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There will be spoilers in this

Dragon Slayers have mates in this. The dragon slayer's who have a close connection with their dragon side or know it's there can train to become connected with them. Laxus and Gajeel don't know about this till later.

The idea that Laxus has a business comes from 'Swipe Right' which is a great book that I suggest you go check out. UPDATE: I just realized that 'Swipe Right', sadly no longer exists and was deleted. So let's all have a moment of silence for a loss of an amazing creation.

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In a land far far away. Lies the kingdom of Fiore. A small peaceful nation of 17 million and a place filled with magic. Found in every home. Bought and sold in every market place. For most magic is merely a tool. A mundane part of everyday life. For some however, magic is an art and they've devoted their lives to it's practice. These are the wizards. Banded together into magical guilds. They plant their skills in search of fame and fortune. Many such guilds dot the landscape of Fiore. But there is a certain guild, In a certain town sores high above the rest. One from which countless legends have been born. A guild that will no doubt continue to create legends well into the future. It's name is,

Fairy Tail

It was only after all three of them were seated again, did what Bickslow say truly sunk into Lucy's head, "Wait! Freed beat Black Steel Gajeel?"

"Of course he did. Even Evergreen could have done that." Bickslow laughs, his babies echoing after him.

Evergreen snapped her fan shut loudly, "Excuse you! What do you mean by 'Even Evergreen could have done'!", She yells loudly.

Lucy's eyes widened. Just how strong were these people. And more importantly,


While Lucy was lost in thought, Bickslow flusteredly tried to find an excuse to give Evergreen. "I meant that's how weak he is compared to you."

Evergreen just rolled her eyes and snapped her fan open, and started fluttering it in front of her face. "Honestly you idiot. If you're gonna make an excuse, the least you can do is try to put a little effort into it."

"Hey!" The man shouted, offended. His babies echoing after him. "You put me in the hot seat." Bickslow then turned to Lucy. "Hey Lucy!" He called loudly, startling the girl, and snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Huh…?" The girl questions, confused.

"Are you alright?" Ever asks, concerned.

Lucy just shakes her head, "I'm fine. Did you need something Bickslow?"

"Yeah." He nods, getting back on his original topic, his babies echoing after him. "I say that 'that's how weak he is compared to you' is a good excuse. But Ever says I didn't even try."

Before Lucy can even respond, the brunette woman springs up and lets out a loud shriek. Pointing a finger at him accusingly, she shouts"So you do admit it! You think I am the weakest one in the group." Evergreen then falls back onto Lucy's couch. "Well even if I'd hate to admit it. I am the weakest one in the Thunder Legion. But then again, I'm no weakling."

"Oh please." Bickslow groans. "No one who survives even one of Laxus training lessons could be called weak."

"His training lessons?" Lucy asks, confused.

The brunette nods, "Laxus makes sure that the entire Thunder Legion can keep up with him and execute his orders by training us personally. And now that you're going on missions with us. You're going to have to attend the training sessions as well."

"Warning in advance from someone who still remembers his first time training with him. The first week or so will definitely be painful." Bickslow says anonymously. His babies repeating "painful, painful", from behind him.

His smirk was knocked off his face as Evergreen smacked the back of his head with her fan. "Stop trying to scare her, you imbecile." Ever then turned to face the blond, her expression gentler. "Don't you worry Lucy. Laxus won't be too harsh on you the first time. As long as you don't slack off, you'll be perfectly fine."

Lucy nodded, she was about to open her mouth to ask them about how often these training sessions took place.

When everything around them shook.