Chapter Eight: Students Exchange Program!

[RAVENCLAW HIDDEN ROOM—since Aqua ran after her boyfriend Cedric (well ex-boyfriend) they haven't seen either of them since this morning—it was now 7:45 in the evening—Hermione and the gang been trying to come up with a plan since they took a long break… and decided to wait to come up with a plan… until things cool off … that was until Aqua came back that is]…

Nobody's P.O.V.

Hermione felt a bit guilty—they were trying to come up with a plan and kept looking at the door to see her older sister Aqua but they haven't seen her since this morning.

"I hope Aqua isn't mad at me…" Hermione murmured after finishing her dinner.

Ariel blinked her eyes, looking at her Hermione "Why would Aqua be mad at you cookie?"

"Well… before we came downstairs I may've told … Cedric this morning… that you both are my sisters…including our brothers… and that Professor McGonagall is our great aunt and married to our headmaster Albus Dumbledore…." Hermione winced at this "And now he's mad at her… because of what I said to him…" she whispered.

Ariel sighed grabbing Hermione into her lap "Cookie bear even if you didn't tell Cedric the truth he would've found out eventually…Aqua was going to tell him this morning but, after what happened to you guys it must've slipped her mind among other things. Don't ever think it's your fault… he would've learned the truth either he knew about it or not okay and he's not mad at you since you didn't do anything wrong," she explained.

"But, it is my fault… he promised he wouldn't break her heart and I think he might've done that…and that's my fault," Hermione whimpered.

"No, it's far from your fault nugget never ever think that…they'll work things out I promise," Ariel murmured.

"Are you sure" Hermione bowed her head sadly "Because I don't want Aqua to be mad at me,"

"I'm quite positive and Aqua can never be mad at you cookie you know that,"

Hermione grew quiet after a few seconds "Does that mean Cedric wasn't mad at me either…"

"I don't think anyone can be mad at you cookie bear,"

Hermione grew quiet "You don't know that… and if that's true then what is taking her so long I'm a bit worried since we haven't seen her this morning?" she explained.

Ariel gave a smile as she felt the same way worrying over their sister Aqua which it's a bit odd that she hasn't come back "I know I feel the same way but, I'm sure she's fine…. And it's just a couple stuff cookie you'll know when you're a bit older… when you meet a boy again… besides Jax, Seth, Anthony etc you'll meet your prince charming one day and you'll know then he's the right guy for you," she began to say which Hermione nodded leaning her head against her sister's shoulder who turned to the rest of the group "So… I know we took a dinner break but, did you guys come up with a plan for us to leave Hogwarts," she explained.

George sighed after finishing his dinner "We haven't come up with a plan yet… but, we'll figure it out … we always do…" he murmured.

"Right," Ariel slowly nodded at this, "It's been a whole day and we couldn't come up with anything…so what did you get so far?"

"Well… I was only telling them that Hogwarts is the only magical school that my parents went too before me… if I leave without explanations Gran would go ballistic there's no way she'd let me leave," Neville protested weakly.

Hermione pondered at this listening to Neville "And I understand where you're coming from Neville I really do … but, why stay here when we can start over somewhere else where no one knows about us … I'm sure there's other magical schools that we can enroll into but, there's a different story … I mean don't you want to leave without anyone bullying or torturing us again," she whispered.

"Of course, I do… but, but, but, but, but, what about our friends…" Neville weakly says.

"I don't want to leave them behind either Nev… but, I can't stay here anymore…." Hermione was teared up "You saw what Harry and Ron are doing to us… I can't live like this … I can't help but think that none of the teachers are helping us... including auntie Minnie or the headmaster Professor Dumbledore… despite how he's my great uncle sort of...I...I have to get out of here...I'm so sorry Nev... but, I'm not happy here anymore, " she whispered.

Neville soften his eyes "I know and I get why you want to leave Mione which you should go I'm not going to stop you from leaving I'll support you guys 100% on this decision," he began to say pausing for a moment "It's just…it's going to be awfully lonely without you guys since we start to become really close… you're like a sister to me and I'm sorry if I haven't been a good friend to you Mione I feel like I failed you as your friend…and even if I did want to leave…with you guys which is a 'big huge if' Mione because I do want to leave with you guys more than anything but, who would be our guardians and what do I tell my Gran about leaving Hogwarts to go to America? I don't know if you noticed but, she's very strict but, bloody scary with that kind of stuff," he explained.

"He's right you know there's no way our mum would let us go either Mrs. Longbottom is very strict and very scary in a scary combination if you ask me," Fred pointed out "That includes our mum and she'll kill us," he sighed nearly defeated at this conversation "Unless we told her that we were offered to an student exchange program with a full scholarship to pay for our expenses heading to America that would be brilliant," he explained causing Ariel's head wheels spinning into an idea but, before she can answer Aqua came back with her face all red from crying all day, she even noticed that her shoulders were slumped in defeat which wasn't unnoticed from the others.

"Big sister are you okay?" Hermione frowned "And where have you been? We haven't seen you since this morning and been worried all day?" she explained.

Aqua gave a brave smile returning the hug to her little sister "Yeah… I'm fine— "she was steadying her breathing "I'm sorry cookie bear I didn't mean to worry you guys ...and haven't come back since this morning… I just had a lot to think about ...I went flying around the Quidditch pitch to clear my head about things…" she explained with a distant tone.

George frowned, noticing her eyes were teared up "Aqua what's the matter?" he asked.

Aqua whimpered a little knowing George can tell she's upset or not and gave a brave smile "It's nothing to worry about Georgie… so did you guys get so far?" she asked, rapidly changing the subject.

Ariel gave her 'I know you don't want to talk about it but, we're going to talk later once we're alone' look as if they're talking in telepathy until a thought came across Ariel's mind that you can see the wheels spinning inside their heads that small sly grins shown on their faces as the Weasley twins.

"You know what you just said back there, Fred, that was absolutely brilliant," Ariel asked, turning to Fred.

"Thanks," Fred beamed, then got confused "What I say?" he asked, scratching his head all confused.

"About the Student Exchange Program, it's brilliant Freddy," Ariel beamed at this "In fact it's the perfect plan that I know the perfect person for the job to set this plan in motion," she explained.

"Well don't leave us hanging... tell us?" Aqua eagerly says feeling slightly better from her break up from Cedric.

"Well I was just thinking…about what Freddy said about us being offered to Students Exchange Program with a full scholarship if anyone were to ask us why we're attending to their school, it's the perfect plan to leave this place for good" Ariel grinned madly as you can see her wheels turning from this idea "In fact it's the most brilliant, most brilliant you ever said that we can come up with and it only took a day that you of all people are going to love me for it if anyone were to ask why we moved to America—is through a student's exchange program to America and don't even worry about the scholarship just leave that part to us Freddy," she grinned madly that Aqua quickly caught on what she meant and agreed immediately "It's bloody brilliant I can kiss you," she exclaimed.

"Oii your boyfriend is sitting right here babe," George flatly replied.

"It's a figure of speech Georgie," Ariel rolled her eyes and kissed him quickly which he forgave her by kissing her back "Honestly you can be such a baby sometimes," she explained.

"But, you love me for it," George grinned which caused everyone to chuckle knowing that's true "Right babe?" he explained.

"Of course Georgie," Ariel replied.

"Ohhhh— "Fred nodding to himself "Well thank you for even agreeing with the plan Ariel, it's not everyday that we get to show how smart we are just because we do pranks that doesn't mean we're not smart ya know," he explained.

"No thank you Freddie and she's right, we know the perfect guardians to watch over us,"

"It's only a matter of time— "

"Before our brothers find out— "

"Towards our plan after—"

"We tell our parents about the scholarship if they were to ask it should be simple enough since they both trust us but, I have a feeling Mrs. Weasley would let us go if we went with you when you tell your parents together inviting everyone we were offered to a Student's Exchange Program in America to our house tomorrow for lunch explaining everything with a full scholarship to pay for our plane ticket, uniforms, money, books, and food etc in fact, our older brother Ben and Toby would help us set it up which is perfect we're just going to skim a few minor details without anyone finding out,"

"The only way we can do this …. is tell our parents the truth …I'm sure our parents will be so ecstatic to see everyone again being in hiding for so long… it's about time we tell everyone that we're alive at least… the people in our group… and the only way we can do that is plan this very carefully and secretive without anyone finding out that the Dagworth-Granger, Marlstone-Wells and Montresor are alive and back in action—the main story is that if anyone were to ask we just tell them that we were offered to a student exchange program in America—once our parents agree we'll take care of the arrangements so there's no confusion between us for this to work," Ariel and Aqua answered together leaving Fred and George Weasley in awe.

"Hey— "

"That's our—"


"Since we always finish— "

"Each other's sentences— "George and Fred both answered leaving Hermione's older sister raising their eyebrows at them with a 'you're not the only twins we know who talk like this right,' look which left them to be pout causing everyone to chuckle knowing the Weasley twins.

"I know which is why we figured this has to work. It has too," Ariel answered, causing everyone to chuckle once again that left Fred and George to pout since it's the first laugh since last night's events.

It would be difficult and dangerous Hermione knew that beforehand. What with her, Ginny, Luna and Neville being underage; the only ones would perform magic undetected would be Fred, George, Ariel and Aqua then her older brothers Jayden and Cameron who are aurors who would be escorting us to blend with the story; They're known as Ben, Toby, Jayden, Cameron, Ariel and & Ariel Swan from their mother's maiden name just to be in the safe sides. And from her parents, Weasley's, Neville's grandmother and Luna's father as well. It's a bit difficult but she knew they'd be safe. And she could always contact them once everything was settled down.

"Big sister, do you know where we're going to live in America since we still have some relatives through daddy's side because I know one place we can stay where no one can find us at," Hermione asked.

Ariel pondered for a moment "That's true and I know a few places that we can stay… why what do you have in mind?" she explained.

Hermione grinned "Forks. Forks, Washington where our uncle Charlie along our little cousins Quinn and Alex lives," she answered with a smile leaving her older sisters to grin in return.

"Brilliant because we were just thinking the same thing… since I miss going home…" Aqua grinned gesturing to her and Ariel who nodded in agreement "Not only it's a small town but, no one would even think of finding us there," she explained.

"Exactly," Ariel grinned, thinking the same thought as her sisters; Ginny seemed to be on board but the twins were exchanging looks.

"I'll go with you since Ginny is the only friend I have in this school besides you guys," Luna sadly says.

"What do you mean Luna?" Hermione asked, turning to her friend.

"Ever since I arrived here … people been making fun of me … calling me 'Looney' behind my back and locking me out by changing their password every night that sometimes I would have to sleep in the abandon classrooms with no blankets or pillows if it wasn't for you guys I'd be sleeping outside so thank you," Luna sniffed leaving Ariel and Aqua expression to darken and felt ashamed with themselves as they weren't there to help her and they had a feeling they knew who was perpetrator for making fun of Luna "And it's not my fault… I see things…while people couldn't, daddy says it's a gift that I got from my mum. I also don't want to be here by myself. I won't have anyone to hang out with," she whimpered.

"Luna why didn't you tell me… I could've helped you," Ginny asked gasps in horror over this, hugging her childhood best friend Luna who returned a huge back as she rubbed her back gently in comfort.

"I couldn't find you half the time ... and at first, I thought it was the nargles…" Luna whispered, sniffing between her tears.

"Luna… who was it… " Hermione began to say, then grew confuse "And what are nargles?"

"Oh, it's a fairy nargles that is usually found on a pensioner's wig or infest mistletoe," Luna beamed at this.

Hermione blinked her eyes, her owlish being the logical one, but she held her tongue "Oh… brilliant…" she began to say not wanting to hurt her new friend's feelings "Um… you never did answer my question? Who… was it that bullied you Luna?" she softly says.

Luna's face fell and grew quiet which left the girls worried that Ginny decided to help and spoke up "Luna…" Ginny softly squeezed her hand softly "Who was it you can tell us you know," she whispered.

Luna blinked her tears "I know… but, if I tell you… they'll keep bullying me…since no one helped me before…" she whispered.

"I know sweetie but, this time you have friends who will back you up and plus we're Perfects we won't tell anyone only if you say so and you can trust us sweetie," Ariel murmured.

Luna sniffed "Friends… I have friends…" she whispered.

Ariel and Aqua soften their eyes, as their heart broke for the girl "Yeah Luna we're your friends we won't let anyone hurt you I promise,"

Luna whimpered "It—it was Cho Chang and her friends…" she hiccupped causing everyone to widen their eyes in horror "They—*hiccupped* they took my things, they took my mum's necklace…an heirloom that she gave me when I was really little… they stole it… they been talking about me behind *hiccupped* my back ever since *hiccupped* Cedric saved me the other day… of course he doesn't know this since … Cho always acts like she's sweet towards others except me… *hiccupped* they always call me weird… and told me that Cedric*hiccupped* isn't really my friend and feels bad about me, calling me an orphan saying that my daddy doesn't love me… and that my mum died to get away from me and I couldn't exactly tell Cedric since he's always with his friends… or with his girlfriend… and I didn't want to burden him with my troubles…" she whispered.

Ariel rushed over to Luna which startled her "Oh Luna … that's terrible no wonder I keep seeing you in random places—" she drifted off with this odd look then shook her head "I can't believe that inconsiderate bitch—" she spats and took a deep breath "You know what… Luna I'm so sorry that you had to go through that alone… Aqua and I will take care of her okay I'm going to make sure of it. We'll go shopping and you'll have new things that not even those girls can even try to steal from you and we'll get your necklace back since it belongs to your mother. I promise we'll get your things back if you told us this before we could've hexed them," she explained.

"I know… but, I didn't know you guys before I learned you were Mione's older sister since last night and this morning?" Luna whimpered.

"I know you did sweetie and you don't have to worry about her anymore since you have us and we won't make that same mistake again," Aqua gave her a serious tone "Because now you got us as your friends who will be more than happy to hex that bitch okay," she explained.

"Thank you…" Luna whimpered, hugging Ariel and Aqua who softened their eyes as they murmured comfort words in soft tones.

"Of course, Lulu," Aqua murmured rocking her back and forth to calm her down

"Mione, she has to come with us," Ginny exclaimed, hugging Luna, turning to her other best friend to comfort her "We can't leave her behind, especially what happened to her and Neville last night. I'm going to make sure they're in my #1 hit list you can bet on that," she explained with a determined fire 'I'm out for revenge against Cho and her friends' look which left everyone to agree at this.

Hermione nodded in agreement "I know…and I'll help you with that—" then turned to Luna who was being comforted by her sisters Ariel and Aqua along with Ginny "Lulu do you want to go with us… all you have to do is ask?" she asked gently.

"Really…" Luna's voice came in as a whimper wiping her tears after hugging Ginny who helped with the comfort "Yo—you don't mind if I came along?" she asked.

"I don't mind at all you're happy to come along with us if you want?" Hermione offered "Just … say the word… but, you have to promise me something," she murmured.

Luna tilted her head "Anything…." she murmured.

"If you do come with us… you have to promise me that you won't … talk about … nargles or anything around the muggles… okay…" Hermione murmured.

"Muggles…" Luna murmured.

"Yes, we're going to be living in America which is quite far from England… we're thinking of living in my home town in Washington, a muggle town… so… do you promise… that you won't be weird not that I'm calling you weird but, if you come with us you won't be going alone, you'll be with us the whole time and don't wander off by yourself since you're not familiar in my home town I don't want you to get hurt?" Hermione murmured.

"I—I promise I won't talk about anything that would … confuse the muggles…or wander off in your home town alone "Luna murmured.

"And…?" Hermione raised her eyebrow being the eldest of her friends.

"And I'll be good …can Neville accompany me if I decide to take a walk "Luna murmured.

Hermione lips twitched as she's like a mother lion to her friends especially towards Luna "Of course you can bring all of us… Ginny, Neville and I… and I also want you to promise me that if anyone were to bully you …. you come find me or my family along with Ginny, Neville, Fred and George promise... do you still want to come with us?"

"I promise I'll tell you guys if I get bullied again and I—" Luna bowed her head "Can I—yes I—I want to go… with you guys since Ginny is my only friend here besides you guys "she whimpered.

"Good because for us to have this plan to work we have to tell everything to each other including the bullying which won't happen to where we're going since we're going to be together the whole time since you're already coming with us. We wouldn't leave you behind any other way you're practically our family and once we explain everything to your father that we'll be with you the whole time so that way no one can ever bully you again no questions asked," Fred explained with a hand squeeze leaving Luna's all teared up.

"Thank you…" Luna murmured as the Weasley twins gave their favorite girl a hug of comfort telling her everything was going to be alright (a/n: Luna is going to going with Hermione, Ariel, Aqua, Fred, George, Ginny and Neville who agreed not to leave her behind after she talks to her father first which she had a feeling her father won't mind)

"Of course, Lu," George answered.

"What about you Nev? You've been awfully quiet in all this. I don't want you to think that I'm abandoning you too?" Hermione asked, turning to Neville who gave a small smile.

Neville held his breath "I know you're not abandoning me Mione and I appreciate that… but, I want to go too… I mean if that's okay with you if I'm coming along even if my Gran says no. I'll tell her the truth and give her a good reason why I shouldn't be here anymore even if I have to keep begging every day for her to give in over and over eventually she has to let me go…" she explained.

"Nev are you sure about this?" Hermione whispered "What about Shay and Dean? Won't they miss you?"

Neville sighed since he's good friends with Seamus and Dean "They probably would … but, they'll understand…and I'm very sure…I don't think I can take the bullying either… it's just about high time we do something about it….show everyone in Hogwarts who's bullying the students… it's the only way my Gran can agree if I told her the truth," he whispered.

"Alright…and you're right I do have a plan for that… which I'll tell you in a bit… but, if you need me to help you don't hesitate to let me know Nev and we're going to gather our parents together at my place for lunch tomorrow you think you can make it," Hermione murmured.

"Will do thanks Mione and yes we'll be there I'll tell my gran," Neville gave a weak smile giving her a gentle hug.

"Of course and good the sooner the better. We need to get everyone to agree to this including our parents" Hermione pointed out.

"Agreed and what about you guys?" Ariel asked turning to her boyfriend George and his brother Fred as they had silent conversation between the two.

"Alright," Fred finally agreed.

"But, if we leave," George started.

"We do it our way," Ginny finished, having caught onto their train of thought.

They spend about two hours there planning where, when, who, what, why and how to meet up. It was Friday morning and since they planned on leaving on a Wednesday (because the Weasley twins didn't approve of the other days) they wanted to make their last two weeks memorable that Hermione spend most of her time with Ginny, Neville, Luna, Susan, Hannah, Dean, and Seamus sometimes with her sisters Ariel and Aqua with Fred, George, with a few of their friends who seemed very nice and immediately took a liking to them.

Ariel and Aqua insisted to take muggle and wizard form if possible so they got Colin to help as he got himself a camera, so they took tons of pictures because of it. Hermione even offered to help him print out the pictures which he stared at her in awe giving her a big hug which startled her as she gave an awkward hug back.

"There, there Colin , don't worry I'll bring your camera back I promise," Hermione assured him, and she did just that.

Once they met up they quickly thought of a theme and while experimenting with them they found out that apparently, Author's obsession with muggle objects and Molly's love for cooking translated into weird ways to be the cooks in their group.

Fred and George were now after studying with Ariel and Aqua being in their study group which Hermione made them as they're the car experts and Ginny showed an affinity for potions. With the help of a few elves that Hermione had rescued from Peeves she, Ginny and Neville rushed to pack their things in Gryffindor Tower. Luna went with Ariel and Aqua as they're all in Ravenclaw and watched over her in case Cho Chang was around with her friends as they knew she's the real culprit to mess around Luna's things and took everything out of Cho Chang and her friends that they stole from Luna without their knowledge by adding an anti-jinx around Luna's things that would show the real culprit who stole Luna's things.

They made a mental note to tell their head of their house. Professor Flitwick should know what's going on with his house even though everything's going to change in their last day in Hogwarts. It didn't help that Aqua learned that Cho sets her eyes on Cedric, Aqua's boyfriend and plans on stealing him away from Aqua—despite no one knows that Cedric and Aqua just broke up last Saturday, she had no doubt that Cho will get her claws over her boy—well former boyfriend when she's transferring schools, they been sworn enemies since Aqua and Ariel's first day in Hogwarts in their 3rd year.

Hermione knew deep down it's going to cause a lot of problems in Hogwarts but, she knew Cedric wouldn't go for Cho as she's the one of a few who bullied a few younger students including Cedric's little sister Roselynn 'Rose' who's also in Hufflepuff like her big brother. Cedric didn't find out until later that day after talking to Luna who yelled at his name by stomping her foot which startled him as he rushed over to her thinking she was hurt until he learned the truth and felt disgusted with Cho and her friends by telling her off by embarrassing the girl in front of her friends. It wasn't exactly pleasant by telling her not to bother because he's very much in love with Aqua and was planning on making Aqua his wife and walked away passing his friends who gawked at him in shock but, that was before they all glared at Cho to back off but, that was during the weekend when Cedric and Aqua broke up.

Neville's P.O.V.

Since it's the weekend Luna and I got tortured and bullied by Harry and Ron…last night in Friday even though I didn't have a lot of cuts and bruises not like Luna, Hermione or Ginny… instead of trying to help which I tried my best I really did but, unfortunately, I was outnumbered by both Harry and Ron… I vowed to myself that I wouldn't let this happen again, so I been trying to come up with a plan to talk to my gran but, I was a bit hesitated knowing she wouldn't agree until I finally got the courage to tell her the truth thanks to Hermione's help and heading to the Manor through Hermione's family room located in Ravenclaw which was brilliant and learning that she's a pureblood, being my sister but, blood I promised Hermione I wouldn't tell anyone about her family's heritage.

I grabbed some floo powder, went inside the fireplace and yelled 'Longbottom Manor' and found himself at his house where he stayed with his grams not a lot of people knew about it except a few of his friends luckily it was still the weekend; Sunday afternoon was when Neville decided to talk to his grandmother Augusta Longbottom.

"Gran are you home…" I hesitated at this looking around and sat down on the couch trying to think what to say to my gran hoping this plan would work. Just then I heard some footsteps heading downstairs "Gran… anyone home?" I explained calling for my gran.

"Who's there?" Gran began steadying her wand from the living room. I reckon "I have a wand and I'm not afraid to use it," she answered with a stiff tone.

"Gran it's me… Neville" I answered.

"Neville…" Gran squinted her eyes and made a sigh putting away her wand "What on earth are you doing here Neville and not in school," she scolded me.

"Gran it's Saturday no school but that's beside the point…" I began to say holding my breath and took a deep breath "And I have a very good reason for coming over. I need to talk to you, it's rather important," I explained.

Gran looked at me for a long moment then gave a sigh "And you couldn't talk to me through our letters by owling me or floo call me?" she explained.

"I can't do that… I mean I could but, it would be risky especially at this hour…" I mumbled.

"Why would it be risky Neville?" Gran asked.

"Please Gran it's really important I couldn't just floo or use the owl to talk to you. It's been in my mind all day and I've been debating whether or not I should tell you the truth either way please Gran," I pleaded at this ignoring her question.

Gran stared at me for a long moment pinching her nose with a sigh "Alright, alright, let's head to the office and talk there then," she explained.

"Thanks Gran…" I mumbled at this "I hope she says yes… please say yes, please say yes," I muttered under my breath grabbing my letters ready to give it to my Gran following her upstairs to her office. Once we reached the office she put a silence charm around, so no one can overhear us even though it's just the two of us and some house elves fed us some snacks; hot tea and cookies.

"Now what is this all about Neville? And do you mind telling me why on earth did you ditch school to come home considering it's rather late especially at this hour?" Gran asked, sitting down across from me raising her eyebrow at me.

I shifted uncomfortably and held my breath, searched inside my backpack grabbing a vial test empty tube full of my memories to put it inside the pensive that Hermione gave me. Apparently she has more than one of these so she let me keep it.

"I wrote this letter to explain the situation but, I didn't think you believe me and let me move to America with my friends so I figured I give this to you in person with proof why I want this," passing her a letter as she grabbed the letter staring at me confuse "These are my memories that happened last night …and my new friends healed my wounds so I can talk to you about it, " I explained.

"Neville, why would I need to see your memories for and what happened last night?" Gran asked.

Neville pondered for a long moment "Do you trust me?" I asked.

Grans stared at me oddly "What kind of barbaric question is that?" she cried out in protest.

"The good kind….so do… you?" I asked, staring at my Gran with a stern look.

"Neville… what is this about?" Gran asked.

"Gran you're not answering my question…I'm trying to have a serious conversation with you?" I asked.

"Of course, I do," Gran told me, who looked a bit offended by my accusation of her lack of trust towards me "I trust you with my life Neville, you know that but, what does that have to do with anything Neville," she explained.

"Good…. that's good… '' Neville took a deep breath grabbing the pensive out of his bag "I got enough proof for you to hear me out on what's been happening in Hogwarts from the past few weeks….but, before you decide to argue, protest etc and make your final decision or say "Neville why didn't you tell the teachers about this," friends and I tried to tell the teachers but they wouldn't listen or the rest of the staff…I guess they were just too busy to notice the chaos that's been happening and ... the ones who tortured my friend and I they're in… Gryffindor House and one in Ravenclaw so it's rather really risky and a bit dangerous for some of us who can't tell on a teacher… without getting caught… and… "I drifted off sitting down on my chair eating a cookie before rapidly changing the subject not wanting to give it away showing her the pensive "I got this pensive so you can look through my memories for proof," I explained.

Gran looked at the pensive "Where on earth did you get this Neville? — "she pondered for a moment on this pensive that Hermione let me keep which is brilliant "You know these are rare for someone to have this kind of thing? I don't even have one and you don't have one since I don't remember buying you one" she explained.

I nodded at this "I know, I didn't buy this Hermione invented this pensive which is much bigger than this one that they have in stores and read every book on how to build one she's quite brilliant that way … but, this one that we have her brothers Ben, Toby, Jay and Cameron gave her extra's and gave to me, Luna, Ginny, with her two brothers Fred and George Weasley to keep for ourselves in case we needed proof," I explained eating some cookies and sip my tea.

Gran gawked at me "Are you telling me this … Hermione Granger who's muggleborn right?" she drifted off causing me to nod at this as her eyebrows raised higher in shock almost impressed by this "She actually built a bigger pensive then this one and her brothers and the one from the store… I didn't know she had a big family and what year is she in again?" she explained.

"Yeah she's in the same year as me Gran. She's the one that I told you about she's smart probably the smartest witch that I know, helpful and sweet would help students who need help with homework especially me you know how am I when it comes with Potions," I began to say causing Gran to slight nod at this "And I know what you mean I didn't know she's in a big family either she has four brothers and two sisters…who are in Hogwarts with us they're both in 5th year, Perfects in Ravenclaw who are twins and her mum is pregnant again with another set of twins… she didn't tell me until this morning when we learned that we both were bullied by the same person," he explained.

Gran gave a thoughtful 'hum' sound knowing I always talk about Hermione in our letters "Oh yes, I remember now... this friend of yours... I can't believe that she built this bigger pensive and she's only in her 3rd year... considering this is one of the powerful and strong magic to come up with this kind of thing and the highest level of Ancient Runes," she explained.

"Yeah she is really brilliant Gran she's one of my good friends who I consider as our family… especially when she's a muggleborn…" I pointed out.

"Yes, I supposed for Hermione she has her reasons but, being muggleborn that's really strong magic she must be quite powerful unlike some purebloods who don't believe in the same beliefs … I don't blame her for being secretive. Maybe she wanted to protect her family knowing there's still death eaters from some purebloods families…" Gran drifted off with an odd look on her face "And it depends on that question that you have for me Neville?" she explained.

"Yeah I know… and I don't blame her either…since I haven't got a chance to ask her … considering we've been both busy with school, homework etc… and yeah she's quite brilliant I bet you would love her …she can even come up with new inventions without any complications that it would take a few hours depending on the project" I began to say nodded at this as I rambled on and on about Hermione; I'm very fond of her as she's my own sister pondering for a moment feeling myself angry "Did you know that story books about the 'boy-who-lived' known as Harry Potter was a bloody lie. Everything that they wrote about Harry… is a bloody lie since the adventure hasn't even happened yet," I spats with venom thru my voice.

Gran widened her eyes stunned "I beg your pardon," she sputtered from my language "I never taught you to disrespect others young man," she scolded me "And I'm pretty sure your parents … would've agreed too…" she explained.

I sighed bowing my head in shame "I'm sorry Gran I didn't mean to be rude but, it makes me angry how people don't appreciate what they have and I also know that mum and dad if they were with us...they would've felt the same way if they knew the truth...but, once you looked inside the pensive I just want to point out that it has been happening for a while… especially for Harry... he changed a lot during school… you know he got in trouble for blowing up his aunt during the summer … after he claimed that she was making fun of his parents but, he never bullied me not since Friday when I was helping Luna" he explained.

"Well there's no need to be angry Neville towards others, it's not worth it but, your right though your parents would've felt the same way and I know that it has been happening for awhile especially that friend of yours...Harry Potter was it?" Gran began to say causing me to nod at this "Lately that's all they care about when it comes with Harry Potter but, what does that that have to do with you being out of school at this hour and want to move all the way to America— "Gran drifted off realizing what I just said "Well to be completely honest… I never really read those books but, whatever it was… there's no need for you to be angry over the author since it's basically fiction, not real," she explained.

"I know that Gran but, that's not why I'm angry … it's a long story but, I'll tell you why since I know you wouldn't be able to believe me anyway… I was walking around and saw Luna heading to her dorm as you know she's a Ravenclaw only and got curious. She told me that her things are missing so I helped her find her things it explains everything in that letter that I gave you Gran," I began to say shifting uncomfortable as I held my breath, Gran furrowed her eyebrows at this waving 'Go on Neville,' signal "We managed to grab some of her stuff back ...but, when we were heading back to her dorm we bumped into Harry and Ron from the Astrology tower and knew it was really late so it got me curious … how the story is far from the truth," he explained.

"What do you mean by that Neville?" Gran asked.

"I've been thinking about it… how mum and dad got tortured… or how Harry and his parents were in hiding… before things went bad…" I explained.

"Neville I told you this story about how your parents... and the Potter's were in hiding ... why would you be thinking about the story now?" Gran explained.

"Lately I've been thinking of a lot of things, especially what happened to mum and dad being tortured..or if the Prophecy was true or not?" I explained.

Gran paled at this "Prophecy where did you hear that from?" she asked.

"From Fred and George they overheard their parents back when they were young and that's when Ariel, Aqua who are Hermione's older sisters started talking about it as well," I pointed out.

"Oh really…?"

"Yes really,"

"And what about the Prophecy?"

~*~End of Chapter Eight~*~

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