Chapter 1

"Are we there yet?" a little girl asked her father.

"Not yet," he said in response.

The little girl sighed as she folded her arms and lied down in frustration. They were on their way to see the queen of Lilac, but she didn't know that yet. They heared so many stories about her and her family, but they didn't know if they were true or not.

"Don't be like that honey," said the dad.

"Can you at least tell me where we are going?" she asked.

The mom and dad looked at each other, then they smiled.

"You said that you wanted to meet the queen."

"And you told us that you wanted to hear the story from her, not me or your dad, so being the loving parents that we are."

"We decided to take you to Lilac, so you could meet her and you can ask her your questions in person," said the dad.

"Really!" the little girl yelled in excitement.

"We've been planing this for awhile now, we were gonna tell you as soon as we got there, but we can tell you've been sad this whole trip, so we figured this would excite you," said the mom.

"And it looks like we were right," said the dad as he smiled.

The little girl smiled as she thought about meeting the queen. The queen was her idle, she was someone she knew she could look up to, even though she never met her she had the feeling that she was a good person and not like the other way people descrip or say about her. But she knew that deep down that could be true too, but there is only one way to find out.

It's been four hours when they finally made it to Lilac. Villagers were out doing what they do best. One villager was buying food while another was caught stealing food. Some were homeless, some were just staring at the family as they were passing through. The dad just smiled at the villagers then looked straight ahead, trying not to make anymore eye contact. The mom did the same before checking on her daughter.

"You ok?" she asked her.

"Yes mom," she said as she looked at everyone and everything that surround the carriage.

"We are here," said the dad as he got out of the carriage and helped his wife.

"I can't belive we're here!" the little girl yelled in excitment.

They walk towards the castle before a gaurd charges at them and points a spear at them.

"State your business," he said as he took a step forward.

"I've got this!" yelled a female voice.

The family looked straight ahead while the gaurd turned around to see a woman with light brown skin and short black hair. The woman wore a black coat with fingerless gloves and black shoes. The gaurd nodded before the woman walked past him and towards the family.

"Hello, my name's Victoria Sanchez," she said to the family as she put her hands on her hips.

"Hello Victoria, my name's,"

"I know who you are, and I know why you're here."

"You do?" asked the mom.

"Come with me," she said.

They made their way inside the castle. The doors closed as soon as they entered. The family tride to communicate with Victoria, but she would just ignore them. She has been lost in thought since the family arrived. She knew why they were here and what type of people they were, but something about them just made her feel strange. Maybe it had something to do with her family issues. Victoria has never really been close with her family, except her brother, but even he doesn't want anything to do with her. Victoria let tears fall out of her eyes as she kept walking, until they reached their destination.

"Hello Victoria," said a female voice.

"Hello your majesty," she said.

"You know you don't have to call me that?" she said as she started to walk down the stairs.

"I know I don't have to, but I like to show respect for the people who deserve it," Victoria replied.

"You are so old fashioned, you know that?" she asked before hugging her.

"Yes, I know," she said while hugging her back.

"And I see that the family you told me about is here," said the queen as she eyed the family.

The mom and dad looked like they were in their early thirties, while the daughter looked like she was six years old, the same age she was fourteen years ago. The age when someone entered her life, that's when she learned how the world works, and dark a man's heart can be, how long people will hold a grudge.

"Your majesty are you alright?" asked the little girl as she got down on her knees.

The queen frowned at the little girl. She didn't like when people bowed to her, not even a little.

"We don't do that here," she said.

The little girl brushed herself off as she got to her feet.

"If you would please state your business."

"Our daughter wanted to meet you," said the dad.

"Is that it?" asked the queen with a small smile.

"I've also wanted to know if the stories are true," said the little girl.

The queen's smile faded as she got on her knees and faced the little girl.

"What do you know about it?" she asked.

"I know about the two kingdoms and how they almost had a war against each other. I heared about what happened fourteen years ago, but I don't know anything about it.

"Well, then my story."