What we should have done_2

Life Unexpected

Lux_ Eric

May 22, 2020

Junior year was starting, and I had gotten my class schedule and saw that I had Mr. Daniels as an English teacher and he was also my free period teacher, Jimmy and I were still together but since we went to different schools it was harder for us to see each other so on the weekend we would go on a double date.

Yes I still had feelings for Eric but I had one more year until I was eighteen, my parents had gotten married and they were talking about adopting a baby and I was a little excited, Tasha and I weren't as close as we use to be since she started dating Jones but we would all hang out at school.

One day after school I was trying to figure out something to do as an extracurricular activity and since my job was only a weekend job since school had started, I was walking to the library when I saw Mr. Daniels talking to the history teacher and I will admit they made a cute couple so I went to look for a book when my phone pinged and saw that it was Jimmy and he wanted to talk.

So I put the book that I was looking at and walked back outside and I saw Jimmy standing next to the steps so I walked over to him and gave him a hug but he had pulled away " Lux I need to talk to you!" so I looked at him and we sat down and he turned and looked at me "Lux for the past couple of months I have been seeing someone else and well last night she told me that she was pregnant."

He didn't say anything he just got up and walked away and I sat there crying when I felt a hand on my shoulder so I turned and looked and saw that it was Eric " do you want to talk ?" I nodded my head and I got up and we walked to his truck and we went to get a coffee and we sat in his truck at the park and I was telling him about Jimmy.

For some reason he leaned over and kissed me and then he took me to my house and then I told Cate about Jimmy and I but I left out the detail about me and Eric kissing, later that night I had text Tasha if she wanted to have a girls night this weekend but she told me that her and Jones were going to a party and I was welcomed to go if I wanted to.

During tutoring on Friday I couldn't stop thinking if I was going to go to the party with Tasha and Jones and I guess Eric could tell something was on my mind " what's going on in the head of yours?" I looked at him well I had asked Tasha if she wanted to hang out this weekend but she is going to a party with Jones and she said if I wanted to go I could but I don't know if I want to go or not!"

He looked at me " it would be great for you to get out and be a teenager and have fun," so I thought that it was a good idea so after school I found Tasha and told her that I was going to go with her and Jones to the party tonight, so she agreed to come over to the house so that we could get ready together and then Jones would pick us up.

While I was getting ready Eric had text me "don't forget to have fun tonight!" I smiled and text him " I will try," I finished getting dressed and then we went outside to wait for Jones to show up, when we got his jeep and him and Tasha started making out so I text Eric " this was a big mistake," but before he reply Jones and Tasha broke apart and Jones started driving to the party, the moment that we walked in the doors Jones and Tasha went to drank so I went to the kitchen and got a coke and found a empty spot on the sofa.

Three hours later I was bored and ready to go home but I couldn't find Tasha or Jones anywhere and I didn't want to call Baze or Cate and I knew Ryan would be busy with baby Jake so I called Eric " I was wondering if you could pick me up from this party?" I heard him getting up "yea I will be there in five minutes, so we hung up and went to wait for him outside.

Ten minutes later he pulled up and I got in his truck and he looked at me "you look nice tonight!" I felt myself starting to blush, on our way to my house he pulled over to a burger place and looked at me "are you hungry?" I nodded my head and he ordered one cheeseburger and one veggie burger and two onion rings and two chocolate milkshakes, when we were waiting for our I had asked him about his night.

He had told me that he has just gotten home from a date, him telling me that he went on a date kind of a surprise for me but I knew that he needs to date someone closer to his age, we got our burgers and he drove to a park and we ate our food and talked about life, after we were done he drove me home and I saw that Cate and Baze were home and right before I got out of his truck we kissed.

I told him thanks and went inside and put some music on and got ready for bed right when I was closing my eyes my phone pinged "good night Eeyore" I didn't reply.