Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Uta no Prince-sama . I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Uta no Prince-sama is created by Broccoli as a Japanese visual novel game franchise and aired as an Anime series by A-1 Pictures.

AN: I got hooked on the Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live game on my phone, which was AFTER I finished watching the anime series in early February online. Eh~. I just stumbled upon this anime and was hooked on the first episode! XD So, this story will be set after Sailor Moon Stars, but with a twist. I will also write this fanfic all the way up to season 2 of Uta no Prince-sama because doing ALL 4 seasons is just too much for my mind for this story. I am sorry if you wanted me to do all four seasons of Uta no Prince-sama. m(_)m My brain is going to explode if I think on the chapters while tweaking it to have Sailor Moon characters in it as is. Anyways, please bear with me as I try to write this crossover that has been circling my mind ever since I watched the Uta no Prince-sama anime series. Thank you! (^^)/

It was beautiful spring day. Walking up to a huge building that had an emblem that was separated into four musical symbols on top of its huge gates was a teenage girl. This girl had long, flowing golden hair that when the sun hit, the hair shimmered silver instead. The girl was also wearing a uniform that consisted of a white blouse, a yellow-plaid dress, and a green blazer with yellow stripes. On the blazer was the same emblem that was on top of the gates. Blinking her crystal silver-blue eyes, the girl smiled as she looked around. "Mina (Everyone)," murmured the girl, "Please watch over me as I start my new life."

"Usagi-chan," exclaimed a female voice from behind.

"'Taru-chan," exclaimed the now known Usagi as she turned around and spotted her friend, "You made it!"

"Of course," giggled 'Taru-chan. "I wouldn't leave you all alone in this new school, hime (princess)."

"I'm glad that you passed the exams as well," said Usagi with a gentle smile, "Hotaru."

Indeed, this 'Taru-chan was Tomoe Hotaru, otherwise known as Sailor Saturn. After the defeat of Sailor Galaxia, and essentially Chaos, the only Senshi that could come back were Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn. Sailor Pluto, otherwise known as Meioh Setsuna, still had a duty to protecting the Time Gates. Hotaru came back because she was the Senshi of Death and Rebirth. The Starlights and their princess left after saying goodbye and apologizing for Usagi's protectors being destroyed. When Hotaru asked her what she was going to do now, Usagi remembered that she participated in an exam at Saotome Academy, the top performing arts school in Japan, after the whole ice battle with Princess Snow Kaguya and was accepted. Yet, the thought of Haruka and Michiru never coming back DID stop her from going. Usagi explained to Hotaru one day that she did the exam to be a composer for Haruka and Michiru, but because of their demise, Usagi didn't think that she should go. It was Hotaru's insistence about moving on from being a Senshi and going to make the two Outer Senshi proud that changed Usagi's mind, yet in retrospect, she didn't really think that Setsuna and Hotaru would go back in time, just this once, to get Hotaru to be accepted into the same school. Now, Hotaru and Usagi were in the same school and standing together to wait for the announcements. "Cheer up, hime," said Hotaru, "You should be proud to accomplish this. I know that Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama would have been proud of you, too."

"Un," nodded Usagi, "I'll try my best."

"And, I'll be there right next to you," said Hotaru.

"Well, everyone," said the announcer as the two Senshi turned back to the stage, "Welcome to the Saotome Academy Entrance Ceremony. First, an address from the headmaster."

As everyone looked around for the headmaster, the headmaster was actually on top of one of the towers that the school had. Usagi and Hotaru began to worry when they saw their headmaster up there. Maybe they should sneak away to save him from doing something stupid? However, before they could, the headmaster addressed the entire student body and jumped off of the roof. Everyone gaped in surprise as the headmaster revealed that he had strings attached to his body to the populace before flying away and saying, "Congratulations on your acceptance here! Thank you!"

"T-That's our headmaster," asked Usagi.

"I just hope he's not really a monster with those stunts he just pulled," said Hotaru.

"We have a strange headmaster," said Usagi, which Hotaru nodded along as well.

- In The Dormitories –

"It seems as though people know people here," said Hotaru.

"Yeah," said Usagi wistfully, "Wish the others are with us."

It was night time, and Hotaru and Usagi were in their shared dorm. They both knew that Setsuna was responsible for this, but that thought made them more relieved than annoyed. Since it was a week after Sailor Galaxia and Chaos, the two Senshi rather stay together than not. They also made it passed their first introductory class with their homeroom teacher, the idol Tsukimiya Ringo. Usagi, though, stared wistfully at how a red-headed boy came up to a reddish-orange haired girl. Then, a blonde-haired boy and a dark blue-haired boy came up as well. She wondered if she would ever get the chance to make new friends here. Sighing at the thought, Usagi turned to see Hotaru staring at her. "W-What is it," asked Usagi.

"Don't worry about making friends, Usagi-hime," said Hotaru, "Your shine will attract people to you."

"My… shine," asked Usagi.

"Yes," said Hotaru as she flopped onto her bed, "Your shine. The shine that have gotten even the Starlights to fight with and befriend you."

"T-Thank you, 'Taru-chan," said Usagi as she flopped onto her bed, "I hope that we can stay together, always."

Yawning, both girls giggled and smiled at each other, taking comfort that they are both alive and together. They did, however, wish that Setsuna was with them, but that wasn't to be expected. She DID have to make sure no new enemy will come after Chaos did. Pulling the blankets to their chins, both girls said goodnight to each other and fell asleep, hoping for a better day tomorrow.

- Next Day: A-Class –

"Everyone here," said Ringo, "Has survived the fierce entrance examination battle. But, your real battle begins today!"

In the classroom, Usagi sat right behind the red-headed boy from yesterday while Hotaru sat to Usagi's right. Both girls listened intently as their homeroom teacher, Tsukimiya Ringo, talked about how they will be doing their first musical battle in school. Usagi bit her lip as she raised her hand when Ringo asked who was in the musical composition course. She didn't know if she COULD be a good composer, but with her secret past piano lessons with Haruka and some secret past violin lessons with Michiru after the Pharoah 90 incident, she hoped she would make them proud. Hotaru, on the other hand, hoped that she was paired up with her hime, as her course was the idol course, when Ringo-sensei (teacher) said they would be paired up for their first assignment by having a recording contest. "I'm going to pair you up for this one time only," said Ringo, "The idol course kids will write the lyrics, and the composer course kids will write the music."

"So soon," murmured Usagi.

"Ganbarimashō (Let's do our best), hime," whispered Hotaru.

"I randomly drew lots to decide the on the pairs," said a happy Ringo, "After all, in show business, luck is also part of ability."

Usagi and Hotaru blinked in surprise as they saw that they were partnered up with different people. Of course, Hotaru would feel a bit down on not having her hime with her, but she hoped that next assignment, she would be paired with her. She saw that she was paired up with a guy named Nanase Kinako. She also glanced at Usagi's partner's name. "Hime," asked Hotaru, "Do you even know WHO this Ittoki Otoya is?"

"Not really," said Usagi, "But, this IS a different school. I'm sure Ittoki-san is very nice."

"Did someone say my name," asked a male voice.

Hotaru and Usagi both blinked and looked up to see the same red-headed male that greeted the pink-haired female from before. Usagi smiled up at the red-head while Hotaru narrowed her eyes. Sure, he looked nice, but sometimes, her hime's judgment was a bit skewed. Usagi stood up from her seat and smiled. "Hajimemashite (how do you do)," said Usagi, "Watashi wa Tsukino Usagi desu (I am Usagi Tsukino). Dōzo yoroshiku (it's nice to meet you)."

"Hajimemashite," said the male as he smiled, "Watashi wa Ittoki Otoya desu (I am Otoya Ittoki). I look forward to working with you."

AN: Whelp! That's the first chapter of this story. I hope that you will enjoy this fanfic. I will be mostly focused on Usagi and Hotaru's time at Saotome Academy. I just pull things out from the Uta no Prince-sama anime series, like for this chapter, I left it on where Usagi meets Otoya. However! I may do a new love interest for Usagi and a first love interest for Hotaru. We'll see since the number one rule in Saotome Academy is…

Romance is absolutely forbidden! Dating between the sexes is outlawed!

So, yes… I don't know how that will work with that rule in place. XP But, we'll see, ne? For Hotaru's love interest, I was thinking of either Shō or Cecil. For Usagi's love interest, I was thinking of either Otoya or Yaten. Yes, I was thinking about Yaten because I plan to have the Starlights come back when I write season 2. =P Just, haven't figured out how the in-between stuff will work out JUST yet. XD Anyways! This was my idea that was swimming in my head, and I want to see where this story goes. So! Happy reading and see ya next chapter!