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Resident Evil: Evolution

Bioterrorism has finally struck the Wizarding World, shocking its inhabitants with its ruthless and unforgiving nature. Although contained and eliminated, its victims are left to pick up the pieces of their broken mighty illusion. The nightmare may be over but can they ever sleep peacefully again?


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Part 1 - Sirius Black, Percy Weasley

(September 2, 2005 | London, UK)

'Why can't I get a normal date?' Sirius Black grumbled. His date, Alice Smith, drove quickly through the early morning traffic of London.

It all started around three in the morning. His godson decided to interrupt him as he was about to have a round two with the feisty blonde witch he met last night. Harry then shouted at him (okay, he'd admit he was kind of a prick but to be fair, he just got cockblock) before being ordered to go to that muggle office he visits weekly. All to inform them about a Level 3 Outbreak in Hogwarts before cutting the connection.

Sirius turned to apologize to Alice about the interruption only to have her scrambling out of bed to get dressed. Turns out, she works at the same building Harry goes. "So let me get this straight. There's some kind of...sickness in Hogwarts right now." Sirius repeated, trying to wrap his head around it. Hogwarts was the most secure location in Britain.

"A weaponized virus, Sirius." Alice gritted, slowing down at the red stop. The wizard was still surprised that they haven't broken any laws yet. He was sure they were driving pretty fast to get some. "The last time a Level 3 was called in, an entire city was sunk."

"SUNK?" he exclaimed, his date accelerating at the green light while clutching hard on the handlebar of his car.

She nodded as they finally reached their destination. It was a military compound near Heathrow Airport. "Level 3 Outbreak, Hogwarts!" The poor guards at the gate widened their eyes in fear. Sirens started blaring as they quickly entered the compound.

"What's happening?" Sirius asked as he quickly got out of the car, Alice running off to another building. "Alice, answer me!"

"Head for that building there and tell the director what Agent Griffin told you!" she shouted, running off to who knows where. Sirius groaned but did as he was told, everyone around him moving frantically.

Upon reaching the quaint building, he spotted a friend of Harry. He had tried to charm her once but didn't work quite well. "Dr. Chambers!" he shouted, gaining the attention of the scientist.

"Mr. Black!" Dr. Chambers replied, looking surprised. "What are - right, Hogwarts is in a Level 3."

"How-you know what, never mind." he gave up in understanding what in Merlin's name was happening. He wasn't even going to question why she knew about magic. "Can you point me to your director? Harry wanted me to talk to him."

"What did he want to say?" a ginger haired man in an olive green jacket asked as he walked up to them. There was a briefcase on his left hand. "I'm Director O'Brian."

"Hogwarts is under a Level 3 Outbreak." he replied, gesturing around him. "Though Alice already beat me to it."

"Not necessarily as I still need your help." the director said, turning to Chambers. "Get to the airfield and prep our mobile isolation suites - we need it ready once we get the Ministry on board."

The doctor immediately saluted before running off, leaving the two behind. "Now, I need to speak with Minister Fudge immediately." he said, turning towards the Black Heir. "You can apparate, correct?"

Sirius sighed, nodding. He stopped questioning what in Merlin's pants was going on a few seconds ago. 'This has got to be the weirdest day I've ever had.' he thought as he offered his hand. A moment later, they popped into the Ministry Atrium. To his surprise, Director O'Brian didn't even look fazed. "This isn't your first time doing this, I take it."

The muggle ('By Morgana, did Harry break the Statue?') nodded, eyeing the vast, empty atrium. "I take it he's the Minister?" he asked, pointing towards the three people arguing by the fountain.

Squinting his eyes, he recognized Arthur Weasley's third son, Percy, standing behind an annoyed Cornelius Fudge as he argued with a Frenchman. "Good Morning, Minister!" he called out, gaining their attention.

Fudge looked relieved that someone broke him off the argument. "Ah, Lord Black! A good morning to you as well!" he replied, eager to be away from the Frenchman. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Before he could slowly spring the situation, Director O'Brian stepped forward. "Minister Fudge, I am Director Clive O'Brian of the Bioterror Security Assessment Alliance. I lead a muggle organization that deals with bioterror attacks." he greeted. To his surprise, both the Frenchman and Percy's eyes widen in recognition. "Hogwarts is currently under a Level 3 Outbreak and we need your help to get our QRF there immediately."

You could hear a pin drop at how confused (Fudge) and shocked (the Frenchman and Percy) were at his statement. "What...what is the meaning of this, Lord Black?" Fudge asked, looking completely out of depth. "You brought a muggle into the Ministry!"

"Hey," Sirius countered, annoyed. "I'm as confused as you are! One moment I was having a lovely evening with a beautiful witch and next thing I knew, I'm being driven to a compound Harry frequents during the summer!"

"Look I know it's hard-"

"Director O'Brian, I am the French Magical Ambassador Wilhiem Perri." the Frenchman cut in, offering his hand. "Please, I must know, if the one who contacted you was a woman named Fleur Delacour?"

O'Brian shook his head while the rest of them looked at him. "What has Ms. Delacour got to do with this?" Percy asked.

Ambassador Perri shifted apologetically. "Magical France experienced a bioterror attack a few months ago, around the time Beauxbatons started." he explained. That drew sharp gasps from Percy and O'Brian. "Only a handful survived, forcing us to look for help. Given MACUSA already experienced one, albeit through their Muggle side, we reached out to them only to be pointed towards Mr. Harry Potter."

"Who was one of five magicals that survived the Raccoon City Destruction." Percy pointed out.

"Wait, what?" 'Harry survived what?'

O'Brian chuckled, giving him a sad smile. "Harry was in the thick of things in Raccoon. It was enough to give him a minor PTSD. No surprise he didn't tell you."

"Yes, well, we wanted to reach out to the BSAA for help and training." the ambassador continued. "We sent Agent Delacour to talk with Potter, given the two have a history, to give us a line with the BSAA."

"But why do we need the help of the Muggles!" Fudge then exclaimed, having been quiet throughout the discussion. "In fact, we need to remove any knowledge he has of magic now!"

Fudge immediately moved to whip out his wand only for Percy to stop him. "Minister, please don't." he ordered sternly. "If Hogwarts really is in a Level 3, then we will need their help to get the students out."

Just then, a patronus eagle flew into the atrium, circling around them before perching on Percy's shoulder. "Marshal Weasley, we might have a possible Level 3 Outbreak in Hogwarts." a strong voice came out of the eagle. "BSAA has just informed No. 10 of a possible Level 3 in the Scottish Highlands, just after Seeker Flight confirmed that the Hogwarts Wardline is under lockdown. Please head to the BSAA Compound and get confirmation."

The eagle then faded, leaving everyone even more confused as ever. "Expecto Patronum!" Percy casted, a bright-silver, translucent beaver coming out of his wand. "High Command, I have confirmation that Hogwarts is, in fact, under a Level 3 Outbreak. Director O'Brian is here with me-"

"Tell them that BSAA staging ground is at RAF Abingdon." O'Brian cut in. "Look for Dr. Rebecca Chambers, she's in charge of Phase 1."

"-and has ordered to direct all units to RAF Abingdon, look for Dr. Chambers." he finished. The beaver twirled around them before shooting off to who knows where while he turned to the Frenchman. "Ambassador, since you have the necessary knowledge, please answer any question Lord Black and Minister Fudge might have. Director, if you'll please follow me, we have matters to attend to."

"Before I go," O'Brian began, turning to the confused Minister of Magic. "I would like to request permission for BSAA Agents to enter Hogwarts to rescue the survivors and start clearing operations."

"I...I'll only allow them to get the students!" Fudge exclaimed, looking angrily at them. "Then I want a full debrief before...before any of this 'clearing operation'!"

"Understood." O'Brian replied, unpreturb. Sirius blinked back in surprise, not expecting him to fold easily to his demands. "Marshall, please lead the way. Sirius, please come with us as we need to use that magical mirror of yours."

"Just as long as you explain what the fuck is going on…" he muttered before grabbing onto the Director as the three apparated out

# # # | # # #

"So let me get this straight," Sirius began, crossing his arms. "A Muggle business - Umbrella Corporation - thought it would be a good idea to weaponize a virus that reanimates the dead. Somehow, it broke containment and infected an entire city that my godson was visiting, forcing the Yanks to burn the entire city just to stop it."

Percy nodded. "Of course, it doesn't stop there." he continued. The two watched the knights (the Black heir was still trying to wrap his head around that revelation) and BSAA personnel setting up. "Various prototypes somehow got into the hands of terrorists, madmen, and muggle potioneers who either sold or used it for their own gain."

"Is there really no cure?" Sirius asked, worried. "At least from the Muggle side?"

The knight shook his head sadly. "They're working on a cure right now but are running into problems." he replied, sighing. "One thing is for sure - both the Order and the Ministry are woefully inadequate to handle another bioterror attack."

"Which is where we come in." Dr. Chambers said, walking up towards them in a BSAA lab coat. "I just got confirmation that MRU is sending in their first batch of evacuees."

"Is Harry with them?" Sirius asked, worry filling his heart. He felt like a bad godfather, not even knowing that Harry was involved in such a tragedy. "Is he okay?"

The doctor shook her head. "Harry and one Daphne Greengrass are distracting a G-Virus BOW." she replied just as a bunch of children fell down in the designated Portkey Drop Zone. "If you'll excuse me, I have kids to isolate."

"Distracting a what now?" he asked Percy, eyes wide in fear.

"Think an Orge but with Giant ancestry." he replied, his lips thinning. "I have to go back to the Ministry, Lord Black - someone needs to inform Minister Fudge what exactly happened."

"I'll stay," he replied, watching the next batch of students arrive. "I need to give my godson a good talking through before hugging him tightly."

The Marshall chuckled at that before apparating away, leaving him alone. He stayed there until the last batch came in, sighing. 'What in the world happened?' he mused as he made his way back to the BSAA Command Tent when the loudspeakers announced "Potter and Greengrass have been rescued. I repeat, Potter and Greengrass have been rescued."

He immediately ran towards the designated helipad as a helicopter arrived. He pushed his way through the growing crowd, spotting a completely tired but still smiling Harry and a blonde haired lady exit, the crowd going loud. His two best friends immediately pounced on him while a knight and a Slytherin (judging by the green robes) ran up to his companion.

"HARRY!" Sirius exclaimed, gaining his godson's attention. Breaking free from the crowd, he immediately hugged him tightly. He'd ask for an explanation later. "Goddammit Harry, thank Merlin you're safe."

Harry laughed, giving him a weak smiling. "Sorry, Sirius." he replied, hugging him back. "Things have been a little bit hectic."

Ruffling his hair, Sirius merely chuckled. "You have a lot to tell me, young man."

"Sure, I got the time."

# # # # # # # # # #

Percy sighed as he arrived back at the Ministry. He was already expecting the various states of surprises, no doubt wondering why the Junior Minister of Fudge was wearing a suit of armor. 'At least this charade will end soon.' he thought, smiling in relief that he'd be able to fix things with his family.

Even if he still didn't agree with his family's stand with Dumbledore, it still irked him that he had to play them like a fiddle just to insert him into Fudge's side. It was a job suited for a Shadow Guard than an Order knight. "Is the Minister in, Audrey?" he asked upon entering Fudge's office, the secretary quirking up her eyebrows.

"Currently having an aneurysm how the BSAA knows about magic." his fellow knight replied, a wry smile on her face. "Bet he'll have a heart attack if he finds out how deep the Order is embedded here."

Chuckling, he had no doubt that the Minister would blow the fuse upon finding out just how many wizards and witches working for the Ministry were actually Order members or Shadow Guard spies of the Queen. "He won't like that." he snorted, the secretary buzzing her boss of his arrival.

"You're good to enter, as long as you give him a debrief." she replied, smiling. "Oh, hows Hogwarts?"

"I'll tell you later." he answered back before entering the Minister of Magic's office. "Minister."

"What in Merlin's name are you wearing?" Fudge exclaimed, jaws dropping. Even the French ambassador looked surprised at him, eyes bugging out.

Percy merely smirked. "Standard commissioned officer armor, issued to anyone with a rank of Commander and above." he replied. "Mind if I take a seat?"

Fudge nodded numbly as he took a seat. "I take it you have questions-"

"Questions?" Fudge cut, standing up from his chair. "I demand answers, Weasley! First a muggle barges in, telling me that a muggle-made sickness broke out in Hogwarts, then I find out you are actually working for someone else! Are you actually under Dumbledore's orders to infiltrate my office and feed him information?"

Percy narrowed his eyes, glaring at Fudge. "Let me make this abundantly clear, Minister Fudge." he replied, his cold tone scaring the two wizards. "My loyalty lies with her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith."

Fudge gulped, no doubt shocked at his tone. "Err…Marshal Weasley," Ambassador Perri began, trying to get everyone to focus. "What is the status of Hogwarts?"

Percy sighed, knowing the two won't like the news. "All the students and staff have been evacuated and are receiving standard post-Outbreak care, although I was informed that no one was infected." he answered, sighing. "Unfortunately, Agent Potter has confirmed that all the inhabitants of Hogsmeade were infected with a magical version of the T-Virus."

"Ma-magical?" Fudge stuttered, sharply turning to the French Ambassador. "I thought you said this was muggle-made!"

"It is." Percy confirmed. "Unfortunately, it turns out that three alumni of Hogwarts - Mary Spencer, Jacob Johnson, and John Watson - had ties to Umbrella that allowed them to turn the T-Virus into a magical one."

"By Magic!" Perri exclaimed. "If the T-Virus has a magical counterpart, the ICW must be informed immediately!"

Fudge, on the other hand, looked thoughtful. "Watson…he wouldn't be the one from that St. Mungo's Scandal a decade back, would he?"

"I only have the bare bones, Minister." he replied. "The Hogwarts Chapter of the Order is focusing on helping the BSAA maintain order and debrief the rest."

"What exactly is this 'Order', Weasley?" the Minister asked. "And how does the BSAA know about magic in the first place?"

"The Order of Merlin is the crown's own magical army, founded by Merlin himself when he bound the realm's magic to the crown." Percy explained, having expected this to happen. "Even Godric Gryffindor is a member of our Order, before helping Salazar Slytherin, Rowen of Raven's Claw, and Healer Helga Hufflepuff found Hogwarts."

"They predate the Ministry and the Statue?"

The Marshal nodded. "To ensure the effectiveness of the Statue, the crown at that time ordered the Order to hide as well and cease any local operations. Instead, the Order became the sword and shield of Magical Britain against foreign aggressors while the Ministry of Magic took care of local matters without the Crown's interference."

He then raised an eyebrow at Fudge. "I'm surprised you are taking this quite well, Minister."

Fudge scoffed. "I'm still praying this is all a dream, Weasley." he deadpanned. "The Wizengamot will still be hearing of this but right now, my main priority is to understand what in the world is happening right now so I can properly inform the rest."

"Of course."

He then steeped his fingers. "Now, how does the BSAA know about magic?"

"You can blame that on Potter." he replied, getting confused looks. "Director O'Brian informed me that Potter was one of the founding members of the BSAA. He feared that despite all our spells and charms, we might become a victim accidentally."

"Which would not only expose magic but also endanger the rest of the world." Perri pointed out.

"Exactly." Percy agreed.

Fudge groaned, massaging his temple. "I have half a mind to give Potter an award or fine him for breaching the Statue without prior consent."

"To be fair, he was planning on informing the Wizengamot upon reaching 17." Percy revealed. "He just wanted the BSAA Magical Response Unit to be ready in case something like this should happen."

"And you should be grateful about it, Minister. The Incliner Outbreak resulted in the town's complete destruction." Perri pointed out, making Fudge wince. "At least you have options from which to choose."

"On behalf of her Majesty, we want to offer condolences to your losses." Percy said. "Ms. Delacour informed me of what happened. She also wanted to pass the message that 'Gondor calls for aid'."

"'And Rohan will answer'." the ambassador replied, a bitter smile on his face. "So much for the French saving your asses."

"You can save our arse when we reveal this to the ICW." Fudge countered, for once looking serious. "I fully understand that this will be the biggest issue the magical communities will face since Grindlewald's war."

Grabbing a quill and paper, he immediately began writing a series of notes. "I'm informing the wireless to broadcast that Hogwarts is on lockdown, Weasley." he said, giving him a glance. "I take it this...Order of yours has measures to prevent anyone from entering the nearby areas of Hogwarts?"

"We have all kinds of wards set up within a five kilometers distance of the Hogwarts Wardline," he stated. "With an additional five kilometers patrolled by elements of the Royal Army and the Order."

Fudge nodded, sending off a note before writing two more. "I'm also ordering the DMLE to get us at Red Alert 3 and to the DOM to look into these BOWs." he continued, finishing the notes and sending them off. "Now, Audrey!"

"Yes Minister?" Audrey's head poked out from the door.

"Cancel all my meetings today." he informed her, standing up. "I have to visit Hogwarts today - and I am not taking a no for an answer, Weasley!"

# # # # # # # # # #

Sirius' face scrunched up upon taking a bite. "What in Merlin's name is this?"

"Meals Rejected by Everyone." Harry replied, swallowing his bite quickly. All around them, various students were put off by the meals given to them. "Very gourmet, isn't it?"

"Ugh, now I understand why my dad hated MREs." Hermione grumbled, pushing her plate away. Besides them, the Weasley Twins were having a deep conversation if they could use the MREs for their pranks. Ginny, on the other hand, was talking to Lovegood's daughter and the former Beauxbaton's Triwizard champion.

Currently, all the survivors of the Hogwarts Outbreak (as some have come to call it) were in a makeshift canteen, eating breakfast - or what Sirius seriously doubted as breakfast. "Be glad you aren't scarfing down the Order's MREs." Tracy Davis muttered, gulping down a small bite. "Ours is just a nutritional potion - and it tastes worse than this."

"Don't worry," Harry assured them, the rest shuddering. "Kitchen's ready by lunch...or so they told me. Hopefully, our meals would be better than right now.."

"They better." Daphne Greengrass, Harry's accidental companion throughout the entire night, snarled back. Filch's daughter (Sirius was still surprised the old caretaker actually got married), Emma, and Greengrass' younger sibling nodded in agreement.

"Okay, small talk aside...Harry, I need to ask." Sirius begam, turning serious. "What in the world were you thinking?"

At his confused look, he sighed. "Look, don't get me wrong - it was a good idea to set up a magical response should we experience a bioterror attack." he clarified. "But couldn't you have done it through the proper channels?"

His godson sighed, looking tired. "I was planning to do it through the Potter seat in the Wizengamot," he explained. "Once the Magical Response Unit was finally set up and ready for deployment. The outbreak here just moved the timetable up."

"At least you have evidence to prove how dangerous BOWs are." Greengrass said, making Harry chuckle.


"I can…I can accept that." Sirius said, taking it in. It made sense, using the Potter seat to push for a response unit should an outbreak happen. "But why didn't you tell me about it? Merlin, I didn't even know you experienced the first outbreak when you were eight!"

Harry grimaced. "I didn't want to bother you." he muttered, sipping his Cola. "You just came from Azkaban and…"

Sirius sighed, pursing his lips. 'He has a point though…' he thought with bitterness. "Sirius," Harry began, probably seeing the look on his face. "I didn't mean to hide it from you. It's more like I didn't want to give you more things to worry about."

Before he could reply, a tired Director O'Brian arrived, a cup of coffee on hand. "Everyone," he greeted, smirking as he spotted the unfinished MREs on the table. "I see the MREs live up to their names."

"Is this kitchen done?" Delacour asked, her eyes pleading for good news. O'Brian just shook his head as Sirius scooted, giving him space to sit while everyone groaned.

"How are things, Director?" Davis asked, lacing her fingers.

"Moving smoothly, of course." he replied, taking a sip. "I just got word from Marshal Weasley, he's arriving back with the Minister and French Ambassador in tow."

"I'm actually surprised Percy was a knight, given how stuck-up he is." Sirius commented, getting confused looks from the rest of the Weasley family.

"What do you mean, Sirius?" Ginny asked.

"Your older brother is a Field Marshal of the Order, Weasley." Davis replied, explained.

"Wait, Percy the Prefect's a Knight?" Fred asked, jaw dropping.

Sirius nodded as Davis set her cup down. "He was one of the finest Knights of our Order." she said, a proud smile on her face. "I was very happy to serve under his command during his tenure as a Knight Commander of the Hogwarts chapter."

"Are you sure we're talking about the same Percy here?" Ginny asked sceptically.


"Marshal on Deck!" Davis immediately shouted, standing up to salute the newly arrived guests standing behind him. All over the canteen, knights immediately followed suit (some stumbling given how they were seated).

"At ease, everyone." he ordered, the knights following suit. The Weasley siblings, on the other hand, were still gawking at their older brother. "Director, Minister Fudge would like an update regarding the whole situation."

Downing his cup of coffee, O'Brian nodded to the rest. "Sure thing, Marshall." he replied, standing up. "Minister, I hope you like shit coffee - that's all we have so far."

"Potter, Greengrass, Delacour, " Percy added, the three straightening up. "You might as well join in. I heard from Davis that you were on the frontlines on this one."

"As long as I don't have to write an after action report." Fleur joked, getting a snort from Percy. "Let's go, then."

As they moved out, Percy hesitated for a moment, half turning towards his siblings. Shoulders then dropped, as if coming to a realization before following the rest of the group. "I...I wasn't dreaming, right?" Ginny asked, rubbing her eyes out. "That's our brother Percy, right?"

The Twins shook their heads. "Mum's going to freak out." Ron stated, his eyes glued to Percy's retreating form.

"To be fair, he was placed between a rock and a hard place." Davis commented, getting everyone's attention.

"What do you mean?" Fred asked, frowning.

Davis sighed. "All I can say is the Marshal was forced to choose between his loyalty to the Crown and his family." she replied, giving the Weaslys a sympathetic look. "What do you think he chose?"

# # # # # # # # # #

"Everyone's here, Minister." Undersecretary Dolores Umbridge announced.

"Splendid!" Fudge began, clapping his hands together. "Let us begin, shall we?"

Everyone seated around the conference table nodded, glad to begin. "Has the public been informed of the Hogwarts Outbreak?" O'Brian started, looking at Fudge from across the table.

The minister nodded. "Just a general announcement." he replied, looking thoughtful. "I've also raised the DMLE Alert Status to three to be on the safe side. I have no doubt that Amelia will hound me for answers."

On his left, Dumbledore hummed with approval. "I've already informed Amelia of the issue, although I wasn't forthcoming with the details."

"We will have to rectify that soon." Fudge replied, turning to O'Brian. "When will the clearing operations commence?"

"Next week, Minister." Percy answered, having sat besides Dumbledore. "The selected regiments for this op are undergoing a crash course on BSAA tactics and won't be ready until then."

It would have been preferable if the BSAA was taking charge instead of the Order, he mused. Unfortunately, with the Hogwarts Wardline having wards as old as time that prevented muggles from literally entering en mass, BSAA and the Order had to switch roles. 'At least we get the necessary experience on how anti-bioterror tactics work.'

"We might as well get some of our Aurors and Hit Wizards to watch and observe." Fudge suggested.

"Make sure to choose the newly recruited Muggleborns." Potter suggested from O'Brian's right. "They'll fully understand the dangers of BOWs and not raise a fuse."

Beside him, Greengrass snorted and muttered something under her breath. Opposite them, Perri cleared his thoughts. "Might I also request a few members of our Aurors to join as well? It will be a great opportunity for us to learn as well."

"Harry, you are in charge of this one." O'Brian ordered, getting a groan from the Gryffindor. "We might as well start recruiting for the MRU."

"Dr. Chambers," Greengrass began. "Do you still have Watson's notes?"

The brunette nodded, sliding forth a journal towards the Slytherin. "His notes were completely helpful, especially regarding the nature of the T- and G-Mage." she explained, gaining everyone's attention. "Apparently, the various tests the three conducted on...live test subjects, unfortunately, concluded that the two viruses will only target magical beings - with non-magical ones merely dying rather than turning."

Percy's eyes widen at the revelation. "Wait, are you saying…"

"That Umbrella created an enthnic bioweapon against magicals?" Chambers finished, a sad smile on her face. "Yes."

"Fuck…" Percy cursed while the magicals looked confused. 'Command has to know!'

"Would someone mind explaining?" Perri asked, confusion present on his face.

"Spencer and Johnson created a bioweapon that targets magical beings only." the BSAA doctor explained. That drew horrified looks from the rest. "Watson was completely against it although he had no choice but to continue the research necessary to create the Maldictus Cure."

"The what now?" Fudge exclaimed. Percy narrowed his eyes at her.

"Watson's main goal was to cure the Maledictus Curse his niece had, Marshal." Greengrass intervened. "That's the only reason why he worked with Spencer for this long."

"It still doesn't excuse him!" Fudge thundered, rising from his seat. "His research endangers our society and must be destroyed immediately!"

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" the heiress roared, chair toppling as she glared daggers at the cowed Minister. "The knowledge in this journal has already cured the Maledictus - imagine what we can cure if we study it carefully!"

Fudge managed to scoff. "Cure the Maledictus? Impossible!"

To his surprise, Umbridge disagreed. "I've seen it work, Cornelius." she revealed, eyes pleading. "Filch's daughter was already halfway through her first transformation when Ms. Greengrass poked her with that...what was it?"

"Injector gun." Greengrass answered.

"Yes - she poked the injector gun and little Emma was cured!" Umbridge exclaimed, looking a tad bit excited. "Imagine the benefits the society will reap - what you will reap!"

The Marshal had to suppress a snort. 'As he'd remain minister.' he thought sarcastically. While Fudge wasn't a Supremacist or corrupt by any chance (he would transfer any 'donations' to the Ministry departments in need of a budget while having DMLE closely watch the donator quietly), Her Majesty was wary of him. She'd prefer him to be there but not in charge of whatever she would cook up.

A look of conflict flitted through his eyes before sighing. "I'd let the Wizengamot handle this." he decided, flopping down his chair. Everyone seemed to agree with that decision, though Greengrass and Potter looked like they still wanted to protest. "Are there anything else we need to discuss?"

Director O'Brian shook his head. "I think we're done then." Fudge said, standing up. "Dumbledore, Dolores, let's head back to the Ministry. We have to inform the rest of the Department heads of this development."

Percy then moved to intercept Potter before he could leave. "Potter, can I ask a favor?" he asked.

"You want to speak to Ron and the others, I suppose." he guessed, surprising him.

"Err…yes. How'd you know?"

Potter smirked. "I'm a smart guy, Percy." he replied, crossing his arms. "I'll pass the message. Where do you want to meet them?"

"I'll be at the Order Command Center, Potter." he replied, feeling relieved that he didn't have to explain things. "Send them there."

# # # | # # #

"Marshal, your siblings are here." a sentry called out. Percy looked up from reading a Shadow Guard report.

"Very well," he replied, standing up from his chair. "Davis, send this to HQ immediately. if things go our way, the Crown may just move in the shadows."

The Knight Commander saluted as he left the mostly-empty Command Tent. Things had finally calmed down, especially now that the kitchen was making real food. It sure wasn't gourmet but it was loads better than the MRE breakfast the camp had. Right now, most of the students were asleep (having none since yesterday) while some of the muggleborns were having a soccer game with some Purebloods watching from the sidelines.

Spotting his siblings (who all looked like they didn't want to be here) made him grimace. They were there when he fought with their parents, a silly argument of him moving out that quickly turned into a fight of why didn't he trust Dumbledore.

He could still recall how he and his father had a shouting match about loyalty and trust, his mother crying in the background. Suddenly, to everyone's shock, she slapped him with such force that it broke his glasses, demanding he choose between his work and family. Not realizing she was referring to his Ministry work rather than loyalty to the Order, he immediately gathered his things and left without a word.

He reached the tent the four were waiting under. "Davis told us about a Shadow Guard mission you were given." Ginny started, arms folded.

Wordlessly casting a Privacy Charm around them, Percy sighed. "I don't regret it, if you're wondering." he replied.

"Don't regret it?" Ron exploded. "You'd choose a group over your own family?"

"When did you ever treat me as a family?" he shot back, confusing them. "Did you ever even see me as a brother?"

"What are you talking about, Percy?" Fred asked, frowning. "Of course you're-"

"You two saw me as a test subject for your pranks." he pointed out, recalling all the pranks they did to him (and saw improved versions of them against fellow students). "Mother always compares me to Bill and Charlie, no matter what I did to be better than them. Bill and Charlie would make fun of my by-the-book attitude behind my back, same with Ron when he got to Hogwarts."

"We were just ribbing some-" George tried to explain, but Percy shut him up with a glare.

"Did you ever think to consider that your definition of fun was different from mine?" he shot back, making the two quiet down. "Dad at least understood where I was coming from, why I was a 'goodie-two shoe' - as Charlie once put it - and Ginny at least knew when to draw the line."

Something blossomed in him when he saw the Twins and Ron look away in shame, no doubt realizing what they did wrong. "I won't apologize for their actions, Percy." Ginny stated, shoulders slagging. "But why did you have to choose the Crown over us?"

"Because they're family."

And Percy had no regrets saying that, even if he saw the hurt expressions in his siblings faces. The Crown valued him, seeing potential in the Third Weasley while others expected him to follow his older brothers. His mentor understood him, helping him step out of the shadows that cloaked the Weasley name and turning him into who he was today. The Order of Merlin was his family, and he'd die for his sibling-in-arms if that was the payment they asked.

"I don't hate you, if that's what you're wondering." he stated, getting their attention. "I didn't like the way I was treated...but that didn't mean I hated you for it."

A heavy silence enveloped them as his words sank in. The Twins were uncharacteristically silent, the constant smirks and smiles they had were replaced with what a sad and hurt look. Ron was the same, shamefully looking down on the ground to avoid looking at him. Ginny was the only one who didn't avoid his gaze, giving him a look of betrayal and sadness.

"I guess sorry won't cut it?" she asked, knowing full well what the answer might be.

Percy shook his head. "I still consider you my family, only…"

"Like a relative?" Ginny guessed, getting a nod.

Before he could continue, he spotted a runner heading towards them. "Marshal, a word from Knight Audrey." the runner said as he canceled the Privacy Charm. "The Minister is asking if you could join him in planning the announcement. He wanted to make sure he wasn't going to cause an issue."

"Has Command been informed?" he asked, standing up immediately.

The runner nodded, handing him a note. "Here are the details, sir."

Scanning it quickly, he handed it back to the runner. "Tell Command I'll head for the Ministry immediately." he replied, turning back to his siblings. "I have to cut this short, duty calls."

"Percy!" Ginny called out, just before he could leave. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry."

Percy gave her a sad smile. "I know."

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