"Farewell, Lieutenant. You're so considerate of your subordinates. Those subordinates haven't done anything wrong by becoming somewhat bigger. You don't want to slay them, right?"

Levi is propelled up the treeline just as one of the newly spawned Titans tries to consume him. Still in shock, humanity's strongest soldier stares down his former comrades, now his monstrous enemies. "Was it the wine?" Levi didn't consume any, but the wine that the Scout recruits got are usually reserved for the Military Police, and the wine is of Marleyan origin. The soldiers begged for permission to drink it, and Levi relented. How did he not see this coming?

"His spinal fluid was in the wine? He said that their bodies would become rigid. There weren't any signs of that… is that because it was a lie?" Levi suddenly gasps as the Titans climb up the trees, but with greater speed and skill than a normal Titan could. He leaps off, narrowly dodging another leaper. He draws his blades, cutting the hand of another Titan. As he heads for its nape, he recognizes the face of the Titan as a man named Barris. Painfully, he dodges out the way of the Titan's mouth, allowing it to hit a tree trunk. As he descends, he gazes around at the multitude of Titans. "Are you...still...in there...you guys?"

No answer comes from the gathering of Titans, and sadly, Levi must do what he must to survive...


"Didn't I say that I didn't want to do something like this? I'm sad, though. This is neither a conflict nor battle. This is farewell. We couldn't trust one another. But even that was understandable. You've seen so little of the world, and it's far too different from what you think it is. But it seems you've misunderstood the success of the surprise attack on Liberio. The war potential of the entire world will soon gather upon this island. Thinking to yourselves that you have power, that you have time, that you have options. That's what you've really misunderstood, Levi. Those are your mistakes."

Zeke turns away from the direction where Levi is fighting as he is escorted out of the forest by a trio of Titans. "Well, even if I had said my true intentions… You guys probably wouldn't understand."

"Hey, Eren, we're the only ones who understand, right?" Zeke looks forward to where he hopes the exit to this forest is also in the right direction. "If I can escape this forest, soon, I'll be where you are. But you do remember the exact time and place… Right, Eren?.. Hmm?" A black line suddenly enters Zeke's right peripheral view. Turning to it, he sees it is an ODM line, and behind it is the lieutenant slashing the nape of one of the escorts. The bloody devil himself. "GO!"

Levi flies forward, taking out the arm and nape of the lead Titan and flies around to the Titan carrying Zeke. With no other option, Zeke leaps off and bits his hand. "Why are you still alive!"

After his transformation, Zeke protects his nape with a crystal covering while scanning the area. "Where did you go? Levi! Ah, over there, eh!" Grabbing and crushing a Titan's face, Zeke flings the flesh at Levi, who dodges and disappears again. That incites the Beast's anger, but furthermore, does that mean Levi took care of his subordinates? "What happened to your cute subordinates? Don't tell me you killed them? How pitiful!" Zeke senses movement behind him and throws more flesh, only to see that he noticed falling branches...from above.

"Checkmate, you bearded-face bastard. You weren't reading obediently, but aside from that… How could I misunderstood anything? To think you could escape me because you turned my subordinates into Titans… You thought that I couldn't kill my comrades? Do you know just how many comrades that we've killed? You probably wouldn't even know." Zeke throws up more flesh bits in a bid to protect himself, but some branches do get past and strike at the hardened nape. No, those aren't branches. It's those damned explosive spears!


Zeke is ejected from the Beast Titan with a strong explosion, dropping on the ground somehow alive but immensely disfigured. He feels Levi grab his head and hold him up. "Hey, beard-face. You asshole. You reek of filth, and you're in damn bad shape for a piece of shit. Don't worry, I won't be killing you… Yet."

Shiganshina District, Hange

"What? Hange?"

Hange, Floch, and a few Jaegerists exit out the headquarters within Shiganshina to the roof, where Instructor Sadies and his 109th Training Corps stand. The pale-haired brat begins shouting orders as soon as he spots Sadies. "It's been a while, Instructor. It's sudden, but we'll be taking over this subdivision of the Army Corps. We're the ones who are being called the 'Jaegerists' or something like that. From here onwards, you mobilize according to our orders."

"The Jaegerists…"

Sadies scoffs. "You seem to know your place quite well, Floch. An asshole like you is like that statue of a little boy that's pissing into a fountain. If you think that you wouldn't be considered a comrade by anyone else unless you pointed a gun at me… Then you're absolutely right."

Floch suddenly fires, the bullet bouncing off the ground by Sadies foot. The ex-Commander of the Scouting Regiment, however, remains unmoved. "I missed… Anyways, I thought if I shot at your leg, I could make you talk faster and get it over with."

"Talk about what?"

Floch shakes his head as he steps past Sadies. "Nah, it has nothing to do with you. We don't need an old guy like you, who's got no redeeming qualities aside from being obstinate. From now on… Those of you in the Training Corps! This is your era! Those of us known as Jaegerists have sworn to dedicate our hearts to save Eldia from the brink of collapsing. This won't be for the sake of the old Army Corps organization, but for the sake of our people living on this island! If we remain dependent on the old-fashioned Army Corps that doesn't know what to do, we'll only get trampled by the enemy in the outside world! Now, I'm asking you all, who are you all? Are you someone who will live together with us, in a future led by Eren Jaeger, or are you someone who will remain with Keith Sadies here, and commit double suicide alonside your own customs?"

A few walk over in front of Floch, saluting him with their right fist over their heart. "For the sake of Eldia's future, I'll dedicate my heart!"

"Alright, show me your resolve! Beat up Instructor Sadies until he can no longer stand! This guy is the embodiment of all the bad habits that we ought to be weeding out! Let me see you purge them! Those who cannot do this will be thrown in jail!"

"Cut it out, Floch," Hange exclaims. "Stop acting like an idiot."

"Hange," Sadies says, "regardless of how many pipsqueaks come at me… They're no match for me..." Or so he says, but Hange watches as Sadies is brutally beaten by each and every single one of the students to Floch's satisfaction. What's worse is that she cannot stop them. So this is what Floch wants, to see the old broken and destroyed while the new rises from the ashes. How...idiotic, she would think, but wasn't she once party to the destruction of the old regime and the rising of the new four years prior? But unlike then… Erwin plotted each step out without a single drop of blood. How many have bleed due to the Jaegerists?

Floch chuckles as Sadies lies on the ground a broken, beaten mess. "You did well. All of you will be welcome." He turns to Hange, who has her back to him as he heads back inside. "Well… Would you guide me to where Zeke is being detained, Commander Hange?"



"Are you awake? Oi, wait, don't move." Levi gestures to the spear implanted in Zeke's abdomen. "The Thunder Spear's fuse is connected to a wire that's been tied around your neck. If you move recklessly, it'll detonate from your abdomen. You'll probably end up in two pieces, to say the least." Levi looks out to the setting sun as the horses pull the cart he and Zeke rides in, hearing the vomiting struggles of the wounded Beast Titan. "Given the state you're in, it's hard for me to even tell you not to die. But it's not like I have any sympathy for you. You treaded over the lives of my subordinates, all according to your plan. Was being covered in vomit and shit while bawling your eyes out...all according to your plan?" Levi takes out his blades and dismembers Zeke's legs, causing the Beast to howl. "Shut up. If I don't chop you up like this, an asshole like you could end up turning into a Titan, right?"

"M… My...glasses...where are they?"

"Oh? As if I'd know. You won't be needing your glasses anymore, anyway.


"You should have been exterminated, all of you! But you still have children! Why do you still give birth to other demons?"

"Remember Zeke, this is the outside world. If this world is wrong, then it must be changed. Zeke, you will be the one to save us all…"

I did not come here to die...I did not plan all of this to die here and now. I became a warrior...because my mother and father saw hope in me. I studied the history of Eldia, from both Marley and Eldia's perspectives, for them. But I had no motivation to become a warrior. I did not want to be their hope. I just wanted to be their kid… But to save myself, to prove my loyalty to Marley, I had to turn against them.

Yet… I still wanted to save the world. And my predecessor, Tom Xavier, held the answer.

"About 600 years ago, an epidemic broke out. So many people died that it had resulted in the world's population dropping sharply. But one day, the confining Empire of Eldia completely defeated the disease. It's not that there were fewer ill people. Among the Descendants of Ymir that caught the disease, not even one person died. The holder of the Founding Titan of the time had yielded its power and had rewritten the composition of the Descendants of Ymir's bodies in a way that was favorable to the situation. Basically, we Descendants of Ymir, no matter where or in what conditions we find ourselves in, we are like one part of the Founding Titan's body. What do you think? It's terrible, right?"

"Well then… I wonder, would the holder be able to make it so that Ymir's descendants cannot bear babies? If this person uses the power of the Founding Titan. If no more Descendants of Ymir were to be born… After 100 years, Titans would have surely vanished from this world. The world wouldn't have to be afraid of Titans or suffer because of them anymore. More than anything...if from the start we hadn't been born, there would have been no suffering. It would have been better."

That has been my drive, my goal. To ensure the world is safe, the people of Eldia must become sterile. No more fear from the world, no more suffering of the Eldians. Peace can now thrive. That is my dream… "The only possibly...salvation...is Eldia's...euthanasia…"

"What did you say? Euthanasia or something? You're gonna end up dying inside some stinky Titan's mouth while hearing the sound of your own body getting chewed up, but...wouldn't that be an awfully gentle way for you to die, compared to the lives of my comrades that you've stolen…"

"I didn't steal them… I saved them. The lives of those children...from...this cruel world."

Levi looks down and draws his swords again. "Looks like your legs grew back, isn't that right?"

"Watch me, Mr. Xavier! AAAAAHHHHHH!" Zeke pulls back on the fuse, causing the Thunder Spear in the cart to detonate...