Hello everyone,

I apologies for the silence regarding all of my stories. Ever since the Pandemic started, I experienced a massive writer's block and an imagination overdrive for other stories. I've also moved some of my stories and published other to SpaceBattles and AO3, respectively (see my profile). It was only recently that I manage to overcome my writer's block regarding my FFN stories.

Unfortunately, it is still a slow process, especially since I messed up my writing schedule for other pursuits. That said, these stories are not yet dead and will only be on hiatus until I have finished writing the next chapter.

If you wish to read my other stories, kindly look up the following:

1. Found on AO3 under PinoyGamer117

- Lightburst (MHAxPinoyKomics)

- Resident Evil: DEAD series (RExHP)

2. Found on SpaceBattles under PinoyGamer117

- Goblin Slayer (ASOIAF AU)

- Tanks, Tactics and...Teaching? (AKA The Saga of a German Tank Instructor)

Stay safe, everyone, and expect at least one of my FFN stories to be updated on December 2020.