Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Uta no Prince-sama. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Uta no Prince-sama is created by Broccoli as a Japanese visual novel game franchise and aired as an Anime series by A-1 Pictures.

"Serenity-sama," said a bowing Setsuna, "Everything is in place for the celebration."

"Arigatō, my friend," said Serenity as she gazed out into the open.

True to Setsuna's words long ago, the next Ice Age happened. What Setsuna didn't count on was that during Usagi and the Starlights' free time during rehearsals and song-making, they restored the Moon Kingdom to its former glory before said Ice Age happened. Usagi and the Starlights, upon hearing Setsuna warning them all about what was to come in a couple of weeks led to the four telling STARISH, Hotaru, and Setsuna that the Moon Kingdom was fully restored before Setsuna's announcement a week ago. Hotaru and Setsuna's shock faces weren't even the highlight. It was when they were gathering all of their friends and family to take them to safety that shock faces were shown on SOME people…

- Flashback –

"Hime," said Setsuna.

"Nani," questioned Usagi without looking up from her composing.

"What will come to pass will happen in two weeks," said Setsuna.

When Setsuna came over to talk with Usagi at the Master Course dormitory, STARISH, Hotaru, and the Starlights were all there. Kotomi went back to Agnapolis long ago after divorcing Saotome-san silently. She STILL had a duty to Agnapolis, and her feelings had changed for Saotome once she had gotten amnesia in that plane crash. Otoya and Cecil were just glad that their mother and their fathers were happy. However, that happiness is about to change because Setsuna came over and announced something VERY cryptic to Usagi. Hotaru was the only one who looked at Setsuna in surprise. "Are you sure," asked Hotaru.

"Hai," said Setsuna, "I was given a small vision about it."

"Hold on," said Yaten, "What are you talking about?"

"It was during the time Chibi-Usa first came to this time," said Usagi, "We were fighting the Black Moon Clan at the time. One day, we all thought to venture into the future to help Chibi-Usa's situation at the source. That was also the day The Inner Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, and I first met 'Tsuna-chan. Once we ventured into the future, we saw that Earth held a crystal-like kingdom in the center. We fought the enemy but returned to our present time just for 'Tsuna-chan to come to me to tell me what really happened… a second coming of the Ice Age."

"Ice Age," exclaimed STARISH.

"Un," nodded Hotaru, "I heard about this after the Senshi and I went up against Queen Nehelenia, the Inner Senshi and hime going up against her a second time."

"S-So, this Ice Age is going to happen in TWO WEEKS," asked a hyperventilating Shō.

"As I have said," said Setsuna, "What will come to pass will happen in two weeks' time."

STARISH looked worried at each other. What will happen to all of them once the second coming of the Ice Age hits them? What about their friends, Haruka and Tomochika? What about their fellow friends and label mates, Quartet Night? As STARISH worried over about the what-ifs, Usagi and the Starlights shared a look. The Starlights were perfectly calm because they already freaked out, and that was after a recording session where Usagi pulled them into a private room. Hotaru was the one who looked at the Starlights questioningly. "You three aren't really surprised by this news," pointed out Hotaru.

"Usagi already told us about this a while ago," said a nonchalant Seiya.

"And you didn't decided to tell US about it, little bunny," asked Ren with mocked hurt.

"I thought you all knew after watching our memories," said Usagi with a shrug, "Besides, we don't really HAVE to worry about the Ice Age, exclusively."

"Huh," chorused everyone.

Usagi and the Starlights looked at their friends with smug faces. When Usagi told them that there MAY be a possible Ice Age because the Starlights weren't there to Usagi, Hotaru, and Setsuna's private memories, Taiki was the one who asked what Usagi was planning to do if there WAS one. The three could see that Usagi looked a bit indecisive before explaining her idea on restoring the Moon Kingdom to its former glory as a back-up. The Starlights nodded their heads, and Yaten told Usagi that they would help. Seiya also offered to write a letter to Kakyū-hime just in case. As they had two plans, the Starlights and Usagi felt prepared In a just-in-case situation. They were now just thankful that they DID do what they planned. "Why are you looking so smug," asked Natsuki.

"Just as Odango said," said Seiya, "We don't really HAVE to worry about it."

"But…," started Masato.

"Let me explain," said Taiki, "When Usagi-san came to us and told us about a possible Ice Age before her rule, I questioned her if she had a plan if the situation was called for. Surprisingly, she did."

"Ōi," pouted Usagi, "I have good ideas!"

"And this idea has a lot of merits," said Taiki before addressing the others, "Her idea was to restore the Moon Kingdom to its former glory as a safe-haven for our precious ones and ourselves."

"Add in the fact that we also contacted Kakyū-hime as an added precaution and you have yourself a solid plan," said Yaten.

STARISH, Hotaru, and Setsuna all stared at the four in shocked surprise as the four continue to look smug. Hotaru was the actually the first one to promptly take out her cell and call her father. With that move, STARISH got up and started to run towards their rooms to gather their belongings and tell Haruka and Tomochika, along with Quartet Night, to pack EVERYTHING that they deemed important, along with clothes. The six looked at STARISH in bewildered but couldn't question it as STARISH raced into their rooms to pack. The Starlights were the ones who told Ringo-sensei, Hyūga-sensei, and Saotome-san to pack whatever they wanted before calmly walking in to see Ren, Masato, and Shō hurrying and calling up people they want to save. It wasn't long that everyone was packed, including nine confused people, and standing at the Master Course's dormitory's door. There, they saw Usagi greeting a LOT of people who also had luggage with them and people only STARISH would know that also lived in Tokyo. "I got the perishables," said Motoki.

"Perishables," questioned a person who looked EXACTLY like Shō.

"You may have the perishables," said Mr. Tsukino who ignored the male, "But, I got the fruits and vegetables."

"I hope that we didn't spend a lot of money to buy all those meats as well," said a worried Petz.

"I'm sure that it's fine," said Mayumi, "After all, this IS the end of world we're talking about here."

"NANI," shouted voices that weren't Usagi's friends and family.

"You didn't tell them," questioned Shingo.

"We were about to, but you all showed up," said a sheepish Usagi.

"Tell us that Ittoki-san and Tsukino-san are dating," questioned Ai, "We know about that…"

"You two are dating," interrupted Naru, "Wā~ (Wow~)! Omedetō!"

"A-Arigatō," said a blushing Usagi.

"Ai~," whined a shocked Otoya, "How did YOU know?!"

"Reiji saw you two cuddling underneath the gazebo a few months ago," said Ranmaru, "We stopped him from questioning you two when he saw it."

"But," said Camus, "Back to WHY we have to pack our belongings?"

"Ren," asked his older brother, Seiichirō, "What is this all about?"

"Would you believe that the second coming of an Ice Age will happen in two weeks' time," said a sheepish Natsuki.

Besides those that were at Usagi's entourage, all voices were questioning on HOW the Senshi in front of them KNEW that a second Ice Age was going to be happening in two weeks' time. Usagi looked at Setsuna in helplessness just as Hikari whistled at the voices all raising in volume. She knew that she was just as confused as the others, but asking questions rapidly and NOT letting them answer them was a bit much. Everyone looked at Hikari in surprise, but she just looked at Usagi. "Usagi-chan, can you please explain," questioned Hikari.

"A-Ah," said Usagi, "It's best if we show you?"

"Show us," questioned Reiji.

"Mina (Everyone)," questioned Usagi instead.

"Are they…," started to ask Berthier.

"Hai," answered Grandpa Hino with a smile on his old face.

"What are you talking about," asked Shō's look-a-like.

Without answering him… AGAIN, STARISH went to Usagi's side, along with the Starlights, Hotaru, and Setsuna. Usagi's friends and family smiled encouragingly, even though Usagi's father was STILL grumbling about… a short skirt? None of the people STARISH told to come to the dormitory knew what was going on until thirteen voices called out… PLANETS?! Mystified, everyone saw STARISH, the Starlights, Hotaru, Setsuna, and Usagi transform into the superheroes called the Sailor Senshi. Everyone, besides those that already know, gaped in surprise when they saw THE Sailor Senshi right in front of them. De-transforming, it wasn't long that EVERYONE started to question them, including Hikari-san who was the first to calm them down. "Onīchan (Big brother) is a Sailor Senshi," stated the Shō look-a-like.

"You got that right, Kaoru," said Shō who was grinning and giving his twin a peace sign.

"We can discuss about our backstory later," said Setsuna, "Time is of the essence that we quickly move."

"B-But, what about our other family members," questioned Haruka.

"We have two weeks to get them to here," said a serious Yaten, "After that, we will teleport EVERYONE to safety."

"Shall we go first," questioned Yuichiro, "After all, most of us are already here."

"And some of us can STILL stock up on food to wherever we are going after we settle down a bit," said Ryō.

"Hai," said Taiki, "That is a better plan. Even if our reserves deplete, we should move you all first so that you can settle in."

"So…," questioned Tomochika, "Where exactly are we living now?"

"The Moon," said a smiling Hotaru.

"The Moon," cried out everyone, Usagi's precious people in excitement while the others in bewilderment.

- End Flashback –

"It took a while, but we DID bring all of our precious people to the new Moon Kingdom," murmured Serenity, "And just in time too."

Once everyone settled into the Moon Kingdom, all the food that were purchased put away, they all winced at the close call on how THEY would have frozen in place if they didn't get out of Earth. They, however, saw Usagi, at that time, prepare to use the Ginzuishō and rushed to stop her, but she just smiled as silver light shined on the frozen planet. She told them on that day that she wasn't ready to govern the kingdom JUST yet. Otoya nodded his head as well because he KNEW that he would be ruling beside Usagi as Serenity. Once the Earth was restored, everyone actually decided to stay with the Senshi instead of returning. Years passed after she unfrozen everyone, but those years led to Earth killing each other off from wars instead of outside interference. When that happened, Usagi was finally ready to step up to the mantel as Neo-Queen Serenity, Queen of the Moon and Earth, Otoya right next to her as Neo-King Otoya. Silver light blinded Earth until nature was restore and Usagi, as Neo-Queen Serenity, came down from the Moon to greet Earth as its new ruler. When Earth's people saw that they all were cleansed by a beautiful silver light, it wasn't long that they also remembered stories about the main Kingdom that ruled over Earth. Serenity's musing was interrupted by a pair of little feet running towards her. "Mama," called out a little girl's voice, "Mama!"

"Small Lady," said Serenity as she turned to see her miracle.

"Mama, tanjōbi omedetō," cried out a little girl with pink hair and pink eyes.

"Arigatō, my little Chibi-Usa," said Serenity.

The little girl was a surprise to EVERYONE once Serenity announced her pregnancy years later after marrying Otoya. She also had amused eyes when Otoya fainted and the other STARISH and Quartet Night members gaped at her in surprise. The others, though, smiled happily for her. Yet, it wasn't until the actual birth that ALL had a shocked surprise look on their faces. Instead of what they thought would be a different baby entirely due to also being a different birth date, a familiar tuff of pink hair and wide pink eyes stared up at Serenity and Otoya after the baby was delivered. Apparently, you couldn't get pink hair from black and yellow, but you COULD get pink hair from red and yellow. "Now, Chibi-Usa," chided Serenity slightly, "What have I told you about running?"

"Not to," pouted Chibi-Usa, "But, I am just so excited because it's your birthday, mama! And! I get to play with my best friend!"

"Hai, hai," said Serenity with a smile, "You'll be seeing Hisa soon, Small Lady."

After ruling, Otoya and Serenity were happy to see that ALL of their friends finally found someone. The most surprising was Hotaru and Ai getting together. Both didn't seem to work well together because of Ai's condescending tone, but after Ai shut down that one time during a movie shoot both he and Hotaru were in together a year after Usagi unfroze everyone, Hotaru was there to nurse him back to health. It didn't faze Hotaru that Ai used to be an android because with her powers, and a bit of Usagi's secret help from the Ginzuishō, Ai was made fully human, but with an extended human life like all of their friends and family were blessed with once Usagi took the mantel as Neo-Queen Serenity. "There are my two favorite girls," said Otoya's voice from the doorway.

"Waiting long," asked Serenity.

"Not really," said Otoya, "The others finally arrived. So now, it's party time!"

"Yay," shouted Chibi-Usa, "I get to see Hisa! Ne, papa?"

"Un," nodded Otoya, "She, along with Hotaru and Ai, just came in."

"I'm going to greet her," said Chibi-Usa as she ran out the door.

"No running," called out Serenity before sighing, "She is STILL a handful just like I remember."

"Is that a bad thing," questioned Otoya.

"Īe," said Serenity, "But, sometimes, I forget that she's a BIT spoiled."

"Well, with all of us," chuckled Otoya before smiling at Serenity, "Before I forget…"

"Hm," questioned Serenity.

"Tanjōbi omedetō, my light," said Otoya as he pulled Serenity into his arms, "Aishiteru (I love you)."

With that, Otoya kissed Serenity soundly on her lips. After everything that happened and trying to work out their relationship, Otoya and Serenity finally proclaimed their love, have a beautiful daughter, and a wondering life filled with friends and family. They couldn't have asked for a better life. As for Serenity, her last thought was, 'Arigatō, mina. My nth chance at life and love has finally flourished because of you all and my new friends. I have healed.'

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