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"Woohoo, we're flying!"

"No, we're DYING!"

"Ugh! Hoagie, this is all your fault!"

"What the fuck is happening?"

"Who just kicked me?"


"Keep your legs to yourself, now ah got a bruise!"

"Did I not tell you guys that we were going to die? WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME?"

"Calm down!"

"Guys, don't look down…"

"If you say to not look down, we're all gonna look — holy motherfucking shit."


"Get off of me!"

"My leg!"

"Someone's ass is in my face, and it's a guy's so I ain't enjoying this."

"How perverted of you!"

"You sure you're not enjoying it?"

"What the fuck, man?"

"Can we stop talking about how much Wally's a perv and focus on the fact that we're in a trash dump?"

Each teenager landed on a pile. In exact order, it was Kuki at the top, then Fanny, Nigel, Hoagie, Wally, Abby, Patton, and then poor Rachel at the bottom.

"I have no feeling in my legs," The blonde grumbled exhaustingly, sighing heavily as she looked up to everyone on top of her.

"Okay, er — who's on the top?" Hoagie questioned.

"I don't know," Kuki began. "But, the view of the sky is awful; everything is so brown and there are, like, no clouds."

"Kuki, that means that you're on top," Fanny muttered grumpily into her ear.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she was about to retort against her. That was until there was a mumble heard from below the pile saying, "Man, that's hot."

"Right now isn't the time for more dirty-minded shit," Fanny stated annoyedly, rolling her eyes dramatically. "We're in the middle of nowhere, in the probable future, and Kuki ISN'T GETTING UP!"

Kuki groaned, jumping up instantly. This followed with everyone else rapidly getting up, leaving Rachel lying down on the floor with a blank expression.

"You guys go on," She started, waving her hand up lazily as a sign of dismissal. "I need some rest and maybe even a nap."

"Get your ass up," Nigel growled at her.

Cheeks flushing into a deep red, she made a tiny stretch of her arms and legs before standing upright.

"So, I'm assuming you're still mad at me," She mumbled to him.

"Yes," He replied bitterly, staring down at the stone-cold ground as if it was more interesting.

"Well, same to you." Rachel lifted her nose up to the sky, posture of her back straight, then strode off proudly following after the others.

"Where the hell are we anyway?" Fanny questioned aloud.

All eyes pondered around to their surroundings. The heat of the sun was blazing like crazy, causing sweat to trickle down their foreheads. The ground was of stone, piles of random things everywhere, creating towers. They couldn't even view anybody else there, simply themselves. No houses, no buildings, no schools, no nature or other living things; just themselves.

"It looks like the scenery of 'Wall-E'," Kuki commented breathlessly.

And it did. The land that they were on was practically just trash.

"Wow," Nigel muttered. "Us humans did this?"

"Hoagie, what year is it again?" Abby asked.

"2038," He answered plainly, bright blue eyes still scanning the dullness of the scenery.

"So… what now?" Kuki asked boredly.

"We're around 40 years old," Patton stated, counting off from his fingers all the years.

"Well, if we're still cruddy alive!" Wally snapped, raising his hands up in frustration. "The future is boring!"


They each stopped in their tracks, breath hitching as the sound of a weapon echoed from behind the group. Each of their hands shot up at an instant, frozen by shock. Eyes darted everywhere at one another, trying and failing to telepathically communicate with one another on the situation. Hesitantly, they each turned around to face the owner of the weapon.

More like weapons from the sight of it. There were about four of them covered by black cloaks, looking as if they were rejected Death Eaters from Harry Potter. Their faces were barely visible, but they were most definitely human beings.

"Um…" Kuki murmured, taking a huge gulp of her saliva before nervously chuckling, "h-hi?"

Blackness soon appeared.


"Stop complaining, Amaya! We barely have any time to discuss this before they wake up."

"Wake up? They're probably dead from the number of shots you gave them, Ana!"

"Enough out of you both! Look, these people are from the future. They can help us with making this cruddy Earth better."

"Exactly! The more the merrier!"

"Kat, shut up."

"Just tryna make the situation lighter, you know."

"And whatever we do, do not — under any circumstances — reveal who we are. This could change the past somehow or they might know us!"

"Er — Denise, how dumb are you?"

"What do you mean, Spence?"

"Goddamnit, remember the pictures over the furnace? They're our—"

The voice was silenced by a loud groan of pain echoing in the room. Turning around instantly, eyes popped open like a can of biscuits one by one to each of them.

"Where are we?"

Suddenly, the girl referred to as 'Ana' took out a modernised gun and held it at the center of their pile.

"Don't move or I'll fucking shoot!"

Each person from the past gaped, raising both their hands up instantly, besides a certain Australian who was drooling at the sight of the gun.

"Wicked!" He exclaimed.

"Why are all your hands up?" The girl named 'Ana' questioned, her gun slightly lowering.

"That's what you do," Rachel answered plainly. "Unless it's, uh… different here."

"Look, Ana, what the hell?" A redheaded male screamed in her ear. "Don't shoot them, stupid, if not you'll cause a scene!"

"What are you gonna do?" She sneered, turning to face him. "Tell Ma? It's not like I'm actually gonna shoot 'em, just intimidating them."

"They can hear you, dimwits," A tall brunette male muttered, crossing his arms grumpily.

"Well, brother," A dirty-blond male began. "They're related, so you can expect a whole lot of stupidity from them and their logic."

"Agreed," Murmured a white-skinned brunette. "Ana, you especially shut it and put the gun down."

The girl called 'Ana' gaped, jaw-dropping in an overly dramatic cartoon way as she glared at the white-skinned girl furiously. "Are you fucking insane? You don't tell me what to do!"

"Uh, I'm above you, idiot. Now put the bazooka down!"

The black-haired female huffed before unclenching her hand from the strong grasp wrapped from her gun.

Each past operative looked more puzzled than ever as to where they were, what was happening, and who the heck these people were.

"What the hell is a bazooka?" A perplexed Kuki whispered to Abby, her eyes furrowing.

"Abby don't know, but we better shut it 'cause they have a gun," She replied in a serious tone.

"Do you think we can somehow break out of these ropes while we're at it?" Rachel questioned silently, being seated right next to Kuki.

"I guess we could," Hoagie chirped up, seated on the left of Abby. "Say, Abby, if you could just turn around and—"

"Boy, have you lost your mind?" She whisper-shouted. "Abby ain't helping the guy who got us here in the first place. A time machine? Couldn't you have made — oh, Abby don't know — anything else!"

"I think we need more discussion time," A pretty blond said aloud, placing a finger over her chin as if she was thinking.

The past operatives stopped talking and faced up to the blonde. She was ignoring Ana's pissed stare at her and continued speaking like she had a valid idea of what she was saying.

"We're a total mess, look at what happened to Anastasia and Denise."

"Dakota, we've had enough discussion," The same redheaded male responded to her. "We've been waiting for two hours for them to wake up!"

"But this is a serious situation, Riles!" She claimed, yet the boy opposed to her ignored everything she said excluding the final part, flushing into a deep red.

"What did I tell you about calling me 'Riles'?" He inquired rhetorically, his voice stiff.

"To not do it."

"You didn't have to answer my — ugh, goddamnit, Dakota!"

"Then why ask a question if you don't want an answer?"

"Because I was speaking rhetorically!"

"What the heck is 'retically'?"

The boy groaned, slapping his face from his forehead and sliding it down to his chin.

"Dakota, rhetorically—" He placed the most emphasis on the word, "—means it's a question that doesn't necessarily need an answer, it's simply implied."

"That's a stupid version of a question." She huffed, taking a step forward to him out of fury.

He took a step towards her, his nose pressed down to hers almost as if to do something completely out of hand. "Yeah, well you're a stupid version of a human being!"

"Whoa!" Another blonde-haired girl spoke up, pushing them away from each other. "Break it up, guys! No need to fight when we have, um, company!"

"Screw you, Riley!"

The blond named 'Dakota' then ran out of the room, tears streaming down her pink cheekbones.

Each person stared at where her presence previously was, then returned their attention to Riley, the past people growing somehow more confused.

"What the—?"

"Well, it ain't like he did anything wrong," Patton muttered, cutting off a certain redhead's swear.

"How stupid are you?" Fanny snapped, eye-rolling from how crazy it was he was agreeing with the red headed male. "And you wonder why you're so shit at relationships."

Just as he was about to retaliate, the blond that looked especially similar to Dakota had stepped up to Riley with rage, her knuckles cracking by her sides.

"Riley, you ass!" the second blond screamed. "Can't you be nice to my sister for once?"

The redhead called 'Riley' eye-rolled and scoffed at the same time. "Like I would be nice to a dumbass like that."

"Keep talking like that and you'll be wearing your dumb ass as a hat!" She scolded him.

"That's not physically possible," muttered a raven-haired girl that appeared similar to her.

"Oh, so now you wanna try and be smart with me, Kat?" The blond hissed. "I'm exaggerating, you idiot."

"It's obvious you're jealous," The girl 'Kat' mumbled unbothered, staring down at her perfectly manicured nails as if it was more interesting.

"Of what? Lack of a brain?" 'Amaya' eye-rolled. "Moving on!" She then craned her head over to the redheaded girl 'Anastasia'.

"What? How many of our family are you gonna yell at? Do ya really hate all the Drilov—"

A dark-skinned boy covered her mouth before the words could escape her lips.

"Weren't you the one who snapped at Denise for being the dumbass? But now you are!" He screamed at her.

"Take-a-pill," She muffled from behind his hand.

"No exposing," He muttered stiffly to her.

She nodded. "Got-it."

His hand was removed from her mouth and he stepped forward from the bundle of people, facing the past generation teenagers. Each of them grew more baffled and speechless as everything that occurred in this situation grew weirder.

"Um," Nigel finally spoke up, breaking the awkward silence that filled the air. "Somebody needs to tell us what is going on."

"Nigel, stop being so formal, it's pathetic." Rachel scoffed loudly, obviously still furious at him. She tilted her head a little for a golden strand of her hair to move from her face. Once managing, she looked up at the future people and made a tiny cough before bellowing, "What the actual fuck? You guys decide to tie us with rope on this random stripper-looking pole and expect us to be okay with this shitty explanation you have for us after a weird fight that happened with a blond dumbass and a redheaded asshole? The future is fucked up, alright."

Each future person spun their heads over to the redheaded male, cheeks becoming a dark red, at a loss of words from what this past person had ranted about.

"I'm not that much of an ass."

The blond that had previously been screaming at him bit the inside of her cheek and scowled. "Liar. You are an ass and Dakota is a dumbass!"

"Don't call Dakota a dumbass, only I do that."

Amaya chuckled loudly from his response. "Yeah, because picking on her like a seven-year-old will totally get you guys dating."

Somehow his cheeks flushed into a deeper shade of red if it was even possible, his freckles sprinkled across his face no longer visible. "I-I…"

Her lips soon grew into a smirk in which she knew she had him wrapped around her finger. "Go."

The redhead nodded before exiting the room without a word, tracing the area where the blond went.

The attention then returned to the dark-skinned teen, which asked for the focus with a tiny cough.

"Seemingly, you already know how the majority of us are as human beings." He turned around to face the rest of the future teenagers, pretending to be innocent from what had occurred. He sighed irritably before turning back to the past teenagers. "But, it's safe to say that introductions are desperately needed and then we'll explain."

"Well, finally!" groaned an annoyed Kuki. "As much as all of this was entertaining—"

"—Was not!—"

"—Totally weird!—"

"—Abby didn't understand any of it—"

"—We deserved popcorn, just to make it more interesting!—"

"—No, the future is just fucked up!—"

"—What are you on, Kuki? Everything was terrible!—"

"—I still can't believe my time machine even worked!—"

"—my legs are pretty numb," Kuki finished off, ignoring the overcrowded mumbles and complaints that interrupted her sentence.

It took all his strength for the dark-skinned teen not to laugh at their whines and grumbles. Biting down on his lower lip, his eyes darted over to his friends.

"So, who wants to introduce themselves first?"