DFS Chapter 30

"You idiot!" Suigetsu yells, pointing an accusing finger. Tiny feet stomping towards her on the hardwood floor. "You were supposed to marry big brother!"

Tsuru turns her gaze upwards, towards Mangetsu who has been following his sibling, and who looks just as lost as she is.


"Well I can't marry you!"

"Why would you?" she asks. Torn between amusement, and a prick of annoyance, because who wouldn't want to marry her? She was awesome.

"Because your supposed to be my sister!"

"Have you asked Mangetsu how he feels about marrying me?"

Surely the older boy would consider the age difference to great.

note: I'm back to working on this story and a new one, but after this post will be uploading chapters only on ao3 under Evanelle or Sedna, and my Tumblr sednaposts. If you wish to read more, come find me there. Another chapter is guaranteed to be up next week.