Author's Note : Separating the chapter into multiple parts. And make alterations to Lore. For this chapter, I changed the Doctor's New Past.

Susan Subplot ; fae ( Smartholomew Mouthitcus ). Doctor ; The 1st , AKA "The Original" .

Part 4 ; New History .


Rassillion's History.

Rassillon, alongside his mate Omega, were once simple engineers... well... perhaps "Simple" wasn't the right word to describe them. They had never been simple, nor ordinary, but they hadn't been born kings.

They were once mere Gallifreyans. Though, like all of their species, they already had two hearts and other such redundant organs. This all but guaranteed them a life expectancy of 3,000 years, which could be extended further with proper medical care. Still this was long before the discovery of the regeneration process.

She, as Rassillion had started life as a she, was initially regarded as a superior engineer and architect. Known as a solar engineer, one of a small number of the elite Gallifreyan Scientists. Her mate, the Omega, had a similar title.

Before these two were even born, the Gallifreyans had been exploring space for millenniums... though they had grown stagnant. Purely due to the lack of things to explore.

Most of what they found, outside their own binary solar system, was still developing space dust. Maybe the occasional star, with planets beginning to form around it... but no other true worlds, and certainly not life.

Gallifrey, was the first world to manifest. And the only known world to support life.

So it was of particular shock, when Rassillion stumbled on a lost child, that had fallen out of the temporal Rift, onto Gallifrey... from Gallifrey's distant past.

With no way to return the child, Rassillion decided to adopt them. The unexpected parents, spent years in happy ignorance... until the child had an accident... and died... only to get right back up, with a brand new body.

Through the child, Rassillion discovered the nature of regeneration energy. A cosmic ability, the child gained by falling from the Temporal Rift.

Rassillion safely studied the energy, before grafting it to herself.

Later the child, known simply as "The Other", with the aid of Rassillion and Omega, led their planet into a golden age. Uniting the warring countries, through the promise of regeneration. Limiting the extra lives to just 12, while giving the ruling class an infinite supply. That way their planet wouldn't suffer from a truly immortal race, while still maintaining the same ruling council of honorable individuals.

There was additional genetic engineering done to each citizen. Such as preventing those with infinite regeneration energy, from passing it down to their children, or it reemerging in their descendants. It was a hard choice, but besides the global leaders, their planet couldn't support immortals.

Changes to Rassillion .

In the original Timeline, both the Other and Omega died a true death. Leaving Rassillion to rule alone, with no one to care for him, nor keep him in check. This resulted in him growing cruel and distant from his people.

However, Susan's deal insured they never died, and helped Rassillion stay a benevolent leader. With Rassillion forming new attachments to his whole clan.

The Doctor's Original History .

The Doctor's mother, was viewed as a deviant by Gallifreyians. For having a fairly mundane sex life... and a habit of sleeping with aliens. It went beyond tolerable levels, when she became pregnant... and refused to abort the child.

Even more shamefully, the child's father was a member of a lower species of Humanoid. Beings so primitive, they actually called themselves "Human" without realizing that was an animal Kingdom, and not a proper name for a single species.

Birthing the child, resulted in the mother being kicked out of her clan, and being forced into a life of poverty.

The boy had a hard life, because of this, due to the sheer scandal of his conception. While none of what she did was illegal, it was still viewed as shameful.

The Mother died in her efforts to support herself, without a clan.

The poor child, was left alone at the age of 7. Knowing his very existence, the shame his Clutch felt, for his mother choosing to keep a half breed... that her love for her child, is what killed her. Yes, the boy had scars.

During his Right of Passage Ceremony, a year later, The boy proudly announced himself as "The Doctor". The title was his promise "To never be Cruel or Cowardly. To Never Give up, never give in." as the word "Doctor" means in Gallifreyian.

The next day, as is tradition, he began his higher studies, as an Academy student. There had been... some behavioral issues, such as constantly correcting his teachers, and frequently arguing with them over the purpose of even the most basic assignments. All of which he completed with ease.

These habits were attributed to the flaws of his human blood. Forcing him to question the state of things, instead of just accepting his place within the system. They claimed it was Human ambition at its worse... if they only knew...

By the time the Doctor was 25, they had completed every subject the school had to teach. Gaining the highest level degrees in them all.

The Doctor studied his heart out, accelerating through the program at an alarming rate. Graduating decades early. Even his teachers were forced to acknowledge, the ambition of humanity was a terrifying thing, when added to the superior intellect of a Gallifreyian.

However, it was during his Academy days, where The Doctor met his best friend, the Master. A child just as brilliant as himself.

Although, unlike the Master, the Doctor struggled in his Medicine and piloting lessons. While the Doctor did qualify as a field medic, he failed his piloting classes.

At the age of 25, the Doctor graduated the Academy, and began apprenticing as a priest. Not having a clan of his own, being a natural birth, the Doctor was assigned where the high command thought him best suited.

While priest play a large role in politics, and even the Sciences, the Doctor resented the stuffy and "overly formal" lifestyle.

The Doctor's New Past .

In this new Timeline, the Doctor's mother lived a happy life... as the Other's Mate. Free of her "Deviant" urges. Although still chose the name "The Deviant".

In this life, the Doctor was a Meta Crisis, a combination of his mother's DNA, and the other's soul... but it was more then that.

Because The Other lived, They maintained their role, as a black ops operative. Dedicated to making changes to history, where the Time Lords couldn't be seen interfering.

The two were on a black ops mission, when The Deviant lost a hand, which then, accidentally, got infused with the Other's regeneration energy, due to them regenerating nearby.

However then the King of Macedon, accidentally, activated the hand and a child grew out of all three of their DNA, but purely with the Other's soul... though not their memories.

As unplanned meta crisis often lose something of their source. In the Doctor's case... his personal memories. Although, luckily, he maintained the Other's raw education.

The king was fine, as his synapses never activated to the possibilities of a Time Lord. Laying dormant all his life.

This new Meta Crisis, was born as a half human infant. But because their Gallifreyian half was dominant, his Human genes were not overwhelmed.

The Other and the Deviant took this child back to Gallifrey. Where they allowed him to be raised with their clan's other children. However they kept close ties to him. Letting him know he was loved.

When the child was 8, they even became his "Grand" parents. Giving him his familial name of, Thetatropolousvsgholtazsr Sigmaakronosvexsithkada. Or 'Theta Sigma' for short."

The boy continued much in the same way as his original life. A right terror for his teachers. However, now he was being encouraged by his "Grand Parents". Although this time, he received early access to the Time Lord Institute, and graduated with honors... although failing his piloting class didn't do him any favors.

He and the Master were then sent to Earth, to fulfill a Paradox loop... although they were told it was to bring peace to the planet.

The Doctor met with his human father, and spent a few years learning of the planet, until he, much to his own surprise, was crowned king... he then attempted to conquer the planet, in order to force peace... until an assassination attempt resulted in him realizing that could never work.

Returning to Gallifrey, in what the Doctor assumed would be shame, the Time Lords revealed Earth was actually his final test, and most important lesson.

Even in black ops, whose very purpose was to craft a better future, the bitter truth all Time Lords must swallow... is not everyone WANTS or is ready for that future. That forcing peace never works, and for all their might, they must respect free will. Even if it leads to horrors.

Aware of Changes .

Now on a proper Black Ops team. ( With the Master, the Other, Borusa, Artron, the Monk, Narvin, The Watchmaker, The General, The Corsair, and The Narrator. ) The Doctor is a respected Agent of a more benevolent Gallifrey.

While Rassillion's life was more drastically changed. As he stayed a kind and just ruler, thanks to his mate and child remaining by his side.

Susan's New Past . . . and Future . . .

In this reality, when Susan chose her name, and stepped before Gallifrey's Rift in time. She looked into all of history, and all of history looked back at her... but so did something else.

Luna saw her, through the void, and infused her with fae magicks. The first Boon, However, Susan knew more would follow, thanks to the anniversary wishes... but for now, he could just enjoy his ideal childhood.

Once again meeting the Doctor, whom took him in... staying on Gallifrey, until he was 42. Where he began going on temporal adventures, with the Doctor's Black Ops team, whom believed the boy's fairy could keep him safe.