AN: Hello, this chapter is just a prologue! It's to explain a few questions that might be asked or may seem like inconsistencies. I apologize if it seems awkwardly written. This story was CoWritten by almman08 and ghostface4

Marco grunted as he fell on his back, dropping the sword he held in his hand. He got up, rubbed his head, and heard a voice call out to him. "Nice work, Dum Dum! You wanna get up so you can lose again?"

He looked back at his opponent, who looked at him with a cocky smirk on her face. A beautiful and spunky goddess by the name of Hekapoo. Marco grabbed his sword, and stood back up. "Cut me some slack! In the three years I've been chasing you I've never had to use a sword!"

Indeed, it had been three years since he took on her quest. Three years since he's seen his family. His friends. Star. Or even Jackie. God, how he misses them. There hasn't been a day since he hasn't thought of them. And as much as Marco wants to see them, Marco wasn't a quitter. He said he would take back those scissors, and by The All Mighty, he will!

"Yeah yeah, you just can't admit that you suck at this!" Hekapoo enjoyed teasing Marco. His reactions were either cute or funny. She looked at him and saw how tired he was. He was panting and could barely stand up straight. "Alright, big guy, let's take a break."

Marco immediately collapsed from exhaustion. Taking in a few deep breaths, he managed to heave himself off the ground and moved to a nearby log. He leaned against it, as Hekapoo moved closer and sat down on it.

She looked at him up and down. He's grown rather nicely these past couple of years. He's a bit taller now, and he has developed some nice muscles. Damn fine muscles. She had to fight the urge to jump on him, as she licked her lips. As much as she wanted to, she has an important job to do, and she knew now was the time to do it.

"You know, you're not doing so bad. I've trained many would-be heroes and adventures, most of whom fail on their first day of training. Heck, Queen Solaria could barely pick up a sword when I first started to teach her." She said, hoping he would take the bait.

Marco looked up at her with a questioning look. "Who's Queen Solaria?"

Hook, line, and sinker.

"What? You claim to be friends with the royal family, but you don't know of their history?" She asked him.

"Well, sorry, I didn't think a goddess would be quizzing me on my best friend's family history." He sounded a bit miffed, but it was probably because he was tired. "Though, I will admit, I am a bit curious. I always wondered how Star's family got the wand, how Mewni came to be, and that sort of thing. I never asked her, since I thought it would be rude or awkward." He paused for a moment. "And, to be honest, I'm not sure if she herself knew."

Hekapoo had to silently agree on that. She hadn't interacted much with the princess, but she could tell that she wasn't exactly focused or all there. She still remembers the footage of her first week with the wand.

"Well, since we've got nothing better to do, I might as well give you a bit of a history lesson. Who knows, you might actually be quizzed on it someday." She said, a bit of a teasing smile on her face.

She didn't really wait for the human boy to give an answer as she continued. "Queen Solaria Butterly. AKA, Solaria The Monster Carver." Marco winced internally at the name. "How brutal do you have to be to get that name?"

"Excessively. Now, don't interrupt me." She smacked her hand against the back of his head. She cleared her throat and continued. "Anyways, Solaria was the 28th Queen of Mewni. And as you might have guessed, she led a rather bloody campaign against the monsters in Mewni. While it did bring the kingdom a time of peace, it also left many Mewmans dead. And even more monsters the same."

She took a moment to look over and made sure he was listening. Fortunately, he was, so she continued. "Her reign didn't last too long, though. She was killed in a night ambush, leaving the throne to her young daughter, Eclipsa."

Marco had an immediate reaction to hearing that name, and sat straight up. "Eclipsa? As in, the Queen of Darkness? With the forbidden chapter in the Magic Book of Spells?"

Hekapoo was a bit startled by his reaction, but that subsided quickly. "Uh, yeah, that's her. I'm guessing you heard of her, at least?" Marco regained his composure and layed back down.

"Yeah, you can say. I once helped Star read her forbidden chapter. I ended up getting possessed by a dark spell."

Thinking back, Hekapoo does remember seeing Star Butterfly reading the Magic Book of Spells with some boy… wearing a red hoodie… Huh.

Before Hekapoo could have said anything, Marco asked, "What was her deal, any ways? Did she enjoy subjecting her subjects or something?"

"No, not really. She was a pretty decent queen to her people. But, she was very much drawn to dark magic, disregarding the taboo around it. Not only that, but she started making peace with the monster way too fast. Peace is good and all, but the people still had the war on their minds. But that wasn't even her worst crime. She abandoned her kingdom to elope with a monster."

Marco was surprised by this to say the least. "Wait, you mean she just left everything behind?" He asked.

"Yep. Everything. The MHC, Her kingdom, Her daughter Festivia, her husband Shastacan (not that I blame her), everything. All for her new hubby, The Monster King, taking the Royal Magic Wand with her. As you could guess, we couldn't just let these crimes slide. So, we chased her down, and had her imprisoned." Hekapoo told him.

Marco took a moment to process this information. Marco could understand chasing after true love, but still, to just leave behind her kingdom and family like that. That brought up another question. "What ever happened to her family after she was arrested?"

"Hmm. Well, after we crystalised her, King Shastacan started parading around like he was some sort of big hero, spreading the news of Eclipsa's arrest. That sort of procession was bound to get some attention." She looked down. She could tell that he was soaking up the information. Good. He'll need it. "Whose attention do you think he got?" She asked.

That's a no brainer. "I'm guessing The Monster King?"

"Bingo. Shastacan, the narcissistic fool, painted a huge target on his back. As soon he declared himself the highest ruler in Mewni, the Monster King fell down and ate him… I wish I could see it again. Gosh, that man was a prick. Anyways, after he went on a rampage in the Spiderbite Kingdom, we chased him down until we finally Crystalised him."

"And her Daughter? Festivia, was it?"

Hekapoo smiled a bit. "Well, she was only a baby at the time. So, the MHC raised her… Mostly me."

"She actually made party drinks based off of us, if you can believe it.

"I said I'd support her, no matter what, and I did, even if it met war." Hekapoo sighed. "I still wonder if that was the right thing to do…"

"I can see why." Marco said solemnly. "You may have not wanted war but it was ultimately her decision to make."

"Omnitraxis said she should've made peace with the monsters but she said no. We really should've pushed it more on her…"

"You can lead a horse to water."

"Actually, the worst part was she just couldn't see why the monsters were burning down villages.."

"Though, what was really hard was the lie we told her all her life."

"What was that?"

"We told her that her parents had been eaten by monsters. Well, that was partly true, in regards to Shastacan but we never told her what really happened to Eclipsa."


"We were afraid how she'd take it. Her mom abandoning her for a monster, the one that ate her father? It was a can of worms we didn't want to open.

"After the war, she married Prince Musty Mountains of the mole rat people and had two daughters, Dirhhennia and Crescenta. Those two are stories all to themselves but I think I've told you enough."

"Yeah, I've got enough info here to bore the next deity to ask me about Star's family." Marco lied back down, hoping to get as much rest as he can. But, that wasn't happening, as Hekapoo grabbed his leg and started dragging him with her.

"Alright, that's enough resting. Time to continue our other lessons.

Though Marco groaned in complaint, he would later thank her for all the training. And over the course of the next 16 years, Marco would beat her thousands of clones, and gain his own pair of Dimensional Scissors. And not long after receiving them, the Mewman Princess would burst into her home and take him back.

"I've done my part." Hekapoo said, as she watched her old friend leave. "It's all in the hands of fate now." She left the forge and entered another room, lit only by the flame over her head. This was rectified by a snap of her fingers, lighting up the many candles in the room.

On the walls were many paintings, all of previous royal families. She walked passed them, and reached one that was covered by a tarp. Grabbing on to it, she pulled away the tarp, revealing a painting of Eclipsa, with her daughter Festivia, and her husband, a now adult Marco Diaz Butterfly.

"It's been fun muscles, but now I gotta let you go… Maybe after one more slap." As she says this, she opens a portal to Marco's room.

"So, what's his name?" Eclipsa asked.

"Huh? What? No, no, no, no, no, no, it's not like that." Star said. "Well, well not anymore. It's just Marco."

Eclipsa felt her heart stop. Her eyes widened and her face grew paler than normal.

"Ah, Marco. So that's it." She said, managing to keep her voice steady.

As Star continued to rant, Eclipsa fought to keep her composure.

'Get a hold of yourself, woman.' She thought. 'There's no possible way it could be him. It's a coincidence, plain and simple.'

"Eclipsa?" Marco gasped. "Isn't she that ancient evil queen everyone's talking about? We don't trust you one bit!"

Eclipsa tried her hardest to keep her legs from collapsing. 'By the eyes of Soupina, how can this be?' She thought in near panic. 'He looks just No, no, no! He couldn't be! It's just a colossal coincidence, that's all! Do not go opening that wound again!'

She had to get her mind clear. "O-oh? A-are you afraid I'll get my evil cooties on you?"

Before her eyes, the boy took the same stance he did all those years ago. "Stay back, woman!"

Almost on instinct, she mimicked. She screamed at herself internally. She needs to resolve this tension she's feeling. "Wh-what's this? S-some s-sort of sword hand dance? Th-this looks fun!" She couldn't have felt more awkward even if she tried.

"Don't come any closer!" He barked at her. Eclipsa was certain Star said something, but she didn't hear what it was, too focused on the boy.

"A-aren't you adorable?"

"Who are you calling adorable?!"

Before this could escalate any further, Star had pushed Marco out of the room. She has her gratitude for that. It was starting to get scary for her.

"You're ruining everything I'm trying to accomplish!" Star shouted at the buffed up Mina.

"Well, you just helped the most dangerous monster in the history of Mewni escape!" She retorted back at the princess.

At that moment, the doors of the temple bursted open, beams of light shooting in, crystallizing anyone they hit. When the beams stopped, a number of the royal nights started charging in, followed by Rhombulus. "Everybody freeze!" Shouted the commision member, pointing his snake arms threateningly.

"Oh no." Was all Star could say.

"The doughnut patrol? I gotta make track!" Saying this, Mina made her way to the nearest window, ready to jump out. However, she was spotted by Star, and she was not ready to let her escape.

"You're not going anywhere, Mina!" With that, she raised her wand and chanted a spell. "Bring Back Blast!"

Unfortunately for Star, the blast missed Mina, allowing her to make her escape. However, even worse, the blast had stopped mid air, and started sucking in everything around as it turned into a vortex.

All around, the party goers and knights ran to find something to hold on to, some managing to barely escape the room. But at that moment, completely unaware of the danger, Marco came running into the room. "Star, are you alright?! Did you get MinaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"

Before Marco could grasp what was going on, he found himself being pulled through the air, towards a swirling vortex.

Star panicked as she saw her best friend being pulled in. "Marco, no!" She lifted the wand up with one hand, and chanted another spell, hoping to save her friend. "Raspberry Ribbon Lasso!"

Marco heard the spell being cast, and looked to see the magical rope coming towards him.

As he reached for it, both had hopes that he would grab it. However, fate was not on their side. As soon as it was just out of his grasp, Marco was sucked into the vortex, with it closing as soon as he went through.

Star could not believe what she had just seen. Her best friend… was gone. She fell to her knees, feeling as if this moment would go on forever.

For Marco, he wished this moment would end already. He tumbled through the air in some sort of swirling tunnel, with no end in sight. Once he managed to get her bearings, and hold back his puke, he managed to right himself and look at his surroundings.

All around him was nothing but a swirling darkness, quickly shooting him through the air. He looked for some sort of exit, but there weren't any around him.

"Oh god, what is this place?" He asked himself, trying to remain calm. Taking a moment, he tried to get a better look at his surroundings.

Now that he did, it seemed… somewhat familiar. He could have sworn he saw something similar before. But where? Thinking back, he remembered his time chasing Hekapoo and her clones. He had many encounters with portals and swirling vortexes. So, what kind was this one?

Before he could continue that train of thought, a light started to illuminate the tunnel. Looking around, he found he was being pushed right towards it. Marco braced himself for the worst, as he reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Feeling himself get shot out, He took a downward plunge and hit the ground. Groaning, he pulled himself up and dusted himself off and stretched his muscles. Once done, he looked to see where he was.

He was standing right in the middle of a heated battle. Because of course. Not only that, but it was day time. Could Star have used… a time travel spell? That's not good. Those can be very unpredictable. Not to mention time travel is Illegal.

But enough of that, he needs to get out of this battlefield as fast as he can.

He looked around quickly, trying to find an exit. But instead, he found a sword being swung at him.

-End of Prologue