In a library in Pandaria…

With the blessing of both King Varian and Lady Tyrande, Prince Anduin was allowed to study the nature of Demon blood in hopes of a cure to all who were poison by it.

The orcs, the undead, and many others affected by the evil of Demon Blood will be free if Anduin can find away. He was granted every book he could get about the demon hunters and the demons they've hunted. The name 'Illidan' is often spoken of as he was the first Demon Hunter and the leader of the Demon Hunters.

Yet, his whereabouts and origins remain unknown.

It seems that the prince had hit a roadblock in his research. But then, the light must've favored him and his determination as he discovered an illustration of one of the blades that Illidan himself once wielded, the Twin Blades of Azzinoth. It was the same blade he spotted wedged on the wall of a mountain in the Jade Forest.

He finally had a lead!

Anduin needed to get there right away.

In the Jade Forest…

With a small platoon of guards to protect him, Prince Anduin was riding upon his faithful horse, Reverence as the climbed up the mountain of where the blade was spotted.

When Anduin first spotted the blade months ago, he believed it to be nothing more than a jagged piece of rock. But now with the knowledge of its whereabouts, its dormant slumber within the rocks and hidden by time would soon be revealed.

"Your highness, forgive me for speaking but why must you seek out an old weapon from a dead night elf?" A soldier wondered as he rode up to Anduin.

"It's okay to ask me questions, soldier. I like to see others with a curious mind. As for the weapon, it is no mere weapon. The weapon we seek is one of the Twin Blades of Azzinoth. The blade once wielded by Illidan, the first Demon Hunter." Anduin explained as he saw that they were almost close.

"Demon Hunters? I thought they weren't real. Made up to keep people away from demon blood." Another soldier spoke.

"From what I've researched, they are very real or at least were. For some strange reason, they disappeared without leaving a trace or clue."

"Except for the blade?"

"Except for the blade."

"But search for such a thing?"

"If I could find the blade, then I can learn more about Illidan and the demon hunters. We can find out how the demon's blood affected them and how its properties changed them. With that knowledge, I could hopefully find a cure for it and restore those who are cursed by it as well as stop the demons from tainting Azeroth." Anduin explained to them as he saw a light glistening in the mountain.

"Prince Anduin Wrynn, the purest priest in all of Azeroth. One who has a love for all, no matter of Horde or Alliance." A soldier smiled as Anduin felt flattered while dismounting his horse and traveled upwards to the blade.

It was not surprising that it was never touched or seen as something strange as nature covered it completely while its magic was dormant. The prince of Stormwind cleared the fungi and earth away as the blade glistened with a sheen, untouched and unruined by time.

"There you are. It must be some time since you've seen the light of day." Anduin marveled as he cleaned up the blade.

The weapon was exactly as it looked in the illustration as the magic within it still slept.

"Well, time to free you from the mountain and take you back for research." Anduin sighed with some tiredness from cleaning the first half as he touched the blade.


"Ow." Anduin yelped as he tore his fingers away.

"Prince Anduin, are you okay?" One of the knights gasped.

"I'm fine, just a nasty shock. It seems that there's some static to the blade. Must have been the result of a recent lightning storm." The prince answered as he would try to remove the blade again until he was stopped by the warriors.

"Your majesty, for your own sake, please allow us to remove the blade. We rather you not getting hurt trying to move it. You could fall off the cliff or get cut or even worse." The soldier offered as his worry for Anduin was genuine.

Since the Devine Bell, everyone in the Alliance treated him like glass as they showed their love for their prince greatly. Though it was appreciated, it was unnecessary. Anduin was tougher than he looked and could care for himself.

But before he could get a word edgewise, the knights began pulling on the blade.

"Please be careful with it. I don't want it to split." Anduin pleaded as he feared the blade to be shattered before he could research it.

Thankfully, the blade was removed without a scratch, then carefully swaddled in a cloth to keep it safe. Once recovered, the group returned to base for the prince to begin his study of the blade.

Later in Shrine of Seven Stars…

The leaders of the Alliance were discussing the trials for Garrosh and how to be sure he is punished for his crimes when I night staggered in.

"Queen Tyrande, you must come quickly." He pleaded.

"What is wrong?" The queen of the Night Elves wondered.

"There is a confrontation between Prince Anduin and Maiev Shadowsong!" The Night Elf explained as the other Alliance Leaders rose.

"What?" Varian thundered, rage filling his heart.

He was the first to bolt out of the shrine to see a group of people jeering at the Warden who was strangling his son while the other Wardens kept his knights away!

"You treacherous little leech! You dare bring this blade to your master! You conspire to resurrect Illidan?" Maiev accused as he grasped hard onto the prince's neck!

"I…! Ack! I-I… am not a traitor…!" Anduin gasped as he tried to escape the hand of Maiev.

"Liar!" She sneered but was soon pried off by the king, causing the prince to crumble down to the dirt while everyone was trying to help the prince.

"Stay back! Stay back! Give the Prince some air!" Genn Graymane ordered while Jaina cared for the gasping prince.

"Breathe, Anduin. You have to breathe." Jaina soothed as the panicked prince was gasping enough air as he could while touching his bruised neck.

"I should execute you for such an act towards my son!" Varian growled as he revealed his blade, ready to skewer her.

"King Varian, wait!" Tyrande pleaded as she ran towards the pair, "Maiev, what is the meaning of this?"

"The traitor was going to bring the blade to Illidan!" She accused as the knights stood up for their prince's honor.

"That is not true! He merely found a relic and wished to study it to cure all poisoned by Demon Blood!" One of the soldiers shouted as the people whispered of Anduin being noble and true.

"Lies! He is the spy of Illidan!" The Warden continued.

"Enough! You will be taken back to our base where we will have a talk. Guards!" Tyrande ordered as the Night Elves took Maiev and the other Wardens away, leaving Tyrande to try to calm an angered king.

"How dare one of your night elves attack my son!" Varian sneered as Jaina was helping Anduin to his room.

"Please, your majesty, I would never want harm to befall the prince. I know his heart is pure and good." Tyrande pleaded, "I am sorry for what has befallen him, and I promise to learn the truth of Maiev's unwarranted attack."

"How do we know you didn't order her to attack him?" One of the people in the crowd suggested as others called out the same thing.

"SILENCE!" Varian ordered as everyone became quiet.

The human king then turned to the Night Elf Queen.

"I will learn the truth of this, Tyrande. If you did plan this attack, I will declare war. Either way, there will be a price for this outrages incident." Varian warned as he left Tyrande alone to tend to his injured son while the other members of the Alliance were glaring at her.

At the Base of the Night Elves…

Maiev sat in her cage as she waited for Queen Tyrande and Malfurion.

They appeared to the angered warden as they were both steaming themselves.

"Maiev, do you have any idea what you've done?" Tyrande questioned as the Night Elves shivered from the anger in her voice.

"I was disposing of the one that was going to free Illidan." Maiev coldly explained.

"You nearly crushed the prince's windpipe! You have no proof or cause to attack him! He has done nothing wrong and now we are at risk by your impulse!" Malfurion fumed at the woman as this was not the first time her actions brought more pain than good.

"Proof? Proof? The boy held one of the Twin Blades of Azzinoth! It was clear that he wished to revive him!" The warden accused.

"The Blade? But how? Where could he have-?" Malfurion wondered.

"It must've been Illidan calling to him! He wanted him to resurrect him from the grave! I should have slain him!" Maiev sneered as the queen heard enough.

"Enough! I do not know where the prince found that blade. But I know that the prince has no malevolent intentions. In fact, he was studying a way to cure the curse of Demon Blood before your assault on his personage. I am going to find out more about this matter and prove Anduin's good intentions. Once I return, I will see you beg for forgiveness from the Prince on your hands and knees." Tyrande warned as she rode off to investigate.

She needed to know more about this story and how the boy found the blade in the first place. Perhaps the soldiers with the prince could light some light into this matter.

Back at Shrine of Seven Stars…

"I wish to know how the prince discovered the location of the blade." Tyrande requested as the soldiers were skeptical of the queen.

But if this would bring peace as Anduin wants, then they shall.

"Anduin discovered it during his travels in Pandaria. He didn't know it was a blade at first. He thought it was something part of the mountain. It was during his research that he learned of its true identity." One of them explained.

"May I see his research?" Tyrande requested as the guards led them to the prince's research.

The Night Elf research the notes and was surprised by Anduin's theory.

If Anduin learns the elements and common symptoms of the effects of the demon's blood, it could be possible to create a cure to combat it. Anduin believed that the Demon Hunter's history could shed some light to find these elements.

"I knew Anduin was noble in his intentions." Tyrande sighed in relief.

"You believe him? You did not arrange this attack?" One of them asked.

"No, truth be told, I admired his warmth and kindness. He would bring Azeroth passion and love and unite us all in harmony. I will make sure that this injustice is answered for the prince." She promised as she left.

The soldiers would leave to speak with the king.

In the guest bedroom of Prince Anduin Wrynn…

Anduin was reading a book as he heard the soldiers speak to his father of what Tyrande said about him.

His heartfelt warmth as the Night Elf Queen has such high hopes for him in the future. He knew Tyrande would not order such an attack.

Then Tyrande and Malfurion arrived with Maiev, who everyone was on guard of. But instead of attacking, she came down on her hand knees.

"Your highness, I have caused a grave injustice to you and I let my own hatreds consume me. I am truly sorry for what I have done. Do not forgive, for I am not worthy to shine in your light." Maiev apologized to the prince, who rose from his bed and gently touched her head.

"You are forgiven, Warden Maiev and I are also sorry. For if I had known that artifact that I found would cause such grievousness and trauma, I would have never sought after it." Anduin smiled as Maiev bowed to him and quickly left.

"It took hours to convince her of apologizing to you. It was not easy for her to ask for your forgiveness. She still has some doubts, but I hope that will soon disappear." Tyrande explained, "She is a proud Night Elf. She will still be punished for her actions. As penance for this dishonor of the Night Elves, I will answer any question you have about the Demon Hunters and Illidan whenever you wish."

"All that we ask is that we receive the blade you found. It's too dangerous and could possess the Fel magic that it once wielded. It could corrupt you and others." Malfurion requested.

Varian said nothing as his gaze turns to his son.

"Very well. It does seem that the blade can bring more harm than good. How about tomorrow, we can speak in the library?" Anduin suggested.

"That sounds fine." Tyrande agreed.

"Why don't we leave you to rest? We still wish to talk to Tyrande." Jaina suggested as Anduin was feeling tired.

"Please don't be hard on the Night Elves. It was my fault for accidentally triggering Warden Maiev." He yawned as he drifted to sleep.

The Alliance left the boy under the care of the guards to be safe.

Whilst he was sleeping, some form of magic manifested in his abdomen, a magic that hasn't been seen for a long time.