Narris and Harrison just stood there in silence. They had blank expressions on their faces. Alex had a nervous smile on his face.

"Is everything okay?" asked mom.

"Yeah, just surprised to see an old friend," said Narris before she and Harrison sat down.

I studied Alex's facial expression as well as Nerris and Harrison's. They looked at Alex in anger and hatred, but they would quickly smile at him when anyone besides Victoria looked at them. Alex would do the same, but he had a look of fear instead of anger or hate. I looked at him wondering why he was scared. He then looked at me and smiled.

I looked directly in his eyes. All of a sudden, I felt like my soul left my body as my vision went dark. All I saw was darkness, until my vision came back. I was confused at first, but then I heard heavy breathing, I even felt it. I felt as if I was raising my hands in the air.

I was shocked at what I was seeing. Two black gloved hands that didn't belong to me, but it felt as if they did. They soon balled into fist. Suddenly I felt a loud scream of agony escape my throat. I soon saw my right hand holding a dagger and pointing it at my stomach.

I let out a scream of pain as I felt the tip of the blade stab into my stomach. Blood went everywhere as I started stabbing myself multiple times in the gut. I started to feel nauseous with each stab, until my vision once again went black. My soul felt like it returned to my body. My vision soon returned, and I was back in the dining room.

I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Everyone was staring at me, with shocked and worried looks on their faces. Harrison, Narris, and Alex had looks of fear, while Victoria had a normal look on her face.

"Lovetta, is everything okay?" asked my mom in a worried tone.

"Y-yes, everything's fine, I was just thinking," I didn't like lying to my mom, but I didn't want to worry her.

"What were you thinking about?"

Of course, she would ask that. I looked at her trying to think of something.

"Just about grandma's passing," I said feeling guilty and ashamed not only lying to mom, but also about using my grandma's death as an excuse.

"Oh," mom said confused and upset, but mostly confused.

"I'm worried that someone will try to hurt you and dad," I said scared and worried which was the truth, I was worried about them.

"Ah honey, your dad and I will be okay," she said placing her hand on my shoulder.

I looked at her before hugging her. I felt her wrap her arms around me, hugging me back. I looked up and saw everyone smiling. I let go of mom and went back to eating while trying to get my mind of what I saw.

After breakfast I followed Alex and Victoria to the garden. After what happened earlier and with last night with Victoria, I had to find out what's going on. I hid behind a bush so they wouldn't see me and listened to their conversation.

"You know it's really good to see you again, Alex," said Victoria.

"It's good to see you too, Victoria. Now tell me something," said Alex in a soft tone.


"What the fuck did you do to the princess?!" Alex yelled quietly but loud enough for me to hear the anger and even concern in his voice.

"You and I both know the answer, so I shouldn't have to explain it to you," said Victoria in a calm voice, but with a tone that sounded like she was the boss.

"She's only a little girl, Victoria!" Alex yelled a little louder than before.

Victoria sighed before continuing her walk, with Alex following her.

"I know she's a little girl. That's why I did it," said Victoria in a tone that sent shivers done my spine.

I quickly, but quietly followed them as they stopped at a gravestone. They both examined it, before Victoria started speaking once again.

"You knew her too, didn't you?" she asked with the same tone of voice from before.

"Yes... yes, I did," he said in a surprised tone.

Victoria looked at Alex while he looked at the gravestone. She had a blank expression on her face, while Alex had mixed expressions on his face. First it was blank, then it was anger, next it was hatred, and finally sadness. He went to put his hand on the gravestone but stopped and just stared at it.

"What are you thinking?" asked Victoria in a curious tone.

"You should know what thinking," said Alex in a confused tone.

"I can't read minds Alex," Victoria said harshly before rolling her eyes.

"No, but you know why more than me," he said before walking away with Victoria following him.

I started following them once again but stopped as I saw the grave. I shouldn't have been shocked at what I seen but I was. The grave belonged to Rosemary Baker. I looked away from the grave and towards Alex and Victoria, but they were nowhere to be seen. I didn't know how Alex knew Rosemary or what his true intentions are, but I had a feeling it wouldn't end well.

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