Shego is sitting down reading a magazine, she is trying to ignore Dr. Draken. He has been calling her for the past three hours to help him do baby stuff. She was done with it, he could have done this stuff all by himself. After the thirtieth "Shego" in the past two minutes, she uses her green flame-like energy and burns the device he has been working on to a melted crisp.

"...Too soon?" asks Dr. Draken.

"You know what? I have had enough! I quit! " says Shego.

"Does that mean I can't e-mail or call you? *she throws another energy blast* That's a no! Okay see you when you get back," says Dr. Draken.

"I am saying this once: Unless you start straightening up and doing stuff on your own, I am not coming back! The screwdriver is literally two feet from your hand! Get it yourself!" says Shego.

She stomps out the door without another word. She heads to the mall down in town and looks inside Club Banana looking at the newest fashions. Monique is working that day and she is shocked to see Shego. Kim went to get both Monique and herself something to drink since Monique can't get a break until her co-worker comes in. The problem is that her co-worker was supposed to come in two hours ago and Monique was supposed to get off an hour ago. Kim hands the drink to Monique.

"Thanks. Hey Kim isn't that Shego?" asks Monique.

Kim looks confused but follows Monique's gaze and sees Shego looking happily at the newest top.

"You're right, has she stolen anything?" asks Kim.

"Oddly no, the sensors would have gone off, she is just staring at our new shirts," says Monique.

"I'm going to go investigate," says Kim.

"Don't make a scene!" says Monique.

"No big," says Kim.

She walks over to the brand new shirts. They have only been on the market for a month so stealing them is a big deal. Especially since they are a rarity item. A neon green suede cross on the bottom crop top.

"So cute!" says Shego.

"Isn't it though? Too bad they don't sell this in jail if you steal it," says Kim.

Shego almost rips the shirt in her hands as she hears Kim's voice. She glares up at the redhead.

"Can I not get peace anywhere?!" asks Shego.

Kim blinks in surprise.

"You aren't here to steal that top?" asks Kim.

"No, as surprising as it is, I am trying to stay out of Dr. D's radar. So leave me alone, Kimmy," says Shego.

Kim isn't sure but goes back to the counter and tells Monique what happened. Monique and Kim talk a bit while waiting for Shego to check out or for Monique's replacement. Monique comes up with an idea to have Shego go out for a day to forget about Dr. D for a while. Kim isn't sure about this but can't stop Monique from going over there and inviting her. Shego denies the invite but Monique lets her know that they are going to Bueno Nacho.

"What did she say?" asks Kim.

"No, but I told her after my shift that we are going to Bueno Nacho," says Monique.

"..I don't think we are going to see her," says Kim.

"Maybe not but it's good to invite her just in case she stops being stubborn. It won't hurt to give her a girl's day. Besides, you said it yourself she wants to hide from Dr. Draken," says Monique.

"If she's telling the truth," says Kim.

"I guess we will find out later," says Monique.

Monique's cover comes in and Monique tells her to watch Shego and make sure she doesn't steal anything. The girls leave quickly not wanting to waste another minute. After Monique clocks out for the day. Shego tries on the top and finds a black leather skirt to go with it. They aren't practical for her line of work but if she wants to hide from Draken she has to try something. She's glad she shaved that day, she buys the items and goes to the nearest shoe store buying a pair of black boots. She thinks over Monique….she thinks that's what she said her name is… offer. She doesn't know why but she finds her way to Bueno Nacho in her new outfit. The girls are talking normally when Shego walks over and inserts herself in Kim's side of the booth.

"Alright I'm in but only if Kimmy plays nice," says Shego.

"What is that supposed to mean, Shego?" asks Kim.

"It means Princess, you will leave me alone and won't try to spy on me during this girl's day," says Shego.

"As long as you don't commit a crime then I won't bother you," says Kim.

The girls have a glare off, Monique sits up, ready to defuse the situation.

"It sounds like an agreement to me! Let's finish up and go!" says Monique, eagerly.

"Fine," says the other two.

"So, what made you change your mind?" asks Monique.

"If my choices are to go back to Dr. Draken's place to make sure he didn't blow something up or hang out with you all. I will choose the lesser of two evils. And he won't suspect that I would hang out with you two," says Shego.

Kim gives Monique a look, where Monique smiles trying to be optimistic. The girls finish eating then head off to the nail salon. Kim can't really do colors as she is a cheerleader. So she sticks to a french tip, Monique does red, while Shego goes black. The girls do a mani-pedi combo since there is a sale on it. When their hands are pampered, they go off toward the spa. Monique pulls the girls to a photo booth. Shego and Kim aren't sure but join in and have a great time. At the spa, Kim pulls some strings to get them in without a reservation. She hates using her favors this way but she was given a coupon and was told to come in any time.

"What do you think, Shego?" asks Kim.

"This is more relaxing than having the henchmen do it for me," says Shego.

"Don't want to know how you did that," says Kim.

"Just a lot of persuasion," hints Shego.

The girls understand instantly and just enjoy the massages. They climb into the mud right after then enjoy a facial. They return to Monique's place all relaxed where they watch a couple of romcoms. Monique plays with Shego's hair a bit, straightening it completely out. She pulls it up in a perfect bun.

"Wow, Monique it looks great but you should curl the flyaways," says Kim.

"You think?" asks Monique.

"Yeah," encourages Kim.

Monique climbs off the couch looking at her work than agrees where she goes to grab her curlers.

"Why are you being nice to me?" asks Shego.

"You aren't stealing, you aren't causing mischief, you are being nice yourself," says Kim.

"So, not being evil," says Shego.

"Basically," says Kim.

"You know when I go back everything will go back to normal right?" asks Shego.

"Oh for sure, it would be creepy if everything stayed like this but this was nice," says Kim.

"...Yeah," says Shego.

They're quiet for a bit then Monique comes back with her curlers. She puts the curlers in the ends of Shego's hair. While they set the girls to watch a drama movie and end up throwing popcorn at the male lead a few times.

"Ugh. Boys are so stupid!" comments Monique.

"I know right," says Kim.

"Unfortunately ladies they get dumber," says Shego.

"Seriously?!" whines Monique.

"Oh yeah, I have two older brothers and two younger brothers. I'm the only girl, then hang out with dumb boys all day. I swear if I wasn't there the whole place would burn down," says Shego.

"I could see that as true," says Kim.

"Yeah, same," says Monique.

The girls sigh finishing the movies. Monique takes out the curlers and hands Shego a hand mirror.

"Wow, this does look great, thanks," says Shego.

"No problem, girl!" says Monique.

"I should get going like I said those boys will burn the place down," says Shego.

"We should do this again sometime," says Monique.

"Yeah, it was fun," says Kim.

Shego nods and goes out the door. Kim catches up to her handing her photos to her.

"You forgot these," says Kim.

"Thanks," says Shego.

She leaves going back to Dr. Draken who instantly apologizes for being stupid. He even picks her up in the hovercraft. When they make it back Dr. Draken asks what she has been doing all day.

"Nothing you have to worry about," says Shego.

She ignores Dr. Draken telling Shego how he finished his new invention with no help. Even cleaning up the place after he was done and making dinner. She slams her room's door. She lays in the bed looking at the photos. She smiles at them happy to make some friends that are girls. Well, a friend and a frienemy.

The End