Chapter 1: From Mother to Daughter

(Sequin Land Palace 1,000 years ago)

The entire country of Sequin Land was surrounded with dark clouds and monsters were roaming the entire land. But at the top of the palace stood a genie with dark magic as she watched as her dark magic spread across the land. She had long black hair and wore a blood red dancer outfit. But the scariest things about her were her yellow eyes. Eventually, the dark genie heard a banging on the door behind her, like there was a fight breaking out in the hallways.

Dark genie- Hmm…I see my little sister has returned and so soon. Even after I threw that lamp I stuck her before throwing it into the ocean…

Eventually, the door gets knocked down and a genie girl who looked similar to Shantae entered. She was a bit taller than Shantae was and her purple hair seemed to be much longer than Shantae's. The dark genie slowly turned around to face the genie girl and made a faint half grin.

Dark Genie- Sister…

Genie who looked like Shantae- Sister…(Glares)…

Dark Genie- I have to admit, Azra, you got yourself freed from that lamp much faster than I thought you would. But my baby sis is just in time to see all of Sequin Land become completely consumed by all this dark magic!

Genie who looked like Shantae- You think you can control this darkness, Ruqayya? This darkness will eventually destroy you too! Master Merlin warned us that…

Dark Genie- Merlin's not here anymore! And he was a fool for letting the Eyes of Merlin do nothing but collect dust.

Genie who looked like Shantae- There was a reason why Merlin kept them away from the world. And I told you before, I won't let you use them to unleash darkness upon the world.

Dark Genie- You couldn't stop me before, little sis…

Genie who looked like Shantae- I was alone before…

Two men who looked like Boo Mario and Boo Luigi were moving through the walls while being invisible as they reached for the gems on the dark genie's tiara. Although they were using the Boo powerup to remain invisible, the dark genie felts a presence close by and created a shockwave to push whatever it was away from her. The man who looked like Boo Mario managed to grab something before the magic shockwave blew him and the man who looked like Boo Luigi against the wall behind the genie who looked like Shantae and deactivated the Boo-Shroom powerup.

Dark Genie- So those are the Super Mario Brothers I've heard so much about. Clever using a ghost power to hide from my magic. But nothing can hide from the Eyes of Merlin.

Genie who looked like Shantae- Marco, Loewy, are you alright?

The genie who looked like Shantae helped the men who looked like Mario and Luigi back up.

Man who looked like Mario- We're fine. I did manage to snag this…

Then the man who looked like Mario revealed he was holding a sky-blue stone in his hand. The dark genie seemed to have recognized the stone in his hand and quickly began feeling her tiara. Where there were once five glowing magic stones were now four.

Dark Genie- What the…?! How did he snatch one of the Eyes of Merlin off of me like that!

Man who looked like Mario- I was only able to get back one, Azra. Sorry.

Genie who looked like Shantae- That's ok, Marco. One will do. And it's the same stone Master Merlin entrusted to me before Ruqayya stole it.

The genie who looked like Shantae put the glowing stone into her tiara and a blue aura surrounded her body.

Genie who looked like Shantae- This ends now, Ruqayya!

Then a black aura surrounded the dark genie. Not only that, but it looked as though essence of darkness were leaking from her yellow eyes.

Dark genie- For you that is!

Man who looked like Luigi- What's going on?!

Genie who looked like Shantae- Ruqayya is mustering all the dark magic she can muster. She must be really pissed that we took back one of the Eyes of Merlin from her. Marco, Loewy, get out of here! Without that Boo-Shroom Kyrin gave you, you're vulnerable to her magic!

Man who looked like Mario- You asked us to help you save Sequin Land from your sister, and that's what Loewy and I will do, Azra! We're not leaving you now! Helping those in need is what a true hero does!

Dark Genie- How touching. I see you Mario Brothers really do live up to your reputation. But now…(Monstrous tone) YOU WILL ALL EXPERIENCE WHAT TRUE DARKNESS IS!

A huge dark hurricane swirled over the entire palace and it nearly blew the man who looked like Mario and the man who looked like Luigi off their feet. But they managed to hold their ground. The dark genie fired a magic blast at them, but the genie who looked like Shantae fired a magic blast back and the two magic attacks collided.

(Shantae's house 1,000 years later)

Shantae woke from her bed screaming. She was in her night wear from the prologue in "Half-Genie Hero" and her hair was down. Shantae took a few deep breaths and tried to calm herself down.

Shantae- Damn, that felt intense…what time is it?

Shantae looked at the clock and it read 2:37 a.m.

Shantae- Shit! I know the other members of the team have been having dreams similar to mine, but why didn't they warn me they'd be this horrifying?! …but that genie who I was in that dream…

Shantae visualized the genie that looked like her from her dreams in her mind for a moment.

Shantae- She looked so…familiar…and that magic she wielded…and the rhythm of her dance moves…Mother…was that you…

Mysterious voice- (Adorable whimpering)

Shantae looked down from her bed and saw the Tropical Night looking at Shantae with look of concern on his face.

Shantae- The Tropical Night…? How did you get in and what are you doing here at this time?

Tropical Night- (Adorable whimpering)

Shantae- I get it now. You must've realized something was bothering me and wanted to see if I was ok.

The Tropical Night nodded his head.

Tropical Night- Mama…

Shantae- Ok…you can spend the night. I suppose I could use your company to help me calm down after a dream like that. Jump in the bed with mama.

Tropical Night- (Screech)

The Tropical Night happily jumped into Shantae's bed and curled up next to her. Shantae rested her head back on the pillow while wrapping one arm around the Tropical Night.

Shantae- First Ash began having these dreams, then Sonic, then Ty, then Link, then Kirby, then Donkey Kong, then Pit, and now me. Guess it was only a matter of time before it was my turn. But what does it all mean? And was that really my mother I saw in that dream? And…fighting alongside the Mario Brothers…but that can't be. I'm the only genie and only female member of the team. Unless…the original Super Mario Brothers that defeated Tabuu 1,000 years ago…

Before Shantae could think about it anymore, she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep. The Tropical Night was making itself comfortable while lying in Shantae's bed while having one of Shantae's arms wrapped around him. But the Tropical Night noticed a faint light shining from the window. It looked towards the window and could've sworn it saw a genie who looked very similar to Shantae looking through the window on the other side for a split second. It vanished the second the Tropical Night laid eyes on her.

Tropical Night- Mama…?

The Tropical Night looked at Shantae.

Tropical Night- Mama…?

It looked back and forth from the window and Shantae's sleeping face over and over until passed out from confusion.

(In the middle of the ocean late at night)

The Pirate Master's pirate ship was sailing through the night while the Pirate Master was looking over a map of some kind.

Pirate Master- Let's see now, me hardy…according to the coordinates Master Tabuu gave us…our booty should be just below us.

Standing behind the Pirate Master was Poke'mon Hunter J who was not thrilled being on rickety old pirate boat in the middle of the ocean.

Poke'mon Hunter J- I don't know which is worse. The fact that Tabuu made me join you or your lame pirate lingo.

Pirate Master- Don't be talking that way to your current captain, J. Master Tabuu said I be in charge of this treasure hunt. That means you take orders from me this adventure.

Poke'mon Hunter J- Why couldn't Tabuu put me in charge like he did at Prince Calmly's castle?

Pirate Master- You and Black Doom screwed up when Prince Calmly's Ho-Oh sided with the Poke'mon Trainer and kicked your ass and you almost didn't get the piece of Master Tabuu's soul Prince Calmly hid in his castle.

Poke'mon Hunter J- Don't say that name of that stupid bird again. Legendary Poke'mon or not, I hate that phoenix almost as much as that retarded trainer!

Pirate Master- Let's just find what Master Tabuu told us to find or he'll make us both walk the plank.