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The Bonds of Friendship and Love


Chapter One

The Plan

Kagome stepped towards him, the moonlight reflecting from her hair and causing her skin to glow. "Thank you Sesshoumaru," she said sweetly, pouring her gratitude into each syllable. "Thanks for letting him go." She smiled at him, her beautiful smile that always caused those who saw it to feel a warmth in their hearts.

He nodded, acknowledging her words, before glancing at his brother, as if suddenly remembering his presence, his nose turned up in a sneer. He turned his amber eyes back to her sapphire and was silent for some time before replying. "The boy wished beyond reason to die by my hand, this was Naraku's doing." He turned slightly away but his eyes did not leave hers. "I refuse to play by his rules." he then finished his turn and started his trek towards the forest.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" Rin called as she chased after him, she paused briefly and turned her head back to Kagome and Inuyasha, while continuing to run she waved at the pair and grinned. "Goodbye!" she called out to them before charging after the Demon Lord.

Kagome and Inuyasha stood in stunned silence as the Demon Lord made no motion to stop the little human child who followed after him. Inuyasha, being the one who lost interest first, broke from the spell of shock and with a grunt motioned Kagome to follow him before he began to walk off in the opposite direction. They should probably check on Sango and Miroku.

Kagome, however, did not notice his gesture and continued to observe the Demon as he walked off into the distance. His long silver strands swayed with the gentle breeze, the silver strands illuminated by the moonlight and looked like strands of the purest silk glittering in the night. She couldn't take her eyes off him, something within her compelled her to watch him. The memory of their exchange, the feeling of his amber eyes on her, plagued her mind. Even though he was gone, she could still feel his eyes on her. She shivered slightly, though she was unsure whether it was from the breeze, or if it had something to do with the strange knot that had formed in her stomach and the heat pooling between her legs.

Inuyasha turned his head to say something to Kagome when he noticed she wasn't next to him. He turned around to see her still watching his brother. He growled, annoyed at her wasting their time, and went to go get her when the wind brought a scent to the tip of his nose. 'What the fuck!?' He roared inwardly as his instincts supplied him with the meaning of the scent. 'She's getting off on the bastard!?' He cracked his knuckles and felt the urge to fight, with either her or his brother. Though the moment his knuckles cracked, Kagome jumped out of her trance. She turned to Inuyasha and gave him an apologetic smile, trying to pretend that that didn't just happen.

"Come on Inuyasha we have to get back to the others!" She grinned at him weakly. She hoped that he hadn't noticed. She prayed that he hadn't noticed. From the displeased expression on his face, she doubted her prayers would bare fruit, but she could at least pretend that it hadn't happened. She hastily walked past him and waved her hand at him to indicate for him to move along.

Which he did, but not without a suspicious frown. "Well you were the one making us take so long Wench!" he called out as he jogged to catch up with her.


In another part of the forest, not too far from them, a pale figure in a light purple kimono leaned against a tree. She pushed her dark hair over her shoulder and when the wind blew her hair back into her face she reached higher up and pushed the purple bangs which shaped her face behind her pointed ear, helping her hair to stay in it's place. Her long fingers then reached down to her violet obi which had her sword tied to it. She fingered the black hilt, her fingers running over the gold symbol for 'hell' that it held.

Her purple eyes watched Inuyasha and his human girl contemplatively, their relationship was certainly curious. The half-demon had seemed irritated at the human girls attraction to Sesshoumaru, but there was no scent of mating between the two- not even a courting scent. But Inuyasha had certainly seemed irritated by the idea of the girl finding his brother attractive- not that she could blame the girl, Sesshoumaru was attractive. She smirked slightly, she had watched the whole event- not on purpose, of course, she had been waiting on someone, someone who had yet to arrive- and had been surprised, no surprised was not a strong enough word, she had been shocked that Sesshoumaru had been protecting a little mortal girl, a human of all things. Sesshoumaru protecting a human.

She shook her head to stave off an internal rant. As interesting as Sesshoumaru protecting the girl was, the way that he had interacted with Inuyasha's wench had been more interesting- he had been practically pouring his heart to her... She frowned, perhaps not that far, but as someone who had known him for as long as she had... well he at least held some warm feelings for her, feelings that seemed to be returned, even if in the form of lust.

She watched the pair who were now nearly out of sight, Inuyasha suddenly had the girl climb onto his back and sped off into the distance. She stared blankly out at the field and in her mind played over what she had seen. She thought over they way that Sesshoumaru had spoken to the human, had looked at the human. How the human had looked back at him- had desired him. Suddenly she was struck with an idea, an idea that, if it worked, would get under the hanyou's skin.

'It's perfect!' Her lips cured up into a feral grin. 'and it works well for everybody except the bastard half-breed!' She let out a chuckle an her smirk deepened, flashing her teeth as she began to think of ways to get her plan to work.

"Well now, perhaps you would like to share what you find so amusing?" a dark voice chuckled from behind her.

Her smile softened before turning wryly. 'He's late.' She complained to herself, she was surprised that it had taken him so long to catch up to her, considering that she had escaped his castle over an hour ago- she hadn't even bothered to hide her scent. Perhaps he was getting sloppy? Or Lazy.

"Naraku, what do you want?" she sighed with mock annoyance, turning to him with her arms crossed and a brow raised.

He pulled the hood of his bamboo cloak back, his red eyes flashing with amusement and his lips curled to a smile. "To know what you find so entertaining my dear." He replied with a snicker. He took a step towards her and sniffed the air, his eyes flickered around before settling back on her.

She felt a shiver at the tone in his voice and the way that he had called her, my dear. That was the nick name that he had started to use with her when they had first met, then had subsequently used it with her. She hated it, she hated the term, hated the way it reminded her of her father, hated the way that it sent a chill down her spine each time he said it.

Though he irritated and annoyed her and had technically held her captive, found that she didn't hate him, in fact, she found that he was actually good company. While she had been his captive she had talked to him frequently and it had felt less like a kidnapping and more like a friendship. The only thing that about him that disagreed with her about him was what he did to people, she hated innocents being hurt- human or otherwise. She also disliked that nickname, though, in his defence, hers for him was no better. A giggle escaped her lips as she remembered their first meeting- where she had given him his little nickname.


She sighed and sunk back against the blood covered stone wall. She was in a dungeon. Not a nice dungeon either, no, this was a dark and damp dungeon. Chains hung from the walls around her, two of which were strapped to her wrists. There was also blood staining the walls, blood and a strange egg-white sticky substance that she was not sure that she wanted to know what it was- it didn't have a scent though, so she supposed that was a good thing. The air made up for the substances lack of smell, the air was thick with miasma which was making it difficult to breathe.

She tugged at the chains against her wrists and sighed. They were just so weak, the woman who had chained her up obviously had no idea who she was and had made no effort to ensure that she was secured tightly. She had decided to leave them hanging as she had wanted to meet her captor, but it had been hours and now she was loosing feeling in them. She let out another sigh and looked down at herself, she hadn't bathed at all for the week that she had been there and it was showing. Her skin was covered with grime and sweat and stunk, her clothes fared no better, they were covered with dirt and whatever else was on the floor... probably other people's blood.

Though this wasn't what bothered her the most, no she could handle all of this, she was a demon, she had lived through worse. No, what bothered her the most about her situation was her boredom. The bastard who had had her kidnapped couldn't have even left her a scroll to read or something to do, at this point, she'd even do some sticking to entertain her- and she hated stitching! She tapped her foot against the floor as she stared up at the ceiling, well what she could see of the ceiling, the miasma made it a little difficult.

'Gods, here I am locked in his castle and I haven't even met him yet.' she pondered her captor and crossed her legs. 'That weird creepy lady, who has a crush on Sesh bought me here...' she wagged a foot and frowned, what had been that woman's name? She remembered her red eyes and her feather but she could not remember her mentioning a name, if she ever saw her again she'd ask she supposed.

"Ugh!" she rolled her head back against the wall. She was so bored! She turned her head and looked around for something, anything, to do, even if it was something as simple as counting scratches on the wall. As her eyes scanned her surroundings she caught sight of the long chains on the ground next to her. They were coated in a sheen of what appeared to be rust and blood, and had obviously been used on a previous captive but had long since fallen from the wall.

Her eyes widened, she had an idea! She pulled her arms free from their shackles, she had something that she could do to occupy the time, at least for now.

Naraku slunk down the dark corridors of his castle. He was on his way to the dungeon, where he was holding a strong demon captive. He chuckled softly to himself as he thought about her. He finally had a full demon within his grasp. A strong one two, from the stories that he had heard of her. His lips curled upwards into a smile, provided that nothing went wrong, and it shouldn't, then he should be able to absorb her demonic powers and use them to his liking.

He stopped by the door to the cell and as he was about to slide it open, he heard an odd sound. It almost sounded like someone whipping the ground- no, he frowned, that was not right. The sound was too heavy, it sounded like a chain, but then wasn't she chained? So then how could she be able to do anything with them, the miasma should be weakening her as well, so it was unlikely that she had escaped her shackles, but the sounds coming from the room seemed to betray his thinking.

'I never thought I would be using a chain as a whip while in captivity...' she thought with a giggle as she thrashed the chain down against the floor as though it was a whip. 'Perhaps I should try this more often,' she mused as she raised the chain above her head. 'This really helps with stress…' she turned to whip another part of the floor.

"Pray tell, what are you doing?" a cool voice said from behind her, there was an edge of amusement to the voice.

She jumped and turned, her amethyst eyes meeting his crimson. 'When did he get here?' She thought as she curled her lip back in a sneer, but it did not meet her eyes, she was amused at the situation, of course she would be caught being silly, why would she not be caught having some fun when she was supposed to be a captive?

She eyed the male before her, her eyes gliding up and down his form. He was attractive. He was very attractive. She inwardly flinched, of course he was attractive, why wouldn't he be attractive. She felt her knees weaken, then inwardly shouted at herself for finding him so- though, she supposed, even though he was her captor, she was allowed to noticed his appealing appearance.

She shook her head. 'Ugh… What am I thinking? This asshole is holding me prisoner!' She scolded herself and did her best to ignore the heat pooling at her abdomen. Tearing herself from her thoughts she glanced up to him and noticed the impatient look on his face, though his eyes were glittering and she realised that he had asked her a question.

"Oh my apologies, Sir." She replied sarcastically with a cross of her arms and a tilt of her hips. "To answer your question I was bored so found something to do."

"My dear, I can't think of many others things you could have done to erase your boredom." He stated, now openly showing how highly amused he was. He crossed his arms and smiled at her benevolently.

'My dear…?' She felt anger and annoyance flare within her at those words. How dare he address her so informally! She did not even know his name and he was talking to her in such a way? She opened her mouth to express her feelings, that is, until she realised the implications that were in his words, and his facial expressions. 'That hentai!' She growled, clenching her fists. She sucked in a breath and relaxed herself, it would do no good to start fighting with her captor, especially since she knew almost nothing of him.

She dropped her chains and walked up to him, she trailed her fingers against his chest. "You are correct," she began with a small smile. "There are many a things that I could be doing, however it would be dreadfully boring to do so alone, may I have your name? So that it could help keep me entertained..." she smiled innocently at him and inwardly chuckled at his expression- she had caught him off guard.

He quirked a brow and grasped for the hand still drawing lines on his chest. "My name is Naraku..." he rubbed circles on the pale hand. "You don't need to share yours, I know you, Demoness Tiana of the North."

Her eyes flashed red and she suddenly had his hand in a vice-like grip. Her face hardened and she glared dangerously at him. "Well then.." she said coldly. "I suggest you remove your hands from my person, Narku, and tell me what you want from me."

He let out a chuckle but raising his arms placating, he moved back from her. "I have a great many things that I want from you. Perhaps we could discuss them over tea?" he gestured to the door behind him.

She felt her lips twitch and she fell into step beside him as they headed out of the room. "Know that, I will escape."

"You are welcome to try." he said simply. "I will catch you each time." he held his arm out to her, and when she took it he guided her down a hallway.

"Well then, Naraki-poo, I look forward to the challenge." she let out a loud laugh at the expression on his face. She had won their little verbal battle, for now.


She leaned back against the tree as her giggles became louder and turned into laughter as she remembered. The expression that had taken his face when she had called him, 'Naraki-poo', had been hilarious, and she wouldn't have cared if he had killed her in that moment, it wouldhave been worth it. She held her hand to her heaving chest and sighed as her laughter died down. That had not the last time that he had visited her in her cell. Nor had it been the last time that they called each other their little 'pet names'. She let out a wheeze of laughter as memories continued to flow through her mind.

"Whatever could be on your mind, Tiana?" he said with a cross of his arms and a raised brow. He had been oddly patient with her laughter.

She stopped laughing and glanced up at him. Her eyes scanned back to the field where she had seen Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and the human girl, then suddenly, she was struck with an idea. An idea that, if successful, would help an old friend of hers while equally irritating someone she hated. It was perfect... if he agreed to it.

"Naraki-poo?" she grinned at his flinch- when he stopped calling her 'My Dear' she'd stop calling him that. "I won't ask how the hell you keep finding me, I might even stop trying to kill you when you find, if you can help me." she inched closer to him and flashed him a sweet smile. "How would you like to assist me in a little mission to hurt Inuyasha?"

His dark eyes immediately lit up and a smile formed on his lips. "What kind of mission?"

She stepped closer to him, reached forwards and took his hands in hers. Her eyes locked on their joined hands and she was struck by how surprisingly warm they were. She lifted her eyes and theirs eye met and for a moment time froze and she could not move, the world around them had stopped, as if through magic. After a few moments Tiana regained her composure and spoke.

"Well we want to hurt Inuyasha right?"

He nodded slowly, mentally assessing what she was getting at.

"Well one would assume the best way to hurt him would be to remove the human woman that follows him, right?"

He nodded in response, mentally wondering just how she intended to do that- it wasn't like he hadn't tried, wasn't currently trying to do so.

"Wrong!" he flinched at how loud she was. "It is blatantly obvious that he has affections for her so in order to hurt him the best thing to do would be to get that woman's affections moved to another man." She crossed her arms and sent him a smug grin.

He was silent for a few moments as he pondered her words. He then smiled, his eyes burning with something that she could not name, but the look made her flush. He placed a hand on his chin and looked off into the distance, she was unsure if he would say anything, but he eventually did. "I must admit that I have never thought of that… Inuyasha without his Kagome… the idea has merit..."

'Kagome…' Tiana rolled the name over in her mind, that must have been the name of the human girl with the half breed. She locked eyes with him and caught the grin in his, he was agreeing with her, he was going to do it with her! Letting out a sound of joy, she launched herself at him and hugged him tightly while cheering. "Yay, let's get Sesshoumaru and Kagome Together!"


In a grassy field miles away, Jaken, who had been following after Sesshoumaru, suddenly stopped as a shiver ran up and down his spine. He let out a squawk as a feeling of dread accompanied his shivering. Rin, who was trailing not far behind him, noticed his odd behaviour. She tilted her head in confusion at his antics and walked up to him. She eyed him with worry and reached out to pat his back gently.

"What's the matter Master Jaken?"

Another chill ran down his spine. He turned to the girl, worry etched on his face, he replied with, "I don't know…"

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