Hello everyone! My first DEH story ever, I hope you enjoy.

Trigger warning: mentions of suicide.

Dear Evan Hansen,

This is going to be an amazing day, and here's why: today, everything ends. Everything reaches the finish line. Why? Because you screwed everything up.

It's a mess now, it went too far.

I didn't mean to. I swear.

It's beyond repair. No apology, nothing that comes out of your mouth can fix this.

Words fail.

You bit off more than you chew. Instead of gaining more through underhanded methods, you should've learned to appreciate and be grateful for what you have. But no, none of that.

All I wanted was to feel welcome and belonging. Be with a loving family, be with the girl I loved for forever.

Stop making up excuses. There is no way this can be justified, just like all horrendous actions.

No, none of what I did makes sense.

But I can do this correctly this time. Nothing would've went wrong if I got it right the first time. Instead, I failed and got a stupid cast.

No more mistakes, no more failures.

No more.

I'm doing this right. I'm ending everything.

Starting with my life

Sincerely, your closest and only friend, me.

So this was short but I hope you liked it nonetheless. See you soon.