Chapter 6 Home Sweet Home.

Unlocking the front door, George was the first of the three to enter. Switching on the hallway light. George led Wyatt and Chris into the filthy living room. It didn't look so dusty or empty than it did before he was thrown into the magical community. Even if he and his dad weren't the fondest of cleaning. How George wished, he could turn back time to the night of the party. And not leave the house, his father wouldn't have left the house and things would have been fine. But then he probably would have never met Wyatt and Chris.

"Small, but I guess charming," Wyatt said, as his eyes took in every detail they could. It definitely wasn't as big as he was accustomed to.

"Living at Magic School for too long must have forgotten how small the manor is," Chris replied.

"Small but compact made the most of the room, we had," Wyatt says.

"It's not like the manor, but it's home. Or well I guess it used to be," George sighed, he thought coming back would feel right. Maybe too much has changed since the last time he was here.

"Not that it can't be again," Chris says trying to be optimistic.

"I doubt it, can you really cloak this place from the cousins?" George asked.

"Should be able to do their collective power matches mine. So if we're not too late, I can cloak this place. Let's just hope that the tools, we have can enhance my power enough to prevent them from lowering any protections. I can put up," Chris answered.

"They wouldn't be able if I still had my powers," Wyatt mumbled.

"Will you get over it. Can't you just down a few potions or take magic from one of those knives in one of the bags?" George asks.

"No, I will not get over it, I was one of the most powerful beings to ever exist. And now I'm a mere mortal with no magical traits whatsoever if I tried to acquire powers through downing potions or drawing magic from Athames, I would slowly drive insane since my body and mind are no longer suitable to handle magic," Wyatt snapped.

"Having magic isn't really the prize of a lifetime," George responded.

"And you would know after having it for five minutes," Wyatt scoffed.

"Hey, if you want magic to have all of mine, sure-stopping time for a few seconds is great. If it didn't include being the human embodiment of Cronus who happens to probably be the source of all my power," George rolled his eyes.

"Alright enough both of you, what's done is done now. All we can do is deal with the cards we were given. We have the twins and Junior to get on our side and I don't know how to stop PJ and Peyton without giving them what they want. And even then Parker would want her demon boyfriend. And then it would probably be five against four," Chris spoke-up wanting to end the fight between eldest and youngest.

"I suppose, we could make a deal where we return Parker to them on the condition that her powers are stripped or at most bound. And Xander is left behind." Wyatt suggested.

"What's the difference between stripped and bound?" George asks.

"When you strip someone of their powers, you erase not just their magic active and supportive. You erase all magical traits for good. Whereas when you bind someone's powers, you're merely suppressing them for a period of time making sure there always time for them to tap into their powers at some point," Chris explained.

"Well, I don't think you can do either without the sundial and we don't have that," George said.

"What do you mean that we don't have the Zbornak sundial?" Wyatt questions through gritted teeth.

"It vanished and no I didn't banish it not like I wasn't tempted," George explained.

"Lovely, now I'll work on cloaking this place, you two get in touch with Bianca ask her where she is," Chris instructed.

End of chapter 6.