Tales of a Dragon

"If you are upset about galactic ambiguity you obviously don't know what galactic ambiguity is."

The crew of the 'Dragon' a D5-Mantis Patrol Craft was legendary. Mako and Su Rhig 'the eternal foundling' the known founders of the crew where a team who made it through the the Great Hunt, picking up two crewmates along the way.

Gault Rennow aka Tyresious Lokai, a Devaronian with a Silver tongue whose luck had run out and was looking for a way out of the trouble he had gotten himself in and Qitu 'the fallen 16th', an ex-padawan who joined him after being saved by Su and Mako and seeing the revenge taken on them by the Jedi for the death of her master. Torian Cadera was next to join up after her, searching for a way to regain his clans lost honor after they stood against Mand'alor the Vindicated. After that it was Blizz after the Chiss had no more use for him they were all too happy to let him join up with the crew at a lessening of the bounty of course. Lastly HK-51, one of the more interesting and dangerous members of the crew, an assassin droid from the HK series assembled by the crew when they found the ship that housed the crashed Czerka ship housing the droids and retrieved and meddled with the data files from their mobile lab proved and installed them HK-51 came to life, an assassin droid who also had a heart and a quirky personality to boot. But, there was another member of this crew of misfits and outcasts, the other founder, who has never been seen by anyone who would tell anyone. He was a mystery known only as the 'Engineer'.

Then, all of a sudden the crew disappeared after jumping into hyperspace theories were made but one by one the people they knew forgot or died and there names faded into history and they became legends. But suddenly over 3000 years later history came to the present, but if you asked any involved they would blame the mechanic.

So, yeah that's the first chapter of this story, this is my version of the Star Wars the Old Republic bounty hunter crew with a few changes (I hate Skadge, well done character but I hate him none the less). So let's see what happens.

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