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Yes, I know I promised to never make a time travel story because it's such an unoriginal idea in the KND fandom, and I like trying to be original(even though 'Just Fanny's Luck!' is based on 'All The Boys I've Loved Before' and 'Wedding Wars' is based on 'Bride Wars'). But reading time travel stories are like a guilty pleasure of mine, so I couldn't help but write this when I thought of an awesome idea for it!

With this story, after GKND, they come back to Earth when they're 13-14 and get decommissioned. So yeah, all of them are decommissioned in my story.

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The Year 2013

His mind was in a trance, sticking his tongue out through the corner of his lips as he squinted his eyes behind his classic airplane goggles. He wore a baby blue button-up shirt over a white singlet, with khaki-colored pants. The gangling teen flickered his eyes once again over to the blueprints, then to his invention and sighed.

Something's missing…

His blue eyes then darted over to the pile of bolts and nails. He picked up a bolt, examining it before saying, "Nah," and placing it back down on the pile.

Looking down at his wrist, the silver-colored watch that belonged to his father ticked faster than ever. He was running out of time; He wasn't able to stay in the Science rooms forever and focus on this project.

The door swung open.

Startled, he jumped back as a gasp escaped his mouth. He craned his neck around to see who had opened the door, however, he couldn't help but smile goofily when he saw her.

Yeah, her.

The French dark-skinned teen who he undoubtedly had a crush on. Abigail, or 'Abby' for short, Lincoln. He couldn't help but take a glance at her every ten seconds, and oddly enough, he believed that she was looking over to him at the same time.

But that wasn't possible at all.

Why? Well, she was way out of his league.

The girl stood there awkwardly, holding onto a noticeably large plastic bag with big cursive text saying 'Mr. Jelly's Candy Store'. She wore a dark blue short sleeve jersey with a white stripe down the sides and black leggings.

"My bad," Abby finally spoke. "Abby was jus' tryna find a place to do her assignment."

"It's okay!" The boy immediately blurted. "You can use the d-d-desk beside me, y-you know?"

She froze for a moment, taking all this in before muttering, "T-thanks, Hoagie."

Silence filled the air as the brunette strode over to the large counter desk left from the boy. His eyes didn't stop glaring at her, lips curling as the classic butterflies that he constantly felt when she was near were fluttering around in his stomach.

The two weren't necessarily friends nor strangers. He would like to say it was a pretty close acquaintance.

Abby was the most intelligent from their class - in fact, probably their entire grade. Yet, Hoagie was always behind her when it came to it, usually only receiving one or two marks down as she received full marks(probably by the fact that teachers adored her compared to him).

"Got a lot of candy there, huh?"

The words escaped his lips before he could even comprehend it.

She looked up from the pile of candy that she had dropped from out of the bag. The girl let out a nervous giggle and shrugged.

"Well, I needed all of it for my project."

The project was pretty simple: be creative. Seriously, that was it.

Mr. Swelm was known to be the most fun science teacher you could ever receive. Hoagie remembered clearly in the eighth grade when they were studying space, the entire class created a model rocket together, determining how far it would go. Then they acted as if they were astronauts on the Moon for an entire week, each time somebody in their class said the word 'homework'. It was known as Hoagie's most memorable memory from the eighth grade, which made him most excited to learn that he had him again in the tenth grade.

The intensely awkward silence had returned and each of them was aware of it. Abby, who seemed that her attention was focused all onto her candy, ignored the situation. She was there for the assignment and nothing else. Although she couldn't control her eyes wandering over to the nerd alongside her.

"Say, ya got a lot of… metal and bolts there."

Hoagie couldn't maintain his toothy grin as his eyes caught hers.

"Well, I needed all of it for my project," He replied.

Genuine laughter fled from her mouth by the repetition of their previous conversation. Hoagie mirrored her reaction, chuckling himself.

The time went by quicker than expected. Half an hour and then the bell rang, meaning that it was time for recess. They each began placing their unfinished projects into their bags and headed out the door.

The girl began walking out the door before Hoagie breathlessly called out,


She spun instantly, her braid flipping as she did so, then faced him.

"Er -"

Truthfully, he had no idea why he did that. What was he going to say now? Her expression became more and more perplexed as he simply stood there frozen.

"- good luck with your project," He said. "I bet you'll do… great as always."

She warmly smiled at him, her cheeks flushing into a red shade that matched her hat. "Thanks. You too, Hoagie."

Her presence in the room was then gone.

Hoagie sighed softly, the memory of her laughter filling up in his head. Then at once, he picked up his bag and began walking.

He grunted instantly, almost letting out a curse word, as he felt a jab at the bottom of his shoe. Lifting his right foot and looking on the ground, he found a rather large bolt lying there.

"Oh, I forgot a bolt."

Hoagie reached down to grab it and then tossed it in his bag. Forgetting that the situation happened, he continued walking out of the classroom into the school corridor.

However, he had no realization as to the red button glowing from his unfinished machine.

The raven-haired girl sighed dreamily, her face hidden inside her locker, writing in her diary about her not-so-secret crush.

'Not-so-secret' simply because her redheaded best friend accidentally revealed it to a couple of people.

And by 'accidentally' and 'a couple people', it meant at a party where she got drunk and stood up on the pool table announcing it to everybody there, along with a set of other confessions. Then she ended up collapsing on her worst enemy, Patton Drilovksy, him pulling her hair as she puked in the bathroom for the rest of the night. Luckily, the Irish girl couldn't remember what occurred that night, so she didn't have any knowledge that her nemesis was the one helping her when she was drunk.

Kuki had been crushing on Wally since… nobody knew how long; She's always just really liked him.

Today's topic in her diary was how adorable and addictive his emerald green eyes were. She giggled lightly from the memory of her purposely dropping her pen in English earlier that day, simply for him to pick it up. Her skin brushed against his fingers. The soft-touch was simply sensational for her, so just imagine if they ever held hands.

And, oh, great, now she was writing about them holding hands.

That day, the Asian wore a green dress shirt with a white cardigan wrapped around her waist, matching her white sneakers.

Footsteps were suddenly heard behind her and she instantly snapped her book shut and threw it in her locker. The Asian took a tiny glance at who was heading at her: It was Lizzie Devine, head cheerleader and mainly known as the girl in that on-and-off-again relationship with her 'Nigie'.

She bit on her tongue, preventing a loud scoff to come out, and then slammed her locker. Why would the Kuki Sanban, the nicest human on earth, almost let out a scoff? She already knew what the girl was going to complain about, simply from her expression.

Kuki turned around and faced her, yet she was actually in a worse state then she thought.

The girl was rather round, however, not as chubby as she was when she was eleven. Denim blue jeans fit around her legs, matching with the denim jacket over her bright yellow tank top. Her red hair cascaded down her back, tied in a fishtail braid. Still wearing the same glasses since the fifth grade, behind you could see(even by the fogginess from the glass) how red and puffy they were, tears still dripping from the corners.

Kuki sighed. "What's wrong?"

"Me and Nigie - no, now Nigel. 'Cause you know, he dumped me!"

The girl opposed to her gasped. Even though the two constantly broke up and then got back together, it was still melancholic seeing the tears after the break-up.

"How did this happen?" Kuki asked sympathetically.

"Well," Lizzie began in a snappish tone, "it's all 'cause of that bitch Rachel McKenzie!"

Kuki's eyebrows furrowed as she said this. Usually, this was the common reason why they broke up, besides for arguments over stupid things and wanting something that their partner didn't in their relationship.

"Wasn't that why you broke up last time?"

Lizzie scolded at her before answering, "No! But this time it is seriously over!"

"Isn't that what you told me last time also?" Kuki questioned.

"What?" She crossed her arms. "NO! Like, we're not getting back together ever again!"

"You also said that last time," Kuki claimed.

Lizzie huffed, on the verge of slapping the girl in front of her. "Stop talking about last time, Kuki! It doesn't matter!"

"How did she even get involved in -"

"By clawing her fingers into my boyfriend!" Lizzie cut off, then whimpered. "But now, he isn't even m… m… mine!"

And here came the waterworks.

Kuki slowly placed a hand around her back, before being shoved away from the girl.

"Don't touch me!"

Lizzie then ran to the closest girl's bathroom, practically drawing attention to everyone in the hallway, her sobs increasing more and more.

Kuki looked down at the area her presence once was, then shook her head and walked over to the cafeteria.

Being apart of the cheerleading team, the girl was practically forced to hang out with everyone there constantly. But she knew well that being a cheerleader meant that you were a total bitch. She liked to believe that she wasn't like any of them; just a nice girl who happened to hang out with them. And she was. Kuki would converse to anyone whenever she had the chance to. But the majority of the time, she hung out with Lizzie, Henrietta, Valerie, Eva, and her best friend Fanny.

Speaking of Fanny, where the heck was that girl?

Her eyes scanned around the entire room for her extremely noticeable red curls, but alas, she couldn't find her.

This meant that she had to stick with Eva(the girl who would only ever complain about the thousands of boys crushing on her, as it was somehow a struggle), Henrietta(the girl who would complain how her beauty is way too hard to deal with, as that was also somehow a struggle), and Valerie(the girl who complained way too much on Abby Lincoln's existence, who Kuki admittedly thought the girl was kinda cool).

Kuki picked up a tray then walked by the sides where the food was being served. But she froze because of the long line being held up by someone.

And by the fact that she heard an Irish accent screaming.

It was known that as Fanny Fulbright grew older, her accent had faded away and was only heard when she was mad.


She leaned her whole body to the side to see ahead from the line of people, then squinted her eyes until she could see the girl she wanted to find. Fanny Fulbright that day was wearing fishnet stockings underneath her white denim jeans and an emerald green cropped hoodie, her hair flowing out.

Stomping her black vans on the ground, she growled loudly.

"Ya took all da cookies!"

Because of Kuki's utter stupidity to everything, she took this to be a terrible thing to happen. However, everyone else groaned from how idiotic the situation was.

"I did not!" The person in front of her retorted.

That was when Kuki groaned, knowing perfectly well that she was arguing with Patton Drilovsky as usual. He wore a black bomber jacket over a simple white tee, with khaki-colored cargo pants.

"Yeah, ya did! Ya fatass doesn't need any more of it!"

"Geez, Fan. Do us all a favor and take that pole out of your ass already."

The girl huffed before flipping him off. He made a fake gasp, then pretended to reach out for her middle finger and placed it inside his pocket.

"Thanks!" He replied with fake, over-dramatic enthusiasm.

She eye-rolled. "Just give me da goddamn cookies!"

"Why would I?"

"Hmph. Ah dunno, Drilovsky," She said sarcastically. "Probably because ya took the last six on your tray and we're holding up the fucking line!"

"What's the magic word?"

"Uh… NOW!"

He stood there acting like he was thinking, tapping his finger on his chin and looking up at the roof before he answered,

"Uh-oh. Your answer there was incorrect! What I was looking for was 'please'."

"Like ah would ever use manners around a pig like you!"

"Mmm. But you did say a lot of 'please' last night, hun."

That. Was. It.

She gave him the deadliest glare yet(which clearly says a lot, as the guy has had his share of angry Fanny Fulbright glares), then slapped him across the face. He clenched onto his cheek and shivered, as Fanny reached down for his tray, grabbed the pile of cookies and threw them to the ground. The girl then stomped all over them, on her way out of the cafeteria.

Silence filled the air of the cafeteria, each student all witnessing the scenery that had just occurred.

Kuki's jaw dropped. Panicking, she took the first gooey thing placed out that Grandma Stuffins made, dumped it on her tray, then chased after Fanny the fastest she could.

"Fanny!" The Asian called out. "Fanny, it's Kuki! Please stop running!"

The girl stopped, then turned around. Her face was tomato red, biting down on the inside of her cheek.

"H-hey, Kuki. Didn't see you in the second period." Her voice was soft, acting as if nothing happened, accent fading away.

"Stop pretending like what happened there was okay."

The girl sniffled before stepping closer to Kuki. "Boys are dicks."

Kuki nodded. "Yes. Yes, they are."

"My fights with him k-keep on gettin' worse," She mumbled. "And I don't know why."

The girl opposed to her gave a weary, sympathetic smile, then shrugged. "They are. And I don't know either, Fan."

"And I'm so stupid that I left my food in there."

Kuki looked down at her tray and pushed it up to her chest. "Want some mush that I grabbed?"

"I have some Pringles in my locker that I was eating yesterday," Fanny muttered.

"That could work too."

Fanny sighed as Kuki wrapped her arm around the girl.

"Hey, it'll be okay," She cooed.

The two quietly strolled down the locker bay, Kuki tossing the tray in the closest trash can as they headed for the redhead's locker.

"Man… that was bad," Hoagie muttered.

The noise that was once in the cafeteria returned, although the talk was about the previous situation that had just occurred.

The blonde looked at him and shrugged. "Eh."

Rachel McKenzie sat next to him, known as it-girl and literal perfection. She was intelligent, athletic, and nice to anyone and everyone. Of course, she was known to hang out with Nigel Uno, but every Friday was Doctor Time-Space Continuum Night, which was a guilty pleasure of hers revealed after she was decommissioned. That's when the girl would hang out with the 'geeks' or 'nerds', simply conversing about the show as much as they could.

She wore that day a simple baby blue t-shirt with grey Nike leggings that fit around her curves, her bob cut reaching just beneath her shoulders.

"What do you mean by 'eh'?" He queried.

"I've seen worse."

"And by 'worse', I assume you mean the little fiasco earlier today."

The blonde looked up from her tray over to Virginia Sims, who was seated across from her. She was the literal image of a goth, yet prettier and happy. Her brown hair was constantly tied in pigtails, with her billions of piercings all over her ears, additionally having a nose and belly button piercing. She wore a grey tank top with black jeans.

"What fiasco?"

Beside her was her boyfriend, Bartie Stork. He was tall, with dark blonde hair. He was a nerd by his love of technology. He wore that day an ocean blue t-shirt with tan-colored pants.

"The fiasco where she had something to do with Nigel and Lizzie's eleventh break-up," Virginia responded.

"Ooo. That's harsh, Rach," Bartie said to her.

She turned baby pink and grunted.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

On the right of Rachel sat Herbie. He was a rotund boy with rather large circular glasses that were pushed up. He wore a mustard-colored button-up with grey dress pants.

"There was just nothin' to tell," She replied casually.

"You were the reason for their break-up seven times out of eleven," Hoagie stated. "That's over half of the reason why they broke up because of each other."

"Don't go all factual on me. It isn't always my fault!" Rachel defended.

"Um, yeah it is!" Hoagie retaliated.

She groaned, placing her chin in her hands. "How?"

"Because you like him," Bartie answered.

"Excuse me?" She snapped. "He's my best friend!"

"That you want to sleep with," Virginia added.

"I do not!" She slammed down on the table. "I mean, what about Hoagie and his obsession with Abby Lincoln?"

"Hey!" Hoagie whined.

Herbie nodded in agreement. "The girl does have a point."

"Don't try and use Hoagie's love for Abby to make us stop talkin' 'bout you and Nigel," Virginia stated, pointing across the table to her.

"I wasn't - actually, I was," She admitted, causing a dramatic gasp from Hoagie where she waved her hand dismissively. "But only because this thing you believe I have for Nigel doesn't exist."

"You're so in love with Nigel, it's disgusting," Hoagie claimed.

"Say what now? In love? No! N-no way!" She stuttered, disbelief in her voice. "I mean… I wouldn't say no to a kiss… maybe a date to see if we click emotionally… a tasteful spring wedding… even a joint tombstone… but, no way! Ain't gonna happen!"

They all stared at each other with a certain look, then back at Rachel.

"Did you even hear what you said?" Bartie questioned.

"Er - yeah, I did." She nodded.

"Um - no, you didn't," Virginia said in the same tone she had.

"You know what?" She stood up from her chair, lifting her unfinished meal as she did so. "I'm heading to the bathroom!"

Hoagie pointed at her tray, then said, "You didn't even finish -"

"I don't wanna hear it!" She cut off with a snap.

The girl then spun around and strutted off.

Virginia scoffed. "Denial."

"Hey, make sure she ain't mad at us," Herbie said to Hoagie. "We need the girl if we're gonna play Yipper cards later on."

"Don't worry, I got it," He said.

"And I forgot to ask," Virginia began. "What's with the bag?"

Hoagie looked down at the plastic bag that laid beside him, then back up at Virginia. "Oh! It's my Science project."

"Okay." She scrunched up the plastic wrapper from both her chocolate bar and her chip packet, then dumped it into the bag. "Score!"

Hoagie eye-rolled. "If you wanted me to throw out your rubbish, you could just say so, Gin."

"Eh." She shrugged. "Now go get her!"

He stood up, carrying the plastic bag by the hand, and headed out after the blonde.

Time Machine: Heading to 2038

Patton squashed his apple with his fist from all his frustration as he conversed with Wally.

"Dude, ya gotta calm down around 'er," Wally muttered.

Wally, short for 'Wallabee', Beetles was known as the classic jock stereotype once he was decommissioned. Being best friends with Patton, they hung out with each other everywhere.

He wore his classic orange hoodie with denim blue jeans, his hair still in the bowl cut he had when he was eleven. Like Fanny, his accent had faded over time, yet it was still visible with some words.

"I can't," He replied, shaking his hand to quickly dry up the juice from the apple.

"Why not?" He questioned. "Everything's been so weird with you guys since the party."

His cheeks turned into a bright pink color from the mention, and at that moment, Wally knew something was up.

"Did you guys sleep -"

"No!" He snapped in repulse, interrupting his disturbing inquiry.

"Then what is it?" Wally pestered, his eyebrows furrowing.

Biting the inside of his cheek, he wondered whether or not Wally was one to trust with this. He decided on it, as the guy was his best friend.

"She kissed me," He answered simply.

"Wot?" Wally gasped.

"The girl was drunk!" He screamed.

Wally sat there, taken aback. The girl had hated him since… forever. He couldn't even remember a time when they liked each other. The first time they met they yelled and bickered. But now that their arguments were getting out of hand, this sort of made sense. Sort of.

Steadily, he questioned, "Do you think she remembers?"

Patton gave him a certain glare then paused to think. Did she? No, she couldn't have. She never acted as if anything had happened.


"And that means?" Wally pressed on with a perplexed look.

"I don't think so, but she still could," Patton further explained.

They each became silent, the chatter of the cafeteria filling the air and him being the majority of the conversations happening.

"You know what?" Patton began, standing up from his chair. "I'm going to apologize and act normal around her for once in my lifetime."

"No jokes?" Wally asked.


"No remarks?"


"No annoying… ness?"

"Nope," He replied.

It was confirmed: Patton was going to be civil with Fanny Fulbright.

"This I have to see!" Wally exclaimed, getting up from his seat.

Patton marched out of the cafeteria, Wally following him by his side.

Truthfully, Rachel had no intention of going to the bathroom. The blonde simply wandered around, seeing where her body would lead her.

Unfortunately, it led her to the undeniable yelling between Nigel and Lizzie, going on in the supply closet.

"How could you just break-up with me like that?" Lizzie screeched. "And at breakfast? I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet, let alone comprehend what was happening!"

"I'm always telling you to brush your teeth before breakfast, Lizzie!" Nigel stated.

Nigel Uno, known as it-boy, stood there screaming with his on-and-off-again girlfriend(which were currently on 'off'). The guy was intelligent, being a natural-born leader, with a British accent to die for.

However, the guy was a baby's butt bald, not even knowing himself how it was physically possible(doctors simply explaining random stuff about it that he didn't understand). And even though it was one of the biggest questions yet around the school, everyone still adored the Brit and everything he did.

He wore that day a bright red turtleneck with khaki-colored dress pants. Black shades slipped at the bridge of his nose, making him appear more intimidating than he already was, like in those 'Men In Black' movies.

Rachel sighed. Undoubtedly she did not want to be anywhere apart of this, although Hoagie was right. Seven times out of eleven she was the reason they broke-up. Seven times! Even she couldn't bear that herself.

On the verge of walking away, she heard her name being screamed.

"And why because of bitchy Rachel?" Lizzie pestered with a snappish tone.

"She feels uncomfortable with our relationship. I mean, breaking up and getting back together eleven times, I can see why. And she admitted to me that this was all way too toxic, and she's right! I'm not going to just not have faith in the girl. I can't do that to my best friend!"

Best friend!

Best friend!

Best friend!

She could feel her chest ache as those words escaped from his mouth, echoing inside her mind. They were best friends, that was all. But she knew this already, of course, she did. Then why were tears trying to escape from her brown eyes? Why did she feel as if her throat was closing up? Why did it feel like a weight had been dropped on her bare shoulders at that moment and she couldn't move nor escape?

Taking a huge gulp of air and blinking several times, she hiked up her leggings and walked out in the most confident form she possibly could. Yet within each step she took, she felt a stagger as if she was about to fall.

"She's just tryna get into your pants! Why haven't you realized that yet?"

Rachel froze. It was as if the entire argument was like a magnet to her, pulling her back in. Taking a few steps backward, she leaned against the wall and sank into it, listening in closely on every word.

"If she wanted to date me - to put it into more appropriate terms - I think she would've already asked me out by now, wouldn't she?"

"Um, no!" Lizzie disagreed with a snap of her fingers. "The slut wants to do it in the long run for more tension between us, so we hate each other and she ends up being the person you crawl back to every time. Then you'll realize that it was Rachel who was there for you all along. Pretty diabolical if you ask me."

Rachel wanted to punch Lizzie in the face more than ever. Who would be so stupid to even think of doing such a thing? She only didn't ask out Nigel because of how much in denial she is, as Virginia said. Because she knew it wouldn't work. Telling Nigel to break-up with Lizzie was because they were toxic and she was trying to help him!

"That is seriously the stupidest thing that has come out of your mouth, and that says a lot." Nigel scolded, crossing his arms and looking away from her.

Her face beamed in delight that Nigel had thought the same as she did.

"Lizzie, we're crazy together!" He added.

"Which makes it all the merrier!" She barked back, expecting this to convince them back together.

"I can't do this anymore. Seriously! I might say this every time, but this is it." He said the words softly, for the girl in front of him to understand carefully.

Lizzie was silent, her face growing pale as the words became imprinted into her mind. Steadily, she nodded in which Nigel took as a sign of agreement. However, she then snatched his glasses, dropped them on the floor, and stepped on it with a growl.

"LIZZIE!" He screamed.

"I've just always wanted to do that, you dickhead!" She sneered. "And I hope you'll be happy with that hoe-bag who could barely keep Chad Dickson, let alone will keep you satisfied!"

The door opened with a slam, the girl running out the fastest she could with her middle finger up in the air. Rachel stood there, taken aback, then crawled into a dark corner so she couldn't be seen by her British best friend.

The boy picked up his broken shades and groaned. They had snapped in half, the left side with a major crack.

"I needed these to fucking see," He muttered in disappointment.

Tossing the shades to the side, he grabbed a new pair from his pocket and placed them on.

"Well, I'm glad Rach always told me to bring a backup pair."

A blush crept on the blonde's face, unnoticeable with the darkness hovering over her in the hidden corner.

He finally stepped out, his fists clenched together as he marched out with utter pride.

The bald boy paused as the front doors swung open. There stood Abby Lincoln, carrying a volleyball by the arm. She continued walking, ignoring Nigel's presence due to the awkward silence, and headed to her locker.


The sound of the blonde's name echoed around the hallway and she perfectly knew well that it was Hoagie calling her out.

"Shit," She whispered under her breath.

Hoagie then came into view, stopping by his feet when seeing Abby pass in front of him once again.

"Were you looking for Rachel?"

Hoagie ignored the words that Nigel had said and instead kept his focus onto the back of Abby walking to her locker.

"Uh - Hoagie?"

Blinking his eyes, he then shook his head over to Nigel. "Huh?"

"I said, 'Were you looking for Rachel?'," He repeated.

The boy nodded with a shrug. "Y-yeah. Have you seen her?"

"No," He responded smoothly. "It's only me and Abby in this room."

His cheeks reddened.

"But if you do see Rachel, can you tell me? I'm looking for her as well," Nigel continued.

"Okay then," Hoagie responded, trying to ignore his previous emphasis on Abby's name. "Rachel!" He continued screaming.

She face-palmed, becoming more anxious by the second.

"Hey!" Abby began, turning to face the two boys.

They each glanced at her, Hoagie's reddening cheeks somehow becoming a deeper shade.

"Abby doesn't know 'bout you, but she can see her hiding in that corner over there." Her eyes then flickered over to Rachel hiding. "And sorry, girl, but their annoying screaming would've continued if ya didn't come out."

Placing her volleyball into her locker, she then shut her locker and began walking out. The boys both stared into the dark corner, where Rachel cringed at herself before coming out.

"Um… surprise!" She awkwardly exclaimed, raising her hands to her shoulder level.

"How long have you been hiding there?" Nigel questioned.

He lowered his shades, revealing his eyes giving her a lowering glare that made her shiver.

Sighing, she gave in to the glare. "About-a-minute-before-Lizzie-smashed-your-glasses," She admitted in a blurt.

He groaned, shaking his head as he faced the floor. Hoagie's eyebrows furrowed in confusion on what was happening.

Rachel slowly walked up from the corner and stared at Nigel. "I'm sorry. I heard my name and couldn't help but overhear everything else! I mean, the girl called me 'bitchy' for fucking sakes!"

"And I defended your ass!" He snapped.

"And I don't think I'm necessary here, so I'm just gonna go." Hoagie nervously chuckled, on the verge of turning around before receiving a dirty glare from Rachel.

"No!" She screamed at him.

Hiking up her leg, she then kicked him by the thigh and he wailed.

"Son of a -"

"Well, it was your fault for screaming my name everywhere!" Rachel scowled, interrupting his swear from coming out. "I was going to come back to the cafeteria, you know. We could've talked then."

He dropped his plastic bag on the floor, then rubbed on the pain.

Time Machine: Leaving in exactly 60 seconds

"I'm out of here," Nigel said, raising his hands as he turned around and walked away.

The girl's attention from Hoagie instantly switched to Nigel. Face frowning, she called out, "Nigel, wait!"

She began chasing after him as Hoagie whined.

"Hey, my leg still hurts pretty bad!"

"So, where exactly would the cruddy sheila be?"

Patton looked beside him to his Aussie friend and shrugged.

"Honestly dunno."

The two had wandered around in the hallway for the last minute, trying to find the redhead.

"Where's her locker again? She could be theeere," Wally suggested in a little singsong.

"Why exactly are you so excited?" Patton questioned.

"Because you're gonna fuck this up even more and it's gonna be really funny. Since when does Patton Drilovksy beg forgiveness from Fanny Fulbright?"

Patton eye-rolled then nudged him on the arm.

"Hey," Wally began defensively, "I'm just tellin' it how it is."

"Well, for once I'm -"

He stopped, the view of her and Kuki leaning by their lockers eating Pringles and giggling in a perfect eye-shot.

"So, Pat." He pushed him up in front of him. "Go ahead and do it."

He froze, face becoming slightly pale as he glared straight at the redhead, tucking in a strand of her hair behind her ear as she chuckled from Kuki's anecdote. Yet, luckily for Patton, a new sound of screaming was heard.

"Rachel, you're not supposed to eavesdrop on people!"

"Well, Nigel, you're not supposed to talk about people behind their backs!"

"How is that even a good retaliation? I was the one defending you!"

Rachel and Nigel came into view, bickering at one another. Nigel didn't even face her, simply kept on eye-rolling from behind his sunglasses as the blonde girl kept on snarling at him.

"Look, I was just wandering around, and just so happened to overhear Lizzie screaming 'bout me. Does that not mean anything?"

All of the attention was now at them screaming. Even Abby, who had so far been ignoring the current drama and simply wanting to head into the cafeteria in peace, had stopped and faced the situation.

"Does it not mean anything that I broke off my relationship with her because I care more about our friendship?"

"What even is our friendship?" She screeched. A tiny droplet was on the verge of escaping the corner of her eye, but she wouldn't allow it. She blinked vigorously, hoping that it would stay in, then continued with her point, "This constant screaming at each other? The fact that people are thinking that I only want to get into your pants? And yeah, Lizzie screamed that out loud too!"

He scoffed, still facing away from the girl. "I'm sick and tired of this!"


The girl almost threw a tantrum from Hoagie screaming her name once more.

Turning around, she huffed. "What? Haven't you caused enough damage?"

"No, I seriously need your help now, Rach!"

He was pleading, carrying the metal box which Abby recognized as his project he was working on.

"Hoagie, your project's just fine," She said, "on… whatever it is."

"That's not it," He snapped at her.

Her eyes widened from the sudden harshness in his voice. But the boy had not taken any notice since he was panicking like crazy, shaking more and more by the second if it was even possible.

"What's going on, Hoagie?" Rachel questioned. Truthfully, she had never seen him in an emotional state like this and the guy never snaps at his beloved crush. Something was wrong!

"Remember how I -" Noticing all the stares around him, he began whispering to her, "- was making a time machine?"

The girl nodded.

"I can't turn it off."

"What do you mean you can't -" Her jaw dropped, not possibly believing what he was saying, "- how many seconds do we have left?"

Looking down at the box, his face dropped even more. "Uh, thirty seconds."

"What the heck is going on, you guys?" Kuki questioned aloud.

"Yeah. Why are you all so panicky?" Wally added in agreement to Kuki.

"Wasn't that same box on that doctor space show Rachel watches?" Nigel questioned, peering over it. "What does it mean by twenty-four seconds left?"

Rachel looked up at him, her face becoming pale. "Uh - well… Hoagie just… he, erm -"


They all stared at him as if he was stupid.

"Um, I doubt that's even going to work," Wally stated.

"Don't doubt my abilities here!" Hoagie replied, tapping his feet nervously on the floor with no rhythm.

"Just…" Rachel looked around the room, in search of ideas, before blurting, "drop the box!"

"What would that fucking do?" Hoagie screamed.

"I don't know? Maybe it'll self destruct? Don't take any chances!"

And so he did so, the box sliding across from the ground and landing at the center of the space between all of them.

"Can any of you guys read what it says?" Rachel queried. "Does it no longer say a time?"

They all bent down and leaned towards it.

"I think it says…" Patton began, squinting his eyes, "ten seconds."

"Where are we going?" Kuki questioned.

"Does it matter? We're all going to die!" Hoagie screeched. "I didn't finish it, the machine could fuck upon us!"

"The Year 2038," Abby responded to Kuki.

"Calm your asses down," Fanny started disdainfully. "It's not like we're going to -"

But her sentence was interrupted when they each were sucked in from a portal in the middle of the room, screaming for their lives in the hope that they weren't going to die at that very moment.

Welp, they're getting into the Year 2038 now. Or dying XD

Just to clarify:

The Year 2013: They're all about 15-16 years old

The Year 2023: They're all 25-26 years old(period they had their future kids)

The Year 2038: Their future kids are 15-16, adult versions of them are about 40-41 years old

I hope you enjoyed their teen high-school life after they were decommissioned. Yeah, they aren't all friends just yet, but… well, you'll just see.

Also, I apologize if any character/s seem OOC(Out of character). They do become a little different from their original selves we all know and love after their decommissioning, so just brace yourselves.

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