A/N: Okay, I haven't been writing for a long long time so I'm totally gone rusty, and this is my first Supergirl fic. Set somewhere around season 4 endish/season 5 beginning, I think. But it's around the time things were going well between Nia and Brainy so... you know what I'm talking about! (I might be non-consistent about who is working where etc)

Rated T just for being sure.

"Where is he?!" Supergirl asked impatiently while glancing all around the big industrial building she was in.
"I can't see him anywhere," Nia answered as frustrated as her friend. They both walked from one room to another but found nothing.
"Where did he go? He can't have escaped, we just came here," Supergirl sighed and put hands on her hip. "I can't believe it."
"I don't detect any movement or heat signature either," Brainy's voice was heard through the comms.
"Ugh," Nia said. "He's gone. Let's go back to the base."

In the DEO base Supergirl and Nia regrouped with Brainy and Alex.
"How in the world did he manage to escape?" Supergirl wanted to know. "I thought we were right on his heels."
"You are right. He was there when you arrived," Brainy stated while going through the data. "But somehow he just… vanished. Without a trace."
"It's like he's a ghost," Alex agreed. "Or invisible."
"No one's invisible," Brainy noted.

Supergirl sighed. "We are stuck. For weeks we have been chasing this guy and he always gets away. Somebody is going to get hurt soon if we don't catch him."
"Don't worry, we will find him," Nia smiled reassuringly.
"We don't even know what he looks like," Alex grimaced. "No one has actually ever seen him."
"Well, the expensive and important techs don't vanish themselves," Supergirl pointed out. "Or the people that work in those places, I don't think they all just… faint suddenly. Everyone, at the same time."
"True," Brainy nodded.
"Okay, this conversation isn't going to solve anything at the moment," Alex sighed. "Let's continue tomorrow, okay?"
They all agreed.

"Supergirl, a minute?" Alex asked quietly and pulled her sister away.
Nia glanced at Brainy. "So… see you later?"
"Yes, I will definitely be there… later," he answered with a very official tone.
Nia snickered and smiled widely. "Okay." She quickly gave Brainy a kiss on his cheek and wandered off.

Back at her room Nia laid down on her bed and thought about the man they were trying to capture. How was it possible for him to never been seen or caught? In her opinion, the man was either really skilled and experienced at what he was doing, or he must have some magic tricks on his sleeve. If only they could see his face. Or predict where to find him.

Nia had an idea. She could use her own skills to find the man, like she had done many times before. But because they had found no physical evidence about him, she would need to concentrate harder. Nia wasn't even sure if it would work out in the end, but they had nothing to lose since they had nothing to even start with.

She closed her eyes, inhaled deep and thought about the unknown threat the city was having at the moment. Then she exhaled and let her body to relax. In seconds, Nia was asleep and entering the dream world. The familiar mix of blue and grey colours filled the surroundings as she appeared in an unfamiliar room. The place looked more like a warehouse, with all the metal shelves, high sealing, and cardboard boxes here and there. On the shelves she could see some random stuff like glass jars but also electrical wires, tools and different kinds of mechanical parts.

Nia walked forward, eyeing her environment with suspicion and worry, looking for signs about the man but didn't notice anything. On the other end of the room, there was a door. She twisted the handle but it seemed to be stuck. With more force, she managed to push the handle down and pull the door open.

"What…?" she mumbled confused, as she stared a brick wall that had appeared behind the door. There was nothing particular in the warehouse and the only door lead to a wall.
"I don't understand," Nia said out loud, pushing the bricks. "It should have worked."
"I'll explain it to you," said a man's voice somewhere distant.

She turned towards the voice and could make out a silhouette of a person further away, in a dimly lighted area. Nia walked closer and found a man sitting at wooden table, his back facing her. She was curious about how he had just appeared there because just a moment ago the whole place was completely empty. She just stared at him.

"Do you want to know the truth?" the man asked while working on something Nia was unable to recognize. She turned her gaze all the directions but didn't see who he was talking to. Was he on a phone?

"I asked you a question, Dreamer."
Nia's eyes widened a little bit. "S-sorry?" she stuttered confused.
"I said I asked you a question. It's rude not to answer," the man continued, still not looking at her direction.
"Are you... are you talking to… me?" Nia asked unsure.
"Yes," the man sighed. "Are there any other Dreamer present?"
"That's what I thought." He rose from his chair and turned to face Nia. His face was a little bit blurred and eyes were somehow so deeply sunken and black that it looked like he was kind of like possessed by a demon.

"Who are you?" Nia questioned little bit out of breath. "And you can see me?"
"Well, first of all," the man replied, "I believe I'm the one you've been looking for." He smirked a way that gave Nia shivers. "And secondly, yes. I can see you, little girl."
"Ho-how is that possible?" she asked and took couple steps away from him. 'Little girl' sounded anything but comfortable to her. "This is a dream world. You shouldn't be able to make contact with me."

The man gave a laugh, but Nia was not amused. There was something off with him, all Nia's nerves told her to be alert.
"This," the man said and spread his arms, showing the warehouse room, "is just something I have created. Meant to throw anyone, who would come after me, off the trace."
"So… this is… not real?" Nia asked puzzled.

"Oh, it's very much real. Just not the actual place I am right now."
The man took steps to get closer to Nia, who in return took steps away. All of Nia's reflexes told her to wake up but for some reason she couldn't do it.
"I see you, little girl," he said smiling again. She backed right into a wall. "I see your face. I will find you."

With a sudden movement, he took a knife and shoveled it to Nia's stomach.

She screamed and woke up in her room. Nia curled up in pain, groaning and covering the spot the knife had hit with her hands. Something was wrong. With a challenge she rose to sit and looked at her hands. They were covered in blood. She gasped and stared at her stomach. She was bleeding, for real.

"Impossible," Nia said to herself and groaned as the pain got worse. "Aahh!"
With other hand covering the bleeding, she stumbled up and headed doubled over towards her drawer where she had left her 'Supergirl watch'. Her legs gave up right before she could grab it, making her collapse against the drawer and fall to the floor.

"No," she whispered, unable to rise again. She was starting to lose her consciousness due to both the blood loss and the shock. With the little spark of strength that still remained, she pushed herself halfway up and reached for the watch one last time. Nia felt it touching her fingertips. She winced in pain, and with a small push she managed to shove the watch to the floor. Her breathing was shallow now, her vision started to go black.

She closed her eyes, fell to the floor and fumbled for the watch.

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