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It was nice.

Just lying in the sun, she thought dazedly.

Her skin was warm, but there was a perfectly cool breeze, and her patch of grass was exceptionally comfortable. Where she was, why and how she got there, what her name even was, none of that crossed her mind. Time was meaningless. It was all just... peaceful. She ran her fingers through the long grass around her, it tickled her skin every time the wind blew.

A giggle left her lips.

"This is the place battered souls go to heal. It is a half way point, you see." Blinking she struggled to focus her eyes on the one who spoke.

It was a metal statue come to life.

Well that was odd.

"The problem is, they tend to get soul drunk." Leaning down, it snapped its fingers in front of her face. Making some of that endless, perfect contentment disappear. She pouted. "Are you with me young one?"

"What are you?" The words were slurred.

Really, she just wished it would go away.

"Today I am your guardian angel."

That had her blinking again. Trying to make out a better image of its face. Sculpted metal, solid chrome. More of a robot than an angel. Yet it was... so strange, so foreign, so alien.

"Now don't be that way young one. I'm here to help you."

"Why?" Couldn't it just let her go back to lying in the grass peacefully?

"Because you are, or were, a battered soul." Reaching down it pulled her up in one swift movement.

It made her dizzy and unsteady.

"A battered soul?" She questioned, still mostly in a fog.

"In life you were raised by your violently abusive father, your only escape being the books and such you were able to hide. He killed you when you were twelve, beat your head in with a table lamp." The thing explained nonchalantly.

"Oh." She answered stupidly.

"Innocents are not supposed to end up here. Only a true tragedy of fate could lead to an innocent finding their soul so battered and broken it must be sent to the field to heal. When this happens we grant them another chance, and hope the Norns bestow upon them a kinder fate."

She was trying to think now, really she was, but it was like her head was under water.

"That is not to say I have no choice in where you go."

"Go?" She repeated, shaking her head from side to side, nearly falling if not for its grip on her arm.

"And I know just where to send you." It paused and turned to her, its eyes were white she noted, pure white. "I'll even give you a gift. What is it you would like?"

"Water." She was so thirsty suddenly.

"Water huh..? Yes, I suppose that could work."

In stead of continuing to pull her around like she thought it would, it turned her so they were face to face. She was wrong, its eyes weren't pure white, no they were, but they were pure starlight.

"Good luck young one. I sincerely hope we never meet again."

And then she was falling.

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