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Hades never told Mal that the ember was part of his condensed flames and as a result, he could see through it. Most of the time after he'd given it to her, the ember was in someone's pocket, so when he did reach out to look through, it was dark. When he slept, his mind connected to the ember, hence why he could see Mal even though she was behind him in his cave. He had a foreboding feeling as he paced in his cave, anxiety clawing at his throat and making him jumpy. His dog recording grated on his ears and irritation swept through his body with each bark it played.

"Why am I so IRRITATED?" Hades growled as he walked over to the recorder. Gently, he lifted the needle from the disc, even though he wanted nothing more than to toss the confounding instrument to the ground. To prove he was in control of his actions even if his mind was a mess. Snarling, he continued pacing, his hands flexing as he glared around his home. The walls shrank with each turn he did until suffocation joined anxiety in torturing him. His eyes landed on his empty stand where the ember would be, and he latched on to it. Sitting down on his couch he closed his eyes and willed his mind to travel to the ember. A bright flash blinded him and he jolted back, eyes jerking open as he looked for who dared to invade his sanctuary. No one was in sight. He longed for Cerberus, who the Fairy Godmother trapped in a second barrier. Groaning, he stood up and searched his hideout for any unwanted visitors. A thorough sweep revealed that he was still alone. At least, the flash had dulled the anxiety that almost choked him. He sat back on his couch and his eyes widened as realization struck him. The flash came from the ember and it only makes that kind of light when it's touched water meaning Mal got it wet. Anxiety once again dug its claws in him as he forced himself to focus on the ember and to figure out why Mal got it wet. He told her that it was game over if she got water on it, so it shouldn't have been purposeful.

"Come on little dragon, you should know better." He closed his eyes and connected with the ember. It was dull to look through, confirming Hades fears that it got wet. Worry consumed him when he saw Mal attempting to fight a girl with a crown and Maleficent's scepter. The dark pink clothed girl was laughing and shooting powerful blasts of magic at Mal. Two people were running from out of the forest, a boy and a girl, and they kept looking up at the fight. An orange fire enveloped the ember as Mal attempted to spark it with her dragon fire.

"No, that won't work. You're not powerful enough for that. Mal, focus on your opponent!" Hades yelled in vain, knowing she couldn't hear him. Time froze for Hades when the girl lashed out with the scepter hitting Mal in her left-wing and causing her to spiral out of control. He saw the witch laugh out as she fell and Mal crashed hard, indenting the ground and forcing a cloud of dust to rise. The green-blue haired girl, Uma if he remembered correctly, with Hook's son ran up to Mal and touched her huge face. He cursed the barrier around the Isle for preventing the sound from entering the ember. Uma raised her hand to grip her necklace, but before she could touch it, the witch turned Hook's son and Uma to stone. He couldn't hear Mal's roar of distress, but he knew his little girl was on the verge of giving into despair.

Rage caused him to shake, his hair started turning a brilliant orange. His anger boiled as the witch sauntered out of the castle holding onto Celia and taunting his dragonlet. He knew these types of villains, Maleficent was one of them. They wanted their prey mentally broken and drew enjoyment torturing them mercilessly. Hence why he had left the cruel fairy. His anger exploded when the witch turned Celia to stone. He knew how devastated his little girl would be and there was no way that she'd defeat the girl holding the scepter if the ember got wet. He busted out of his cave startling several villains kids and bolted towards the barrier. His howl of rage echoed throughout the Isle and all the people ran in their homes, not keen on the idea of meeting an enraged god. Everyone startled at the sound of a crack and looked out their windows and doors. It spooked them when they saw the barrier shattering from the force of his will. Three howls rang out, responding to Hades cry. All the villains flinched when a giant three-headed dog loped down the street, headed for the bridge.

"My pet, you're finally free! Our little dragon needs our help, let's go." Hades snarled as his hair blazed, echoed by Cerberus as he jumped on his faithful pet's back, "To Auradon!" Cerberus yowled in agreement as he ran towards the bridge and leaped.

"Poseidon!" Hades growled as Cerberus came closer to the water. A solid sheet of ice formed as Cerberus touched the water and he bounded across the sea. "Thank you, my brother. Please make sure that no one else follows me." Hades shouted as Cerberus made the last leap onto the dry ground. Cerberus raced across the towns and made it to Auradon Prep, where Mal and the witch faced each other. He could hear her voice now and it grated on his ears the same way the record did. Cerberus released a howl of fury and both girls, one still in dragon form, whipped around. Their jaws fell in shock as Cerberus skidded to a halt, spraying gravel towards them.

"Stay here Cerberus. I'll take care of her. Make sure Mal doesn't get caught in the crossfire." Hades jumped off Cerberus's back and stalked towards the witch, Cerberus walking in front of Mal. She scoffed at him as her eyes jumped around, shooting bolts of energy at Hades.

"Do you think you can defeat me while I hold the scepter? Your precious ember isn't in your hand-" Audrey cut off when Mal threw the ember at Hades. She transformed back human and he caught it, tilting his head at Audrey as his hair flared a dark orange, "What? NO!" she screamed, charging up the scepter to blast Hades.

"Dad! Wait!" Mal's call came too late when Audrey released her magic the same time Hades thrust his ember forward. A brilliant orange flame met with purple lightning, each fighting for dominance. Hades yelled as his face contorted in anger, the flames eating up the lightning and struck Audrey. She lost her grip on the scepter and fell to the ground, unconscious. He waited for Audrey to rise and when she didn't, he turned and walked towards Mal, his hair once more fading to its blue color.

"Good boy Cer." Hades patted one of his heads as he strode past him and reached Mal, "I'm back." he grinned at her.

"Wh-Dad? How did you get out of the Isle? And why did the ember work for you? And your hair-" Mal cut off as Uma and Harry jolted, their stone coverings disappearing.

"What?" Uma stumbled forward and grasped on to Harry's arm to steady herself, "What happened? Mal?" Uma froze when her eyes glanced to the side and saw Hades crouched beside Mal.

"I'm not sure." Mal answered, looking towards Hades, "How did you get here? And why did the ember work for you?"

"So many questions. I told you that the ember works differently from me than it does for you. I can power it no problem a couple of minutes after it gets wet, you can't, mini-me." he grinned at her.

"Mini-me?" He heard Harry repeat, shock coloring his voice.

"But how did you get out of the Isle?" Mal questioned, ignoring Harry.

"I broke the barrier. Sorry about that." Hades didn't sound very sorry.

"Broke it? Just broke it? How did you break the most powerful barrier in the world?" Uma inquired, disbelief heavy in her voice.

"I had a reason to, so I did." Hades tone booked for no more questions.

"Oh, Audrey." Mal got up and jogged towards the prone girl.

"Mal!" Celia came out of nowhere and bulldozed Mal, causing her to stumble and release a pained moan.

"Celia." Hades hissed, walking up to them and detaching her from Mal.

"I was so scared and I'm so sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking when I put the ember in the birdbath. I was so angry that you lied to me." Celia sobbed as she latched back on to Mal, "And then I saw you fall and that witch dragged me down here and I am so sorry."

"It's okay Celia. Everything worked out in the end." Mal patted her shoulder before continuing towards Audrey.

"Mal what are you doing?" Hades asked, walking with her. Celia gasped when she saw him.

"Hades? What are you doing here?"

"That seems to be a very popular question that is quickly getting old. I'm here because I am." Hades answered. Celia didn't know how to respond to that so she settled with following behind them with Uma and Harry.

"I think that the scepter was warping Audrey's mind. She willfully chose to use it, but it was corrupting her the more she held onto it. My mother had years with the scepter to infuse it with her will. It's no surprise that Audrey would get caught up in its snare." Mal said as she bent over Audrey, feeling her pulse, "She's fading away. Dad, you have to do something. Please help her." Mal turned to face Hades. Harry and Uma looked at each other in surprise, mouthing the word 'dad' to each other.

"Why do I have to do something? She was willing to kill you to get her revenge. Why would you want to save her life?" Hades quirked an eyebrow. Mal didn't have time to answer as Ben, Evie, Carlos, and Jay came running out of the forest, calling for her.

"I'm over here! And please, she couldn't have known how the scepter would have changed her." Mal pleaded.

"Or she was that mean and let everything happen because it suited her. Do you think that the 'heroes' aren't capable of doing anything wrong? And if they do mess up, they should only get a slap on the wrist? If she was a villain, she'd be locked up and they'd throw away the key." Hades shot back as her friends ran towards her. They engulfed her in a hug, asking questions about her injuries and making sure she was okay. Jay was the first to notice Hades and gulped at seeing Cerberus towering behind him.

"Umm-" Hades cut Jay off.

"Yes I'm off the Isle, I shattered the barrier because I could, and now I'm here." He rolled his eyes.

"You shattered the barrier?" Ben asked in disbelief as Carlos stared wide-eyed at the giant dog.

"I'm glad that's not the first dog I met," he mumbled before frowning, "Wait. Cerberus was trapped on the Isle by a different barrier. How did he get out as well?" Hades raised an eyebrow at Carlos.

"Good question. I'm assuming I broke the barrier that was holding him as well."

"Can I pet him?" Carlos questioned, taking a couple of steps towards the dog.

"I don't think that's a good idea-" Hades broke off when Cerberus lowered one head and after sniffing Carlos, gently pushed into him. The other two heads growled softly before they also lowered and nuzzled into Carlos. As Carlos laughed, Hades had to blink at the strange sight.

"Cerberus doesn't like other people." He said.

"Carlos has a way with animals." Ben grinned before he looked at Hades and went slightly pale at the sight of the villain.

"Mal." Evie tugged on her arm, gaining her attention. A silent conversation passed between them that had Mal glancing at Audrey, then Hades, and back to Evie. Evie's eyes widened before her lips formed a line. She nodded once, then focused back on Hades. Mal's eyes hardened as she straightened her shoulders and held her head high.

"Dad," she said, gaining the attention of everyone present, "please bring her back. You've helped me realize some things that I need to fix and you're right to be angry with how villains are treated. Please show them that those from the Isle do have a heart and that their villainous acts do not define them." Hades blinked at her.

"Dad? Dad?! Hades is your dad?" Ben choked, Jay and Carlos staring at her in shock.

"Yes, I'm dear old dad. Hades, the god of the underworld." Hades sarcastically bowed at the waist, rolling his eyes as he straightened.

"I see," Ben whispered faintly.

"Dad please." Mal breathed, gesturing towards Audrey. Hades sighed before he indicated for them to move away from Audrey. Ben reluctantly let Mal pull him away. Hades walked towards Audrey and stopped by her feet, gazing down at her. Sighing once more, he gripped the ember and waved it over her several times, making the air filled with deep blue light. As he rose, Audrey rose with him and gasped as her eyes opened.

"Tell me it was all a bad dream." She whispered, her eyes full of guilt and sorrow.

"I wish I could." Ben said, his lips forming a line, "But it's over now." Hades humphed as Audrey moved closer to Ben and Mal.

"I'm sorry," Audrey said, slightly shaking her head, "I wanted to hurt you both. I wanted to hurt all of you." She confessed, looking around at the group around them. Mal walked forward and took Audrey's hand.

"I have owed you an apology for a very long time now." She professed, gently squeezing her hands, drawing a smile from Audrey. Ben walked up behind her and said,

"And so have I." As he held on to Mal's shoulders. They heard people walking to them and Jane, Fairy Godmother, Gil, Doug, and Ben's parents rushed towards them.

"Oh Ben, I'm so glad that you're safe," Belle exclaimed as she hugged her son.

"I'm fine mom." Ben hugged her back.

"Jane! Come here. This is Cerberus. He's nice." Carlos gestured his girlfriend forward.

"Ah! I wouldn't-" Hades once again broke off when Jane walked right to Carlos and shyly greeted the three-headed dog.

"Hello, Cerberus." She stroked his head and all three heads butted against her, causing her to trip into Carlos.

"Easy now. You don't want to hurt her." Carlos laughed, helping her stand back on her feet.

"Cerberus? That can't be. He's trapped on the Isle." Fairy Godmother gasped.

"Well, my dad, Hades, managed to break the barrier," Mal informed as she clasped her hands together, Evie standing behind her supportively.

"Hades? Hades escaped? He's as bad as Maleficent!" Adam exclaimed.

"I take offense to that," Hades spoke dryly. Uma, Harry, and Audrey stood in front of Hades when the newcomers stepped back from him.

"Audrey, what are you doing? Get away from him." Adam hissed.

"He saved my life. He had no reason to help me out, but he did anyway." Audrey insisted.

"Yeah, he did. And you all would have him cast back to the Isle rather than welcome him here even though he saved your precious princess." Uma said, hands on her hips.

"After all, once you've been labeled a villain, there's nothing they can do to persuade others that they're not." Harry nodded.

"Alright, listen beastie boy. I'm not asking that you accept the fact that I am here to stay. In fact, I don't care about you and what you think of me. You're not the king anymore, you're only an adviser. But I don't think that you could make me go back to the Isle anyways. Not if I didn't want to." Hades smirked as Cerberus growled behind him.

"You-" Mal stepped in front of Adam and shot him a look before turning around.

"I need to talk with Ben real fast, so I'd appreciate it if you guys got along during that time, okay?" She smiled at Hades. He raised an eyebrow but nodded. She nodded back and took Ben's hand, leading him away from the group so they could talk privately.

"So I have a couple of things to say and it may be hard to hear, but I'd like you to listen until I am done, okay?" she asked. When he nodded she continued after taking a deep breath, "I can't be the queen of Auradon."

"Mal," Ben said, reaching for her hand. She looked at him and said,

"I can't turn my back on the Isle. We made a decision to close the barrier forever, and it was my idea, but it was wrong. I've learned that you can't live in fear, cuz it doesn't actually protect you from anything," she laughed as she held back tears, "You never know where the bad is going to come from, and without Hades, my father, Audrey would be gone. We are all capable of good and bad, no matter which side of the barrier we come from. And that's why I can't just be the queen of Auradon, I have to be the queen of the Isle too and it's time we leave the barrier down, forever." Ben smiled back at her, gently squeezing her hand.

"I choose to be a king who moves forward. It's time for forgiveness. It's time for new beginnings. I think the barrier should stay down." Mal grinned and hugged him, a joyful laugh escaping from her.

"Let's go tell the others." She grabbed his hand and skipped over the group.

"We've decided that the barrier will remain broken and that if the people from the Isle want to come here, they may." Ben declared, causing Carlos to scream

"Yes!" as he grabbed Jane into a hug and twirled her around, making her laugh. Evie's eyes watered over as Doug pulled her in a hug, laughing shakily. Jay and Gil whooped as they chest bumped and Harry twirled Uma around as they giggled.

"But son, that's too dangerous." Adam tried to pull Ben aside, but he stopped him.

"It's our decision. We'll stick by it." Ben stood firm. Belle grabbed Adam's arm and gently rubbed circles on it.

"Well, if that's the case, we should wait until morning and inform Auradon before we let them in. We don't want to cause mass panic." Fairy Godmother injected.

"The barriers are broken, what's going to keep all those people still on the Isle until morning?" Belle questioned.

"I don't think they'll be brave enough to venture out until morning. I caused a bit of a ruckus when I left. And if they are, I asked Poseidon to keep them there." Hades informed. Belle could only nod.

"Alright, it's perfect then. We'll inform the people tomorrow and welcome the people from the Isle tomorrow as well." Ben clapped his hands together.

"Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dad. There are rooms in the dorm that don't have anyone in them right now, so you can have them for the night. Let's get some sleep. It's going to be a big day tomorrow." Mal laughed.

"Big day indeed." Hades smiled as Mal hugged him.

"Where is Cerberus going to sleep?" Carlos questioned with his arm around Jane.

"Cerberus sleeps outside," Hades said.

"Right, but no one knows that you're here right now so won't they freak out with a giant three-headed dog outside the dorms?" Jane asked.

"He doesn't stay that size." Hades waved his hand at Cerberus and the dog shrank down to about twice the size of Dude.

"What? I didn't know he could do that." Mal gasped.

"Yeah. Wait! Dude! Where are you Dude!" Carlos called out.

"I'm still in the forest." Dude answered.

"Why are you over there?" Carlos asked as he walked towards him.

"Imagine if you saw a giant walking around, would you feel comfortable walking up to them willy nilly?" Dude scampered over to Carlos and let him pick him up.

"Cerberus wouldn't eat you. He's too kind." Carlos held Dude as Cerberus sniffed him and licked his nose.

"I guess he is." Dude agreed.

"No, no, you should be afraid of him. He's not normally this kind to people." Hades said.

"He hasn't gotten any attention in over twenty years so he's craving it," Jane suggested, gently rubbing one of Cerberus' heads.

"Must be. He's a fierce guard dog." Hades eyed his dog as he leaned against Jane and looked at her with doleful eyes. She giggled as she dutifully stroked each head, "Or at least he was."

"He did look plenty scary when you first arrived," Audrey said, "You both did."

"Yeah, his hair was orange when he came, almost like real flames," Mal added.

"My hair changes when I'm mad." Hades divulged.

"How cool," Gil said.

"Well, let's not stand out here for the rest of the night. I think that we should all turn in and rest for tomorrow. We can talk more in the morning considering that everyone will be welcome here. Now let's go." Fairy Godmother made a shooing motion and Mal smiled at her.

"Uma, Harry, Gil, and Father. If you'll follow me, I'll show you to your rooms. Good night everyone." Mal walked them to the dorms as the rest of them called out their goodnights, the four she called out following her.

"How weird is it that we'll be sleeping here?" Uma asked, a smile on her face.

"I know right. Surrounded by trees that have the leaves on them and those flowers. Oh! Jay told me that the flowers don't just look pretty, but they smell pretty as well. Hold on a second." Gil broke away and walked up to a rose, bending down to it and inhaling.

"I'm sure you'll have time tomorrow to smell all the flowers you want. Let's get going. It's been an extremely long day." Harry waved him back.

"Aw, you should try it, Harry, they smell amazing." Gil grinned as he jogged back to them.

"Maybe tomorrow." Harry's eyes drooped as his exhaustion caught up with him.

"Let's get you to bed before you fall asleep on your feet." Mal nodded them forward and entered into the dorms. She led them down the hallways and pointed at four different doors.

"You're free to pick out of these four."

"Thank you, Mal. It means a lot." Uma punched her softly in the shoulder before she entered her room.

"Look at you coming through in the end." Harry ruffled her hair as he picked the room across from Uma.

"This is so exciting. My very own room that I don't have to share with anyone." Gil bounced giddily towards his room and wonder stole over his face before he closed the door.

"I'll see you in the morning little dragon." Hades walked away.

"Wait, dad," Mal called. When he turned around she continued, "Thank you so much for what you did today. I don't think I would have beaten Audrey and I'm grateful that you were there to rescue me."

"You're welcome. I figured that I had over seventeen years to catch up on." Hades smiled at her.

"So you figured that you had to be there at least once." She teased. Hades shook his head at her,

"I've always looked after you. If you were in any life-threatening danger I would have come to your rescue." He said.

"If that's the case, then why didn't you come when mom broke through the barrier," Mal asked curiously.

"Believe it or not, I was preventing some others from joining her. The barrier broke briefly and I kept the others from escaping until it fixed itself." He answered.

"So you've always been looking out for me?" She asked.

"Always." He opened his arms and she rushed into his embrace, savoring the feeling of her father's arms around her. He placed a gentle kiss on her hair and pulled away."Now good night little dragon. I'll see you in the morning.

"Good night dad." She beamed at him and left after he closed the door, a bounce to her step. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

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