What we should have done

Life Unexpected

March 17th, 2020

"Lux I really do care about you, but you are sixteen and I'm your teacher if we still have the same feelings in two years then we will give us a chance!" I nodded my head and got on the bus to go back to the school and of course we sat next to each other and at one point our hands hit each other we both looked at each other and moved over a little bit.

Going to school Monday and seeing him was hard but I knew that he was right and I also have to work on my self before I am ready to be in another relationship, since Eric was still my tutor I had to see him on Mondays and Wednesday.

One morning instead of going to school my mom, dad and Ryan took me to the hospital "what are we doing here?" my dad looked at me well kiddo Mr. Daniels contacted us and mentioned that you have been trouble with tutoring and he suggested that we see a Neurologist so we made an appointment for you."

We walked into the hospital and got checked in while we were waiting to be seen I saw Mr. Daniels walk in and he came and sat with my family ,many tests later they had discovered that I had a stroke when I was 12 and that had caused a stroke and that explained why I was having difficulty with the school work, Cate had wanted to know what happened that caused me to have the stroke so that night I told her.

When Baze and Ryan found out they wanted to go and find the guy but Cate had stopped them and she called Fern and told her everything that happened and Fern was going to talk to Valerie and Trey, apparently I wasn't the only girl to have Trey do inappropriate things to there was going to be a trail and Fern wanted me to testify against The Gilberts and I agreed to.

The day of court I was nervous but Eric talked to me and calmed my nerves but after I told everyone that Trey had raped me I looked at Eric and he looked mad " does it change anything with us?" he shook his head no, but I had a feeling that he felt bad about the feelings that he had for me, Trey was sentenced to forty years in prison.

Since it was summertime Eric had gone back to Minnesota and I had gotten a job at a local restaurant and started dating this guy named Jimmy, Tasha and Jones were still together and mom and Ryan had gotten a divorce after she found out that she couldn't have anymore babies and that day she found out that Ryan's ex was pregnant with his baby.

School was starting again and Baze and Cate were going to have a back to school BBQ, I was talking to Jimmy and Tasha when I saw Eric walk in we looked at each other and waved and he went to talk to Math and Jamie, later that night Eric pulled me aside " are your feelings the same?" I nodded my head "what about you?" he also nodded his head.