Futari no Hero pt. 2

Hello everyone! Also, yes, I did change my author name to Sage of Prophecy. I'm back with another chapter! Wow, it took me a month to get back on this story for a full rotation. So far, I've been keeping up with the anime. The recent season has been kinda slow. Though like they say, it's the calm before the storm! I hope the next arcs, and everything will be lit! Once the anime catches up, I'll begin reading the manga when I can!

xaviersandoval202: Man I LOVE this story and I mean LOVE it. This may not be much of an issue but you got the timeline wrong, Futari no hero comes after the end of season 2 and before season 3. Pretty much in between.

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Shinobi-Hamster: Will Naruto ever return home or will he be stuck in this world for the rest of his live?

SoP: Naruto will NOT be going home at all. Naruto is actually stuck there. Most stories have Naruto go back or have something come over to this world. Believe it or not but I am NOT doing that. I think it keeps this story special, different from all the other Naruto stories. I really don't think there is another story out here like mine.

Let's get to it!

Last Chapter

"Naruto." Momo walked up to him giving him a glare as tilted her head up as gave him a stern look, "Naruto it seems you two were really enjoying yourselves. Care to explain?"

"Woah! Woah there! This is just a misunderstanding." Before Naruto could continue Melissa latched onto his arms pulling it in between her chest.

"What's there to be misunderstood? Two people are enjoying themselves, you're only Naruto's classmates, right?" Melissa argued back a bit, she kinda like Naruto. She wanted to get to know him more, she DID NOT want this little date to be interrupted. She did kinda like Naruto and she didn't want others to bother her time with him.

Momo tightened her fists as fire appears in her eyes, something Naruto began to see a shadow of Tsunade appearing behind Momo, "You listen here, missy!" Momo walked up to Melissa pointing her finger at her, "Naruto IS MINE! He is MY Boyfriend! You aren't allowed to touch a single hair on his head! He is mine! Mine alone!"

This Chapter

Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. While also having his hand out trying to explain his position, "Come on Momo you know I'm not like that. Melissa here is just showing me around Expo."

Melissa let go of Naruto's arm and sighed as she puffed her cheek out. She relented and said, "Right, I invited Might-Oji-sama and Naruto since he was his protégé."

The three nodded their heads not understanding it, "Well it make sense since All Might declared Naruto as his protégé. It makes sense." Kyoka nodded her head understanding the situation.

"You keep calling him Oji-sama, you related to him?" Momo asked curiously while placing a finger on her lower lip.

Melissa nodded her head, "Ever since I was little, my papa, and Might-Oji-sama have been best friends. He even created some of Might-Oji-sama's outfits while also making support gadgets." Momo seemed to relax a bit realizing that she was just showing Naruto around. Though it did irk her that she wrapped her arm around Naruto. It was clear that she was beginning to like Naruto. Melissa clapped her hands together, "I know why don't we get tea at a café together?"

Later at the Tea Café

"Oh, you all have had experience working with a pro hero?" Melissa said excitedly as she sat at a four-person table with Momo, Ochaco, and Kyoka.

Ochaco waved her hands in the air in defense, "No, nothing too crazy, just training and going on patrol. If anything, it should be Naruto and Momo you should be talking to. They helped take down the Hero Killer Stain."

Kyoka lifted her head which was resting on her hand, "I got caught up in an incident, but all I did was evacuate people."

"N-No we didn't do much except help back up the pro-heroes." Momo shot Ochaco a look trying to tell her to be quiet about the topic. Momo was also rubbing the back of her neck. She remembered how much of a hellish night that was.

Melissa just smiled, "All the things you've done are wonderful! It's something not everyday people could do!"

Kyoka smirked while gesturing her hand out for Melissa to join them, "Tomorrow, we're planning on going to the pavilion where the Academy's exhibition."

Ochaco chimed in, "I'm really looking forward to it!" She pumped her hands up and down excitedly.

Naruto off on the side rubbed the bridge between his nose, "I'm glad the misunderstanding was cleared. I don't want to make it look like I was cheating on Momo! I'd never do that!" Just then a cup was placed down in front of him, "Thanks for waiting." Naruto looked up to see a juice mix placed in front of him. '

Naruto turned his head to look at the waiter, "That voice! Denki?!" Naruto paned to the left and narrowed his eyes, "Minoru." Naruto said with an annoyed look on his face.

"Mineta-kun?!" Ochaco called out surprised to see these two here.

Denki made a thumbs up, "They needed some temporary staff for the expo so we applied. Right?" Denki looked down at Minoru.

Minoru smiled walking to the left, "We can go see the expo on our breaks and also get paid. And maybe even have a wonderful eating with the cute girls are attending!"

"Go near Momo and I break your face." Naruto threatened which Minoru seem to shut up and bow his head at Naruto, "He's got some serious balls."

Just then Denki and Minoru spotted Melissa and quickly shot to his side. Denki put his hand up to the right side of his mouth. Currently, Denki and Minoru were very close to Naruto, "Hey Naruto, where did you meet that hottie?"

Naruto deadpanned along with everyone else hearing them clear as day, "Introduce us! Introduce us!"

Naruto grabbed Minoru and flicked him in the forehead and the same to Denki. Naruto turned to Melissa, "These two go to U.A and are part of our class. This is the class pervert Minoru Mineta, and this is Denki he's alright. Better than balls for brains over here."

Melissa giggled Naruto had a good mouth, he was witty and smart in certain aspects, "I see, it's a pleasure to meet you both." Melissa gave them a polite bow.

Just then everyone heard shouting coming from their familiar and assistant class rep, "WHAT ARE YOU TWO STANDING AROUND FOR?!" Everyone saw Iida running as if he was in an Indy 500. He zoomed past everyone still shouting, "If you're going to take the money, then work harder!" Iida them stopped right in front of the two as they fell on their asses.

"Iida-kun you're here?!" Ochaco was shocked.

Iida them turned around making robot motions with his hands, "I come from a family of heroes, so we received an invitation from I-Expo. But my family was busy, so I'm the only one who came.

Momo smiled, "You too Iida? I also received an invitation because my Tou-san holds some of I-Expo's sponsors' stock."

"And since Yaomomo had two extra invites. After an impartial game of chance, we were chosen to go with her." Kyoka moved as she rested an arm on Ochaco's shoulder. Meaning, the two and the girls had a gold old fashion round of roshambo.

Ochaco nodded her head, "Yup. The other girls came to the island, too."

"Really? I didn't know this." Naruto spoke up surprised.

"We're all planning on going around together once it opens to the public tomorrow." Momo explained that the invites were to just get in early before the public.

"Would you all like me to give you a tour around?" Melissa leaned forward onto the table a bit resting her arms underneath her comparable bust size to Momo.

"Really?!" Ochaco said with excitement and a smile appearing on Kyoka's face.

Momo just nodded her head with a smile, "Yeah that be great!" Momo knew to be wary of Melissa she might try to make a move on her man!

Denki and Minoru jumped in, "TAKE US TOO!" They both said together until there was a loud.


Naruto and the others turned their heads to see a large rock formation with smoke coming off of it. Everyone quickly made their way towards the rock area, and Naruto came to a balcony. Naruto looked to his right to see Izuku on the side watching the show. Naruto turned his attention back to the two screens in the air, "That's time! Eighth place!" The screen revealed Kirishima in his hardened form.

"Oh! Naruto-kun is that." Melissa was surprised to see a possible classmate of Naruto's.

"Yes, that Eijiro Kirishima." Naruto added which Izuku nodded his head.

"I'm a student too I'm waiting for my turn to try it out as well." Izuku added hoping to get a chance to test himself.

"Now for the next contestant!" The announcer shouted as Bakugo came walking up to the plate.

"Hey! It's Explosion Princess!" Naruto pointed out earning some laughs from the crowd.

Bakugo turned angrily to see who said that "HEY! WHISKER BOY! WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"

"New villain attack! Read… GO!" Bakugo quickly ignored Naruto and shot off towards the villains in the arena.

Bakugo shot around the arena destroying robots, he launched himself at one. He extended his hand out blowing it up. Using the same momentum, it redirected him towards another robot destroying two more robots afterward he shouted, "DIE!" Bakugo shouted with a big smile on his face.

The announcer watching this was amazed, "Amazing! He cleared it in 15 seconds!"

Bakugo landed behind her with a smirk but then looked up and glared at Naruto and Izuku, "Oh! It's Naruto and Midoriya!" Eijiro waved to the group who were up in the stands.

Just then Bakugo shot up to the railing and landed on it shouting at Naruto and Izuku, "YOU TWO! WHY THE HELL, ARE YOU TWO HERE?!"

"Calm down bro, people are going to stare princess." Naruto sighed rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, Kacchan take it easy." Izuku waved his hands frantically in front of him.

"SO WHAT?!" Bakugo screamed leaning on the railing trying to get closer to Izuku.

"Why is that boy so angry?" Melissa added with some disgust.

"That's how he always is…" Kyoka sighed not surprised by the scene. At the same time, Iida tried to get Bakugo to calm down and act how he should.

Momo walked up the railing, "Kirishima, did you and Bakugo both receive invitations to the expo, too?"

"No, Midoriya invited the both of us since he got second place at the U.A sports festival. We came with!" Eijiro smirked happily that Izuku was comfortable with him. He then pointed behind him, "Are you guys going to try this?"

"I know I will!" Naruto jumped down at the starting spot which everyone watched wondering what Naruto was going to do.

Just then the people in the stands began to recognize Naruto, "Wait! That's Naruto Uzumaki! All Might's Protégé!" Like that people began to crowd the stands along with people going to the railing to get a closer look.

"It's no use! I'll definitely have a better time than both of you!" Bakugo screamed out as he glared at Izuku and then back to Naruto who was behind him.

"Y-Yeah maybe." Izuku was interrupted by Ochaco.

"Come on Deku! Try it! You don't know until you try!" Ochaco was glad to see Izuku as she walked up and grabbed his right arm with a smile on her face.

"Ummm alright then." Izuku rubbed the back of his head nervously as he blushed at Ochaco's closeness.

Bakugo then vaulted over the railing, "Then hurry and go get your pathetic results after Uzumaki!" Bakugo eyes went white as he growled walking past Izuku and Ochaco. Ochaco simply frowned at Bakugo's behavior.

Naruto placed his hand on his head and cracked his neck and stretched. Everyone was watching wondering how Naruto would fare. Naruto asked, "Are equipment allowed?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Yes, it is, as long as it is to help your quirk." The announcer replied wondering what the Protégé of All Might would do.

Naruto hovered his hand over his kunai holster on his right leg, "On your mark! Get set… GO!" Once she finished and robots appeared the timer start. Naruto quickly within the same time frame threw one kunai into the air. With another directly at a robot, like that Naruto disappeared in a flash of yellowing lighting. Once Naruto destroyed the first robot he then teleported into the air and threw four kunai where the other four robots were. Along with throwing one back at the starting spot. Naruto disappeared fur more times and then reappeared at the start within a matter of seconds, "AMAZING! That's a new record! That takes the first place at two and a half seconds!" The announcer shouted in shock along with the audience cheering Naruto on.

Bakugo's eyes narrowed angrily not believing Naruto was able to move that quickly. Once Naruto stood up and tucked the six kunai away the announcer ran over, "Uzumaki-kun! May I please ask what that was!?"

Naruto chuckled rubbing the back of his head. He pulled a kunai out, "This helps with my quirk, but that's all I'll say. It's a family secret my Tou-san made this, and I learned to do it too. It's called the Hiraishin."

"Amazing! What's your hero name?!" The announcer asked which Naruto decided to change it up since the last time he created his first name.

"It's Kitsune Hero: Kyuubi." Naruto answered earning more cheers from the crowd. He chuckled not use to the praise, he really didn't care for it. Then looked up at Izuku, "Hey Deku get down here! Show them the training you've been through!"

Izuku nodded his head and went down. He got into the starting position, "Alright! New Villain Attack! Ready… GO!" She shouted and before anything more could happen.

Izuku powered up flowing his quirk through his entire body. Using the trace elements found in his body. He shouted, Over Booster! Izuku was then adorned in a clad suit of red armor as he took off with wings on his back. He shot off like a rocket destroying the first robot. Then he flew towards the second, third, fourth, and finally the sixth robot and then arrived back at the starting point, "Amazing! That's close! Midoriya Izuku takes second place at seven seconds!"

Naruto gave Izuku a thumbs up, "Not bad Izuku! That's was insanely fast!"

Izuku dropped out of his, "Yeah, but nowhere near you… I was surprised to get even second." Izuku hopped up to the stands along with Naruto.

Just then Ochaco grabbed Izuku's arm, "You did great Deku-kun! You too Naruto!" Ochaco cheered for her friends.

"Yeah, nice job, but to think you were that fast. Three seconds is insane." Momo shook her head; she wasn't surprised by Naruto's speed anymore. Meanwhile, on the side, Bakugo was fuming.

Melissa was surprised to see Naruto in action, "Both Naruto and Midoriya had amazing explosive power. Izuku was destructive like Might-Oji-san. Naruto's move was nothing like I've never seen before. Those kunai were something different, I've never seen anything like that." "That was so close!" Ochaco praised Izuku.

"Not bad, you did well." Iida said with a smile placing his hand on his hips. Naruto on the other hand still sighed internally.

Flashback A Week Ago

"Are you absolutely positive?!" Nezu looked at Naruto with a very serious look on his face. Midnight, Toshinori, Torino, Cementose, Recovery Girl, Thirteen, Hound Dog, Aizawa, Present Mic, Snipe, Ectoplasm, Power Loader, and Vlad King.

"Yes, I am, somehow the League of Villains got my blood. Somehow were able to create a clone, that clone so happened to be me. However, that would be my dark side, Yami Naruto is what I'd call him." Naruto crossed his arms seriously; he wasn't joking, and he wasn't lying.

"How do we know if your dark self won't betray us." Vlad King was worried about the situation.

"I wouldn't be here without definite proof. I even know locations of the League of Villain's base is at. He supported me with the information for it. Also giving information on all their current allies. All For One gave Twice a quirk to ingest someone's blood and clones. They used that combination to create my Yami Clone." Naruto sighed as he closed his eye and then opened them, "We need to be careful; I don't know what their next move is. Right now they've remained quiet. My clones don't have anything more to report, but Iida is being used. All For One brainwashed him using a quirk turning one single person into a sleeper agent."

Nezu folded his hands in front and placed his chin over them, "This is very concerning, who currently is the leader?"

"Currently Shirigaki, he did learn that they have some new associates. New villains associated, but not working with or for them. They're just sharing common interests at the moment, Giran Kagero Okuta. He is scouting new recruits for his organization. I don't know much more but that's it. Then a villain known as Nine, but I haven't seen what he looks like or what his goals are."

"Specific names, I know you couldn't have come up with." Torino looked at the rest of his colleagues.

"What do we do about Young Tenya?" Toshinori didn't even know what to do anymore. He wasn't a hero and there isn't anything he can do anymore.

"This is important information, thank you Naruto. However, how do we know your Yami self won't betray you?" Nezu asked curiously wondering what Naruto has done to prove himself.

"It's simple, I've become friends with the Kyuubi… otherwise known as Kurama." Naruto closed his eyes and then opened them. Naruto's features turned feral like with his eyes being crimson red with black slits in the middle, "Well, well, well if it isn't the Superhero Breakfast Club. It's a pleasure to meet you all I'm the great Kyuubi No Yoko. What do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?"

"Is it true? Are you working with Naruto now?" Toshinori stepped forward hoping that it was true.

"As much as it hurts my pride I am, I got no one else here to trust but this idiot." Kurama finished as he let Naruto take over, "Oi ya dumb fox you're the idiot stuck with an idiot. So it's fair game." Naruto placed his hands on his hips but then relaxed them, "Well anyways I'm sure I can handle just about anything I'm thrown at. However, I haven't got used to all of Kurama's power. My body has yet to completely acclimate to it, even if I'm only 5'9 I can only handle so much of his power."
"What type of power did you obtain since you became friends?" Midnight asked curiously which Naruto smirked as he flared his power. Naruto closed his eyes and then opened them after a flaming aura appeared around him. His pupils become slit, the whisker-like markings on his face become thicker to resemble the trigram and the chakra shroud's shape alters to resemble a full-length haori.

"Amazing." Vlad King said in awe.

"He very well might be the next number, one hero," Midnight added in shock, she was glad to see Naruto overcome his hurdles. Hopefully, now the government won't try to influence him anymore.

"It seems you have, but how long can you hold it?" Nezu was very impressed, Naruto might be the strongest person on the face of the planet.

"I can hold it for about ten minutes. Otherwise, it's too much of a strain on my body. I have not fully matured yet as I'm only 5'9. I'm definitely taller than most of my classmates, but I'm not done growing. Kurama told me I'll naturally grow into his power through growing and some in training." Naruto added he deactivated the cloak and extended his hand out. He held up a fist, "I'm still training to get better and stronger; I'll get there I promise. Kurama and I are also still working on our synchronizing of our chakra. Once we get it down pat we'll get even stronger."

"I see… continue as you were Naruto, we're all counting on you. However, I suggest you be careful when you use that. We don't' want the enemy to know of your abilities just yet. Also… I don't know if the world is ready for someone like you." Nezu pointed out showing that Naruto had world-breaking powers. Even though All Might did, and the majority of the Pro-Heroes did. Naruto was on a whole new level. An entire new plane of existence and power, this was something that not everyone was ready for.

Regardless of the current quirk meta that everyone knew. Naruto was on a completely different level.

Even if the government knows about the beast sealed within Naruto. Naruto was a foreign person, who claimed he came from a different world. A person who actually doesn't have a quirk, chakra is the last thing this world's people needs to learn about. Otherwise, this could prove to be difficult as everyone is concerned. Both villains, everyday heroes, and civilians. Chakra is a myth depicted in books if it were to be taught to the wrong people. This could be the end of the era of heroes.

"Naruto have you taught anyone else about chakra?" Nezu asked nervously which Naruto nodded making Nezu a little nervous.

"It was Momo, Izuku Midoriya, and Ochaco Uraraka. Only few trusted I've told about, but not actually how to harness it." Naruto was worried about what Nezu might think or feel about this.

"I see… just make sure no one else learns it. Also, with your clone not teaching anyone, I expect a report on them every week. Good luck Uzumaki welcome to the world of Heroes." Nezu handed Naruto a file specific for Naruto only to fill out, "Consider this your first assignment as a pro-hero."

End of Flashback

Izuku smiled, "I'm surprised I even got under ten seconds!" Izuku rubbed the back of his head shocked himself. To think this is how far his power has come, it's thanks to Naruto and his help.

"I'LL GO AGAIN! I'LL BEAT BOTH OF YOUR SCORES!" Bakugo shouts at both Naruto and Izuku who were off on the side. He stormed off to try the exercise again, he hated being beaten by both of them!

Just then everyone saw at the ground, "Amazing! Fourteen seconds!" Shoto had his hand on the ground as he used his ice to freeze all the robots.

"Is he in your class too?" Melissa asked as she turned to Momo.
"Yep." Momo crossed her arms underneath her bust.

"Amazing! Expected for all our new future heroes!" Melissa was really impressed by everyone; they were all very strong. She had to admit that Naruto was something else, he was able to beat the run in three seconds.

His Hiraishin was a literate cheat code.

Just then Bakugo shot into the air and into the arena again, "HALF AND HALF BASTARD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!"

Shoto ignored him, "Oh, Midoriya and Naruto are here?"

"DON'T IGNORE ME!" Bakugo screamed making the announcer back up frightened by Bakugo's actions.

"Ummm, sir… there is someone else." The announcer tried to get them to move on.

"SHUT UP! I'M GOING NEXT!" Bakugo screamed, but he quickly found himself in the stands, "WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!"

Naruto was currently standing where Bakugo was, "Don't worry I placed a Hiraishin marker on him. I can teleport him anywhere if need be."

Iida came running, "Oh thank goodness, we didn't want Bakugo to keep talking."

Back with the Girls

"They're pretty funny. I was just thinking you guys seem to have fun at U.A.

"Well, it's never boring." Ochaco adds understanding where Melissa was coming from.

With Dave and Toshinori

"Toshinori? What's going on? Your quirk numbers are dropping like crazy?" Dave slammed his fist against the wall, "At this rate, the symbol of Peace will be lost."

"It just happens, with age your quirk probably deteriorates too." Toshinori looked at the ground, "Like I said before One For All is a different quirk. Once I gave it t Naruto it disappeared from me. Naruto is my Protégé, I wouldn't have announced it on world news if I didn't believe in him."

"I-I know." Dave was upset, he didn't want Toshinori to go. He wanted to keep preserving the Symbol of Peace, "The only reason Japan could keep its crime rate at 6% was you, ever since you announced your retirement and passing the torch to Naruto. Crime has gone up to almost 25%, even though he seems like a splendid hero. I don't know if that's possible. Not a lot of people can stand in your shoes." Naruto did feel a little hurt by that. It is not easy to live up to your father's name and to become someone he wasn't.

"Well, if you can't believe in me, fine, but give Naruto a chance. I bet you he will bring peace; Naruto is someone I'm proud of. I've never got to have a family of my own… Naruto is like a son to me. I made my decision when I passed it to him…" Toshinori didn't want to argue about this now. What's done was done, there is nothing they can do about it, "Besides Naruto has pushed his fellow students far and beyond what I could have imagined. I have no doubt Naruto will carry on the torch as the Symbol of Peace. He can even be a thousand of other places at once, he can make solid clones of himself."

Back with Naruto *Evening*

Naruto and the group came walking back to the café that Denki and Minoru were working at. Naruto walked up to them and smirked holding out two tickets, "Good job for working so hard you two. As classmates, I figured you guys even deserved some time to enjoy yourselves. So…" Naruto handed them the two tickets which Melissa chuckled. She didn't really like the spotlight; it was a bit embarrassing.

"Tickets… to what?" Minoru looked a bit nervously at Naruto and then looked towards Melissa.

"Invitations to the reception party." Momo said as a smile adorned her face.

"Reception…" Minoru said shocked.

"Party." Denki finished Minoru's sentence.

Ochaco moved up a bit to speak, "Melissa thought you guys should get to at least have some fun!"

"I had extra." Melissa tilted to the side a bit as she blushed, "Please enjoy yourselves! Friend of Naruto's is a friend of mine!"

"Wait even you Naruto?!" Minoru looked at Naruto shocked as he nodded his head.

"You two might be pervs, but you're pervs that have morals… well one more than the other." Naruto narrowed his eyes but relaxed them, "As for the suffering I've caused ya Minoru." Naruto threw a book to the ground in front of Minoru.

Minoru's eyes widen as he saw the book in front of him. The book in his perspective saw a holy aura appearing around it. His eyes widen as tears began to form in his eyes, "T-This! THIS IS AMAZING! I'VE NEVER SET MY EYES ON SOMETHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!"

Denki leaned in as he saw the title of the book, "WHAT?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! THE NEXT BOOK OF ICHA-ICHA My Superhero Volume 1?!" Some of the girls in the group, notably Kyoka, Melissa, and Momo quickly averted their eyes from the sight. They all wanted to react to the work of a lifetime being given to the shrimp pervert.

"H-HOW?! How is Kami-sama's name did you get this godly piece of literature art?!" Minoru looked up to Naruto wondering where he has been all his life.

Naruto scratched his cheek, "Just say the pervert was my master." Naruto turned his head away embarrassed, "I swear, everywhere I go I'm surrounded by perverts."

"I can't thank you enough!" Minoru gave Naruto a military salute, "For every intentional and unintentional mishap that happens to me! I forgive you!" Minoru bowed going on his hands and knees praising Naruto for his connections. However, Naruto didn't even wait up as he left.

Momo deadpanned seeing a note he left on the ground, "A note… he said, "I'm not waiting for Minoru to stop praising and perving out like he usually does. I'll see you all at the reception." Momo finished letting a giggle out, though it did make her wonder who created those books. Then it clicked for her, "Wait a second, wasn't his other master Jiraiya. Isn't he still in the other world where Naruto came from?! I'll ask him about it later, I have a bad feeling about his response. I don't know if I want t find out."

"Well, I guess I'll see you all later!" Melissa smiled waving goodbye to her newly made friends from U.A.

"Please, everyone! For U.A sake! Please wear appropriate clothing! We'll be at 6:30 p.. in lobby 7 of the central tower!" Iida asked as he said trying to make sure everyone followed the rules.

"Oh Hey! Deku! Naruto talked about you a lot! Told me that you and he were rivals. You were looking for more ways to better ways to control your quirk. He told me how much recoil it causes. Follow me, I would like to get to know you better!" Melissa wanted to do Naruto good after he requested her to maybe take a look at Deku to help his quirk.

Ochaco was not happy about this, "That sounds super cool! Can I see?"

"Sure, you can!" Melissa realized that Ochaco must like Deku. That was fine, she more or less thought that Naruto was cuter anyways. So, her real rival would end up being Momo.

6:30 p.m. Central Tower

Everyone arrived at the tower roughly at the same time. Naruto saw Shoto in a white suit with a red tie, Iida in a blue suit with a yellow tie, Denki and Minoru in their waiter suits, Izuku in a deep maroon suit with vertical stripes and a dark blue bowtie, "Yo!" Naruto saluted to everyone as he walked through one of the elevators. Naruto was wearing a black suit with a grey vest and white dress shirt. Along with a black tie and black pants. He also had a black jacket that was slung over his shoulders.
"Ah! Naruto! Izuku! Glad you could get here!" Iida said happily seeing their fellow blond student.

"Sorry!" Everyone turned their head to see Ochaco running out of the elevator. Ochaco was wearing a pink frilly with no shoulder straps. Along with a pearl necklace and black leggings. Of course, Minoru and Denki were cheering Ochaco on in her outfit.

Soon Momo and Kyoka came walking out, "Everyone! Sorry, we're a bit late! It's great to see you all." Momo said while wearing a long lime green dress. Naruto looked over to see Ochaco talking to Izuku and he simply complimented her on the outfit. However, Ochaco blushed as she turned away as she waved her right arm up and down robotically saying, "Oh, Deku! You don't have to flatter me…"

Naruto turned to Momo and Kyoka, "Yo looking good! Kyoka!"
Before Naruto could finish Denki and Minoru were excited to see Momo giving her a thumbs up. Then they saw Kyoka. Denki placed his left hand on his hip and gave her a thumbs up with his right hand, "The clothes make the man, right?"

Minoru turned his head to our readers, "She looks like a female assassin…"

Just then two earphone jacks stabbed into their ears giving them a painful earache of Kyoka's heartbeat. Kyoka placed her hands on her hips, "Shut up."

"I complimented you." Denki placed his hand on his knees as he was about to killover himself. That was a lot to the head in a short abut of seconds.

"What I think you should have said was you look pretty or cute in the outfit Kyoka." Naruto corrected placing his own hands on his hips. He shook his head and sighed, but he turned to Momo who patiently waited there waiting for his opinion. Naruto smirked as he walked up and gracefully took Momo into a waltz pose for the two. He gently took her left hand and placed his left hand on her right hip. He gently dances with her in a circle, they quickly danced around quickly and then slowed down. Once they stopped Naruto smiled, "Do I even need words to describe just how beautiful you are in the dress?"

"I don't know maybe. But probably the words you say would be really corny." Momo giggled a bit; she liked the corny ways Naruto compliments her.

Then again, his compliments were always different and very sincere.

Naruto this time took a better look at Mom in her lime green dress. He appreciated her figure and the way the dress fitted her perfectly, "Where do I even begin is the question. I know your hair, it's up like a true crowned princess. Well… you are my princess." Naruto smirked making Momo giggled at his description, it always made her feel warm and giddy inside, "The outfit definitely gives you a very mature and adult-like appearance. Elegance just radiates off of you." Naruto winked at her as he leaned up and placed a kiss on Momo's cheek.

Naruto then turned his head after complimenting Momo to see Melissa running towards them. Minoru and Denki began to perv out themselves seeing her in her outfit, "Oh, are you all still here? The party is starting!"

"The headliner has appeared!" Minoru said as he smiled happily to see such a hottie.

Denki fell on one knee along with Minoru as they cried anime tears. They both placed a hand on their chest and extended one out towards the side, "Crap, Minoru, I can't take this anymore. What should I do?"

Kyoka sighed annoyingly at Denki, "Do what you want."

Party Hall

"Let's have the number one hero, All Might, who is visiting us today along with his protege to say a few words and lead us in a toast!" A gentleman said as the audience began to clap hoping to see All Might's protégé and to hear what he has to say.

Dave walked up to All Might, "Please come to the stage All Might… where is Naruto?"

"Dave, I don't know about this… besides I don't even know where Naruto is at the moment." Toshinori sighed wearing his yellow and black striped suit.

Dave smiled trying to encourage his friend, "This was bound to happen once they found out All Might would be here."

"Yare, Yare." Toshinori began to scan the room for Naruto.

With Naruto and the Others

"That's weird I can't get a signal." Iida said taking his phone out confused on why he wasn't getting any reception.

Just then Naruto's sense went off as he immediately entered sage mode. After a few seconds, his eyes widen, "Guys we have an issue." Naruto's eyes narrowed, "We have intruders…" Naruto clicked his tongue annoyed; he knew something didn't feel right. There were way too many people in the building.

"What?! Are you absolutely sure?" Melissa said with shock as Naruto nodded his head.

"Yes, this is my toad sage mode. I become one of the best sensors in the world, Kyoka jack in and see if you can hear anything.

Once she did Kyoka nodded her head, "Yeah the entire party room has been invaded. There are hostages along with all the heroes trapped and bound."

"Tch." Naruto nodded his head, "Alright here's what we need to do. First, we need to get All Might's attention. Since most of us are licensed as heroes this counts as hero work. I'll be taking charge and giving out orders. Iida, I need you to make sure everyone follows them thoroughly as well." Iida nodded his head knowing what to do, "Melissa you know this place like the back of your hand. Tell me what this entire place has, the security systems, everything."

Melissa nodded her head as she proceeded to tell Naruto everything about the tower. Once they were done, they took off to find the control room. They went through the halls, the floors, and where the control room is. Their group made it to the party room, Naruto motioned Toshinori using his cellphone flashlight. Naruto then motioned as he pointed at the ground signaling that Kyoka was listening. Toshinori began to speak quietly, "You guys have to be careful, they also took all the civilians as hostages. They took care of the security system and are looking for you. They know you're in the building be careful, they'll be on high alert. I all honesty you should all escape and fall back. However, knowing Naruto he won't do that." Kyoka turned to Naruto, "Here's the short summary."

Scene Change

Iida narrowed his eyes seriously, "We have been told what to do. I suggest we follow orders and fall back as All Might has said." Iida trying to keep them in order seriously glared at Naruto.

However, he sighed reluctantly. He knew there was no way Naruto was going to fall back.

"You sure as hell know I'm not falling back." Naruto unsealed a set of clothes on his wrists and quickly spun in a circle. Once he was done, he wa sin his Anbu Hero outfit ready to fight.

Melissa put her hand up to her chin, "Even with the information I just gave you guys on the building. This place is built with the same level of security as Tartarus, where criminal villains are kept."

Denki looks down worriedly with Minoru staying quiet, "Well you guys can escape once we lift the security restrictions. I'm helping All Might." Naruto stood up as he went through his kunai and shurikens.

Izuku even stood up agreeing, "I won't back down either, we have to fight."

Momo placed her hand on her chin, "A few of us are licensed, heroes. I say we can do what we need to, I say we take Naruto's approach on this."

"Kaminari!" Kyoka shot up from her seat walking over to him.

"What?" Denki looked up at Kyoka confused.

"You don't feel like you should go help?" Kyoka was a little surprised by his words, which made Denki look down and swallow the lump in his throat.

Minoru tried to argue, "Hey, hey, the villains even caught All Might!"

Naruto said, "That's because he can't fight anymore! I'll be damned if I'll let them get away with this either." Naruto placed his porcelain fox mask on his face, "I've thought long and hard about this. I'm going with a different name, The Kitsune Hero; Kyuubi." Naruto said with determination and hope in his voice. Naruto turned to Melissa, "I'll get you to the control room just point me in the right direction. I'll protect you, those who want to help can follow."

Momo sighed as she got up from her spot Momo creating a knife in her hand. She took it and clenched it as she cut off the bottom portion of her dress. Thankfully she was smart and wore a pair of black capris that stopped just above her knees, "I'm going with no way are you doing this on your own."

"Some of us are working to be heroes." Shoto raised his hands up.

"Some of us are, but not all of us can work as heroes yet." Momo added but quickly shook her head as she smirked at Shoto, "However if I know Naruto more than anyone, that doesn't matter. We don't leave anyone behind. Those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who leave their comrades behind are worse than scum." Naruto began to run off with Melissa, Izuku, and Momo following him. Shoto quickly follows along with Ochaco wanting to do her part in helping.

As they were running with Naruto creating a clone that carried Melissa she began to explain more about the building, "I-Island's security system is on the top floor of this tower. If villains have taken control of the system, then the authentication locks and passwords should have been disabled."

"That means we should be able to restart the system resetting the lockdown." Momo quickly added in which Melissa nodded her head confirming Momo's suspicion.

"Well then let's kick their asses." Naruto slammed his fist into the palm of his hand smiling behind the mask.

The villains are going to so regret trying to mess with U.A.

The group came to the stairs where they heard running behind them. Naruto turned to see the rest of everyone else joining. Iida, Kyoka, Minoru, and Denki, "Awesome let's get going." Naruto made a few more shadow clones except for Iida and Izuku. Naruto, carrying Momo, and his clones, carrying everyone else, activated All For One and shot up the stairs. Iida did the same and Izuku spread Boost over his entire body running up the stairs at the same level of speed with Iida and Naruto.

Once they got to the 80th floor Naruto took a moment for everyone to catch up, "Alright let's continue." Naruto went t go but one of his clones shouted, "Minoru you idiot!"

"Wait no! That'll set off the motion sensors!" Melissa warned, but it was too late as Minoru did not like traveling as fast as they did.

Though it was too late as Mineta opened the door, "Dammit I'm so kicking his ass after this!" Naruto shouted as everyone else followed Minoru out the door.

Security Tower

"What's going on? I thought you scanned the entire place!?" Swordkil glared at his subordinate.

"Dammit that must be Naruto Uzumaki! Send all reinforcements to capture them!" Wolfram ordered as men ran out the door to take reinforcements to capture the heroes.

With Naruto

Everyone was running through the halls of the 80th floor until the doors in front and behind them began to close. Naruto quickly saw this as he threw a Hiraishin kunai through the door as it landed on the ground, "Everyone grab on." Everyone placed a hand on his shoulder.

With Wolfram

"Good!" He looked at the camera, "Now no one will." He stopped talking when Naruto had everyone grab onto him or link one another together and the group disappeared from the close-off the hallway, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!"

Swordkil re-winded the footage, "Boss, he threw some kunai into the other room before it closed. After that, I don't know what happen?"

"Who cares! Send the men in to intercept them!" Wolfram growled out in annoyance.

With Naruto

Rasengan! Naruto blew open the metal doors as they walked out in the middle of the floor of the 80th floor in the tower. The group ran forward, "This is the 80th floor we're not there yet but we need to get to the 200th floor! This is the floor used to research how quirks affect plants." Everyone seemed to run towards the elevator which got Naruto an idea.

"Stop!" Kyoka put a handout in front of them, "Look that elevator is coming up!"

"Scatter!" Naruto shouted as everyone took a hiding spot.

However, Naruto eyes widen to see Kirishima and Bakugo walking up to the two villains who came off the elevator, "Hey sorry, we got sort of lost and need to." Eijiro was cut off when he heard, Double Odama-Rasengan!

"Thanks for the distraction." Naruto smirked landing on top of the two, "Long story short villains took over the tower and we're taking it back." Everyone came running out in shock to see how quickly Naruto took the two down.

Just then Naruto was blown off their backs as they stood up. Naruto jumped back towards everyone, "What?! They must be pretty tough if they could stand back up from that!" Naruto was surprised by this.

The two villains stood up and threw off what was left of their armor, "Wolfram knew you were going to be here. So, we were given these to protect us from your Rasengans."

"Shut up Daigo! I don't want to hear you talking about his Rasengan." Nobu shook his head and cracked his neck ready to fight.

However, before they could move Shoto attack them to push them back using his ice. He then shot a glacier of ice to push the others up and away, "Go, we'll handle this here!" Shoto.

Momo didn't know what to say, but she believed in him, "Right! You get them!"

"Stay safe you three." Naruto added as he turned his head towards the ceiling. Once they got to the next floor Naruto saw the elevator again, "Hey guys follow me!" Naruto ran towards the elevator.

"Wait Naruto there's no way we could ride it, we need authorization for it. I'm sure the villains disabled it to only let themselves use it." Melissa was confused on what Naruto was doing, "Those doors are."

Melissa was cut off when Naruto smirked as a golden aura around his right hand appeared. Everyone saw this in shock, it was only partly, but Naruto summoned Kurama's power for this. Naruto pulled back and slammed his hand into the elevator doors. He then ripped the doors off, "Tell your father sorry, I'll pay for it if I have to." Naruto stuck his head into the elevator shaft, he looked down and then up. He quickly threw a Hiraishin kunai, it went up to the 170th floor, he then teleported again and threw another Hiraishin kunai which hit the ceiling of the 200th floor in the elevator shaft. Naruto then focused on the kunai Momo always carried with her.

With Momo and Everyone

"I didn't know he could teleport like that! You think he can get to the top?" Melissa was shocked by Naruto's skills and quick abilities.

"Yea I knew he can." Momo smiled as they heard another slam hearing doors blow open through the elevator shaft. Naruto then appeared in front of them this time Melissa seeing a yellow flash as he reappeared. When he teleported away you could faintly see it if he goes forward to teleport. However, when you see it coming at you or over a short distance you saw a flash of yellow.

"Alright I got a kunai to the top floor, let's go." Naruto had everyone hold on as they teleported to the top.

Once they got there Naruto saw Dave and his assistant in the room, "Melissa where is the control room, we'll come back for them in a moment."

"This way." Melissa ran past the room quickly where she saw her father being held hostage along with Sam.

Once they got to the top they began to look for the control room. Naruto ran into the room and blew the wall down using a Rasengan. Swordkill went to attack, but Izuku slammed his fist into him knocking him out. Minoru began to throw his balls at Swordkil sticking him to the ground. Before Swordkil's subordinate was taken down he shot a bullet. However, Iida quickly kicked him to the ground. Minoru again stuck him to the ground, Melissa was skinned by the bullet, but Izuku quickly tied up a handkerchief around it, "Sorry we couldn't prevent that.

Melissa waved it off, "It's okay." Melissa got up and quickly went to work and deactivated the system, "Momo, Melissa come with me, else lock this place down. We're going to go save your father and his assistant. I saw they were taken away in the elevator before we arrived."

The three went back to the room and made sure to stealth their way over. Naruto quickly made their way towards the entrance with Momo and Melissa quietly following. They got near the door to hear their discussion and Naruto saw that there was no one else in the room but the two, "I was able to unlock it. Go to block 1147." Dave said with happiness in his voice.

Same ran over and waited for the door to open. Once he did he took out a silver briefcase and opened it revealing important tech in it. Sam smiled, "You did it professor. Everything is here." Naruto's eyes widen hearing this as Dave hunched over and tightened his fist. Momo, and Melissa, both heard it, "Finally… This device and research data are the only thing I would never give to anyone. Anyone."

"Everything is going according to plan." Sam closed it and came walking down the stairs, "Seems the villains are doing what they're supposed to do."

"Thank you. It was all because you arranged everything for me, Sam." Dave said grateful for his friend and colleague.

Just then Naruto saw Melissa step into the room, "P-Papa…" Melissa's lip quivered as he father reached the top of the steps.

"Miss… what are you doing here?" Sam looked at her in shock to see her and then Naruto and Momo.

Melissa took a few steps forward as Naruto grabbed onto her left hand stopping her from going any further. Naruto turned his head to the side, betrayal, it was something anyone had a hard time understanding. At least for him they did it because they cared about him. This time it was seemed to be for a selfish reason, "What do you mean "Arranged"?" Melissa wanted to walk forward more but Naruto wouldn't' allow it, "Papa, don't tell me you're the one behind the incident? In order to get that device...?" Melissa saw her father's eyes wavering in shame and guilt, "Is that true, Papa?"

Dace closed his eyes in defeat and sigh. He didn't slouch his shoulders or anything, he did his best to remain composed, but feeling the guilt weigh heavily on him, "It is."

Naruto continue to hold Melissa where she was not letting her get closer, "What…? Why…?" Melissa placed her hands up as she leaned forward in mental pain. She couldn't believe her father was gong this.

Sam tried to make the situation sound better than it seemed, "The professor is only trying to get back what was stolen from him." He held up the invention in the suitcase, "This groundbreaking invention that mechanically amplifies quirks…"

Naruto grit his teeth as he walked up a bit himself letting Melissa to move up. Momo followed quietly behind, "Amplifies quirks? What a bunch of garbage!" Naruto growled out narrowing his eyes at the two professors, "Amplifying a quirk? Sure, it may sound cool but that can never match to training and hard work!" Naruto glared at Dave and Sam, just because it could help enhance a quirk didn't mean it was the best thing to do. Naruto gripped his left hand into a fist, "I'm proof of that too! Toshinori-sensei told you what my quirk did… his quirk did… he had to train to get where he was! So did I! I was at the bottom of my academy class! I was the weakest! I failed over three times! I was given the nickname as dead last! Now look where I am!" Naruto yelled out making Dave and Sam almost believe in him. Dave knew what All Might did, and how he passed All For One to Naruto, "You need to destroy it because it could easily fall into the wrong hands and."

"I know… it is still in testing, but with this device, unlike with drugs, Quirks can be amplified without affecting the body. However, the sponsors confiscated this invention and research data." Sam tried to give them their sob story until Naruto interrupted them.

"I don't give a damn! Boo Hoo the sponsors didn't like it big deal! It still justify the act of you using villains for this! My friends could be seriously hurt! Other people too! I don't what you were thinking of using villains, but you're some of the biggest idiots I've ever met!" Naruto growled at them with his eye turning crimson red with black slits, "My parents died the day I was born! Well tough shit! I had people hate and scorn me for something out of my control! You know what I digged deep and kept working! I trained my ass off to get where I am today! I made the quirk mine! I don't care if Melissa knows Toshinori passed his quirk down to me! Because in the end your entire charade, your plan, your thought was all wrong! You damn fools! You got others hurt in the crossfire!"

Naruto snapped back when Melissa was about to lose it, "The Papa I know would never do anything like this! So why? Why?!" Melissa was on the verge of tears as it tore her father's heart up to ribbons.

Dave turned his head away ashamed of his actions and for upsetting his daughter so much, "It's for All Might."

Naruto grit his teeth, "Toshinori-sensei almost died when he fought All For One! Are you trying to kill him!? Why do you think I'm taking up his mantle! GODDAMMIT! DON'T YOU SEE HOW HARD THIS IS FOR ME!" Momo and Melissa looked at Naruto see tears forming at the corner of his eyes, "I'VE NEVER HAD SO MANY FRIENDS BEFORE! PEOPLE WHO LOVE AND CARE ABOUT ME!" Naruto let the water works run, "I'VE BEEN STRESSED THE DAY TOSHINORI-SENSEI MADE ME HIS PROTÉGÉ AND THE WORLD KNEW WHO I WAS!" Naruto shook a bit as Momo ran over hugging him, "EVERYDAY! I TRAIN TOOTH AND NAIL TO GET WHERE I AM!" Naruto wiped his face, "I might be sound selfish or an asshole, but I don't care! You can't change something that has already been done! You can't force him to do anything else!? Everyday I'm trying to keep him alive goddammit! Toshinori is dying inside and you know it! I KNOW IT!" Naruto growled, "FOR YOU!" Naruto pointed at him angrily, "TO FORCE HIM TO A HERO AGAIN! I WON'T ALLOW IT! H-HE'S THE TOU-SAN I NEVER HAD! IF HE WERE TO KEEP BEING A HERO! HE DIE AS SOON AS YOU GIVE THAT TO HIM!" Naruto couldn't bear to know that Toshinori died, along with Momo or anyone else he cared about, "I'm trying my hardest dammit! TO BE THE BEST HERO FOR OTHERS trying to live up to his status?! Can't you SEE Toshinori is done! He has nothing left to give! All THIS AND FOR WHAT?! So you can give it to him! THEN KILL HIM! I'm using medical chakra on him almost every day! Trying to reverse the damage to his organs! His body is deteriorating at a faster rate for his age! I CAN'T STOP IT!" Naruto wiped some more tears off his face letting more of his tension he has been holding within himself that day, "I know I'm not like All Might! Hell, the Japanese Government tried to use Momo as some whore to keep me in line! So, I wouldn't go berserk! So, I wouldn't lose myself! IT HURT! But I forgave them! I knew their intentions were only to help me! Otherwise, I'd be locked up for life, or killed on the spot! Toshinori-sensei cares about me, he is trying to live a life he can now. He's never got to have family, hell it bothers me sometimes. With the words Symbol of Peace hovering over my head every day. It's HARD! IT'S HARD DAMMIT! Trying to do what you can to live up to everyone's dreams?! People die every day there isn't a goddamn thing I can do ABOUT IT! I don't know how to be like Toshinori! How to be All Might!? I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO! But…" Naruto let go of Melissa hand and tightened his fist, "I'LL BE DAMNED! IF YOU THINK YOU COULD GIVE THAT TO MY TOU-SAN! KNOWING YOU PULLED A DAMN STUNT LIKE THIS! I'll fucking cave your head in so hard you'll forget how to even think! I can't tell you how much I want to! How much you piss me OFF!" Naruto truly didn't know how to think or even feel at the moment. All the stress and tension he has felt since Momo and the government and then All Might's last battle telling the world there was still hope.

Why do you think he trains so much, doe everything he can to better himself as a hero. He knows he won't be able to save everyone, but can he do it with a smile on his face? To help keep the people he safe and assuring that their okay when he knows he can't? That's what All Might could do, Naruto is not All Might, not even close. He may share the same quirk as him, but he does not have the same mindset, beliefs, and morals as he does.

"It hurts me the most sometimes! To know that I don't even know if I want a family…" Naruto turned his head away from Momo which shocked her, "Knowing I'll have enemies and people who will want me dead or try to hurt me. I can deal with that…but them learning if I have a family or someone I love like Momo. I'm always afraid, I'm always scared they'll target her and use her against me. What if I have kids?! They'll go after them too! I THOUGHT THIS WORLD WOULD BE A NEW LIFE FOR ME! A NEW START! A world where I didn't have to worry about someone stabbing me in the back or someone trying to target my loved ones!" At this point Naruto let it all out, he let out all his thoughts, frustrations and anger out on Dave. Naruto didn't even remember the point he was trying to set straight at the man.

Naruto wished Midnight was here so he could talk to her again.

Dave understood Naruto's words, most likely the invention could kill him. All Might was past his prime and the constant hero work and battles left him hardly standing anymore. He was weak and fail now, he definitely didn't have much time life according to Naruto, "I-I just wanted him to be the Symbol of Peace again… I wanted the light back."

"We can't everything we want… things must be sacrificed in order for good things to happen. That even means if I have to stay single for rest of my life." Naruto looked down at the ground upset, Naruto has always kept that in the back of his mind. Never until All Might proclaimed Naruto was his protégé has Naruto ever felt the burden he was given weigh so heavily before. Momo didn't like that Naruto was saying at all, she already doing her damn best to keep her tears in. She was worried, worried about Naruto's true mental health and where it sat, "If I couldn't see this… this bothering him that much. Was I even a good enough of a girlfriend as I thought I was… to see him deny himself happiness in his life is hard to believe? He is always so positive and so bright and happy all the time. He was always so warm, welcoming, and loving that I didn't see he was suffering alone this entire time. To think he had something eating away at his psyche, his beliefs his own personality was being affected and it was clashing this entire time."

Naruto frowned and nodded his head, "I know I will never be good as All Might; I know I'm a lot of things that I'm not. But that doesn't mean the means justify the ends." Naruto had to reign it back in, it was a lot more than he wanted to say.

Just then Melissa pulled off the handkerchief from her arm, "They all risked their lives!" Melissa made sure her father could see the wound on her arm, "Naruto and his classmates went through to save the hostages?"

Dave couldn't believe his eyes, "What is the meaning of this… the villains are suppose to be fake…" Dave turned to Sam, "It should have all been fake."

Just then a voice spoke up, "Of course it was an act." Naruto, Momo, and Melissa turned their heads to see Wolfram. Wolfram is a tall, bulky man with dark red hair and yellow eyes. Wolfram was wearing a large, white coat with gray cuffs and trimmings. He also sports combat gear that his entire squad wears, including combat boots, dark pants and a combat vest. He covers his hands with brown gloves and sports a metallic mask that covers his scars, "An act pretending to be a fake villain." Wolfram walked in by himself.

Just then Naruto quickly powered up All For One to run at him, but he was quickly caught by railing along with Momo and sent flying into a wall, "Naruto! Momo!" Melissa ran towards them to help them out.

Wolfram walked at the bottom of the stairs by Dave and Sam, "Stay there quietly for a bit." He chuckled, "Sam where is the device?" Wolfram smirked as Sam grabbed the briefcase out of Dave's hands and booked it down the stairs. This shocked Dave, Naruto, Momo, and Melissa.

"Sam…" Dave's eyes widen, "Sam don't tell me from the beginning you…" Dave was in shock.

Sam continues to walk slowly to Wolfram, "I served you for so long, but you let your research be frozen so easily, and the honor and renown we were supposed to get all went away…" He turned his head showing tears in his eyes, "If I didn't get at least some money, then it was a waste of my time!"

"Sam, here's your reward." Wolfram aimed a gun at Same directly at the head killing him instantly. (A/N: They're villains, Wolfram should have shot him in the head). Sam's body hit flood with a loud thud as blood pooled behind his head.

"S-SAM?!" Melissa, as distraught and horrified by his betrayal still cared about the Sam she knew.

Naruto watched in horror as he tried to break free, but there was no success as the metal railing kept him in place, "Dammit! AGAIN! I'M ONLY ONE PERSON! I'M NOT LIKE ALL MIGHT!" Naruto watched as Wolfram aimed at Melissa and fired, but Dave jumped in front and took the shot in his shoulder. Melissa ran towards her father, "PAPA!"

"Stay down." Wolfram smacked her to the ground with the handle of his gun. He then slammed his foot on Dave's back, "Feeling like playing hero after all this time?"

Naruto turned to look at Momo, Naruto felt his heart drop. Wolfram looked up and chuckle, "I wondered when you noticed, hell even I forgot I did that to her. I heard your little ramble about not being All Might and worried about losing the people you love. So, I thought why not make things a bit more fun!" Wolfram smiled evilly which Naruto heard everything drown out as he stared at Momo. Naruto saw Momo pinned to the wall as if she was crucified by the metal railings. He hands, and feet, along with the letter V carved into her stomach.

Naruto heard Kurama though, "KIT STAY WITH ME HERE DON'T YOU GO CRAZY! YOU NEED TO! SHIT!" Kurama found Naruto loosing at as his chakra was being forcibly taken from him even if they made the deal together. There was nothing Kurama could do, "Y-YO-U! H-HOW DARE YOU!" Wolfram looked over to see Naruto break out of his hold. Naruto fell on the floor on all fours as dark crimson chakra covered Naruto's body. His eyes turned white along with his mouth white with red crimson chakra as teeth, "RRROOOAAAAWWWWRRRR!" Six tails shot out of Naruto with bones beginning to form around him like armor. His entire body was representing a Kitsune. Momo opened her eyes to see Naruto completely changed. Melissa even instilled with fear somehow still moved and help Momo get down.

"W-What happened to him." Melissa was terrified of Naruto's form.

"That's when happens when he loses himself… I'm sure earlier his mind was already in a bad state." Momo didn't know what to do, she was worried, very worried.

"The hell is he?! What type of quirk is that?!" Wolfram eyes widen in shock to see Naruto has completely changed. He stuck his hand out throwing metal at Naruto trying to stop him.

Naruto easily powered through it until Wolfram launched Naruto into the air using the ground to send Naruto flying. Naruto was pinned as Wolfram left Naruto there deciding it was best to leave, facing Naruto now would be suicide. Momo and Melissa saw as Wolfram grabbed Dave and tried to get away.

Momo quickly made a gun using rubber bullets to shoot at Wolfram but he blocked the entrance off and escaped, "S-Sorry Melissa." Momo dropped the gun not being able to do anything about her hands. They were bloody, tendons broken, bones broken, her body was in a lot of pain.

Just then Naruto broke out of the pin and landed on the ground. He let a roar out, "Naruto calm down it's us!" Melissa called out, but Naruto didn't hear him, only his enraged self heard Melissa.

Naruto slowly crawled up to them letting out angry growls and low grumbles as it walked up to them. Momo looked up and smiled as she weakly stuck her hand out, "Hey you bit idiot… *huff* come back to me and stop doubting yourself."

In Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto was curled up in a ball as chakra completely engulfed him covering him up. He couldn't see, hear, feel anything in there, "What have I done… Momo… Melissa… I keep messing up! I can't be like All Might and I never will be! Why does everyone expect so much out of me! I'm only me! I can't do everything on my OWN!" Naruto then heard a voice, "You big idiot… *huff* come back to me and stop doubting yourself. I know you're in there come out and help beat the bad guy. We need you… we all need you… come back and because no matter what happens. What trials you face, issues you stumble across. I will always love you." Naruto saw the dark bubble around open up as a light appeared before him. Naruto floated towards it until in engulfed him.

Back in the Real World

Naruto opened his eyes to find Momo's lips kissing him. He quickly and gently took her into his arms and set her down, "Momo… what did he do to you." Naruto growled out lowly, "Sorry Kurama." "Don't do that again brat." Kurama let a growl out annoyed that Naruto forcibly took his chakra. Melissa was relieved that Naruto came to, but she then saw his body steam as the burns on his face disappeared. Naruto was then suddenly engulfed in a shroud of gold. His pupils becomes slitted, the whisker-like markings on his face become thicker to resemble the trigram, and the chakra shroud's shape alters to resemble a full-length haori. Naruto placed his hands on Momo and began to heal her. Her wounds closed up, tendons repaired, and bone back in place. Her stomach neatly healed with no scarring, "I'm sorry Melissa for scaring you… and I'm sorry about Sam. I may not be All Might, but I'll do what I can." Naruto stood up, "Take care of her for me." Naruto ran towards the entrance and blew it open by punching it. He then ran off after Wolfram.

With Wolfram

"Annoying! Pests! I'll take you all down!" Wolfram was forced to put on the invention Dave made. He was fighting Shoto, Izuku, Minoru, Denki, Iida, Ochaco, and Kyoka.

Well, they were fighting to the best of their abilities and without their gear made it a bit difficult.

"Get out of the way!" Iida called out as he took a hit from a pillar Kyoka would have took.

"Dammit!" Denki fired a bolt of lightning, but it did nothing as she was sent flying into the rubble. Kyoka was sent flying along with Ochaco.

DRAGON SMASH! Izuku in his scale mail was currently pushing himself past his limits trying to beat Wolfram, "I won't give up! We will take you down!" Izuku jumped up towards Wolfram trying to destroy his giant form which used a lot of the destroyed rubble from the building. Currently Dave was being taken care of Toshinori who couldn't do anything, "Where is Naruto." Toshinori was worried for the boy and his students who were fighting.

Shoto shot off a large glacier of ice and a pillar of fire trying to hit Wolfram. Bakugo was flying around letting off explosions, they were all being pushed back, "Dammit! We aren't getting anywhere." Izuku landed trying to regain their breaths.

"We have to keep going! Until Naruto gets here!" Eijiro slowly stood up as he reactivated his hardening quirk.
"We don't need that stupid yellow hair!" Bakugo shouted angrily.

Just then everyone stopped and so did Wolfram when a golden chakra thing took form around everyone. Everyone was lifted into the air along with Momo and Melissa and everyone else. Everyone came to the center to find a figure glowing golden with a haori on his back. Naruto turned his head and smiled, "Sorry about that everyone, ran into a brick wall… a wall I still need to get over, now let's finish this shall we?" Naruto held up his hand as the nine tails fox, which everyone in I-Island saw. The fox avatar opened his mouth and aimed it at Wolfram who crate a large barrier with metal, Tailed Beast Bomb! Both Naruto and Kurama shouted firing it.

The purple chakra ball blasted through the shield Wolfram made until it made contact blowing up in his at point blank. Naruto dropped the Kurama avatar along with everyone landing on the roof safely. Naruto looked up and saw the metal wires, plates, and part of the building were still up. Naruto had to power the attack down. He didn't want that metal chunks fall to the ground on top of civilians.

"You damn heroes I won't be defeated by the like so of you!" Wolfram held his hand up firing off more chunks of metal pillars.

"Everyone! ON ME!" Naruto shouted as Ochaco tapped everyone but Izuku, Naruto, and Iida. Naruto launched everyone at Wolfram, besides Iida, and Izuku, everyone was running towards Wolfram ready for their final attack. Naruto saw a pillar of metal coming at them. He ran up and broke it, Ochaco saw a piece fly at her, but she quickly touched it and wielded it like a bat. She quickly swatted away an attack that was going to hit Momo and Kyoka. Momo created rocket skates and handed Kyoka a speaker. Kyoka destroyed a four incoming pillars from behind them. She fell ff but Ochaco saved her with gravity. Momo pulled and Master Ultra Instinct Goku move using the gravity Ochaco used on her to flip over the pillar that came at them. She rolled a layer of C4 explosive tape on it. Once she was ready to move away from it and detonated the attack before it reached anyone. She was blown away by the attack, but Ochaco floated out to grab her and pull her back.

Shoto used his flames to propel himself, but his flames ran out with his quirk being used to the max. Bakugo also ran out of steam, so Shoto used the remaining of his quirk and created a ice boulder that Iida, Izuku, Denki, and Naruto kicked off of. Bakugo before that was also destroying incoming metal pillars. So, Bakugo gave Shoto a boost shooting the other forward, "Get him." Shoto stated as he began to fall until Ochaco slapped him with her gravity. Same with Bakugo who was also saved.

Denki jumped off the boulder first and released what was left of his lighting to destroy anymore in coming boulders. Naruto quickly threw Denki away which the help of Ochaco saved him. Naruto placed a seal on Iida, "Iida give me and Izuku a boost here."

"YOU GOT IT!" Iida winded himself around as he charged up his engine. Naruto and Izuku both squatted down as Iida had them sit on his leg. Recipro Burst! Tenya launched the two forward as he was sent back flying but was safely caught by Ochaco.

Naruto and Izuku flew forward with Izuku entering his Scale Male once again, "Together!" DOUBLE DETRIOT! Izuku's arm began to glow green. Naruto's arm was sparkling with electricity. Wolfram created a giant cube of metal and threw it at them. Together the two threw their fists forward. SMASH! The two both lunged forward smashing their attacks into Wolfram who quickly recovered from his shock. He then wrapped himself up in bandages to defend himself.

Naruto and Izuku both smirked, "Like All Might always says! Go Beyond!"

Izuku added, "PLUS!"

"ULTRA!" They both shouted at the same time thrusting their fists into Wolfram's gigantic metal body destroying all the metal in the air leaving Dave to see the Naruto in the air together with Izuku. They both had smiles on their faces after the punch. They both were in a similar and iconic pose that All Might was in in his early years.

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