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Another raid!

The boy thought and almost jumped in joy, running towards his bag only to be stopped by the sharp tug on the back of his shirt and he grumbled in dismay. He didn't need to turn around to know who it was, he had been copped with her for a long while, years actually, but sighing he did so she could speak to him.

"Stay inside." Gothi, the Village Elder, stated as she moved to lock the door and windows of the small hut.

"I can't just stay here!" He exclaimed and as an explosion sounded behind the door he fidgeted in excitement wanting to go outside. "There are people fighting!" He persuaded with wide eyes. 'Like, c'mon!'

Gothi just shook her head firmly and Harrian sighed in frustration. "How am I supposed to be a healer then?!"

"Studying." The Elder stated with a severe expression.

"B-but having an actual experience in the field is a better way to learn than studying the books!"

With a scowl, Gothi hit him with her staff.

"I'm not a child!"

"Then stop acting like one." She growled causing him to scoff and mutter, "Everyone here acts like one- ouch! Stop that!" He grumbled when the old woman hit him again.

With a tired sigh she shook her head approaching the small bookshelf leaving Harrian grumbling some more before he followed after her with a pout.

Huffing in amusement at his antics she thought back on how this came to be.


She had been out collecting herbs that only grew at night when she had seen the flash of light and went to investigate expecting to find the area scorched as the light, as brief as it was, somewhat resembled a lighting but instead, to her surprise, the field remained immaculate and brimming with plants that she was almost certain weren't there the day before.

What had surprised her the most, though, was the small being that laid curled between the tall grass. Staring in wonderment at the child that laid naked as the day he was born, she gazed back towards the sky in confusion.


"Gothi? What brings you here?" Stoick the Vast questioned when he found her standing on his doorstep. "It's a bit late don't ya think?" He murmured, rubbing his face tiredly.

Noticing the urgency on her face he sighed and motioned her towards building where he held his meetings, dragging an exclaiming Gobber, who had been working until late at the forge, by the scruff of his neck on the way. "What is it about?" he blinked as soon as they reached their destiny and noticed the bundle on her back.

"What-?" Stoick started and Gothi slowly lowered the package to the ground and slowly pulled the cloth to reveal it's content.

"Is that a child? Where did you find him?" Stoick wondered as he inspected the child, he appeared to be the same age of his son but his small size was worrying.

"Is there something we should know, Old Bat?" Gobber asked and Gothi hit him with her staff. "Found him on the forest, alone, you dipshit."

Gobber grumbled as he lightly rubbed his now tender head. "Alright, there was no need for that. She says she found him alone in the woods." He explained to the Chief.

"How did he end up there?"

Deciding that it would be better to don't mention the flash of light for the sake of the kid, she just shook her head.

"Maybe he was abandoned?" Gobber piped in.

With a somber look, Gothi turned the boy so he laid on his stomach and heard the sharp intake coming from the Village's Chief as the multiple scars that littered the small body were displayed.

Staring at this child he couldn't help but think of his son, smaller and quieter than the rest, he certainly was different from the usual viking, but he loved him nonetheless.

The thought of someone hitting a child, specially this tiny boy, who resembled his son, only made him angrier.

No child had to suffer like that.

It was decided then that the boy would sleep under Stoick's roof for the night until someone could take him in.

It was a surprise to everyone when Gothi had offered herself.


Giving a side glance at the now fourteen boy who was still pouting over a book, she stated nonchalantly, "If you are going to mope around then leave."

"Uh?" Harrian murmured, not understanding what she meant before his brain caught up and excitedly exclaimed, "Seriously?!" He rose from his chair and hugged the small woman kissing her cheek before he ducked at the swing of her staff, laughing all the way towards the door.

May Odin bless this child. She thought with a shake of her head. She could only hope he wouldn't be too troublesome for once in his life…


As soon as he went through the door he could see how everything was in absolute chaos and stared in amazement as dragons flew overhead. As a person who had spent most of his life copped inside the house, being close to the battlefield was refreshing.

He quickly grabbed a bucket of water and ran ducking and dodging everything that came into his path and put out one of the multiple buildings that were burning.

Noticing his old friend Hiccup on the smithy, he began raising his hand wanting to get his attention but stopped when he saw that stupid look on his face that he usually got whenever that girl Astrid was around, and fuming, he threw the empty bucket hitting him on the face and immediately hid underneath the window.

"Hey!" The boy exclaimed in surprise, looking everywhere trying to find the culprit.

He stood up instantly when he heard the high-pitched whistle coming from the sky only to duck as the huge catapult on the square exploded.

His ears ringed for a few seconds and he listened to Gobber discussing with Hiccup about him needing to stay on the workshop and he snorted knowing him well enough to know that he wasn't going to heed his warnings and he was right as he saw Hiccup leaving from the back door of the forge pulling a cart with him.

Running after him, Harrian suddenly called making him stumble a bit, "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Harrian, what-?" Hiccup asked as he regained his footing and stared at him wide eyed making him huff, "I said, what in the hell do you think you are doing?"

"I'm-" He hesitated before he cleared his throat and announced as he started walking ahead in a hurry, "I'm going to be a Viking!"

Shocked, Harrian ran after him, "W-wait! What- Hiccup, wait! What is that thing?!" He shouted and watched as the boy opened the cart revealing the machine, a bola catapult, and began setting it up, making sure the ballistae would be arranged correctly and prepared to shoot.

"You are trying to shoot down a dragon?!" Harrian swallowed heavily, "I don't think you should do it!"

"Why? Think I can't do it?" Hiccup asked feeling betrayed.

"No!" He exclaimed instantly and growled under his breath not knowing what to tell him, "It's not that! I just have a bad feeling about this!" He spoke trying to persuade him.

Annoyed, Hiccup ignored him and focused on the sky. "If you aren't going to help me then you can leave!"

"You are being an idiot!" He screamed in frustration and gasped when he noticed the shadow flying through the sky and prepared for the imminent explosion. The blast made the Night Fury visible for a brief second and taking advantage of it, Hiccup shoot, managing to hit it.

'Oh shit.' He thought with bated breath as his eyes widened watching as the dragon fell with a shrill screech.

Incredulous of his own luck, Hiccup exclaimed happily, unbeknown to the distress of the person next to him. "I hit it! I HIT IT!"

Trembling, he stared at his friend in disbelief, he knew it was a Viking thing, but to actually see him bringing down such a prideful being was painful and he felt disappointed. He really wanted to be happy for him but he couldn't.

Wanting to say something he paused and stared wide eyed as a Monstrous Nightmare stalked behind his friend. "Hiccup!"

Hearing the growling behind him he muttered without turning around. "Oh no…"


"It's not like the last few times, Dad! I mean, I really actually hit it!" Hiccup exclaimed as he was dragged by his father. "You guys were busy and I had a very clear shot. It went down, just off Raven Point. Let's get a search party out there, before it-"

"STOP!" Stoick bellowed and everything went silent. "Just... stop. Every time you step outside, disaster follows. Can you not see that I have bigger problems?" He questioned and pointed at the state of the village, "Winter's almost here and I have an entire village to feed!"

"Between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding, don't ya think?"

Growling in exasperation Harrian covered his face. This wasn't the time to be a smartass and listening Hiccup babbling just made him want to hit him. With care, of course. He sighed, a result of being raised by Gothi, he thought.

"This isn't a joke, Hiccup!" 'Exactly!' Harrian silently cheered. "Why can't you follow the simplest orders?"

"I can't stop myself. I see a dragon and I have to just... kill it, you know? It's who I am, Dad."

"You are many things, Hiccup. But a dragon killer is not one of them." Stoick spoke in clear disappointment. "Get back to the house."

Noticing his friend's crestfallen look Harrian walked to the front trying to intervene, "Uh, sir, I'm-" Harrian started hesitating, but the Chief interjected, "What," Stoick began, "are you doing here?"

"I thought I could help," he said and lowered his gaze towards the ground, "sir."

"He-" The boy began, wavering in his resolve and gazed at Hiccup's form, "He did hit something!" He exclaimed, "I-I don't know what it was but something fell from the sky!" Thinking that it would be better to just leave out the fact that it was almost positive that it was the Night Fury that fell, he decided to avoid it.

Sighing, Stoick ordered, "Take him back to the Elder.", and Gobber pressured them to move forward.

Slumping, he quietly muttered to Hiccup, "I'm sorry."

"Hey, you tried." His friend spoke trying to sound optimistic making him smile before he stared unimpressed at the group of teenagers standing on the side.

"It was quite the performance." Tuffnut jeered and Ruffnut hit him cheering on his comment and Snotlout taunted, "I've never seen anyone mess up that badly."

Harrian glared at him.

Gobber just continued to push them towards their houses when Harrian tried to excuse himself, "Um, I can find my house just fine, there is no need to-"

"Oh, but there is a need, you see. Stoick specifically stated that I had to make sure you both reached your own houses."

"Can't we make a deal? The Chief doesn't need to know." He tried but Gobber just placed a hand on his head and turned him around making him walk and he huffed.

Gothi wasn't going to like it.


When he reached his house, Harrian took a deep breath before he slowly opened the door and tried to avoid the old woman as best as he could but Gothi, luckily for him, was nowhere to be found.

Careful of not making any noise, he walked towards the window and looking outside he saw Hiccup leaving from the back door of his house towards the woods before the shutters quickly closed and with a pout he stared at the severe look on Gothi's face, "I'm in trouble, isn't it?"