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Other people and main characters

"C-C-C-C'mon "C-C-C-C'mon go go! C-C-C-C'mon C-C-C-C'mon go go! I'm waiting for my music to load." A girl sang pushing away from her computer. Her short brown hair bounced as she bobbed her head to the music that was in her head. "And my brain is gonna Effing explode. But of course its time to hit the road which means that I'll be misrable all day." "But that really isn't such a change." A Male voice said from behind her as a boy with similar hair walked in. "If we're not feeling Mad or super strange then our life would be a disarray." She stood up from her chair and continued.

"Cause freaking out is our okay. Good morning time to start the day!" Her brother joined her as they both ran out of her room. " C-C-C'mon C-C-C-C'mon go go! C-C-C-C'mon C-C-C-C'mon go go!" They ran down the stairs and into they're Mom Christine (See where this is going?) "Jessie! Jeremiah Junior! What did I say about running down the stairs." The two sighed in annoyance as the black haired woman tapped her foot. "Not to..." They said. "Have a nice first day and DON'T do it again." She kissed both they're fore heads causing Jeremiah Junior to quickly scrub that area. "C'mon JJ" Jessie said running out the door. They both stood at the bus stop.

"Should we take the bus or walk instead. I feel my stomach filling up with dread." "When I get nervous my whole face goes just weigh the options calmly and be still." Jessie sighed and looked at her brother. "A junior on the bus is killer weak." "But if we walk when we arrive than I will straight up reek." JJ Started basically counting down what could go wrong if they walk with his fingers.

" And my Boxers will be bunchy-" "And your pits will leak-" Jessie interrupted since this was an everyday conversation. "Oh God I wish I had the skill to just be fine and cool and chill." this part ended with JJ walking onto the bus leaving Jessie to walk. "I don't want to be a hero." She started while walking down the street with a sigh. "Just wanna stay in the line. I'll never be a Bruce Wayne. For me Dick Greyson is fine." She walked into a sign pole since she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking. She heard laughter as she rubbed her nose in frustration. "So I follow all my rules and I use them as my tools. To help me stay in line! I don't wanna be special no no! I just wanna survive." She somehow made it to the school before the bus.

Perhaps it had something to do with the stops the bus makes to let the students ride. " C-C-C-C'mon C-C-C-C'mon go go!" The scene cut to a girl with messy blonde hair walking to a friend of hers. "Hey did you 'HEERE?' Junior has a crush on Francine Nicholas." She said in a hushed tone. The brunette she walked to gasped. "No way! I am SO gonna ship this-Shh here he comes." The girls shut up as JJ walked passed them with his sister.

He walked into Adam Goranski. "WATCH IT ASSHOLE!" He snapped. "S-Sorry." JJ said panicked. Adam looked him up and down before forcing him to turn around. "Hey!" Jessie said trying to stop him as he wrote on JJ's back pack. "Wash that off and you die!" He snapped before giving Jessie a look and leaving. "What..Did he write?" JJ asked in a shaky voice. "I-Its not that bad-" Jessie started. "Jess don't sugar coat it." He cut her off. "He wrote Gay on your bag." He sighed. "I hate this town." He walked away to get to his class.

"I navigate the dangerous hall. Focus on the poster over on the wall." JJ squinted to at said poster and walk towards students and sometimes hiding from bored Jocks. "Avoiding any eye contact at all. And trying hard to remain unseen." He gasped and hid behind another student as Adam walked over carrying his stuff. When Adam was gone JJ continued. "The poster is closer what does it say?" He said pulling out his glasses to read it over.

"Its a sign up for the after school play." He frowned as he read it over. "Its a sign-up-sheet for being called gay. And thats not what I need right now end scene. I take a right and there's-" He froze when he saw a familiar ginger girl with green eyes. Her hair tied in a ponytail and her dress was yellow. "Franciiiiinneee~" He said with a dreamy smile on his face. "Franciiiiiinnneee~" He continued as he leaned against the wall the smile frozen on his face. "Franciiinneee~" She started walking in what seemed to be slow motion as his face turned a slight pink. "Franciiiiinnneee Nicholas. Franciiinnnee~" Francine turned around as if hearing him. "Did you say something?"

JJ stood in complete shock. "Uuuhh..." She raised a brow at him. "Are you okay?" "IGOTTAGO!" He ran off leaving Francine in confusion. "Okay than?" He made it to class panting in exaustion. "Well that was smooth yeah that was super pimp."He started sarcastically while sitting down. "My Mac Daddy game couldn't be anymore limp." He sighed with annoyance and grabbed a book from his bag. "No time to wallow no instead. Just clear your head and move ahead." His hands balled into fists. "Accept your one of those guys who'll be a virgin till he dies!" He sighed and went to lunch"I don't wanna be a baller! Just want some skills to count on."

"If your nuts were any smaller they would totally be gone!" He shot his sister a glare as she giggled. "If you continue at this rate the only thing you'll ever date. Is your Macbook Pro hardrive." "But I don't wanna be Clooney no no We just wanna survive" The two pratically face planted into they're food and didn't hear someone walk up behind them until this person tapped they're shoulders. "Molly!" They greeted the blue eyed blonde who winked at the two.

"If it isn't the twins where have you been? I have stories to tell you and more!" She sang dancing to the music on her head phones. "Some guys decided to flirt and for me thats a first and whats so surprising is that there were four!" "Are you listening to Bob Marley like your babysitter did?" Jessie asked raising a brow. Molly laughed and spun away from JJ who she was right next to. "I'm listening to Marley and the grove is fucking gnarly and I am almost at the end of the song!" She danced for another second before stopping in silence. "Fuck." She muttered before continuing. "And that was the end now tell me my friends. How was class? Ya both look like Ass. Whats wrong?"

JJ Smiled. "I wrote a letter to Francine telling her how I feel." He said blushing. "Aww!" Molly said with hearts in her eyes before Jessie Butt in. "Than the idiot flushed it down the toilet." Molly let out a noise of disgust and looked away. "Its progress!" JJ said in indignation as the two glared at him. "It isn't progress JJ Its called being a Beta Male. Nobody likes a Beta." Molly said looking at her nails. "A...Beta Male..." "It means wimp." Jessie said sipping her coke. "Its cool though. I still like you.." Molly said with a blush on her face. "Cool nice to know I have a friend." He said looking glum. Molly sighed while Jessie pat her back. "If Francine doesn't like him its nice to know someone likes him that way." She whispered.

"Its cool JJ who needs crushes when you could be-" "Signing up for the school play.." JJ interrupted Molly who looked annoyed. "I was gonna say hanging out with us girls but-" "No! Look who's signing up for the school play!" He said turning the girls head to the sign up sheet where a certain ginger was standing. "Franciiiinnnee~" He said with a dreamy smile on his face. "Franciiiinneee~" Both the girls sang Molly having a frown on her face and she went silent and pouted while the other two continued.

"Franciiiiinneeee~ Franciiiiiinnneee~ Franciiiiiinnnneee Nicholas." Jessie heard JJ sigh as Francine turned away from them. "Franciiiiinnneee~ Franciiiiiinnneee~" He said reaching for the retreating figure dramatically as he heard an angelic choir. "Franciiiiiinnee Nicholas. Franciiiiiinnneee Nicholas. Franciiiinneee Nicholas~" He turned to the wall as the girls stared after him.

"I feel my body move through the air." He started ignoring the students staring at him. "See my Nike's walking over there." He breathed through his nose and looked at the poster again to see Francine's neat signature. "Take a shaky breath and I prepare." His hands balled into fists and his blue eyes showed determination. "Who cares if people think I'm lame. Francine signed so I'll do the same." He grabbed the pen with a small smile. "I grab the pen I write my name-" "GAAAAAYYYY!" Adam yelled from the background and everyone laughed as JJ Walked away still determined and ignoring them. Jessie however sighed.

"We'll never be the cool ones. We're more the ones who are left out." She followed looking a little dejected since Molly left in a huff when he signed. "Of all the students at school We're not the ones who the stories about." She closed her eyes and looked up to the ceiling as if looking at the sky. "Whyyyyy can't someone just help me out?"

She walked out of the cafeteria alone. "And teach me how to thrive.." She continued as she walked through crowds of students wincing as some stepped on her foot and occasionally tripping over someones leg. She looked up at JJ who walked passed her to get to his class. "Help us to mooore than Survive!" She hurried to her next class dodging perverts and bullies. "More than survive." She continued walking past Alex who gave her a thoughtful look as he headed to his class.

"Moorree than survive!" She bumped into Molly who helped her up and walked away waving. At last she made it to class just in time and she sat down in her chair. "If this was an apocalypse I won't need any tips. On how to stay alive." She stared at the clock with impatience. "But since the zombies have yet to descend and the period is about to end. I'll just try my best to pass and Survive!" She said running in her brothers direction since her class ended. "Surviiiiiiiiivveee!" They held eachothers hand as JJ headed to play rehearsal to finally talk to his crush.

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