At Broken Shore…

The Horde and Alliance fought tooth and nail as the Legion emerged through the portals that the Orc Warlock created.

Varian was bold as he led the charge, like a wolf on the hunt! He was fueled by the parental rage of the army of that perverted demon and his miserable lackey! He wasn't going to let his son and grandchildren be taken away. The High King will send a message to Kil'jaeden, he would never have Azeroth or his family!

But something went wrong.

Warchief Vol'jin felled in battle and Sylvanas ordered a total retreat of the Horde. Now, the battle seemed impossible to win and the Alliance was forced to call a retreat. But it wasn't over just yet as a Giant Demon sprang forth and prevent the Alliance from escaping. Varian held onto the ship as Genn reached out his hand.

"Your majesty, take my hand!" Genn shouted as Varian looked to the Fel Reaver holding the ship and the many soldiers on board.

The High King knew what to do.

"Take care of my son, Genn. Protect my grandchildren and never let these monsters have them."

Those were the final words of the High King, giving the letter to Genn Graymane as he fell, killing the Fel Reaver in the process! Genn watched in horror from above as Gul'dan stuck a sword into the king.

"Pity, the mighty king of Stormwind fallen to his knees. Tell me, why did you make it so easy for us to kill you?" The orc wondered as Varian glared up to him.

"For the Alliance…" He sneered as Gul'dan chuckled sinisterly.

"I hope your precious Alliance was worth it. For soon all of Azeroth will belong to my master and so will your family. Don't worry though, your son will be treated as a treasure, a deity to all as your grandchildren will be fine generals, warriors like their father and grandfather. Maybe if your son is obedient enough, Lord Kil'jaeden will revive you in the form of a ghost and stuff you into a jar."

Then with Fel Magic, he destroyed the king as Genn screamed out his names while the ships flew away.

Gul'dan smirked as he completed the first part of his mission, now the Dread Lords were free to hunt for the son of Varian, Anduin as well as the Twins of Illidan.

Weeks later in Stormwind…

Young Lo'Gosh and Andrassil Wrynn were still tear-stained after the funeral service of their beloved Grandpa.

But their grief paled in comparison to their Min'da. Anduin Wrynn was now the king of the Alliance and was forced to lead them in the war. It had been so long since they saw their Min'da smile, a real one, not a force one, and be happy. They vowed they would do everything in their power to see him smile again.

It would not be an easy task since Genn and Jaina were only adding more to his woes. Jaina decided to leave Anduin alone and the Twins saw this as a betrayal. Genn, on the other hand, was trying to manipulate their Min'da.

When Jaina and Genn were passing by, the noticed the angry looks of the twins.

"Boys? What's wrong?" Jaina wondered as she tried to hide her hatred for the Horde.

What surprised them both was when Andrassil spat on her face!

"Prince Andrassil, have you lost your mind?" Genn gasped at the sudden action but then held his injured knee when Lo'Gosh kicked him.

"You're bad! You hurt Min'da when Min'da is hurting!" Lo'Gosh accused them both.

"Now, boys that is not-."

But Genn couldn't get a word in edgewise as both boys began to curse at them in Darnassian. It was just plain luck that their Elven Aunt and Uncle came walking in with the Leader of the Death Knights. They gasped at the curses that the boys flung at the pair and quickly grabbed the twins.

"Boys, what in the name of Elune has come over you?" Malfurion demanded as he expected his behavior from Lo'Gosh but never Andrassil.

"They abandoned and bullying Min'da!" Lo'Gosh accused as he waved his tiny finger at them.

"He has suffered enough but they keep hurting him," Andrassil explained as Tyrande sensed the protective nature of the boys and how much they love their parent.

"It is a good thing for you to stand up for your Min'da but that does not excuse your behavior. Now, we will have to speak with your Min'da about this. Come along." The Night Elf Queen lectured as she led the children to the throne room.

"I think the boys are mistaken," Jaina spoke but Darion shook his head.

"No, I think the problem is that they saw you two clearly. You're both filled with so much hate, you can't even see what you've done to the King. Thanks to you, he questions himself on being the rightful king and that's not good." Darion explained, "It's best if you two stay away from King Anduin and look into yourselves. You've done enough damage to the royal family."

Then he left the pair alone.

In the Throne Room…

"Alright, boys. Now tell the King what you have done." Tyrande ordered as the twins stood in front of their parent.

"I spat onto the face of Jaina," Andrassil answered.

"I kicked Genn in the shin and cussed him with brother," Lo'Gosh spoke as well as the twins hung their heads.

"Boys! What has gotten into you? Why did you kick your Aunt Jaina and Uncle Genn?" Anduin gasped as he never heard of the boys' act so violently.

"No, they are no family of ours! They abandoned us! They hurt you! They made you cry, and we don't want that!" Lo'Gosh shouted as both boys hugged their Min'da.

Anduin looked to the boys that hugged him and realized something. He didn't have time to mope and sulk. He was not alone, he had a family, he had the boys. No, not just the boys, the kingdom… the entire Alliance. They were his family and they needed him.

He was still badly hurt from his heart, but he will have to endure.

"Boys, thank you. You wanted me to be happy again but hurting others because they hurt me is not our way. We must always strive for peace, never invoke violence unless we must." Anduin advised as he hugged his boys closely, "Now, as punishment for hurting Jaina and Genn, I want you to go with your Uncle Malfurion and apologize to them."


"The end doesn't justify the means. Now, go apologize."

"Yes, Min'da."

But before they went, Anduin stopped them for a moment and kissed them both on the cheek.

"I love you both, my little Angels. Just because I scold you doesn't mean I love any less." Anduin smiled, but not a fake one, a real one.

The boys' eyes sparkled as they fulfilled their vow and made their Min'da smiled. The twins then jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly.

"We love you too, Min'da!" Lo'Gosh grinned.

"We promise to make you happy, Min'da and proud," Andrassil vowed then the two of them left the king and followed druid to find Genn and Jaina.

"Your majesty." Tyrande gasped softly.

"What is it?"

"You-you're smiling." Tyrande pointed out as it felt like a lifetime since Anduin last smiled for real.

The king was startled as he touched his face. She was right, he was smiling. It felt so alien to him that he chuckled a bit.

"It's been so long. At least I know that I can still smile again and it's thanks to them." Anduin spoke softly as he looked to where the twins left.

He then returned back to the throne and breathed. Tyrande then touched his hand.

"I know you are still suffering and the thought of being a king is too much, but we still need you, more than ever before. I know you can't be your father and you shouldn't. All I ask of you is to try. No matter how hard it is and no matter how much your heart is bleeding." Tyrande pleaded to the young king.

Anduin looked down onto his father's letter. His path was still blurred and his mind a mess by grief, but he still had to try.

"Okay, Tyrande. I promise to try." Anduin weakly spoke.

"You won't even by alone in this war either. Malfurion and I will help you every step of the way." Tyrande promised.


"We were with you when you gave birth, we were with you when you were raising the twins, and we will be with you now. You are a member of our family and we look after our own, Anduin. No matter what."

"Thank you, Tyrande."

"You are quite welcome."

Though the Wolf fell, the wounded lion would try to rise.