New Broken Souls!

Summary: After leaving Hogwarts Hermione, her two sisters Ariel, Aqua, Fred, George (Weasley twins), their sister Ginny, Luna and Neville are ready to move on with their lives and decided to live in a small town in American called Forks, Washington where her uncle Charlie lives... Sam and the pack are also involved being Hermione and her family childhood friends (Sam Uley, Leah Clearwater, Jacob Black & Seth Clearwater along with the pack) learned the truth on who bullied Hermione and Ginny who are willing to protect them from Harry and Ron no matter what ... although it would seem that trouble can't seem to find Hermione as her estranged cousin Isabella instantly got jealous on how close Hermione and her family are with their uncle Charlie, the twins Quinn, Alex, Sam and the pack along the Cullens even Rosalie and Jasper seems to love them while hating Bella which frustrates the girl even more. Hermione doesn't understand why her estranged cousin Isabella is acting like a spoiled brat by making her uncle Charlie sad and stressing him out a lot by stirring up trouble, straining her relationship with her youngest siblings Quinn and Alex since they've been home not only they're close with Sam and the pack but, it would seem that Jacob 'Jake' is no longer paying attention to Bella anymore (Hallelujah) which made her seething with jealousy that Jake is paying more attention to Ginny then with her which left them to argue more than usual.

What happens when Hermione realize that Sirius Black was innocent after finding a note from Lily Potter, enough proof that Sirius Black wasn't the secret keeper as they switched secret keepers to Peter Pettigrew, she felt torn, conflicted and felt that she has unfinished business in England... to help an innocent man who was thrown to Azkaban without a trail in the first place. It made so much sense now that Hermione rushed over grabbed Ginny called Dobby to take them back to Hogwarts without being detected captured Peter Pettigrew in a rat trap, hexed him and put him inside a cage where he won't escape but, not without any inside help (cough*Mrs. Longbottom, Ben, Toby, Jay & Cameron Granger along with their family & Remus Lupin) by giving Sirius Black a trail (finally) after learning the truth they furiously apologized to Sirius after they cleared his name, by accessing his request by gaining full custody over his godson Harry Potter that left everyone to cheer for him... Sirius gave a grateful nod to his once owner Hermione who gave him a wink and left without turning back (who was under disguise not wanting anyone to find out) and promised to keep in touch... not realizing that Harry and Ron were there to witness the trail staring at the scene dumbstruck, jaws dropped by the whole thing that they tried to run after her to apologize but, it was too late she's gone and slumped their shoulders sadly hoping they can be friends again? Will Hermione and Ginny be able to forgive them after what they did to them? Read and Review ^_^


Hermione Granger has always been known as 'the know-it-all' or 'book-worm' who tends to follow the rules… because of her love of books. Her favorite book happens to be Hogwarts: A History but, that's a different story. I'm getting ahead of myself here… let's go back when Hermione was only two years old when things changed in the Wizarding World…she wasn't aware on what's happening but, things were beginning to change drastically not realizing that it's going to change her life forever….for someone who was only 2 years old … she knew something was off and knew beforehand that her older siblings Ben, Toby, Jay, Cameron, Ariel & Aqua were quite close to their cousins only to find out that they're no longer with them anymore, it made her family quite upset including her.

Ariel and Aqua were only 4 years old so she didn't exactly understand what was happening until she saw her brother's sadden looks. Ben being the eldest he received more than one magical school acceptance letter… the first one was Salem Academy, located in Washington near their uncle Charlie's and the twins Quinn and Alex, then there's the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry located in Massachusetts which is where they all went except Hermione; she was still young then.

Their parents Daniel and Emma (a.k.a. Harry and Emma Dagworth-Granger) explained to the kids that they're not muggles; non-magic folk they're purebloods which would explain the odd things that was happening in the house—as far as she can remember her family fled to America to start fresh after they learned what was happening in England; that was until Hermione being the youngest was born—it didn't take very long for the Granger family to move back to England when Hermione was only 6 years old she knew beforehand that her older brothers were leaving to America to start their new lives with their family.

Ben was first to leave—he was 21 years old, supposed to be 18 thanks to the time-turner so it wasn't common to hear about it. He met Chloe in Hogwarts from his first day although they weren't exactly on friendly terms at first until later they grew older… around their 5th and 6th year… Hermione was only maybe 5 years old being the smart one in a young age thanks to her siblings she noticed how Ben always seemed to be distraught about something but, couldn't really say much.

However, Ben being the eldest son and brother to his siblings noticed how sad Hermione was by playing with her food during their family dinners despite how she has Ariel and Aqua with her, her brothers however were in school of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry being 3rd & 1rst year for Jay & Cameron, Toby being his 5th year and Ben being in his final year, neither of the sisters knew the announcement until Ben confirmed it.

As for Ben Granger, being the eldest he's now a young father of twins Sawyer and Skyler being newborns with his girlfriend Chloe, they were still young to get married but, he's planning on asking his long time girlfriend to marry him in her birthday coming up as they plan to move to New York once they graduate to start their new lives, once Hermione was old enough her brothers Ben and Toby will be with their families and bid her goodbye to start her new school year in Hogwarts with Jay, Cameron, Ariel and Aqua that year in a private school that no muggles heard of unless their witches and wizards like them.

Jay was in his final year at the time while Cameron was in his 5th year although he graduated two years earlier than his classmates and left Jay with their girlfriends who are expecting thier first child together. Ariel and Aqua decide to transfer from Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to be with their families when Hermione received a letter from Hogwarts besides Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like her siblings before her but, decided to go to Hogwarts hoping to make new friends besides the ones she made in primary school. Jay and Cameron however did the same using the time turning in their 3rd year so it would seem it was tradition for the Granger's to skip a year or two in their school year just like her sisters before her.

"Mya what's wrong bumblebee," Ben asked.

"It's nothing…" Hermione murmured dismissing it.

Ben frowned at this sitting next to his sister "It doesn't look like nothing," he gave her a playful shrug against her shoulder "What's up bumblebee what's on your mind?" he explained.

Hermione shook her head "I told you Benjie it's nothing… don't even worry about it…" she murmured.

"Hermione Anastasia Sophia Carson Jean Granger don't lie to me considering I know better than anyone…" Ben sternly drifted off noticing his sister shifted uncomfortably whenever either of her family uses her full name; it's usually when she's in trouble or disobeyed them "Now tell me what's wrong?" he explained.

Hermione sniffed, staring at the window crossing her arms "I don't want you and Toby to go Benjie…" she whispered.

Ben blinked his eyes owlish, not expecting that answer "Go? Go where?"

"Back to school in Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Massachusetts that's all the way in America while we're in England we won't be together since you're all going to leave me by myself," Hermione whimpered holding her stuff animal which was a werewolf that she got from Seth when they went to the zoo last summer, she's never apart from it.

Ben soften his eyes picking up his baby sister onto his lap "Nugget we talked about this," he sighed steadying her "Mum and dad wants to move back to England to extend their dentist practice there… besides just because I'm going to Hogwarts that doesn't mean Toby, Jay, Cameron, Ariel, Aqua and I are going to forget about you nugget, we even told uncle Charlie and our youngest cousins Quinn and Alex that we'd visit them this coming Christmas remember," he explained.

Hermione got quiet and got all confused "Hogwarts I thought you're going back to Ilvermorny Benjie?" she asked.

"Well, I was planning too but I decided to transfer schools in Hogwarts to be near you guys which it's in Scotland, it was supposed to be a surprise nugget" Ben pointed out.

"Oh…I didn't know that it was gonna be a surprise why didn't anyone tell me …" Hermione grew quiet while Ben softened his eyes at his sister "Is that why we're moving to England because I really like Forks I can just stay with uncle Charlie and the twins I even made friends there," she murmured.

"That's because no one knows except Toby I've planning on telling you guys tonight but, I suppose the cat is out of the bag and I know nugget after all you're always been close to our cousins Quinn and Alex, then there's Sam, Leah, Bex, Rae, Jake and Seth are our best friends with the rest of the lot," Ben began to say leaning back against the wall noticing that Hermione sat on his lap "But, you heard mum and dad they want to move back to England…you're already enrolled to a new school nugget," he explained.

"What if they don't like me… why can't we just stay in Forks… with uncle Charlie and the twins Benjie… I don't want to leave them alone," Hermione pouted sadly.

Ben sighed not sure how to explain this to his youngest sister "Nugget… uncle Charlie isn't going to be by himself he still has the twins Quinn and Alex, uncle Billy, uncle Harry and auntie Sue along with their friends so he's not entirely alone," he argued back.

"I know he has the twins Quinn and Alex, uncle Billy, auntie Sue and uncle Harry with their friends you're all going away and leaving me by myself," Hermione cried out causing Ben to jump from her outburst while she wiped her eyes from crying "You're all leaving me... who's going to be there for me when you're all away in school, read me stories or play with me…I know I have the twins who's still young but, it's not the same you're going to make all sorts of friends and probably going to forget about me…and I don't want uncle Charlie or the twins to think we're abandoning them too…" she whimpered.

"Nugget we're just going to be in school that doesn't mean we won't be there for you," Ben argued back.

"Yes, you will. I'm going to be here in England with mum and daddy while you guys are away in school…you're all abandoning me," Hermione whimpered.

Ben soften his eyes "Abandoning you, nugget we're not abandoning you, uncle Charlie or the twins Quinn and Alex is that what's making you upset?" he began to say noticing Hermione nodding her head against his chest that he soften his eyes holding her close "Nugget listen just because we're going away to school that doesn't mean we won't be there for you, uncle Charlie with the twins Quinn and Alex or anyone else for that matter since I'm going to be in Hogwarts with Toby" he explained.

"What about Jay and Cam?" Hermione asked.

"They have another two years before they reach their 5th year then they'll transfer schools by then they'll be joining us in Hogwarts since that's part of the deal with mum and dad," Ben pointed out.

"Deal… what deal?" Hermione asked.

"Jay and Cameron decided to stay in Ilvermorny School for another two years until they transfer they reached their 5th year and by then they'll be the ones who will be in Hogwarts by then," Ben pointed out.

"And then you and Toby will go away again after you graduate from Hogwarts," Hermione murmured.

"Nugget… by then we'll be an adult going to college fall in love and have a family of our own which is understandable," Ben argued back.

"And I get that… but, you have loads of time to do that and how come Jay and Cam aren't going with you guys in Hogwarts?" Hermione explained.

"They want to at least stay four years in Ilvermorny before transferring to Hogwarts like we're doing," Ben explained.

"C-can you guys do that Benjie?" Hermione murmured.

"Do what?" Ben asked.

"Transfer schools?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah you can transfer schools if you want too why do you ask?" Ben asked.

"So when Jay and Cam transfer schools from Ilvermorny to Hogwarts will I go to Hogwarts too?" Hermione murmured.

"You can never know until you turn 11 when you receive a letter from either school nugget," Ben began to say "We're always going to be a family no matter how far we are nugget you do know that don't you?" he explained.

[no answer] …

"Mya…" Ben lifted her chin to look at him "What's this really about … this isn't about me or Toby attending Hogwarts is it…" he noticed that Hermione shrugged her shoulders, sniffing from crying a bit, refusing to answer, "Nugget what's going on?" he explained.

Hermione grew quiet, pondering whether or not she should tell her big brother Ben "Well… it's just…in my new school nobody wouldn't play with me and they weren't very nice," she murmured.

"I'm sorry to hear that nugget it's just going to take some time for us to get used to this place again—after all we have been staying in America for a long time and now that we're back in England…some kids could be intimidated by that," Ben explained.

"Why…I haven't done anything except read my book," Hermione cried out.

"Nugget kids like that are just … jealous," Ben trying to make his little sister not wanting to make her feel like it's her fault that she's intelligent in a young age "One of these days nuggets you're going to make new friends one day that's not books, like you made friends with Sam, Leah Jake and Seth along with the others back home in Forks with uncle Charlie. They're still your friends and you don't see them bullying you," he explained.

"That's because Sammy, Leah, Jake, Rae, Bex, Seth, Quinn and Alex are my friends they wouldn't let anyone bully me especially since Leahbee has always been protective of me stating that I'm her baby besides Sethyboo and the twins Quinn and Alex," Hermione argued back pausing for a moment not noticing that Ben's lips twitched in amuse "And why would the other kids be jealous of me for…I didn't do anything to them … and I really miss my friends and my little cousins Quinn and Alex back home…" she whispered.

"That's because Leah and Sam are your godparents… and I know you miss them nugget because I miss them too we're all friends with one another, as we're practically family to one another but, the kids in your new school… I know it's a new adjustment for you nugget but, for some kids aren't as advanced or intelligent as you are… some kids can be jealous of that despite how you're the youngest in our family," Ben pointed out.

"It's not fair… I didn't want to leave my friends and my little cousins the twins Quinn and Alex back home …. I want to go home Benjie… why can't I go home.." Hermione whimpered.

"Nugget we are home… this is our new home now…" Ben murmured with a soft look.

"Not England I was talking about Forks… it's my home…" Hermione murmured.

"I know nugget but, one day you're going to think England is also your home too," Ben argued back in soft tones "And I'm sorry that you haven't made one friend this past month, but it will get easier, you just have to be patient," he explained.

"Can't I just go back home Benjie…please…they're not very nice to me in my new school with the kids they're really mean to me," Hermione whimpered, holding her stuffed animal of her werewolf.

"Sorry little nugget but, mum and dad said this is our new home but you're going to end up loving this place again," Ben began to say holding her into a hug "And there's nothing wrong with you Mya they're just … a bit intimidated by that and will use it against you by pretending to be your friend and you don't need that kind of friends," he explained.

"But, why would they do that...all I did was just answering the teacher's questions and did my homework like any student would...sometimes I would remind them to do their homework but, instead of thanking me they ended up bullying me, taking my lunch money—" Hermione sniffed wiping her tears off her cheek "At that point once I'm done finishing the assignment I thought I'd be invited to the slumber parties but, they ended up pushing me into the mud ruining my dress and told me that I'm a big loser" she cried out.

Ben frowned knowing this, remembering how their mum told off one of Hermione's classmates' parents for bullying their baby girl "I'm sorry that you haven't made one friend nugget but, you still have us…and you let me take care of those kids huh? They won't be bullying again I'll make sure of it," he explained.

"I know I have you guys, you're my family… you always been there for me Benjie… but, it won't be the same…once you get back to school in Hogwarts then when you graduate you're going to New York that's all the way in America I wish I can go with you but, I can't… mummy and daddy won't let me," Hermione pouted causing Ben lips to twitched at this and whimpered "It's not fair… ever since we moved back to England… I haven't made one friend today…not since Jax and Seth but, then that's when Jax and his brother told their moving away with their mum's because something bad happened with their estranged dad … Jax doesn't like to talk about it though he says he hates him and Seth says the same thing because their dad is really mean …I can tell it's quite sensitive for them but, they promise they keep in touch with me and yet I haven't received any letters from them and left me by myself again… I just want to make new friends who would accept me for who I am besides you guys… is that so hard to ask why won't anyone like me Benjie…I'm a nice person aren't I" she whimpered.

"Of course you are since we like you," another voice replied, causing them to look at Toby, her older brother.

"Toby…" Hermione whispered "When did you get here?"

"I just arrived about five minutes ago… what's this I hear that no one likes you…you still have Sam, Leah, Rebecca, Rachel, Jake and Seth in Forks back home who still love you and miss you being their best friend with the rest of us they're still your friends," Toby began to say pondering for a moment "I heard from mum that some of the kids were bullying you in your first week in your new school," he explained.

Hermione sniffed "They won't let me play with them Toby," she whimpered "I'm a nice person right?"

"You're an awesome person Mi and I'm not just saying that because I'm your brother kiddo," Toby began to say clearing his throat "So who's bullying you huh? You want me to beat them up because I have no problem with that," he explained.

Hermione wiped her tears rather quickly but, Toby beat her to it while Ben passed their little sister onto Toby's lap "Well… there's Dudley Dursley and his gang he's very mean and he took my lunch money…so I told on a teacher against him but, then I saw his parents—they're very awful and bad then he is—mama and daddy were so upset when they found out. I'm not sure what happen but, Dudley's father is very rude it's no wonder no one likes Dudley or his friends…but, when I told Ariel and Aqua they were so upset and assured me that they'll take care of it but, I think they made it worse by beating him telling him to stop bullying me. I have a feeling Dudley complained to his parents, despite being afraid of Ariel and Aqua," she sniffed at this wiping her tears "Although I did notice a boy… he's rather quiet I think it's Dudley's cousin … I never knew his name though he always seems to get away from him quite easily. I wish I was his friend…but, I never got to see him again…." she murmured leaving her brothers to chuckle knowing their sisters are very protective with their sister.

"Did you ever catch his name Mya?" Toby asked.

Hermione shook her head "No… but, he seemed like a nice boy though… very shy but, smart too like I am … I just wish I knew his name…" she whispered, not realizing it would be her best friend Harry Potter that she'll re-meet in Hogwarts.

"Well I wouldn't blame his cousin," another voice said, causing Toby, Ben and Hermione to turn to see Cameron and Jay joined them.

"Cam… Jay… what are you guys doing here?" Hermione murmured.

"We heard from a little birdie that someone was bullying our little sister so we thought we would help," Jay pointed out.

"Aren't you supposed to be in school Jay-Jay?" Hermione murmured.

"We both got permission from our headmaster if we can have the week off to visit you guys after we got a floo call from mum stating that you were quite upset that Dudley Dursley and his little goons were bullying you again that they had a parent teacher conference it didn't end well since mum told Dudley's parents off," he explained.

Hermione winced at this remembering that meeting "Yeah…Dudley lied to his parents saying that I was the one that bullied him when he's the one that bullied me and took my lunch money I been saving that money to buy Sammy, Leah, Rebecca, Rae, Jake and Seth their presents by the end of this month but now… I don't have any money to buy their presents," she explained.

"How much did you save up Mio?" Cameron asked.

Hermione mumbled under her breath which her brothers had a 'huh' look

"What was that Mia?" Jay asked.

"I made $24,550 dollars," Hermione murmured.

"How do you get $24,550 dollars?" Ben gawked at this "That's a lot of money, where does that get that much money from?"

"Ariel, Aqua, and I made a lemonade stand, along with cookies, cupcakes, some rice krispies treats after making a lot of customers at the park, that we end up splitting up the money so that way each of us can buy our friends their presents," Hermione murmured.

"And how much did you split between that money Mimi?" Jay asked.

"Well… each of us has $8,550 dollars each so… Ariel and Aqua have their share while I have mine but Dudley stole it from me…" Hermione murmured.

"And he stole that much money?" Toby growled and swore under his breath.

"Yes… he said that I didn't deserve to have that much cash," Hermione whimpered, causing Ben, Toby, Jay and Cameron to swear under their breaths.

"It's okay nugget I'm sure we'll figure something out," Cameron murmured "I'm sorry he stole your money I knew you guys worked really hard for that money,"

Hermione whimpered "It's okay… I'll… I'll figure something out…" she murmured.

"No, it's not okay nugget that kid messed with the wrong little sister," Ben growled and swore under his breath "I knew how hard it was to make lemonade and the lemonade stand as well along with the extra goodies that you guys did" he explained.

"So you said that this Dudley kid has a cousin eh?" Toby asked, rapidly changing the subject.

Hermione sniffed "Yeah but, I never knew his name… he's always in the background… I can't never get a look at him," she whimpered.

"Well I'm sure one day you and his cousin will meet one day nugget?" Cameron assured her.

"You really think so Cam?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah I really do … and I wouldn't blame his cousin though .. from what you told us Dudley sounds like a big bully around the neighborhood…" Cameron began to say grabbing something out of his wallet "I was going to wait and give you this but, I might as well give it to you now?" he explained.

Hermione furrowed her eyebrows "What is it?" she asked.

Cameron smirked "Why don't you take a look poppet," he pointed out.

Hermione looked at the package, looked a bit light and unwrapped the package, her eyes widened in surprise "Where did you get this?" she asked.

"I had a little inside help," Cameron explained, causing Hermione to jump to hug her brother, to which he returned the hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, how did you get this back from Dudley," Hermione murmured.

"Your welcome and remember how we're all a pureblood family nugget?" Ben asked.



Hermione widened her eyes "You used magic isn't that against the law," she whispered.

"It usually is but, don't worry we were extra careful and we also left a little something for Dudley if you catch my drift," Jay chuckled causing Hermione to hug her brothers who returned the hug "Your welcome nugget I told you we'd protect you it's our job," he murmured.

"Thank you Jay-Jay, Benjie, Toby and Cameron I really appreciate it," Hermione murmured.

"Of course nugget you're our little sister," Ben began to say kissing Hermione on the forehead carrying her into her bed "Why don't you head to bed since we have a long week ahead of us full of fun since we have to wake up quite early tomorrow," he murmured.

"Okay and I love you guys too," Hermione murmured.

Hermione Granger, shook her heard from the memories of her past talking to her brothers not wanting to get herself distracted… she changed over the years but, with her brothers being married and gained a family of their own being an aunt and godmother to their kids it gave her some hope that everything will be alright although she wished that her brothers Ben, Toby, Jay and Cameron weren't living so far away or how they always seem to be quite busy these days; she hasn't seen them since spring break so it's been awhile.

However, this past summer Hermione and her parents just arrived home a week ago from spending their vacation in Paris, France and were inside the airport chatting away waiting for Ariel and Aqua being her oldest sisters who decided to attend Hogwarts in their 3rd year instead of their 6th year like their brothers before them only because they were homesick and didn't want to be away from their family, so during the summer they found this brochure of dance camp in America which isn't far from their uncle Charlie so whenever they get off school, made plans to spend some time with their families or friends; they always made sure to make time for their little sister no matter what. Ariel and Aqua Granger have been in dance camp since they were 13 years old so it's been pretty busy for the Granger's family and decided to change their looks a bit since it's the latest fashion in America after making new friends in camp.

At least that's what they read in the Teen Magazine having the time of their lives during the summer while Hermione kept herself busy during those times; although babysitting her neighbor kids has its perks though as she wanted to be a teacher when she graduates from Hogwarts; she kept her dreams to herself, being a healer working in St. Mungo's or be a teacher helping kids have the best education until they have a steady job and good life for themselves; from what she heard from her brothers Ben, Toby, Jay and Cameron they hated working at the Ministry especially in England which is why they transferred to the American Ministry—Ben and Toby graduated first in Hogwarts when Hermione was quite young, she was probably 7-8 years old that time then Jay and Cameron who graduated the same year with Toby now it's down to three more of the Granger's clan to graduate.

Ariel and Aqua are in their 5th year in Ravenclaw who both have boyfriends much to their brother's and dad's protest but, Hermione and their mum weren't a bit surprised though; Ariel her older sister is dating one of the Weasley's twins—George Fabian Weasley who's in Gryffindor as Hermione; shocking isn't it while Aqua, Ariel's twin is dating Cedric Amos Diggory who's in Hufflepuff who's also in 5th year; the only difference is that Hermione just ended her relationship with her on and off boyfriend Jax (Jacob Taylor James Santos) known as 'Jax' who ended up cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend and let's just say she's not exactly thrilled with the news, he broke her heart and slowly moving on with her life because of it after going to France with her family for vacation.

Any who, Hermione and her parents are waiting for Ariel and Aqua Granger's flight to arrive the airport waiting; however Hermione being the smartest witch of her age, was sitting down on one of the benches reading her book; obviously it's Hogwarts: A History no matter how many times she read this book she couldn't help herself getting into the adventures and information inside no matter what; her other favorite book was the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them from her favorite author—Newt Scamander and hopes one day she gets to meet him being her great, great, great grandfather from her grandmother Hermione although that's for another tale..

"Darling," their mum called out, snapping out of Hermione's thoughts "Your sisters should be arriving any moment would you be a dear and keep a look out for them," she announced.

Hermione sighed "Of course mum let me just finish this one page and I can keep a look out for Ariel and Aqua please it's really good," she explained. Their parents Dan and Emma chuckled knowing their youngest daughter noticing the book title knowing her favorite book.

"Mya you been reading this book since the first time you bought this when we were in Diagon Alley and—" her dad started to say as they both noticed Hermione's puppy dog look and sighed tiredly "Well if you insist princess it's still a bit early they're probably fetching their luggage's as we speak so we have a bit of time," he explained.

"I can't help it daddy, it's a good book," Hermione weakly says.

"Of course luv," Her dad chuckled patting her on the head "Don't read too much huh since we have to keep a lookout for your sisters," he explained.

"I won't…" Hermione murmured.

"Mya darling, do you mind terribly getting me something to eat? I'm rather parched including the twins," their mom announced.

Hermione nodded putting her book mark against the page by putting her book away "Of course mum, what do you want me to get since I'm starting to get hungry myself," she explained.

"How about McDonalds; I'll have a double Big Mac combo please," her mum started grabbing some money out of her wallet "Oh and get some extra fries, chicken nuggets with extra honey mustard and BBQ sauce with a big drink would you darling," she explained.

Hermione nodded recounting the money and added her money in it knowing her mum could be craving a huge appetite being pregnant with her soon to be youngest siblings who are twins can do that to you "Okay so a double Big Mac combo with extra-large fries and chicken nuggets, with honey mustard and BBQ sauce do you want me to get Nestea raspberry tea for you too mum?" she explained.

"Yes, please and make a large size drink with that thank you darling," Their mum announced.

"Daddy do you want me to get you anything?" Hermione asked, turning to her dad.

Dan, known as Mr. Granger looked at the menu "Yes that would be lovely princess, a double Big Mac combo with extra chicken nuggets, and French fries luv, oh and Hot & Spicy McChicken for your sister's combo with that—and you can order what you want princess," he explained.

"Okay I'll be right back," Hermione announced heading to McDonalds to get her family something to eat; the line wasn't long to order food, so she ordered two big orders of double Big Mac combos with extra fries, chicken nuggets (20 each) and three Hot & Spicy McChicken combos with five extra-large drinks—Raspberry Ice Tea for everyone.

After twenty minutes she grabbed her orders, her food to go and went back to her parents who eventually found a table at the food court so they can eat; while she was walking she immediately texted her sisters Ariel and Aqua stating that they're at the food court waiting for them; it didn't take very long to see her sisters exiting the airport, two brunettes who were chatting away among the crowd except their hair style was different.

Despite being the youngest in her family; Ariel had cherry red strips on her hair wearing a cherry red halter top that say 'Rockstar Angel' mixed with red and pink glitter on the front with blue jeans shorts, leggings and Adidas shoes that were black and red stripes on it while her twin sister Aqua; she had baby blue strips on her hair with two braids that reminded her of Leia from Star Wars that they watched recently in their last night sleepover before they went to dance camp at the beginning of July wearing a blue halter top that says 'Punk Princess' mixed with blue, purple and green glitter in the front with black jeans shorts, music notes leggings and high top Air Jordan's Nike Shoes.

Hermione grinned squealing very unlike her, passing the food to her parents mumbling about that she sees Ariel and Aqua heading to the food court upstairs by the escalators not noticing their parents confuse looks until they looked down to see their eldest daughters Ariel and Aqua heading their way as they greeted each other squealing to one another ignoring the odd looks from everyone in the airport; it was a very exciting day for the Granger family; Dan and Emma chuckled shaking their heads knowing their children being best friend growing up as it hasn't changed their relationship between them.

"Ariel, Aqua?!" Hermione squealed running over to her sisters through the crowd causing her eldest sisters Ariel and Aqua to look up to turn to the source that without thinking they dropped their luggage to the side and ran to their little sister "You're finally back?!" she exclaimed practically jumping into their arms.

"SAPPHIRE?!" Ariel and Aqua squealed, twirling their baby sister that caused Hermione to laugh "WE MISS YOU!?" they both cried out happily.

"I miss you guys too!" Hermione softly not wanting to let them go; it's been awfully lonely without her sisters and brothers "How was dance camp?" she explained.

"Brilliant, fun loads of drama as always? How was your trip to France with mum and dad? We're awfully jealous that we couldn't go but, dance camp calls," Aqua dramatically says.

Hermione giggled "It was quite brilliant actually we went all over the place, went on loads of bus tours around town and took tons of pictures. Did you guys get my package for you guys in dance camp? Mum and I went a little over the top with the shopping at the gift shop," she explained.

"Yes, and we love it. Our friends were soooooo jealous especially when you gave us the one of the kind robes that are cloaks which is genius by the way that we got thanks to Jay's help and the dresses were amazing as always Mya," Ariel gushed over this remembering how they're friends were envid with jealousy when they received their package in the mail "And the drama with our ex-beau's happened a lot—Max and Eric stated that they missed us," she sighed at this causing Hermione to scowl "But, don't worry baby Mimi we took care of them," she explained.

"Good I never liked them anyway," Hermione scowled "They're bloody gits," she huffed at this "After cheating on the both of you not once, twice & then a third time they are both lucky I didn't hex the bloody gits," she explained.

Aqua giggled "Of course you didn't but, I see we're aren't the only ones who changed around here," as she gave a good look at Hermione "Look at you all grown up. Someone has certainly changed and grown some curves in the right places. I bet you're going to have boys lining up for you when we go back to Hogwarts Mi," she explained.

Hermione snorted "I hardly doubt that but, we'll see," she murmured.

"Oh, don't be so modest Mi just because you and Jax broke up that doesn't mean you shouldn't linger to find another beau besides," Ariel dramatically says putting her hand against her forehead "It's never too late to mingle since there's plenty of fish in the sea Mimi," she explained.

"I don't know Red… after what happened between Jax and I … I'm not so much in the 'relationship' department quite yet it's still a bit sore for me," Hermione murmured.

"And we totally get it 'Fire," Aqua assured their little sister giving Ariel a glower look "We'll be supportive no matter what you decide there's no rush to find another beau or not" she explained.

"Thanks Blue," Hermione smiled, being grateful for having awesome sisters then noticed something different by waving it off. "I was meaning to ask but, what happened to your hair?" she asked.

"Oh, you mean this?" Aqua winked at this "I was wondering when you're going to notice we added a few changes to our new appearances for the new year and added highlight strips on our hair you like?" she explained twirling around her outfit.

"Are you kidding, it's brilliant, very … unique. I love it and it shows just how different you two really are and it would help a lot knowing Professor Flitwick always seemed to mix up between you guys," Hermione pointed out.

"Thank you and I know what you mean it doesn't take a genius to figure us out," Ariel snorted "It's one of the reasons why we highlighted our hair though we figured it would help a lot for Professor Flitwick since he's always been fond of us since our first day in Hogwarts," she explained.

"Professor Flitwick is rather brilliant isn't he, he's one of my favorite teachers along with Professor Sprouts and auntie Minerva even though in school we have to call her by Professor McGonagall not wanting any confusion," Hermione pointed out.

"True… very true now since that's out of our way we might as well grab our stuff Red," Aqua pointed out.

"Already done since you girls were too busy chatting away your father and I will mostly your father grab your luggage's dears," Their mum answered causing the girls to turn as they went to hug their parents who returned the hugs.

"Mama we missed you," Ariel and Aqua exclaimed hugging their mum causing her to chuckle.

"And I have missed you. I love what you did to your hair darlings," Their mum chuckled which Ariel and Aqua gently hugged her as they didn't want to hurt the unborn twins "It reminded me when I was just your age… going through a phase back in the day. It nearly gave your grandfather a heart attack," she gushed over this "Your grandfather always had a soft spot towards me being the baby in the family it drove me mad," she explained.

"Oh, really wasn't grandpa always like that though?" Ariel asked.

"Not always caring… he's always been what do American's call it… 'Keep it with the flow' kind of thing," Their mum explained.

The girls giggled knowing their grandfather "I remember that grandpa always gives us cookies as children but, speaking of males in our life where's daddy?" Aqua explained.

"Over here," their father muffled, carrying the amount of luggage that Ariel, Aqua and Hermione rushed over to help "How many luggage did you pack for dance camp?" he explained scowling at this.

"Not a lot…the amount was six each daddy?" Ariel murmured.

"So, between the two of you… that would be twelve luggage's altogether then hmm?" their father began by raising his eyebrow at his daughters who gave a sheepishly look "No matter it's a good thing we have a lot of room in our car then isn't it," he explained. The girls nodded at this as they recently bought a new car since they're a big family they might as well buy another family car since Ariel and Aqua are in age to drive—they got their permits and will be getting their driver's license by their next birthday.

"So, what else did you change Aqua?" Hermione whispered while Ariel was chatting away with their mum on what they did in dance camp.

"Thanks cookie but, we'll show you later knowing daddy he's going to have a heart attack but, I think you should get one too," Aqua giggled causing Hermione tilting her head curious "Lena thought it was brilliant that time," she explained.

"What did you do?" Hermione asked.

"Oh, don't be such a worried sort Mi," Aqua giggled "Red and I will show it to you when we get home yeah?" she explained.

Hermione sighed knowing her sister "Well alright if you're sure," she murmured.

"Of course, we're sure so, how's our little munchkin? Read any new books lately knowing our little book worm you're probably living in the library," Ariel explained dramatically.

Hermione rolled her eyes playfully "Oh ha, ha very funny. And I'm good just been catching up with homework, I'm so glad you guys are home it's been so boring without you guys," she pouted causing her sisters to giggle "Mum and dad managed to fix the baby room at home which is nearly done we just need to buy more clothes for the twins—speaking of food I just got back from McDonalds for mama and daddy I figured you wouldn't like airplane food so I got you guys your favorite," she explained.

Ariel and Aqua widen their eyes in relief "Oh thanks cookie bears we appreciate that we're bloody starving," Aqua exclaimed.

"Aqua watch your mouth there are children in the room," Ariel hissed at her.

"Oops sorry," Aqua's mouthful replied, causing them to roll their eyes knowing her after she swallowed "Sorry about that. How about your cookie? How's your friends Harry and Ron? Last time we read your letters …you were prettified for nearly 8 months during the year—It's a bloody miracle that Harry and Ron did what they did—" she snorted remembering that eventful day; it made their Professor McGonagall who's their great aunt from their dad's side, along with Ariel, Aqua, and their family quite worried over it "What exactly happen in Hogwarts since they wouldn't tell us anything," she explained.

Hermione grew quiet. "It's a long story…."

"We got enough time to talk about everything, cookies, you know that," Ariel pointed out.

Once they got home they caught up with everything from their adventures at dance camp, learned a few new dance moves and did their weekend sleepovers; it felt like nothing's changed between their close family relationship; it's been two weeks since Ariel and Aqua came home and Hermione could've been more happier to see her sisters; Hermione was too deep into her thoughts and continued to pack for her another school year in Hogwarts even though she already packed a week early—she hid her letters that she received from her friends Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Seamus, Dean, Susan, and Hannah. Ariel and Aqua were also packing their things as well as they're starting their 5th year in Hogwarts, receiving their badges as Perfects in Ravenclaw—as they all knew that Percy Weasley is now Head Boy and happens to be one of Aqua's best friend and always looked up to his older brothers Bill and Charlie being very close to his family but, always felt that he was the odd one out since everyone else been close but, Aqua being his best friend; Percy felt that close relationship that he always wanted with his siblings but, consider Aqua as his best friend despite the age differences.

"Mya are you ready to go?" Ariel asked, knocking on Hermione's bedroom, grabbing her trunk.

"Yes, I just need to pack one more thing and we can head out," Hermione answered, grabbing her invisible cloak that her brother bought her last Christmas; she hasn't told Harry and Ron about it but wanted to keep this information to herself.

"Well alright," Aqua peeked through her bedroom door with a nod not far behind "Don't be taking too long to pack all your books Mya since it's going to be too heavy for daddy to carry," she announced.

"I won't, I just need to grab my cloak and we can leave," Hermione murmured nodding in agreement knowing their dad while their sisters nodded at this heading downstairs where their father Dan helped them put their trunks inside the car.

"Hermione darling we're waiting for you," their mum called from downstairs; being 4 ½ months weeks pregnant with another set of twins but, they don't know either or not if it's a boy or girl depending on their next doctor's appointment which it's coming within the week.

Chloe, Spencer, Mal and Sophia are also pregnant being Hermione, Ariel, and Aqua's sister's in law—being the wives of their brothers Ben, Toby, Jay and Cameron; you would think they'd planned this but, it would seem to be tradition within the family; Ben's wife Chloe being pregnant first with quintuplets 'quints' who's about 6 months pregnant—three boys and two girls they're still deciding what to name their children; Chloe even made a joke stating that she's done having kids together causing Ben their older brother to chuckle knowing his wife as they're parents of a big family; seven children to be exact then there's Toby's wife Spencer who's expecting another set of twins; two boys being 5 ½ months pregnant; then there's Jay's girlfriend soon to be fiancée Mal who he's planning on asking her to marry him who's pregnant with quadruplets 'quads'—four children being pregnant 5 months and 2 weeks pregnant then there's Cameron's girlfriend Sophia who he's planning on asking her to marry him as well who's expecting triplets— all girls 4 ½ months pregnant then there's their mum Emma being 4 ½ weeks pregnant with another set of twins which was a huge surprise for everyone in the family but, were happy with the news so they decided to have a baby shower within two weeks before their near date to give birth to their children.

"Coming, mum I'll be right down" Hermione answered nodding to herself in satisfaction by grabbing her trunk heading downstairs to meet with her family after putting her invisible cloak inside her beaded bag. Once they saw Hermione heading downstairs with her trunk; their dad Daniel helped her knowing how heavy it could be.

"Did you grab everything princess?" Their dad answered smiling at his youngest daughter; he and his wife Emma are both quite protective with their children and quite close with each other who never kept secrets from each other; well except the adventures that she did with her two best friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley from the past two years in Hogwarts; she didn't want them to be worried or worst… take her out of Hogwarts—what they didn't realize was that Professor McGonagall would give them updates on each of their children thru owl or floo calls whenever they have their Sunday Tea each week.

"Yes, I'm ready to go daddy," Hermione answered.

They headed inside the garage and went inside the car that their dad Daniel got as a birthday present from their eldest sons Ben, Toby, Jay and Cameron who pitched in with the car giving their dad a hummer trunk the latest ones that had bigger room for everyone to get inside much to their dad's delight it always been his dream car to own a hummer trunk since his brother Leo got him into cars shows as they always go together whenever it's season.

"Have you seen Snuffles daddy?" Aqua began looking around for their pet dog "Snuffles, where are you boy?" she called out for their dog.

"There he is," Ariel whistled hearing the barking coming from the backyard going through the dog door "Snuffles come here boy time to go," she announced; seeing their black dog, that was a stray dog but, didn't realize it was Sirius Black in his Animagus form as a grim dog. Snuffles (a.k.a. Sirius Black) barked as he couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts since he hasn't been there since he graduated from Hogwarts back when he was a student and going to hunt the rat to protect his godson.

After a few minutes they finally arrived at the train station, not a lot of people so the Granger's family hurried to go between the boarding between 9-10 and headed inside.

"Poppet why don't you and Snuffles head inside first to see if the coast is clear," Their dad offered.

"Alright daddy," Hermione began to say, grabbing Snuffles, their dog by his leash so he won't run away "Where have you been, Snuffles, Ariel, Aqua and I been looking for you everywhere… don't tell me you've been chasing the rabbits again," she murmured as they entered the train station of Hogwarts Express.

Snuffles barked (which could only mean yes, yes he has, he couldn't help himself he's a dog)

"Yes, yes I know...stay here," Hermione sighed tiredly peeking through the boarding "Daddy the coast is clear you can come inside now," she announced.

"Thanks poppet, come on girls, your sister is waiting for us on the other side," Their dad announced.

"Coming daddy," Ariel and Aqua announced as they pushed the carts, following behind their parents.

Once the Granger family headed inside the train station to Hogwarts a magical school in Scotland that no muggles ever head of except the ones who have children with magic know about it, there's another world that muggles don't know about it exists except the magical beings that includes Hermione and her family not realizing that this year is going to change her life with her friendship with Harry J. Potter and Ron B. Weasley forever.

~*~End of Prologue~*~

This is the introduction of Hermione's family life a little bit hiding a huge secret from everyone including her two best friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, apparently Hermione isn't a muggleborn witch like everyone claimed she was; she's a pureblood witch like her family but, use a muggle name 'Granger' to blend in with the muggles away from the Wizarding Community thinking the Dagworth-Granger family got killed during the first war, well at least some of Hermione's family members did anyway but, now things are about to change very soon…