Futari no Hero Pt. 1

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With Naruto

Naruto was currently in the U.A dorms since school was finished and they had an early summer vacation. Naruto was lazing around in bed with Momo watching tv, the two were cuddled up next to one another watching some anime, "Ooooo amazing I love Mushoku Tensei! The idea was great, funny as all heck!" Momo cheered as she rested her head on Naruto's chest.

Naruto had his arm resting on Momo's stomach, "Yeah, it's definitely not bad at all. I like it too, it's like how I came here… only I didn't die nor meet Kami." Naruto chuckle which Momo nodded her head. Just then Naruto got a buzz from his phone which he looked down at Momo.

Momo had her lip quiver a bit showing she didn't want Naruto to move. Naruto laughed a bit as he created a seal-less shadow clone grabbing his phone and handing it to Naruto. Naruto saw he got a text from All Might, "Hey Naruto, in two days' time I got some tickets to visit I-Island. I am allowed to bring a guest, I wanted that to be you!" Naruto quirked an eyebrow, "I-Island… wait Momo didn't you say you were going there with your family?"

"Yeah, we are, my family has stock in some of the I-Expo's sponsors. I'm bringing Kyoka and Ochaco." Momo began to sweat a little bit, "Understand that I've been meaning to hang out with the girls a bit more ya know?"

Naruto nodded his head while closing his eyes, "Hey, I completely understand. You want time away from your boyfriend, I certainly give you a rough time and it hard to keep me in line. I know how unbearable I can be, super annoying and mean." Naruto sarcastically added which made Momo puff her cheek out as she squinted her eyes at him. Naruto tried to keep a serious look on his face. When he opened one eye, he saw Momo's face, "GGmmmp!" Naruto let out as he began to laugh as Momo slugged him in the shoulder.

"You meanie! You know that isn't true!" Momo knew Naruto was joking, but it was still mean!

"Calm down Mo-chan, you know I'm just playing." Naruto leaned forward as their noses touched together. Naruto then proceeded to peck her lips.

Momo just shook her head and smiled, "Well what did All Might want?"

"He has tickets for me too, he's asking me to go with him as his guest of honor." Naruto explained showing the text to Momo as she looked at it.

"That's great! I can't wait! I'll spend the time with Kyoka and Ochaco during the day. If there are like events later at night or whatever. Maybe we can hang out together." Momo said as she sat up thinking about the plan for the time they were there.

"Which reminds me… what is I-Island?" Naruto tilted his head not knowing what it was.

"I-Island is an artificial moving island inhabited by over ten thousand scientists conducting research on Quirks. Every company in the world involved with the Pro Hero business invested money to create a technological paradise for the research and development of Quirks and support items. I-Island is an artificial moving island create for scientists to peacefully research together. Thousands of scientists and their families inhabit the island's main cities. Scientists primarily research the Quirk phenomenon and develop tools to support Pro Heroes." Momo began to geek out herself a bit since she created things with her own quirk. Momo even began to mumble and ramble on and on about the Island. Clearly, she was excited to meet all these different scientists.

"Momo." Naruto waved his hand in front of her face. However, Momo continued to ramble on ignoring Naruto completely, "Mo-chan." Naruto tapped her head making her stop.

"What?" Momo quickly reacted looking up at Naruto.

"I get it, you're rambling again." Naruto chuckled as Momo began to blush, it was a side she tries to keep hidden. She is a nerd deep down; well, everyone knows it to thanks to her grades. She can really go off about things which is what she tries to keep hidden.

"Oh… sorry." Momo giggled a bit she then got a buzz on her own phone. She looked at it and sighed, "Ugh oh no." Momo put her hand up to her forehead.

"What is it?" Naruto tilted his head confused.

"It's Kaa-san and Tou-san… they want me home for Sunday so we can leave Monday. You want to spend Sunday with me at my parents?" Momo said with a small smile, Naruto could tell she was nervous. She knows how… over dramatic and over the top her parents can be.

"Hey, I'd be glad to, it's been a while since I've seen them!" Naruto nodded his head happy to see Momo's parents.

Naruto over time did end up forgiving the teachers at U.A, including Torino. They were simply following orders from their higher-ups. He still forgave them, but he didn't forget. That included the Japanese Government, now they're off his back since he was announced the protégé as All Might. Naruto texted Torino to let him know that he would be with Momo and her family on Sunday. Naruto looked over at the clock, "It's only 4:00 pm we've been laying in bed and watching anime all day." Naruto stood up from the bed and stretched which Momo follow suit, "You want to go out for a run and then grab something to eat?" Naruto asked which Momo nodded her head.

"Yeah, I guess some running wouldn't hurt." Momo and Naruto for the past week they had it rough. Maybe more for Momo and the others than Naruto. They've been doing a lot of hero practicing and training exercises. Practicing many ways, a villain could act, robbery, simple killers, a villain who grabbed a hostage, and many more. Naruto and Momo also trained often even after classes, spars, strength, agility, and endurance training. Naruto never stopped pushing himself, neither did Momo. Hell, Ochaco and Izuku, and some of their other classmates would often join. Afterward, studying sessions with Naruto and Momo.

Next Day 5:00pm

Naruto and Momo arrived at the Yaoyorozu estate, they came later since Momo's mom wanted to surprise them with dinner, "Well we're here it's been a while since we've seen them." Naruto walked through the gates which Momo seemed to have sighed.

"Yeah, I know… but they're also embarrassing." Momo knew how her parents were. She loves them to death, but they seriously go too far or enjoy her misery. Though Momo makes sure not to complain too much, she knows Naruto didn't have parents growing up.

"I think they're endearing… okay maybe your Kaa-san can be a bit much." Naruto was interrupted by Momo.

"She tried to teach me how to get a dick when I was like TWELVE! TWELVE! I wasn't even of legal age!" Momo shot her hands into the air showing her displeasure.

"Well, you still haven't gotten it, seems your Kaa-san's lessons weren't good enough." Naruto joked earning a glare from Momo.

"Honestly! I can't believe you sometimes!" Momo began to walk ahead of Naruto with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.

"Awwww come on Mo-chan! You know I'm only joking; besides, I don't even know why your Kaa-san was like this. I'm just joking." Naruto picked up the pace of his walk speed and wrapped his arms around her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

Momo's eyebrow twitched as she tried to not react to Naruto. However, that began to fail when Naruto began to kiss her cheek, then the corner of her mouth, and then her neck. Momo began to shake from the touch and even let out a moan, "N-Naruto! Y-You baka! Not in public!" Momo blushed as she pulled away from Naruto, "F-Fine I forgive you just stop… not in public it's embarrassing."

"That hurts me Mo-chan!" Naruto backed up a bit placing his hands over his heart. He then wrapped his arms around Momo again. He leaned in placing his mouth near her ears. He simply whispered, "Maybe I want the world to know that you're mine. Mine only~."Naruto said with a husky voice making Momo feel a shiver run down her spine. She found herself melt into Naruto's arms,

Momo just blushed as Naruto and her walked together to the front door. They both had their hands together with Momo resting her head on Naruto's shoulder. He was loud, funny, and snarky at times. Though Naruto can be really romantic when he wants to be. The two made it to the door which opened as Shuri stood there, "Momo, Naruto! It's so good to see you two!" Shuri waved them over to hurry to get in.

"Hello Shuri-san, it's good to see you doing well, and to you too Sairaorg-san." Naruto politely bowed hoping things would go smoothly.

"Oh, Naruto!" Shuri gestured them to come inside, "I've told you so many times, no need for such honorifics! Just call me Shuri, or better yet Kaa-san!" Shuri giggled slipping into the kitchen.

"Well, I uhhh." Naruto did not know how to respond to that, "I mean we're still dating and all. I'd feel weird if I were to start calling you that. We're not even sure if we'll be getting married."

"What is my daughter not good enough for you?" Sairaorg spoke up showing that he was already at the table at the head of the table.

"I never said that!" Naruto quickly rebuttal as he waved his hands defensively, "We're still teenagers, we got our whole lives ahead of us." Naruto nervously rubbed the back of his head. He then retorted back, "Wait I thought you didn't want me to even date her!?"

"I DON'T BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF SOMEONE SAID THEY WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH FOR MY LITTLE GIRL!" Sairaorg shot back. Momo giggled, she really enjoyed Naruto's sincerity in everything. Most guys would jump at the opportunity to date her, mainly for their family wealth. Yet, Naruto doesn't care a bit about things like that, "Come on Tou-san no need to be so uptight. Naruto would never hurt me, if we weren't meant to be together then we weren't… well I'd make sure we were meant to be." Momo adds the last part with a whisper and a glean in her eyes. Which, Naruto and Sairaorg missed, but it did not get past Shuri who giggled evilly.

The four down for dinner after Shuri came walking out with plates of food ready for everyone to eat. They all said, "Itadakimasu!" Everyone began to dig into the meal that Shuri prepared for them, "So, Momo, Naruto how has living together in the dorms been?"

"It's been great, it's as if we're living in our own apartment." Naruto spoke after he swallowed a bite.

"Living in your own apartment!? You saying you moved into the same room as Momo!?" Sairaorg shouted upset but sat back down after Shuri slammed her foot on his foot.

"Uhhh not entirely, I conjoined our rooms using Fuinjutsu. A skill that I picked up; distorting space is easy if I have the correct corresponding walls aligned. While also having the lighting, internet, water, and gas to be connected properly. Using seals allows that to work itself out for me, without me having to do anything." Naruto explained piquing the interest of Shuri and Sairaorg making Naruto raise an eyebrow, "What?"

"This Fuinjutsu of yours… can anyone use it?" Sairaorg had an idea forming.

"Ummm yeah, somewhat, I made seals function without anyone needing to use chakra. I recently found out how to make a quirk activate the seal, but the seal must be programmed with your specific quirk. However, if you want seals to work without a quirk. It requires some sort of equivalent exchange mechanic to activating it." Naruto put his chopsticks down as Momo created paper a pencil for Naruto. Naruto drew a sketch of a seal and showed it to them, "There are three different types of seals I made for Momo and I. A seal that can both be used with chakra or without chakra. The without chakra part needs her quirk to activate the effects. Say, it was a lock on a door. I can use chakra which would unlock the door. That same seal, if Momo were to activate her quirk over it. The seal would unlock, since I put the correct correlating seals for creation, specifically Momo's lipid, while also placing those same lipids in the seal beforehand, or using paper and ink using Momo's lips. However, for it to guaranteed to work without any faults or issues. I placed some of Momo's blood in the seal. The seal cannot be removed by Momo, or anyone else. Only I can remove it and if anyone tried to tamper with it. You'll either be burned, electrocuted, drenched, frozen, or hit with a block of cheese."

"Cheese?" The three Yaomomo's looked at Naruto who chuckled at their dumbfounded expressions.

"Specifically, Nepal's Churpi, the hardest cheese in the world! Often known as Himalayan chewing gum, this cheese is nothing like your regular cheese." Naruto laughed crossing his arms which made Momo sigh and shake her head.
"Wait what about our friends!?" Momo quickly added which Naruto winked at her.

"About that, I made sure it only attack people I considered enemies. I placed bits of their own DNA into the seal. They cannot open it, but they can knock on it, without it trying to hurt them." Naruto adds coolly which then Sairaorg and Shuri had their gears grinding.

"Hey Naruto, have you ever thought about marketing these seals?" Sairaorg asked which Naruto and Momo turned their heads to him.

"As a businessman, I think investing in your seals would make a great idea. What do you think? I would merely invest into the business. Say 10% of it?" Sairaorg liked this idea, it could easily make money. People wanting to have this for themselves would be great.

"That would be a great idea, no one else knows how to tamper or work with seals in this world. To truly be able to unravel these seals would be the use of chakra. I'll have to create many securities and back up emergency fail-safes for these seals." Naruto placed a finger on his lip thinking on fail-safe measurements for the seals. In case these seals were to find themselves in the hands of the wrong person. The good thing is he is the only one who can read, create, and program a seal to do what he wants.

"Who knows how much you can change the world! The way we travel, build, and even the ways we think!" Momo began to ramble on, "Ohhh maybe clothing too! The ability to repel water, to conjoin rooms without having to knock walls down! Recycling plastics, filtering to provide purified water! Maybe even reduce carbon emissions, change fossil fuels to something else! Infinite power possibilities! New ways to produce light! Combining the oxygen and hydrogen in the air to create water! There are so many different things we can think of! You could be the richest U.A student!" Momo turned to Naruto excitedly, thinking about how much they could help the world. Change the way everyone thinks and travels in the world.

"Well, I was able to grasp teleportation, but that does require chakra regardless. Though it's a personal family Jutsu. I wouldn't give that up." Naruto placed a finger on his lip, "This is really big to think about." Naruto liked the idea of marketing the seals, but he would never give away his Tou-san's prized jutsu. Sairaorg and Shuri did look at Naruto curiously, they did wonder where he learned to use these seals.

"Well how about we resume dinner and relax. We could come up with company names?" Shuri suggested trying to reign everyone in, she knew what they were talking about. However, she wanted to enjoy this time with her family.

And her future son-in-law, "Fufufufu." Shuri giggled internally, "My Momo has you wrapped around her finger Naruto-kun~!"

"Well, how about daughter stealer." Sairaorg commented which he was swiftly smacked upside the head by Shuri.

"Hmmm, Naruto Seals?" Momo suggested, Naruto shook his head.

"Putting my name like that makes me seem like an ecocentric person." Naruto continues to dig into his dinner thinking of an idea.

"BDSM!" Shuri suggests which made a shiver run down both Naruto's and Sairaorg's back.

"Kaa-san! That would be highly inappropriate!" Momo tried to scold her mother who simply waved her finger.

"Beneficial Decompressing Seal Modifiers!" Shuri explained the reasoning for the letters, it was innocent.

For the most part… may or may have not been on purpose.

Naruto deadpanned, but Momo had another idea, "I know how about Uzumaki Sealing!" Naruto squinted his eyes and smile, but there was something missing.

"Actually, Uzumaki Sealing Corporation is what I'd name the business. As for the name of the product, I think we have to work on that." Naruto commented but it was a good start, it would be world-breaking introducing Fuinjutsu into the world. Granted the people in the world only have enough chakra to survive. Not like anyone really knew how to unlock it unlike Izuku, Ochaco, and Momo. Even then it's not like they were very proficient, even if their chakra control was good. They wouldn't be able to get very far without Naruto to really guide them. Not only that, they have quirks to evolve on their own anyways.

"I think it be a great way to start off our business." Sairaorg really like the idea, it would greatly boost his family's reputation as well.

"Which reminds me, tell me why I should even give you 10%?" Naruto raised an eyebrow which Sairaorg narrowed his eyes at him.

"Oi you little brat! I'm helping you out here! Where is the money even going to come to help start you up!?" Sairaorg shouted back which Naruto just looked at him with a smug look on his face.

Naruto stood up and gently pushed his chair in, "Follow me, Sairaorg-san." Naruto walked into the family room as Shuri, and Momo just stared at Naruto confusingly. The two made their way into the family room with Sairaorg starting at him annoyed and confused. Once Sairaorg entered the room knowing they were well away from Shuri and Momo. Naruto waved Sairaorg over who rolled his eyes. Naruto came up to his ear and said, "I'm already loaded, after all. I am Ero-Sennin." Naruto chuckled as he backed away as Sairaorg's jaw dropped as he backed up. Naruto pulled his phone out and showed Sairaorg purchases of the Icha-Icha books. Which were delivered to this address.

Sairaorg began to have flashbacks of nights with Shuri, "Anata! Let's try this position!" Shuri's comment echoed in his mind wondering where she even got those ideas. Sairaorg's jaw just hung open not believing what he was hearing, "T-That's impossible!"

"I might be a bit of a pervert, but don't get me wrong. I write the books for the money. Don't tell Momo." Naruto turned around leaving the distraught man who laid on the ground. Shuri came walking in seeing her husband on the ground in shock. Naruto learned into Shuri's ear, "I'm Ero-Sennin." Naruto said with his own husky voice causing Shuri's eyes to widen in shock. Naruto did make sure to keep it low enough for Momo not to hear.

Momo came into the room to find both her parents on the ground. Her Tou-san on the ground mumbling something, then her Kaa-san who was giggling. WAY MORE than she usually does, just what did Naruto tell them! Naruto might be a bit of a pervert, yes, he is writing Jiraiya's smutty books. However, it's surprising how many people actually like reading smut. It is truly surprising how many female readers he has.

Momo just shook her head with confusion, "I give up, Naruto I don't know how you do it. If you were able to break my parents, by whatever you did. I don't even want to know; I officially don't understand you anymore. You're so unpredictable."

"Hey what can I say! People have been trying to figure me out for a while! Don't think it will be so easy!" Naruto wrapped an arm around Momo's back pulling her into a semi hug. She rested her head on his shoulder, "Though your Tou-san does bring a good point up. It would be very profitable to create the Uzumaki Sealing Corp."

"I think it would be an interesting investment. Though what about a workforce, how will… wait why am I even asking." Momo deadpanned looking at Naruto who only laughed.

"Simple… created a workforce of Narutos! No need to pay anyone! All income gain is to me… well us." Naruto quickly corrected himself looking at Momo who giggled at the smooth move.

Soon Shuri and Sairaorg both gathered themselves, "H-How about we go finish dinner." Sairaorg went back to his seat with Shuri giggled, she wondered where Naruto got his ideas. Wondered if he has done anything with Momo yet!

At Night

Naruto was prepping for bed to sleep with Momo in her room. He was currently brushing his teeth which Shuri pulled Momo off to the side, "Momo I need to ask have you done it yet with Naruto?"

Momo deadpanned, "Kaa-san you got to be kidding me, no we haven't!" Momo blushed not wanting to discuss this with her mother.

"I see… well I figured; I wonder why he hasn't fallen for your womanly charms." Shuri placed a hand on her chin. She then suddenly grabbed Momo's breast, "You got good size, it's ample, soft, round, and plumply. You got a rocking body, your beautiful, and have wonderful hair. I mean I would have to think the curtains match the drapes." Shuri couldn't figure out why the two have done it.

"KAA-SAN!" Momo said with her face heating up with embarrassment and astonishment, "Y-You just don't grab me like that!" Momo argued with her mother who only held her hands up in her own defense.

"Come on Momo don't be like that! We are both girls here! I'm just wondering why Naruto hasn't jumped on you." Shuri couldn't figure it out.

"You mean that Naruto actually loves me for me? He isn't taking advantage of my feelings to have actual sex with me?" Momo raised an eyebrow at her mother. Momo was in a way disappointed in the way her mother thought, "Honestly didn't you ever think that Naruto."

"Oh, sweetie I know Naruto loves you. I know he wouldn't dare do anything without your consent. Otherwise, I'd castrate him myself." Shuri giggled placing a hand on her cheek. Momo shivered at the threat, "Reason I'm asking is that it's simply for your own sake. In your diary, you said I." Shuri's mouth was covered by Momo as she tried to stop her from talking.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Momo was blushing as she couldn't believe her mother found her new hiding spot for her diary, "Those are just stupid dreams are ALL!"

Shuri turned her head as she looked creepily at Momo with her left eye, "Ara, ara looks who lecturing who! Fufufu, don't think I don't know where you hide your Icha-Icha books too." Shuri began to walk away as she kept her eyes closed with a satisfied look on her face. Oh, she loves messing with Momo… okay maybe she messes with her more than Momo likes.

In Momo's Room

Naruto decided to take a quick shower before bed. Which was ever so convenient for Momo's sanity. Naruto came walking in with a towel around his waist, "Hey Momo did you take my clothes? I can't find anything except for my underwear."

Momo, who was currently sitting on the bed, also had her eyes wide too, "No… and I can't find my Pjs." Momo looked like she was about to cry herself.

Naruto tilted his head confused, "Uhhh let me guess your Kaa-san?"

Momo held her head in despair, "Yes… my Kaa-san has a unique quirk similar to mine. She is able to create clones of herself using the lipids in her body. They're able to do anything she can, when she is done. She can merge back with them." Momo had no idea that her mother did this! She couldn't find any piece of decent article of clothing for bed. She doesn't want to sleep in the set of clothes the two walked to her house in.

Naruto blushed, "Well let me dry off at least… I'll do what I can with what clothing I have. Hopefully, she didn't find my suitcase." Naruto walked over to Momo's bed and pulled it out. Once he did, he placed it on the bed and opened it. He could only deadpan further, "That mother of yours… is she trying to get us to have sex?" He held out a lingerie outfit perfect for Momo's size. Naruto's clothing was gone, nothing, no shirt, pants, shorts, not even a fricken sock!

Just a lingerie woman outfit that would fit Momo.

"You've got to be kidding me." Momo sighed into her hand.

"I'll begin drying off." Naruto commented which Momo turned away, but a blush crept onto her face. She has never seen Naruto without underwear on, yeah, she has seen him clothed he always had a pair of Pj shorts on. However, she has never seen him bare butt naked, let alone his fruits and vegetables. Momo fought against looking, "DAMMIT COME ON! STUPID TEENAGE HORMONES!" Momo was blushing trying not to look. Just then Naruto said, "Momo you feeling alright, your face is turning bright red. You're also burning up." Momo opened her eyes to find Naruto face to face with her. He placed his hand on her forehead, Momo quickly stood up panicking, but she tripped on her own ankle and fell forward.



The two both cried out together. Naruto opened his eyes to find himself on his back. He lifted his head up to see Momo laying on top of him, "Momo you okay?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine." Momo put her hand on the ground, but she found something warm and hard. She turned her head to the left to find her hand on Naruto's right thigh, "Wow… so strong and muscular… warm too." Momo blushed as she went to her knees. However, she looked down to see Naruto she felt something in her right hand. She lifted her hand up to find Naruto's ripped underwear in her hand, "OH crap." Momo looked down to see Naruto's fruits and vegetables in full view. Momo didn't know what to say or do as her face turned bright red. Momo began to spin mentally not knowing what to do. Her own mind was shutting down, yeah, she has kissed Naruto, they've cuddled and hugged one another. However, this was on a whole new level!

Naruto saw the scene, "Now I know what it's like to be really unlucky." Naruto didn't know what to do himself. Momo stood up slowly and tripped backwards almost hitting her head on the frame of her bed, "Watch out!" Naruto quickly lunged forward grabbing Momo's arm before she fell. However, when Naruto went to pull her towards him, he grabbed her shirt instead. When he yanked to pull her to him. He tore off her entire shirt just leaving her bra for him to see.

Momo finally began to process what happened. However, Momo felt something long and hard pressing up against her stomach. She looked down to see little Naruto standing at full mast. Naruto quickly backed away blushing, "S-Sorry Momo! I-I can't help it Dattebayo! I-I'm sorry about your shirt too!" Naruto turned around trying to cool himself down, maybe a cold shower?

Momo saw Naruto turn away from her embarrassed himself, "Naruto it's okay I."

Naruto quickly interjected, "Hey don't worry about it Momo! It was all an accident, besides it's too early. We got our whole lives ahead of us, a family can wait, I can wait." Naruto turned his head to her and gave her a foxy grin.

Momo smiled as she nodded her head, even if it was an accident. A very UNLUCKY accident, she was okay with Naruto's response. Naruto was truly a kind person, someone who wouldn't do anything to her the others. However, she could see something not many others could really see. Not only that but she did see how strained little Naruto was. It looked like it kinda hurt. Then there was also something in Naruto's eyes that bothered her, something bothering him. Naruto was always a carefree, funny, joking, pranking, and sly guy. They had have had their own up and downs, but she saw something that no one else would have originally seen. However, this recent incident made Naruto almost seemed afraid, "Naruto you know it's okay, right?" Momo walked up to him wrapping her arms around his front. "We're lovers, right? We don't have to do anything, we cuddle, hug, and sleep together all the time. This isn't any different, if you're able to control yourself so well. It means you care so much about my own wellbeing before your own. It really goes to show how serious you are about us, right?"

Naruto blushed and scratched his cheek gently, "Y-Yeah I know… I-I guess you can say I'm still a bit nervous about this myself. I've never had a Tou-san or Kaa-san to tell me about things like this. So, I don't know what to do sometimes, especially in a scenario like this. I know one wrong mistake could end a relationship. I feel like ours have grown so much, so much stronger as a couple. I don't want to do anything your uncomfortable with. I-I."

"You're scared of making me scared of you… then you'd be alone. That what you're scared of isn't it. That's what you're afraid of." Momo placed a hand on his chin turning Naruto's face towards her.

Naruto didn't know what to say, Momo was the only one who could read him like an open book, "Yea."

Naruto was truly afraid of being alone again. The incident with the school and the government. To Naruto almost wanting to end their relationship. Since then, their relationship had grown stronger than it was before. He still loved Momo, dearly, the day they decided to get together. He wanted to love her with his every being. Give her the world; everything it had to offer. If it meant to go against the government, Kami, Satan, and villains. He do it, just being alone in the world scared him. Even with Midnight, Toshinori, and Torino, he wanted someone to love him for who he was. What he was, accept him, and never leave his side. He never wanted to be alone, that's his biggest fear. To be alone, to die alone, to never be loved, to never find love. Naruto was so happy with their relationship that pushing it to the next level truly terrified him. Maybe losing Momo was number one on his list. However, it came to a very close second, which is why he never made any advances on Momo. This is why he never watched porn, never jacked off to it, and resisted relieving himself.

Momo smiled as she kissed his lip with the two holding one another. Momo simply put her forehead to his, "It seems this is why I'm with you, you'd be a hopeless mess without me. I'd be alone without you. We both support one another, I'm your light in the darkest of caves. You're the light that leads the way for me to follow." Momo undid her bra and took off her shorts and panties. Even though she was naked, she didn't care as Naruto smile down at her. Momo gently rested her head on Naruto's chest hearing his heartbeat. He was truly happy, whatever this scene was turning into was helping him. Before Naruto realized it, he felt something warm running down his cheeks. Momo lifted her head to find tears running down his cheeks, she gasped, "Did I say something wrong!? Naruto what's wrong!" Momo quickly placed a hand on his cheek wiping a tear that ran from the corner of his eye.

Naruto smiled as he placed a hand over Momo's hand that was on his cheek. He gently nuzzled into her hand, "These aren't tears of sadness Momo…Thank you… thank you Momo, I've always been scared to think of going this far with you. As sad as it sounds, I was always scared to be around you with little clothing. I wondered if I could control myself, would I be able to look you straight in the eyes and tell you that I want you. Do it with you once we were ready. I want to give you the world Momo, whatever it has around for us." Naruto closed his eyes and continued to smile, he could see it, for once he could see it. Deep down Naruto always had a haunting feeling in his stomach. It would never go away, the chance of being rejected or disgusted. He really did want to have sex with Momo, he really did. He always had a hard time resisting her beautiful smile, the way her black silky hair framed her face, the way her outfits hugged her body. Her alluring aura, on top of her seductive, toned, and proportioned body. Everything about her made Naruto crazy, he never knew how to really react. How to feel, what to do when the time came. If it did anything, it scared him, it scared him to death what she would think of him.

Even if she has brought the topic to him, it does not change the fact. That the probability of her rejecting wasn't there. It was always there, even if it was a .1% chance of her saying, no, was there. Regardless of how low the possibility it was. Not only that, what about their career of Heroes? He couldn't take that away from her, it be like taking the noodles out of ramen. It wouldn't be ramen anymore; it be just soup. Or even Momo and Naruto, you take Momo away from Naruto. You get almost a sixteenth of who Naruto was maybe not even that, Momo really was everything to Naruto. She was his crutch, his pillar, his support, his everything.

Before more was done, Momo walked towards her bed. With the two in their birthday suits, they laid down in the covers. Momo shook her head, "Silly Naruto. You are my world." Momo leaned in nuzzling her nose against Naruto's, "I'd never ever leave you; I'd never leave you if you asked me for sex. Granted it's something we'd seriously have to talk about. However, if we ever needed to do anything to relieve our own stress. Some light intimacy wouldn't hurt." Momo placed a hand on Naruto's chest as she moved closer to Naruto allowing her body to press up against Naruto. She immediately felt little Naruto wake up, Momo only giggled, "Honestly I'm glad you're not too huge." Momo kissed Naruto's lips as he didn't know what to say, "Being big isn't always good, it could hurt more than make me feel good. I think you're a perfect size, if that's bothering then don't let it. Because no matter the size, it couldn't compare to the size of your heart."

Naruto just looked into Momo's eyes amazed by Momo's words; she truly was the ideal girl for him. The way she said her words, her sophisticated side, she can joke, take a joke, and dish some pranks out if needed. She understands him, even if she has a hard time understanding him. Momo said she can't figure him out, no, she had him completely figured out. She just lacks self-confidence in herself. Naruto snaked his arms around Momo kissing her again and again on her lips. The two just slowly made out as Naruto's hand unconsciously reached out and touched her breast. Momo let a small moan out which Naruto snapped his eyes open. He saw the happy look on Momo, "That also makes me happy, I'm glad you attracted to me. This is the most you've ever show interest in my body." Momo's smile widens more and more as she nuzzled herself in Naruto's hold.

Naruto then said, "After September 23… your birthday Momo, you think. You'd want to spend time on October 10th with me?" Naruto looked into Momo's eyes which she leaned in close pressing their foreheads together.

Momo slowly nodded her head, "I'd be glad to join you for your birthday, I've never known why you never told me. I assumed it dealt with you being in Konoha. Thus, is why I never asked you." Momo then let a small yawn out which Naruto yawned as well, "Maybe we should hit the sack, I'm tired you being here is making me sleepy. It's comfy being able to snuggle with my Naruto."

"Sure, night Momo, I'm pretty tired too. Also… it's such a huge load off… thank you." Naruto kissed her lips again. Once Naruto and Momo pulled apart Naruto saw Momo already drifted off to sleep. Her sleeping face made her cute, she was so beautiful as she slept. She was his sleeping beauty, nothing could beat her, nothing could be better than his Momo.

Momo sleepily said, "I-I… love you… too Na-kun." Momo said as she continues her sleep with a mighty happy Naruto.

Time Skip Airport

Naruto and Toshinori said their farewells to Yaoyorozus going through customs to enter their airplane. Momo and her family had their own private jet they were going to take to I-Island. Currently, Toshinori was NOT in the mood, he stood there with a blackeye and an angry look on his face, "Sorry about that Toshinori-Sensei… I just forgot." Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Naruto DID NOT mention he was staying over at Momo's place. He went to Naruto's dorm and knocked on it. When he went to knock on it a glow went off and shot a block of cheese at his face, Nepal's Churpi to be exact, "Boy you're going to kill me one day I know it." Toshinori was his usual skinny self, not able to do much anymore after the fight with All For One.

"Come one… Sensei I didn't mean it. I just forgot to warn you about the security seal. It only attacks people who I haven't added a DNA sample to the seal. I forgot to add yours." Naruto hung his head in defeat, though it was funny, okay it was hilarious.

Toshinori just knows he will be the death of him, literally, "Naruto you're going to be the death of me. Anyways tell me why I-Island was created?"

"To safely tests quirks and create equipment for all the heroes?" Naruto really didn't know; he only knew that Momo was going because of her family.

"Yea, partially correct, it's also designed to always move to protect the scientist inside. Not bad, you know a lot for being new to this world." Toshinori gave Naruto a thumbs up. Naruto and Toshinori finished

"Hey, I try, just this whole experience has been something. I'm really glad I came here." Naruto tilted his head to the side a bit with a bright grin appearing on his face.

Toshinori smiled back, "Naruto! That's perfect! That smile is a true successor of One For All should have!" Toshinori puffed back into his bulk form, but immediately deflated coughing blood up.

"Take it easy Sensei don't push yourself." Naruto placed a hand on his back trying to heal the damage he just caused himself.

"Thank you, but it's fine if it means I can keep inspiring you and others. I'll keep doing it." Toshinori gave Naruto a thumbs up he was really happy.

Skip to I-Island

Naruto and Toshinori came through the front gates of I-Island, it even made Naruto look aghast at the place. Truly this world's technology was on a different level than in the Elemental Nations, "Man this place is pretty cool huh?" Naruto put his hand up to his forehead to block out the sun. He wanted to get a better look at the place without the giant burning ball of hydrogen blinding him.

Naruto even saw floating pods carrying people, "I'm surprised they opened it to the public already. It hasn't even opened the place up to the public." Toshinori added while walking up next to Naruto.

"Well, I can't lie when I see something this awesome." Naruto saw the giant waterspouts shoot water out. The water then formed the cursive word for 'Welcome.'

"Unlike in Japan, people are allowed to use their quirks as they wish on I-Island. Apparently, there are a lot of attractions in the pavilions that use quirks. You should visit them later." Toshinori added with a small chuckle. The two panned the view seeing a theater and then a giant harp that had alternating lights.

"Now let's see where the hotel is." Toshinori looked down at his phone.

"Welcome to I-Expo!" A voice came from the side. Naruto and Toshinori both turned their heads towards the voice. The two saw a girl with brown eyes and brown hair walk up to them. Until her eyes began to sparkle in shock, "Wait… All Might! Uzumaki Naruto!" The girl yelled out. Just then all nearby ears heard her.

""All Might!? Uzumaki Naruto!?"" A bunch of people began to smile and turn their heads to see them. All Might AND his protégé were here! They had to go meet them!

Naruto began to groan internally if he hated Toshinori for anything. It was telling everyone that he was his protégé. He got lucky if even twenty people tried to strike up a conversation with him. Whether it was asking him if he was ready to be a hero, what he was like, how it was like to be All Might's protégé, his number, and much more. He always did his best to hide, whether it be a transformation jutsu or jumping along the rooftops.

"The number one Hero?!" Another girl called out.

"It's really him!" A news reporter saw the two running over with their camera.

Before Naruto knew it a bunch of people have surrounded Naruto and Toshinori. Naruto felt a bit overcrowded along with Toshinori. However, Naruto did his best and tried to calm everyone down. However, that failed with it resulting in him with a camera being pointed at his face along with Toshinori. Toshinori replied, "Thank you all for the warm welcome you all know who I am! I'm grateful for all the wonderful comments. But please my protégé should be the one you ask questions too." Toshinori placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and pushed him to the people.

Naruto was a little stunned seeing Toshinori push him to the wolves, "HE IS SO GETTING HIS ASS PRANKED LATER!" Naruto screamed mentally as the crowd surrounded him asking him questions, "Hey! One question at a time okay?!" He quickly stated but they kept ignoring him.

"Will you date me!?" One asked.

"I got a girlfriend sorry!" Naruto quickly answers.

"Marry me!" Another shouted.

"He's so cute!"

"Uhhh for the recent one, no sorry, for the next one question… thank you?" Naruto didn't know how to deal with everyone. Should he just use a substitution jutsu?

"Naruto what is it like being All Might's Protégé?" The news reporter asked.

Naruto had a sweat drop appear on his forehead, "This is going to be a LONG trip." Toshinori off on the side chuckled as he slowly tipped toed away. Damn good thing he stated Naruto as his protégé, not he doesn't have to deal with the media anymore, "Uzumaki-kun what is your quirk or do you have multiple quirks! We saw the U.A sports festival you showing off multiple!" The microphone was shoved into his face.

"I want to have his babies!"

"Uzumaki-kun over here! Sign my notebook!" A girl called out.

"Sign my breast!"

"No, my ass!"

A bunch of the fangirls broke through the crowd pushing the camera crew away. Naruto realized he was in a pickle as he was being pulled into a watery grave of a woman. Naruto tried to struggle against them using his own strength to break free, "HEY! STOP GRABBING ME!" Naruto tried to run, but the girls grabbed him, "HEY THAT'S PROPERTY OF NARUTO!" Naruto called out when a girl ripped a sleeve off his hero outfit, "YAHHHH!" Naruto screamed out, "HEY! STOP GROPING ME!" Naruto didn't know what to do, he didn't want to use his true strength to knock them away. He would end up hurting someone! That's right substitution jutsu! Naruto began to mold his chakra until, "CRAP THERES NO LOGS! I KNOW WHERE IS SENSEI!" Naruto stretched out his senses to find his sensei until a pair of breasts were smashed into his face, "DAMMIT! I CAN'T CONCENTRATE LIKE THIS!" Then Naruto felt someone grab his pants, "HEY! HANDS OFF! NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH THOSE! SOMEONE HELP ME!" Naruto was beginning to go into panic mode.

The camera people stood there with their own dazed expressions, "Everyday life of an idol huh?" The reporter lady shook her head with a sigh, "The fangirls are all over him." The reporter turned her head to see all the guys who were surrounding Naruto before, which were mostly just fathers, put their right hand up over their left chest. They had their right hand turned inwards slightly with their left arms behind their backs. The mothers and other women who had boyfriends all deadpanned, "Is that an Attack on Titan reference?"

They stood quiet watching their fallen brethren in the swarm of babes.

Before anything more could happen to Naruto, he saw a paper mache bomb thrown in front of his face, "What!?" Naruto's eyes widen, but he saw a note on the bomb, "Seems like you need help!" Just then the bomb went off.

There was a loud *KABOOM*. The girls swarming Naruto were sent flying, safely of course, as they landed on the ground safely thanks to a bunch of mattresses on the ground. Naruto stood up with his ears still ringing as he rolled onto his knees. He put a hand to his head as he looked up to see a pair of legs. He continued to look up as the person said, "Jeez I leave you alone for almost a day and this happens?" Naruto looked up to see Momo with her arms crossed and an unhappy look on her face.

Naruto quickly shot to his feet, "Momo! Come on it isn't like that!" Naruto tried to defend himself as Kyoka and Ochaco were gently let some of the girls down. Momo continued to tap her one foot angrily, "They came at me! BECAUSE SOMEONE FED ME TO THE WOLVES!" Naruto turned his head to try to find Toshinori, but he was gone, "DAMMIT! I'M SO GOING TO GET HIM BACK FOR THIS!"

Momo sighed as she shook her head, "You idiot." Momo protectively gave Naruto a hug. The girls who Momo 'blew off of Naruto' looked up to see Momo hugging Naruto, "Just don't attract unwanted attention." The two separate after Naruto and Momo also peck one another on the lips, "You gotta stay out of trouble."

"Hehehe, thanks Momo." Naruto rubbed the back of his head, but he then raised an eyebrow, "Wait how did you even know I was in there."

"Well first of all someone groped you… I heard that loud and clear. Also, who else had the same voice, blonde hair, and blue eyes." Momo shook her head turning to go back to Ochaco and Kyoka. Momo turned to the other girls, "Now stay away from my Naruto!" Momo began to scold the horde of fangirls that were after her Naruto.

Just then Naruto saw someone dragging Toshinori by his ear, "Honestly Might-Oji-sama! You just left him? You're so irresponsible!"

"Come on Melissa! Don't be like that I'd never do that to Naruto!" Toshinori lied trying to plead with his nephew.

The said nephew walked up to Naruto and released Toshinori's ear, "Hello there you must Uzumaki Naruto. So, Uzumaki-san I must ask did he push you into the crowd?" Momo saw the girl, she wanted to return to Kyoka and Ochaco, but for some reason that girl made her feel on edge.

Naruto went to say yes, but "No, that wasn't his fault we just got swarmed." Naruto said with a genuinely fake smile on his face. Whatever it was Toshinori heard his inner self yelling at him to run away and get as far away from Naruto as possible.

"Oh, I see then well he could have at least tried to help you." Melissa sighed, "Well it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm glad you two were able to come!"

"Well thank you for inviting me! I was glad I was able to bring a guest!" Toshinori quickly commented trying to change the subject, "Though you're all grown up! I hardly recognized you!"

"Yeah, I have! I'm seventeen now! I'm heavier than I once was!" Melissa added with a bright smile on her face. Naruto couldn't help but find her, well pretty, Melissa is a full-figured and attractive pale-skinned young woman of slightly above average height with quite a round face. She has wavy blonde hair which reaches halfway down her back, two shorter pieces she leaves over her shoulders, side-swept bangs that frame her face, aqua-blue eyes with notable upper eyelashes, some slightly longer ones extending on each side, and pronounced lower eyelashes. She was wearing a white short-sleeved dress shirt with plaid cuffs, a large bow of the same design at her neck, and a dark raspberry pink waistcoat. Accompanying these are pale gray capri pants, under which are a pair of plaid pink socks as well as a pair of heeled brown boots. She also wears a wristwatch and pink, oval-framed glasses. Naruto really had to admit she was an extremely attractive and beautiful girl.

"I'm glad you're doing well Might-Oji-sama!" Melissa smiled happily; she really did miss her uncle.

Momo saw off on the side a bit nervous of that girl. Momo looked at the girl's chest, her butt, and then her attire. She seemed so much more sophisticated than Momo was, she had blonde hair when her hair was plain black. Momo bit her lower lip which Naruto saw her still in the distance as he waved to her. Momo smiled and waved back; it made her feel better. So, she turned to leave to rejoin Kyoka and Ochaco, "So where is Dave?" Toshinori asked.

"Oh, Dave is in his lab doing research. He's finally at the first stage of a project he has been working on for many years. So, I invited you to the Island as a surprise!" Melissa adds while making an 'Shh' sign with her hand.

"What was he working on?" Naruto walked up tilting his head to the side.

"Oh, he said it was confidential. Even I don't know what it was." Melissa added wondering herself, "Oh let me properly introduce myself! I'm Melissa Shield a pleasure to meet All Might-Oji-sama's protégé! I've heard many things about you Uzumaki-san." Melissa extended her hand out to shake Naruto's.

Naruto nodded his head, "Yeah it's a pleasure to meet you to and please. Don't worry about honorifics or anything like that. I'm not one for titles, so Naruto is just fine. I'm a first-year in Class 1-A at U.A high school." Naruto accepted her hand and shook it back.

"That's great being Might-Oji-sama's students huh! That makes you seem very promising in the future huh?" Melissa moved in closer than Naruto thought she would have. Naruto was aware of the closeness but assumed it was out of curiosity.

In the distance, Momo had an annoyed glare in her eyes as Kyoka and Ochaco saw the girl leaning towards Naruto

"What kind of quirk do you have?" Melissa asked putting her hands behind her back as she began to inspect Naruto's body. He definitely had muscle, it was lean and strong muscle.

"Oh, my quirk is similar to Toshinori-sensei's. It is a strength enhancement quirk, but I also use an ability called Chakra. That isn't a quirk." Naruto answered not knowing, "I call the quirk Daiku Hokage."

"Ninth Fire Shadow? Interesting name! So, it's a strength enhancement quirk huh?" Melissa continued to inspect Naruto as she grabbed an arm to inspect it. She even began to study his muscles after she rolled up his sleeve, "Interesting choice of attire you make yourself seem like a Shinobi of some sort just like Edgeshot."

Naruto then said, "Oh well technically I am, I'm a Shinobi. I know the ways of a Ninja that's how I learned chakra." Naruto held up a porcelain fox mask that he had attached to his hip.

"Oh, I see chakra… what you mean chakra as in the seven chakras within the body?" Melissa asked confused.

"No that's more the eight inner gates." Naruto adds but then realized they aren't going to know what that is.

"Eight gates?" Toshinori looked at Naruto intrigued along with Melissa.

"Y-yeah! It's actually the true capabilities of unlocking them and using them to their strongest. I've done my own research on it; the Eight Gates exist in order to limit the flow of chakra within an individual's body. Ordinarily, individuals can use no more than 20% of their body's full potential, the brain's way of protecting the individual from harming their body through overexertion. With training, individuals can learn to remove these limiters, referred to as "opening" the gates. With each opened gate, individuals are given access to more and more of their body's chakra, thus increasing their physical strength and speed." Naruto explained while gaining a perplexed look on Toshinori's and Melissa's faces. He looked it up more remembering what Bushy Brows and Bushy Brow Sensei use to fight.

"Amazing! Have you learned to unlock any of them?" Melissa leaned in super excitedly and interested in this eight gates thing.

"OH! I uhh… well a fair warning they can be really dangerous too. Removing the limiters of the body is the reason why it's so dangerous. To let you know that everyone had chakra, even you Melissa. However, since you were training it at a young age. Your Tenketsus are closed off meaning your access to charka is severely limited. I've been using it since I was about eight." Naruto added making Melissa almost seem to be upset.

"I-I see then." Melissa closed her eyes and let a sigh out, but kept up a smile, "That's okay! I was just really interested! Back to my question do you have any of them unlocked?"

"Well I." Naruto didn't know what to say.

"Ahem, Melissa it's time." Toshinori interrupted her as she got lost in Naruto's abilities.

"Oh! I'm sorry I got distracted! Come on we need to go surprise Papa!" Melissa ran of guiding Toshinori and Naruto towards her Tou-san's laboratory.

Dave's Lab

Samuel, an assistant scientist to Dave, walked into a room, "Hey Dav, I've finished cleaning up here, too.

"Alright! Thanks Sam." Dave and Sam began to make small talk while walking into their offices.

"Why don't you go have lunch with your daughter?" Sam suggested when they entered their offices.

"She went to the academy today, too." Dave explained.

"I thought they had a break for I-Expo?" Sam replied back surprised.

"She's doing some independent research." Dave smiled proud of how smart his daughter is.

"I mean, I'm Papa's daughter." Melissa said walking into the office. She tilted her head to sigh with a funny smile, "I can't help being like him." Melissa joked since her father did the same.
"Uh, Melissa!" Dave was shocked to see his daughter here.

"Hello, Ojou-sama." Sam bowed his head a bit.

"Hello, Sam." Melissa walked up with her hand behind her back, "Thanks for always taking care of Papa, who does nothing but research all the time." Melissa added with a smile adorning her face.

"Well, I can't argue that." Dave chuckled a bit. Along with Sam letting his own chuckle out, "More importantly what are you doing here?" Dave was surprised to see his daughter here. He thought she had important research to do.

"To celebrate you completing the first stage of your research, I invited a couple of people." Melissa lifted her hand up to her chest with her voice showing excitement for her Tou-san.

"A certain person?" Dave tilted his head confused.

"Someone you love. Papa! Along with his protégé." Melissa said with more excitement to for her Tou-san to meet All Might's successor to his hero title. Well, that's if Naruto can work his way up to being number one.

Before they arrived Toshinori put back on his regular hero uniform. He walked into the room in his buff form, "I AM HERE… SHAKING WITH EMOTION FROM OUR REUNION!" All Might shouted until he deflated back into Toshinori spitting blood out. Naruto sighed walking over healing his inside.

"Toshi!?" Dave shouted in shock along with seeing Naruto healing All Might.

"All Might! The real thing!?" Sam's eyes widen far beyond what his little squinty eyes would allow.

Toshinori jogged over pulling his friend into a hug, "It's so good to see you after so long Dave!"

Melissa poked her head over Toshinori's shoulder, "Well? You surprised Papa?" Melissa hoped her Tou-san was.

"Y-Yeah." Dave said with stupor but soon reigned himself in, "Very surprised…" Dave stood up with Toshinori happy to see his old pal. This made Naruto envy that a bit, he hasn't heard from any of his friends in the Elemental Nations in years. Well, it's not like he could have if he wanted to. Though something irked Naruto about Dave, the reaction was a little off, "Kurama do you sense his emotions." "Yeah, I do, what he just replied with was a lie. That bald fat one over there I'd be weary if I were you." Kurama could feel the emotions off of Sam and Dave. They were both a bit stunned at the moment. They might seem happy and excited but there was a hint of worry.

"We both need to thank Melissa! Man! How long has it been!" Toshinori said with a smile on his face.

"Oh, don't remind me about how old I am. Neither one of us want to think about that." Dave replied with a laugh coming from the two.

"That's true!" Toshinori then calmed his laughter, "I'm glad to see you again, Dave." Toshinori held up his fist.

"I am too… All Might." Dave extended his own fist to fist bump Toshinori.

"Naruto." Toshinori turned to the side, "Let me introduce you to one of my best friends. David Shield."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Dave, Sensei doesn't talk much about friends. Though it is good to see him with friends that care for him." Naruto extended his hand out shaking Dave's hand.

Toshinori coughed a bit which Dave noticed, "Uhh Melissa can you give us some time to catch up. I would like to speak to Naruto and Toshinori for a moment. Then you and Naruto can go do what you want for the day." Dave wanted to talk to Naruto and figure some things out.

The three were left alone with Melissa waiting outside. Then Dave turned to Toshinori, "So, your quirk is completely gone huh?" Dave looked over towards Toshinori with worry.

"Yes, it is gone, but I need to trust you with something." Toshinori looked at Naruto which Naruto's eyes widen which made Dave raise an eyebrow.

"Toshi what are you talking about. I also ask with this talk why you wanted Naruto here too… unless it involves him." Dave looked at Toshinori with worry.

Toshinori nodded his head, "The last embers of One For All burnt out after my fight with All For One. One For All isn't a normal quirk like everyone else has. Some quirks can be passed down through genetics. However, my quirk can be passed down to people I chose. I gave it to Naruto by exchanging a bit of my DNA along with the will to give it to him. I then passed it down to Naruto." Toshinori said with a proud look on his face which Dave looked at Naruto.

Dave was a little upset, "I-I see then, but is there anything we can do to restore your power Toshi?"

Toshinori shook his head, "Once I gave it to Naruto my power slowly dwindled away. I used the rest of it up in my last fight. Naruto has inherited all of it, he can even handle 100% of the power of One For All for a certain amount of time. He advances quicker in use of it than I have, he's smarter, faster, and already has a huge arsenal of abilities with him." Toshinori walked behind Naruto and placed a hand on his head, "He's my pride and joy, I'm his sensei yet I cannot train him myself. I can only give him the run down on the quirk and how it works. Everything he's done, worked on, trained, was all thanks to him." Toshinori looked at Dave who seemed to have a solemn look on his face, "My friend, the youth are the next generation of heroes who will pass us in strength and power. They are the future, they are the light, Naruto is the next symbol of hope."

Naruto was a little nervous being put on the spot he did walk forward, "I am proud that Sensei chose me for his power. I've trained a lot and kept training and never gave up. It might be a bit random for Sensei to chose me. Though I promise you that I'm far from getting stronger." Dave nodded his head and accepted Naruto's response, though Dave was still a bit nervous. He also did seem upset.

"Well, that's for all, thank you Uzumaki-san you can go with Melissa she will show you around I-Island." Dave smiled as Naruto walked away smiling back, Naruto was still suspicious of Dave.

With Melissa

Naruto came walking out, "Hey Melissa ready to show me around?"

"Sure, I'd be happy too!" Melissa and Naruto began to walk through the halls until they got back outside. They made their way to the main area of attraction.

"Wow, this place is pretty cool huh?" Naruto was really impressed by what he has seen. Then he saw a giant lizard that looks like Godzilla, from the movies.

"Yeah, we had all facilities that would be found in a normal city." Melissa stated proudly about the Island. "We can do anything except just no traveling on vehicles. That really isn't the best thing to do."

"Yeah, Godzillo must have been invited here by a sponsor. A lot of heroes come here from sponsors." Melissa walked up next to Naruto as Godzillo walked past them, "They're typically here to show off their newest items and sign autographs and stuff."

Naruto had a sweat drop appear on his forehead, "Yeah, I'm not about all the autograph and things like that. I like keeping to myself."

"There's also a lot of different events for heroes to try out." Melissa put a finger up into the air, "There's a party with all the industry guests tonight, too. But you'll be at that, too, right?" Melissa wondered which Naruto shrugged his shoulders.

"Probably, why not it wouldn't hurt… so that's why Sensei told me to pack formal clothing too." Naruto didn't mind it; though would have to wear formal attire?

"Hey, Naruto! Let's check out the pavilion over here." Melissa ran ahead pointing at a giant building with multiple layers of Columbus and glass on the front of the building.

The two walked in seeing a bunch of new hero items. Naruto walked inside with her as she ran up to the first item on display, "Naruto looked at this! This is a multipurpose Beagle. It can fly, but also drive underwater like a submarine." She quickly ran over to a cylinder water tank, "You can wear this diving suit up to seven thousand meters in the deep sea! The water pressure could crush anyone if they went that deep." Melissa walked over to a helmet placing it on Naruto's head, "These goggles are equipped with 36 different sensors!" Naruto felt the sensor alright! He began to go dizzy! He already has heightened senses, they were currently OVERLOADING! Naruto swiftly fell to the ground with his eyes spinning from the sensors on the helmet. Kurama in the seal wanted to throw up, he felt like the entire seal was spinning at a million miles an hour. Once they were done Melissa explained further on the items, "The equipment here was mostly patented by Papa."

"That is pretty impressive, for him to create all this stuff. It definitely would have taken a lot of time to work on." Naruto even thought back to the Uzumaki Seals Corp. idea it would really hit off.

"Each and every item here helps heroes around the world in their work." Melissa continued to walk with her hands now in front of her as she continued to respectfully gaze at the equipment her Tou-san made.

"You really respect your Tou-san, don't you?" Naruto smiled knowing that people like Melissa had great parents. Though, in a way he did envy her, he's even envied Momo too for having parents. Even if they were with him in the seal for a while, he still wishes he could have them now.

"Yep!" Melissa turned her head to him with a bright smile on her face, "That's because it's my dream to become a great scientist just like him!"

Naruto smirked as he thought back to his old dream of being Hokage. Being a hero worked for now, but his main goal was to think about what he really wanted to do. Something that Momo could only help him with, "That's a great dream, keep working on it. Don't ever give up, because I never do. It's my ninja way, I never back down." Naruto gave her a thumbs up with his own foxy grin on his face. Melissa turned her head quickly the other way causing her face to turn bright red, "Oh, speaking of which, you attend the academy here, right?"

"Yep, I'm in my third year!" Melissa added as they came to a stop by a giant robot.

"That's great, keep it up, I know you'll be like your Tou-san one day." Naruto encouraged her as Melissa shook her head.

"I appreciate the flattery, but I'm far from him. I've still got a long way to go, I still need to keep studying and work hard." Melissa encouraged herself as she looked down at her hand.

"Same you aren't the only one working hard either. I've trained almost my entire life to get where I am today. I might not be like Sensei when I get older, but I definitely want to follow this path right now." Naruto looked up at the giant robot with a smile on his face, "I'll become a hero who is respected by all, I don't care if I become one or not. It's the respect you get by being a hero, being the best hero to protect the people who need it. That's what I want to do."

Melissa was moved by his words, "You really care for All Might-Oji-sama, don't you?"

"Of course, I do… he's been there since the day he found me. I was only twelve or so when we first met. He gave me a purpose to continue doing what I am doing now. I owe it to him to do what I can to make him proud. He's the Tou-san that I never had." Naruto said with a hint of pain in his eyes which Melissa saw.

"I see, so you didn't have parents growing up huh?" Melissa said with a small smile.

"Yeah, it wasn't easy growing up alone. The people of my village didn't like me very much either, so being ostracized by the population was hard to live." Naruto smiled as he thought to Toshinori, "When Sensei found me and took me in, he gave me a chance and treated me like a human. Then I met Torino-Jiji too who also took me in and cared for me. The two looked after me since I've begun to look up to him like a Tou-san."

Melissa wondered, "How did you Tou-san and Kaa-san pass?" Melissa asked, but she knew if he didn't want to answer it would be okay.

"Don't worry I've told people before; they died the night I was born. A villain with the power to transform into a giant nine-tailed fox attacked my village killing many innocents. My parent stopped him, my Tou-san used a technique that took away the villain's power and sealed the quirk ability into me. That's what his quirk was, you see I was born quirkless." Naruto lied he knew it, but it was a damn good lie, "Now I have that ability for me to use, my Tou-san was taught how to harness our chakra just like my Kaa-san was too. I inherited a lot from my parents, I can't thank them enough for how much they've helped me."

"I see, I'm glad you turned out the way you did. You keep up the good work okay? I think you're a wonderful person by the way." Melissa leaned in close to Naruto allowing Naruto to visibly see into Melissa's eyes.

"Oh… uhhh. Thanks that means a lot." Naruto blushed at the compliment completely ignoring the fact that Melissa was beginning to form a crush on him, "Oh the guy's power that's sealed in me, I got full control over it too. Just say his quirk has a mind of its own, so we work together now."

Just then Naruto felt someone behind them, "Well it seems you two are having fun." A voice came from a girl who didn't seem to be very happy with Naruto.

Naruto turned his head and chuckled a bit, "Hey, Momo! Good to see you again! Ochaco! Kyoka!" Naruto waved to them nervously.

Momo had her arms crossed under her chest, "Seems like you two were having fun." Ochaco spoke again.

"You just said that." Naruto looked at Ochaco confused.

Kyoka spun her earphone jacks, "Interesting Naruto, I didn't know that's where your quirk came from. To think you were quirkless at one point. Then what about that chakra thing you've told us about?"

"Oh well, like I said, I just considered that quirk to be mine at this point. Then the chakra is something I learned as I grew up with a different Sensei teaching me. I had one before All Might became my Sensei." Naruto made sure to cover it up as best as he could.

Momo walked up to Naruto and Melissa as she stared Melissa down. Melissa didn't back down either, "Damn she's good… blonde hair, glasses, cute outfit, large breasts, good figure, I swear if she is into Naruto." Momo thought to herself seeing Melissa as a potential threat to her. Naruto saw invisible lighting sparks between Momo and Melissa since they were staring at one another so intensely.

"I wonder if she's Naruto's girlfriend… he never said he did. Be upsetting if he does, he is cute with blonde hair, blue eyes, the whisker marks. He's well-toned with a great body, and he overall has a great personality! I was hoping to get to learn about him more!" Melissa knew that this girl was a threat.

Naruto swore he saw a lion appear behind Melissa and a tiger behind Momo as they stared one another down. Naruto then decided to intervene, "Melissa these three are from my school at U.A. I think there seems to be a misunderstanding."

"Naruto." Momo walked up to him giving him a glare as tilted her head up as gave him a stern look, "Naruto it seems you two were really enjoying yourselves. Care to explain?"

"Woah! Woah here! This is just a misunderstanding." Before Naruto could continue Melissa latched onto his arms pulling it in between her chest.

"What's there to be misunderstood? Two people are enjoying themselves, you're only Naruto's classmates, right?" Melissa argued back a bit, she kinda like Naruto. She wanted to get to know him more, she DID NOT want this little date to be interrupted. She did kinda like Naruto and didn't want others to bother her time with him.

Momo tightened her fists as a flame appears in both of her eyes, something Naruto began to see a shadow of Tsunade appearing behind Momo, "You listen here, missy!" Momo walked up to Melissa pointing her finger at her, "Naruto IS MINE! He is MY Boyfriend! You aren't allowed to touch a single hair on his head! He is mine! Mine alone!"

A/N: I think I'll break this up into parts. It takes too long to do one giant chapter on this movie. Yes, Naruto's and Momo's relationship is beginning to move a bit further. Yes, Naruto was afraid, thus why he never made many advancements towards Momo. The most they've done was cuddle, make out and go on dates. I do want to progress their relationship more especially when the Overhaul Arc starts. I got big plans for that! I'm also thinking of adding in a mini-training arc as well for Naruto.

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