A lone young man stands on top of a building and his name is Izuku Midoriya, He was one of many who dreamed to become a hero but there was a problem with this dream for him, he was quirkless and in a world where everyone has extraordinary abilities, A hero who has no abilities trying to fight those with these quirks was nothing more than crazy talk.

Yet this didn't stop Izuku from still dreaming, even if his "best friend" Katsuki Bakugou kept on trying to remind him that he was nothing more than a Deku, This didn't stop Izuku from perusing his dream.

Until All Might, the man he looked up to not only as a hero but as a father figure aswell, hearing him simply say "No you can't be a hero, it's to dangerous" well this broke not only his dream but his will to live, as the weakened version of All Might descended down the stairs, Izuku was left to his thoughts 'What should I do now? I have nothing else to live for, and nobody else wants a Deku like me' he then looked down from the railing he was holding onto and saw the streets below 'I- I might aswell just end my misery, at least that's one less freak in this world'

He climbed over the railing and jumped.


Nothing, no feeling of falling, no sound just nothing. Izuku opened his eyes and saw that he in fact jumped but that wasn't the problem, the problem was the fact that time was frozen.

Before Izuku could wonder what happened he heard a voice "Izuku Midoriya" it sounded ominous, eerie and downright disturbing "Hello Mister Midoriya" Izuku saw a man walking towards him 'how is he walking towards me! I'm literally nowhere near any floor, unless it's a quirk' Izuku then noticed that the man was wearing a normal blue business suit and he was carrying a briefcase.

The man cleared his throat and began talking "I have observed you for quite a while and I must say you impress me, you are capable of so much more and yet you decided to just throw it away because one man told you to, I am quite disappointed but before you perish I have decided to give you an offer you won't refuse"

Izuku was very frightened by the man and him saying that he has been observing him for a long time didn't really suit well with him, on top of that what kind of offer would he even give him "Wh- Who are you?! What's your offer!?" The man only smirked "Who I am doesn't matter, what matters is that I will give you the abilities you have been seeking for so long, In exchange you will be hired to complete a couple of assessments in the future" both Him and Izuku where teleported to a dark void where a green portal laid in the center "If you walk into this portal, you will have accepted my offer and if you don't then I will leave you be and let you fall to your demise"

Izuku thought for a second then asked "How do I know this isn't someone using a hallucination quirk to trick me?" The man only adjusted his tie "You will know when you decide" Izuku only sighed thinking this was madness but eventually just walked towards the green portal, blinding him "You have chosen wisely"

Sound and Feelings came back. Izuku opened his eyes to see the blue sky, he then looked around and realized that he was in the same spot he was moments before he jumped, he looked towards his watch and saw that only 3 minutes have passed "Was I, dreaming?" He then looked down to the streets and saw the same man in the blue suit look up at him, smirk and walk away "I guess not"

"Wait he said he would give me abilities, yet I don't feel any diff-" a jolt of energy shot up in Izuku's body, He could feel his body getting more and more stronger until finally the feeling faded away "I guess that answers my question" he chuckled nervously.

"But what can I do?" Izuku looked at his hands and focused until, small green sparks of lightning started to appear in his hands "What in the world!?" He was immediately frightened by the sight and the sparks went away "Was that my ability?" He then looked at his backpack and walked towards it.

He pulled out a piece of paper and crumbled it, He placed it on the floor and tried to focus again and as before the green sparks came back but more where showing "Here goes nothing" he shot up his hands and immediately large green lighting bolts shot out of his hands and struck the piece of paper, turning it to dust.

Izuku was in absolute awe at himself, jumping with joy at the realization "I have a quirk!" But before he could try again he heard an explosion, he looked down and saw smoke and fire coming from a street not to far away, he got his backpack and started running towards the stairs to get down as fast as possible to see what happened.

Once he got to the street he saw the familiar green slime villain holding someone "What! How's that possible, didn't All-Might already catch him!?" A purple hooded figure looked at Izuku "Well I guess he must have escaped somehow, look he even got himself a hostage" the figure then pointed at the middle of the green slime and Izuku finally realized who that someone was.

"Kacchan!" Without a thought Izuku started running towards the villain, the purple figure watched him run and smirked "Everytime" he then walked away from the scene. Izuku threw his backpack at the villain but that only resulted in angering him even more "Hey Kid! Get out of here, it's not safe!" One of the heroes who where at the scene yelled at him but this didn't stop Izuku, He just kept on running until it finally hit him 'Wait a minute, I have a quirk now!"

Without a second thought Izuku shot bolts of green lighting towards the villain "Oh so you want to play hero!" The villain yelled at him while dodging the attacks 'Ahh I can't hit him all force in the middle unless I want to hurt Kacchan! I need to get him out of there!' All of the sudden the lightning he was shooting was directed to Bakugou, grabbing him by the waist and pulling him out of the villain's grasp and towards him 'How in the world did i- nevermind I will think about it later, I need to deal with the villain first'

Before Izuku could launch his next attack, something landed in between the villain and Izuku "I AM HERE !" The loud voice of All-Might rang through the street, with everyone clapping and cheering for his arrival, All-Might then proceeded to ready his fist to throw a punch "Detroit SMASH!" He then punched the villain, ending up in him being in pieces and splattered across the street.

Everyone cheered and clapped while some looked in awe at the muscular hero, before Izuku could even take a step he was bombarded by the press and hero's on how idiotic his action was. While that was happening The Man in the blue suit looked at the scene in the distance and smirked "Now Mister Midoriya, Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences" he then walked away.

After finally being able to leave the scene, Izuku was able to go home with the biggest smile on his face "I finally was able to do something heroic!" but all good things must come to an end.

"Hey Deku!" Izuku turned around to see Bakugou looking angrier then he has ever been "I never needed your help you bastard! And I don't know what type of trick you pulled today but I will find out what it was!" he then stomped away, Izuku was still smiling and started walking again until "I Am Here!" All-Might jumped in front of Izuku out of nowhere "To AP-" All-Might then deflated back to his weakened form "All-Might?! What are you doing here?"

"I came here to apologize for telling you that you couldn't be a hero" he then proceeded to explain a lot of things including One For All "And I have come to a conclusion, You Izuku Midoriya will become the new wielder of One For All! Do you accept my offer?" Izuku fell to his knees and started to tear up by all the things that have happened today.

"I absolutely refuse your offer!".