"What!" Izuku got up and wiped his tears, already starting to calm down a bit "I appreciate you offering your quirk to me but I want to be able to become a hero with the abilities I have, Besides I barely got this power and being giving One For All feels a bit too overwhelming" All-Might raised an eyebrow "The power that you barely got?" Izuku immediately knew he was in trouble 'Crap! How am I going to tell him about this! He wouldn't believe me if I told him the truth'

"I- I uh realized I wasn't quirkless once you left, I tried to focus and see if I had any type of quirk until this happened" Izuku then let a couple of sparks go across his hand "Yet the more I used it the more confused I get" All-Might looked at his hand and believed him "Confused how exactly?"

"Well at first I thought I could only shoot lightning until I realized I could also do this" Izuku shot a bolt of lightning to an empty bottle of water and brought the bottle towards him, picking it up from the air once it was close "The more I use it the stranger it gets"

"So, you have a quirk that you never knew existed and the more you use it the more things you discover about it" Izuku nodded "Alright young man, if you won't accept my quirk then I will just train you"

Izuku was very surprised by this "Your going to train me?" All-Might laughed "Of course, consider this as an apology for telling you that you couldn't be a hero" Izuku ran towards All-Might and hugged him "Thank you!" This caught him off guard but he returned the hug "Your welcome"

Izuku let go of All-Might and asked how this would work "Meet me at Takoba Beach at 4 pm tomorrow and we will talk more about that but for now I must get going, see you later" All-Might then started walking away.

A few months have passed since the beginning of Izuku's training, and during those months they have made some discoveries about Izuku's power.

"Alright Midoriya, I want you to pick up that fridge and throw it directly at me" Izuku did as he was told and was able to grab the fridge off the ground without touching it "Ok now throw it with as much force as possible" Izuku recoiled and stretched his arms straight at All-Might but missed and threw it off into the distance.

"Go and pick it up then try again" as told he started running towards the fridge but as it was very far Izuku wished he could just teleport towards it, without warning his hands started to dance with green sparks and with a flash he was teleported to the fridge. All-Might saw this and ran towards Izuku.

"Well young man, it looks like you have discovered another secret within your qurik, teleportation" he would be happy by that if it wasn't the fact that he felt absolutely exhausted by just doing that.

"I think if I do that again, I'm going to puke" then something felt odd for some reason "Hey Yagi, can I see your hand?" All-Might seemed confused by this request but stretched his hand towards Izuku, he took it and started summoning a few sparks from his hand, all of the sudden he started to feel much better although All-Might looked a bit confused and exhausted "Why do I feel exhausted?"

"Hmm maybe it's because of my quirk, I feel much better so I think I just took some of your ah stamina if that makes sense" that only confused All-Might even more "And how did you know you could do that?"

"I don't know it felt like...instinct"

It was finally the day of the UA test and he felt really confident, if it wasn't for him tripping on a small pebble, before he could touch the ground with his face he felt someone touch him "Are you ok?" He was then set back on his feet and realized a girl was talking to him "Sorry for using my quirk on you, don't want to trip and fall on the first day right? Haha" she then walked away, "i- I talked to a girl!"

After taking the writing portion of the test and being told about the next part of exam which would be about destroying robots to get points and also being embarrassed in front of everyone, he was finally at the front doors of the testing area but then he spotted the same girl who helped him not trip and fall.

He was about to approach her when the same blue haired individual from last time reprimanded him for trying to sabotage a fellow classmate, before it could escalate anymore Izuku spotted the same Man in the blue suit looking at him from one of the buildings window, he was about to wave or try to do something when-

"And begin!" Everyone looked confused, wondering if they should run "What's wrong? The test started! Run! Run!" Without a second thought everyone started to sprint towards the entrance, all except a clueless Izuku.

"Huh! I'm already left behind!" His hands started to glow with green sparks and in a flash he teleported to the middle of the city far away from everyone, but that costed him "Oh man,I feel like crap" out of nowhere a 3 pointer spotted Izuku and immediately charged towards him "Sorry but I'm going to need your energy" Izuku charged at the robot and put his palm onto the robots chest, draining all its energy and giving it to himself "Ah much better"

A few more 3 pointers where heading towards his direction, he noticed this and started to charge up his attack, but before he could hit them a lazer cut them all in half "Your going to have to be a lot faster if you want to get points" a boy with a very large belt winked at him and started to run towards an alley "Crap! I need to get points fast!"

Izuku then spotted a large batch of 2 pointers, without a second thought he shot a large bolt of lightning, destroying them instantly "ok that's 10" a 3 pointer started shooting at Izuku but he was able to dodge the shots in time "I don't think so!" Izuku charged up and stopped all the bullets that where heading his way, he then sent them back to the 3 pointer, instantly destroying it.

"Alright everyone 5 minutes left! So let's kick it up a notch!" suddenly the ground started to shake and a kaiju size robot started to rise "The zero pointer! Run!" Everyone started to run including Izuku, until "Ow!"

The same girl who helped him not fall was on the ground trying to get up but couldn't and if she didn't she would be crushed to death. Izuku knew what he had to do, he started to run towards the robot kaiju while charging up, once he was close he let out the biggest bolt of lightning he could directly at the zero pointers face, which resulted in it being blown up and thrown back.

After doing that Izuku immediately got on his knees and threw up a lot, once he was done he had the same odd feeling, the instinct to do something, he then realized that the girl he just saved could be injured and so he walked up towards her and activated his power "H- hey um thanks for saving me" said the girl.

"No problem, are you injured?" The girl nodded "Can I see the injury?" she then pointed at her left leg, Izuku saw the big cut and let a few sparks of lightning from his hand go to the cut, healing it in the end "Well I didn't get too many points to pass but I least helped someone" he then smiled and proceeded to black out.

A few weeks have passed after the exam, Izuku got more and more impatient every day for the results to come in, until it finally came "It's here! The letter is here!" Izuku took the letter from his mother's hand and walked straight towards his bedroom.

He stared at the letter for a very long time until finally ripping it open revealing a disk shaped like object that upon being released projected a hologram "I AM HERE! as a hologram" All-Might then revealed that for hes bravery in saving another life and the girl he saved given half of her points resulted in him having a total of 95, the highest score in the exam

"Welcome to U.A! This will be your hero academy!" tears started to roll down Izuku's cheek. He couldn't believe it, he was finally going to become a hero!

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