"

Mike stepped up to Neal, facing him with a cruel look curling his lip and a twinkle of black in his eyes. "No more than the name Ross," he said quietly.

Neal stared onwards, aghast. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Never in his 42 years existence did he believe he would hear his brother reject his family for a lie. A facade. A mirage brought on by a severe case of amnesia.

And yet, here they were.

Two brothers, squaring up over the same sister's name, each of them protesting for a different cause.

''She left us alone for years''Mike choked out.

A single, well-formed tear slid down Mike's cheek as he continued on, his voice as feeble and broken as ever.''She left us alone. We were suffered by our parent's loss while Bastiana was happy with her money and fame. She...''

''She have been kicked out of our house!''Neal's voice was as icy as ever now.

The room became deathly silent.

''What?''Mike said. His voice was almost broken from how much it was trembling.


''He told me everything''Mike said and tears came from his beautiful face.''I have been hate my sister for almost a decade because of Efith. A woman who raised me and loved me , I lived a lite and let myself hate my sister ,the woman who put herself second to help us''

'I am sorry' 'The woman spoke with such sympathy in her voice that it annoyed Mike.

"I. Don't. Need. Your. Pity." He said through clenched teeth.

How could they think this was a good idea? Did they even win? Did Neal come up with this plan of saying the truth in order to protect them and find their sister? Oh he was going to chew Neal's ass out.

''Tell me what happened after your grandmother kicked your sister out of the house'' the soft voice of Prentiss startled Mike.

''"The house was silent for days after the funeral. We were all locked in our rooms mourning the death of our parents while our two older brothers were boiling with hate for our grandmother. I may have been eleven years old at the time but not blind, all those hate-gazes my sisters threw at our grandmother and the words full of venom echoed in my ears''

Prentiss was sitting next to Mike at this point, her hands clasped over his in a comforting manner.

"Until one day" Mike continued. "Neal and Sonny left the house"

''Why?''Emily asks, furrowing her eyebrows.

''Edith couldn't raise us all, so she decided to give them away.''Mike tells her, voice haarse and broken.''''Ι watched my brothers walks away from me and...''

''We tried to keep contact with them!''Reid snorted and there was a quiet moment in the room.''But when you have a bitch of aunt to raise you..''

Feeling the tears stinging his eyes, Reid get up from his seat Fin gives him a sympathetic look. The doctor looked horrible; dark circles under his eyes, messy hair, and rumpled clothes.

He turned from the interrogation window briefly to try and focus on the doctor.''You said that you have been hate your sister for years but that did not stopped you from taking money from her!''

''What?'' Reid asked softly, hoping it wasn't true.

"Yeah." Fin nodded pulling out a piece of paper and pushed it across the interrogation table.

Reid grabbed the paper and scanned it. He blinked several times, trying to get back his focus. It was hard enough when he wasn't drunk and emotionally distraught, but now not only was the small text all blurry, it was dancing on the pages.

Bank accounts with huge amounts in the name of their grandmother. The account that each brother spent money on when he was handling it, the account with which the brothers went to college with that money. The account that was their sister.

''You did not knew'' Fin asked, his voice low. Reid ignored him, his jaw flexing as he stared at the wall to his left.

Of course he knew nothing. All these years, the young doctor believed that the money was from her to compensate for his parents' car accident, no one thought that the money could be from their sister.

He helped them without the brothers knowing anything. Even after all the anger and hatred they had for her, their older sister never stopped helping and protecting them. From a young age he believed that someone was watching him from the shadows, every time he went to school or the park, during college ... All these years the person who protected him was their sister but she was forced to hide in the shadows.

Reid shook his head, feeling guilty. Fin noticed his hands had slight tremors and sighed, having a suspicion on what was causing them.

The young doctor all knew the truth. The fact that their sister did not abandon them but that they took her away from them with violence and lies. The young man hid the fact that he knew it as he did not know what to say, he was 14 years old then and jealousy has overwhelmed years it was always Sonny, Bastiana and Neal together while Mike and Reid were cast aside. It has never bothered him before, but when Bastiana came back Neal and Sonny were not surpised , the tow younger brothers got angry but it will forever stay that way. Things will remain the way they've always been the three of them together, while Reid and Mike are cast aside. The only difference now is that they play at the same team. Bastiana's team.

"You heard from people at Wolf-Wilson firm that was a wild card with anger issues and she have been fought a lot of times with her brothers, especially Neal Caffrey, your husband. It that right?!"Amanda asked, her voice barely above a whisper as their eyes met.

''They may be dysfunctional bickering lunatics but they stick together no matter what!''The wife of the male twin tilted her head, her dark gaze digging into Amanda's .

Dana's eyes were dark, even beneath the lights, her pupils barely distinguishable from her irises. Her expression was sharp, her visage cut from diamond - beautiful but intimidating.

Amanda studied Dana's face and the small black and blue that was on her cheek.

"Is everything okay at home?" Amanda asked in a gentle voice.

And Dana couldn't control the feelings of anger that enveloped her, as the injustice of it all hit her. Ahe didn't want to remember all the things Neal had had to put up with through the years, the tears the man had shed, the dreams he had given up, the innocence he had been forced to abandon. And all those times, Dana had to hold his hand and remind him that one day everything would change, and it would change for the better.

"You think… you think that my husband hit me?" The woman's voice cut through the uneasy silence. It sounded monotonous, lifeless, and made the blonde detective feel a shiver traveling up her spine.

Dana looked at her even more intensely, her eyes now burning with rage but.

"You think my husband is one do those scum you put in jail?" Dana added, more forcefully, through her teeth.

"We try to figure out what is going on with your family!" Amanda said, trying to speak in an even tone despite the dread knotting her throat.

The lawyer 's outburst was almost predictable. " Try to use your brain before you open your mouth!"

Then what had happened…? Could she had rushed into the wrong conclusions? Sh couldn't bear it any longer. The confusion. The worry. She was too old for this.

Dana clenched her fists tightly.

"Bastiana did this to me," Dana deadpanned.


"Wh-wh-.. at?" Amanda managed to mutter in the end. She had closed her eyes, trying to gather her thoughts as best he could and find strength to continue.

"What happened..!? She began, the words tumbling desperately from her tongue.

Dana held up a hand, cutting her off.

"I broke one rule of the family ." She said, fixing her with a narrowed gaze. "Never try to get between Bastian and her brothers"

"This rule is stupid!" Amanda bit her lower lip, sinking down in the chair. Her heart hammered in her chest, and down low her stomach swirled.

"Maybe for you but all those rule exists to protect us"

Amanda closed her mouth and swallowed back more replies.

"We are like a pack!" Dana continued. "Bastiana is our Alpha and we must obey her rules or.."

"Mrs Caffrey..." Amanda said, as she slowly approached the seated lawyer and carefully sat beside her. Up close, Dana seemed as if she had aged a decade in a matter of minutes. She was tired and hunched, her eyes fixed on a spot in the distance, the light in them gone.

The woman turned her head and looked at blonde. She held the detective 's gaze for a few moments, and then stared at the walls again.

"At first I thought that the rules were made to control us" were the first words she muttered. Amanda noted that even her voice sounded older. "I couldn't understand why she wanted to control us until I saw her other face.. Her lawyers face, the red eyes and the blood. I walked into a world that I wasn't sure if it was existence or it was all in my mind."

She was talking to herself more than anything, Amanda realized.

"The first time I saw her was in..." ." she whispered, searching the eyes of the blonde woman once more.

" The day after Sonny proposed me"the Agent named Anderson heard the young man say. A scoff escaped his lips and he added. "That bastard asked me to marry him without warning me about his family.."

''His family?'' Anderson asked him surprised, there is no way that he could have possibly heard right! Maybe the family-in- law be scary especially the first meeting but..

''I had been looked forward to meet his family ..''Mike said, shaking his head to emphasize. He was aware that his voice must have sounded strangely croaky, filled with pent up emotion, but he didn't care anymore. ''Sonny spoke about them since we met and i had lernd eveyrthing about them... ''

''You were aware that Neal was.. ''The agent began to say before Mike's steady voice cut through his words.

''We don't have secret in our marriage!''Michael Dodds took a deep breath and pointedly stared the agent in the eye. ''Sonny is..he seems delicate sometimes. Like he needs protecting. He's an idiot, yeah, but he's also... he has his own darkness, agnet. He doesn't like to let people close, and he guards his secrets better than a dragon guarding a vast treasure. "

Dodds smiled, a little bit sad. 'And that treasure is his family!''

Anderson shook his head.

''I spent a lot of my time with them wanting to know them as I decided to marr Sonny and...''Michael muttered, not capable of expressing himself properly. After a moment he added more clearly.''I found out what their masks means..''

''The neglected, the moral, the lonely, the obnoxious and the loyal..''Dodds glanced sideways for a brief moment, eyes full of meaning.''All of them they have been carrying their masks for years forgeting who they really are..''

"Anyway" The young man protested, feeling for the first time since the questioning had begun that things were getting out of control.

"I met all of them but not Bastiana" For the first time, Michael Dodds sounded bitter and hateful."If I remember correctly those times she was at London trying to get a new client ignored that her brother was getting marrying..."

A memory came to Anderson then unwittingly, and time itself seemed to stop as he travelled to another place, where another, younger Amelia-his older sister- had spoken to him, sounding like he was saying goodbye. 'I am not going to be able to make it for your birthday .'

Anderson could understand why someone be mad at his family. His own sister used to skip all their family gathering because of her work, he spent a lot of time those days waiting for his sister but she never showed up. The may not have the best relationship during the past years but when they close this case, she swore on his father's grave that he will make a call to have a dinner together.

A manic laughter prevented the agent from saying anything more. Truly frightened for the other man's sanity, he watched Michael as he was shaking while making a harsh, almost barking sound that didn't even remotely sound like amusement.

"I spent my whole morning trying to figure out how to dress up perfectly for the first time I wil met her because I wanted to make a good impression on her."

"What..." Anderson began, his voice cracking embarrassingly so.

"Don't look at me like that" Lola Reid said, simply, softly, turning her chin slightly up as if daring Benson to contradict her."I spent a big part of my salary in closing wanted to be perfect for the dinner, after all Bastiana Wolf wants only the best for her siblings"

Olivia shook her head. Bastiana was her BFF - best female friend - after Barba and the only person she can trust her son, the lawyer was the reason she is in a healthy and carried relationship with Jessica Person but the woman can be very criticize with the people in her siblings lives. It was understandable when she had a lot of enemies who want to hurt her family, after all her brothers was her Kryptonite.

Lola had gone deathly pale."I had done my search for her before I met her read awful things about her. I saw videos of her trials, photos on newspapers and interviews but I couldn't never imagines it that a person can be..."

"Can be what?" Benson cut in, not liking what she was hearing in the least. "Tell me Miss Kinney!"

"First of all is Mrs Reid." She smiled pointing to her ring.

"Congratulations." Benson exhaled " Neither Sonny nor Dodds mentioned something of a new wedding in the family, neither Bastiana!" She looked sad and disappointed.

It made Lola feel oddly guilty.

"No- Bastiana... She doesn't knew," Lola admitted, quietly. "We decided to make something small just for us, Dana was there a my best woman while Neal was the one who.." she managed to gasp in the end, her mind slowly reconnecting with the reality around her. "Spencer didn't wanted Bastiana to know about the wedding, I think that he was still mad at her after the fight they had at her office!"

"I know about the fight" Benson began, carefully. "My girlfriend and I were the person who helped her back to her condo after the batista called us because she had drunk..."

She let it sink in, avoiding Lola's betrayed eyes by letting her own linger on her hands, folded defensively in front of her. No sound came from the woman before him. When she finally ventured a glance, she found Lola staring at her expectantly, tight lipped, eyes hard but at the same time unreadable.

"Olivia, we made mistakes last time," Lola said, trying to sooth her. "But it's different now, it's…"

"You made mistakes?" Olivua glared at her. "She's had nightmares since that day! She can't sleep two nights in a row because of your mistakes."

You don't know what happened," Lola hissed. "You don't know what it was like."

"Oh really?"

Lola linched but stood her ground.

"I don't need to know what it was like! I know what she's like now. She's just a shadow of what she was before! Whatever mistakes you made obviously stayed with her."

The other woman had grown still and pale, tension turning her whole body to a marble statue of a seated doctor.

"We made some mistakes" Lola voice thick with incredulity."But we are not monsters"

"She is not a monster" Logan Sanders future Ross responded, carefully keeping his voice from raising.

Logan tried to imagine a life without Bastiana. She was his sister, and a good one at was a great asset to the meetings and was highly respected, her cruel and competitive nature along with her intelligence provided solutions to problems that, under the reign of his father, would have been solved with bloodshed, and Logan had always wanted to avoid this as much as possible. Logan cared for her greatly, he was not sure if he could see a sister another woman after her, nor could he think of a better person to one day be the aunt of his child. She knew him well enough to know when to push him to be his best and when to step back and allow Logan to make his own decisions and mistakes. She never judged and always knew the best way to convey concerns. He also enjoyed her company in the evenings after a long day's meetings and she would always be there waiting for him when he got a probelm She was a good sister.

"The person who was with me the day I met her as Mike's boyfriend was..." Logan said, seeming to struggle with the words."At first sight I saw a cold statue of Bastiana Wolf, sitting in a chair waiting for me and Mike,

She looked at me stunned. Shock, confusion and a veil of mistrust could be clearly had seen upon her features."

Peter Brooke shook his head. He had seen the same hesitation at Neal when tried to talk about his twin sister, like Bastiana woul appeared from nowhere and hurt him or maybe she listen him to talk about her in a such bad away and run away.

"My mother was a bitch who doesn't have the heart to accept me as a bi man." Logan said, feeling awkward and unsure of how he should continue. "I remember correctly when she threatened me to disown if I ever go public with Mike.."

Logan's eyes widened. It wasn't a secret that his mother was homophobic. She commented all the time about it and that being gay was a sin or whatever.

"I was depressed for weeks, I couldn't talk to Mike about it or my siblings.."

Peter's eyes widened. He looks through his paperwork trying to find the name of his siblings, according to Garcia, Logan Sanders was the only child.

"I don't have any biological siblings!" Logan revealed, lowering his eyes." Dana, Lola and Michael are my siblings!"

Logan turned to cast Peter an amused glance"Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what."

Yes, Peter knew that.

"One day the woman stormed in my firm during a meeting and threatened to kill me because Mike was sad!" Logan chuckled. "This woman can be very scary when it's come to her family!"

Peter nodded his heads. She's seen Bastiana and it wasn't a pretty sight.

"From an orbital, selfish bitch , she became a much more bearable, selfish bitch, and I got to love her so much. She saw the depths of the man, the woman behind the mask, what Dana, Lola, and Michael had noticed much earlier that Bastiana Wolf deserved their love."Logan started." She stood by me fighting my mother and took the rein of my firm"

The atmosphere in the last interrogation room was tense. Hotch was stood next to the door of the room without taking his eyes away from the lawyer, however, as he studied the lawyer sitting in front of him, he noted that while arrogant in his bearing, there was a broken look that he'd seen all too often in his own's eyes since Bastiana dissapeared. His face was kind of pale and he had dark circles under his eyes. He looked tired. The agent could't blame him, after all Hotch had overworked himself to find Bastiana, they were at the same boat. It was very difficult for them be in their houses safr while Bastiana was in the hands of some psychopathy . They had nightmares of Bastiana dying and begging for help, they could't sleep fearing that they could see her again in their nightmares.

"You couldn't stay away could you?"

At Hotch's voice Harvey almost fell out of his chair. He hadn't noticed the agent walking up to table.

Harvey didn't say anything. His face did it for him, grim set, hollow eyes. He shook his head. That meant nothing to Hotch. He wanted words dammit. Why wasn't anyone saying anything? What did that mean? Hotch could feel his fear rise up inside him again. He could feel his heart clench and his shiver run down his spine. Was...was she? No, no, no that couldn't be it.

Harvey broke the silence in a no-nonsense tone.''This is between me and her!''

Hotch clicked his tongue in annoyance, "Sometimes I think that you forget that I an profiler I could hear you from a mile away; you're not as stealthy as you choose to believe. As for you cover story, the case is all well and good, but Miss Wolf said to stay away from her."

"I will give her whatever she wants," Harvey hissed."But..."

"But nothing!" Hotch said harshly, getting out of his chair and rising to his height. "She told you twice to stay away from her but you are just a selfish asshole who doesn't know to loose!" he hissed, anger flaring in him, no matter how much he was trying to suppress it."Because what Harvey Specter wants, Harvey Specter gets."

Hotch was blinded by his jealousy. To him, Bastiana and Specter were different like day and night, but in the same time, they were the same. Like two halves of one soul. Even though they fought, he could see the connection between them and

"Watch your mouth" Each word punctuated with a sharp move of Harvey's hands."You know nothing about Bastiana and I..."

''Why you were at Bastiana's condo!?''Harvey continued in a low growl, narrowed eyes burning with anger and jealousy.

Hotch tensed. If looks could kill, Harvey would be dead by now. But, since looks can't actually kill, the agent must keep its viciousness under control. At least for a little while longer.

''It's no one of your business!''

Harvey's silent for a moment, face stoic and void of any emotions before breaking into fit of laughter. Hotch looked at the laywer like she grew two heads and a tail.

Harvey finally looks back to him, a light smirk adorning his face.

''You don't know!''Harvey said and looked at the agent, who was glaring at him, his eyes cold and very angry.''Do you?!''

''I don't know what?''Hotch asked in a smooth voice that hid everything he was thinking about.

''It's no one of your business!''Harvey said , like that explained everything.

Hotch wanted to smack the smug look off the lawyer's face.

Hotch lifted his head slightly. "I am not here to play with you Specter!'' The Agent said, his voice just as calm as ever. Harvey frowned slightly and stood up straight, his amused look turning dangerous. Hotch spun and charged at Harvey, slamming the man up against the wall. The lawyer yelped as his skull bounced off of the stone walls, and he slid to the floor.

The metal door to the interrogation room slammed opened with an enormous bang, David, Morgan, Finn and Peter ran frantically to pull Hotch off of Harvey before either guy could throw a punch while Finn rushed to help the lawyer up.


''I swear if you touched a single hair I'll kill you!" Aaron yelled and Dave was silent because he knew that Hotch would be able to fulfill that word ...

Hotch was struggling to break free from his friend's grip like an animal. Harvey was annoyed and completely shocked.

"You asshole what do you think you're doing?!"Harvey shouted panting from the tackle. He wiped his lip with his knuckle as Finn attempted to calm him down by gently pushing him back. The detective didn't want anyone to start fighting.

"Me?! What the fuck you have done to Bastiana?"Hotch shouted struggling to break free. Rossi was holding Hotch back on the left side while Peter was holding him back from the right. Morgan was pressing on his chest, pushing him back from fighting.

''Nothing that she disn't wanted!''Harvey raised an eyebrow at that, an almost smile tugging at his lips. ''We slept together!''

Silence filled the room when the words come out of the lawyer's lips. No one dare to move or speak while Rossi looks at Hotch who pulled away from him , Rossi's heart broke. Hotch looked more like a scared little puppy that had been beaten and abused since it could walk than the formidable Unit Chief that he was, and Rossi had to fight the urge to draw him to his chest and smother him in a protective embrace that would show him that he was safe.

''Boss''shouted a voice from the other side of the room. The men turned to see Garcia standing in the doorway.''We have a problem!''