Picture This, Charlie Brown

Chapter 1: Something's Different with You…

It was a nice day at the Peanuts Gang's school and everyone was getting ready for a tea party. Julie and Heather were plating everything as Sally got the Barney doll seated.

"There, Barney. The table is set for our tea party." Julie said.

"I think he likes that." Heather smiled.

"Me too. I'm ready for the party. All we need now are snacks." Sally smiled.

Peppermint Patty smiled as she walked towards the kids. "Guess who's ready for the party!" she exclaimed.

"You're just in time." Sally smiled.

"Now we need some flowers." Peppermint Patty said, holding a bunch of roses from the school garden. "Here's a yellow one, and a red one, and a pink one, and here's a pretty purple flower, just like you, Little Purple."

"They look beautiful." Sally giggled.

"That's just what was needed." Heather agreed as Tosha, Shawn, Pigpen, Charlie Brown and Marcie walked towards them. Something was different about Shawn and Marcie though.

"Hi Julie, Heather, Sally and Peppermint Patty." Tosha greeted. "Those flowers look pretty."

"Thanks, Tosha." Peppermint Patty smiled. "I picked them myself!"

"Look! Pigpen and I made mud pies for the tea party!" Shawn explained.

"Just like Violet makes." Pigpen added.

"Just what we need." Sally shuddered.

"I brought cookies." Marcie smiled. "What do you think?"

"I think we're ready to start." Tosha replied.

"It's good manners to serve the guest first." Charlie Brown said as Snoopy wagged his tail restlessly.

"Would you like to pour the tea, Marcie?" asked Heather.

"Well…I don't know, Heather." Marcie replied. "How about you, Tosha?"

"Yes, thank you." Tosha replied. "Would you care for some tea, mister beagle and mister dinosaur?" she asked as the Barney doll came to life.

"I sure would!" Barney exclaimed.

"HEY!" Snoopy smiled.

"BARNEY!" the kids exclaimed.

"Hi everybody. Thanks for inviting us to your tea-riffic party!" Barney cheered.

"And you arrived just in time for tea." Sally giggled.

Barney, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

Tosha, put the kettle on.

Tosha, put the kettle on.

Tosha, put the kettle on.

We'll all drink tea.

Tosha, put the kettle on.

Tosha, put the kettle on.

Tosha, put the kettle on.

We'll all drink tea.

"Those cookies look delicious." Barney mentioned.

"Thank you Barney." Tosha smiled.

"I made them." Marcie smiled.

"Would you like a big, gloppy, sloppy mud pie, Barney and Snoopy?" Pigpen asked. "Violet's recipe."

"Not right now, thank you." Barney declined. "Perhaps I'll have a cookie."

"Us too." Shawn said as the two looked at the plate.

"I'll have a mud pie." Peppermint Patty said, making Pigpen laugh.

"Hey, look who's here!" Charlie Brown called out as Michael and Franklin arrived.

"HEY!" cheered Snoopy, hugging him.

"Hi Snoopy, hi Barney, hi everybody." Michael smiled. "What's going on?"

"We're having a lovely tea party." Heather smiled.

"Would you care to have a cookie? They're quite yummy." Marcie suggested.

"We have LOTS of mud pies." Shawn added.

"I'll pass on the mud pies, Shawn." Franklin declined.

"Thanks, but I think a cookie will be just fine too." Michael agreed. "And they look quite tasty."

The two boys stopped in their tracks. "You know, for some reason, you look different today, Shawn and Marcie." Michael said.

"Can you two guess why?" Marcie dared.

"Ooh! It's a guessing game!" Barney giggled.

"Is that a new sweater you're wearing?" Michael asked Shawn.

"Yeah. Do you two have on new shirts?" Franklin asked Marcie.

"No." Shawn and Marcie declined.

"Did you two get haircuts?" Franklin asked.

"No." Marcie replied.

"It's not that either." Shawn said.

"Well…I know. Your socks don't match." Michael exclaimed, getting giggles from everyone.

"That's why I wear sandals." Peppermint Patty said.

"Yes they do!" Shawn giggled.

"Same here." Marcie smirked. Michael was clueless.

"They're both wearing glasses." The rest of the kids explained.

"That's it." Shawn smiled. "I've got new glasses and Marcie had hers repaired."

"How didn't you know my glasses got fixed? Peppermint Patty thought I was blind when I showed up to school this morning." Marcie exclaimed in shock.

"I knew something was different, you two. I really like your new glasses. They look great on you." Michael said.

"Thanks. We like them too." Shawn smiled. "They help me and Marcie see better now."

"Can you two see my picture on the easel over in the art center?" Tosha asked.

"Uh huh." Shawn smiled.

"I see a girl." Marcie smiled.

"And a house and a tree." Shawn added.

"And there's green grass and a blue sky and clouds!" Marcie said.

"And the sun is shining too." Shawn concluded.

"You even wrote your name on the bottom. T-O-S-H-A. Tosha." Noticed Marcie.

As everyone got a closer look, they saw they were right. "I love to draw pictures." Tosha said.

"I don't. I can't draw very well." Charlie Brown sighed.

"It's alright, Charlie Brown." Barney comforted.

"Your drawing skills WILL improve." Heather said, kissing Charlie Brown on the cheek. "Just give it a try and have fun."

"ICK!" Sally shuddered. "No kissing, no kissing!"

"Well, it's fun to draw anything. Guess who the little girl in the picture is." Tosha suggested.

Julie smiled. "Is it you?"

"Uh huh." Tosha smiled. "I like to draw pictures of me."

"Why don't we ALL draw pictures of ourselves?" asked Michael.

"Oh boy, oh boy!" Barney cheered.

The kids smiled as they all began to draw their self portraits. After a while, they showed off their pictures.

"Here's my picture!" exclaimed Michael.

"You drew yourself playing the cello." Pigpen noticed.

"I sure did, Pigpen." Michael smiled.

"Look at my picture." Sally smiled. "I drew with chalk and added a big smile on my face."

"It's very nice, Sally." Barney commented.

"Here's mine." Smiled Tosha.

"Impressive." Commented Marcie. "You even put those purple bows in your hair. I like that."

"Thanks." Tosha smiled

"Here's mine!" Charlie Brown said, holding up a white paper plate.

"That's just your eyes, nose, mouth and hair." Pigpen said.

"Not exactly-I used brown buttons for eyes, a white button for the nose, pink chalk for my blush, a sticker for the mouth and string for hair. Remeber the 'Anything String'?" Charlie Brown smiled.

"Oh yeah." Michael chuckled. "Impressive."

"Very much." Shawn agreed. "Here's mine."

"You even drew yourself wearing your new glasses." Heather commented.

"When Marcie does a picture of her and Peppermint Patty, she almost always adds in her glasses." Shawn explained. "So I decided to do the same."

"Looking good, shortstop." Peppermint Patty said.

"Yeah, Even the me in the picture can see better now." Shawn joked.

"What does YOUR picture look like, Big Purple?" asked Peppermint Patty.

"I'm so glad you asked." Barney said, showing everyone his picture. Snoopy did the same.

"Those look like spots." Tosha commented.

"Barney, Snoopy, why did you two draw spots?" Franklin wondered.

"We think they look just like us." Barney said as he and Snoopy turned around. "See?"

"You drew your backs." Julie giggled.

"That sure is different, you two." Tosha commented.

"We're all different, and that means everyone is special." Barney said.

Barney and Charlie Brown:

You are special, you're the only one
You're the only one like you
There isn't another in the whole wide world
Who can do the things you do

Barney, Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:

'Cause you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way
Oh, you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way

You're important, oh, you really are
You're the only one like you
The world is better, just because you're here
You should know that we love you

'Cause you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way
Oh, you are special, special
Everyone is special
Everyone in his or her own way

Barney's friends and Peanuts Gang:


Charlie Brown:

Everyone in his or her own way