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Last Chapter Later that Night *Undisclosed area*

Naruto arrived at an abandoned warehouse building as he stood on the roof. He held his hand out as he said, Room! Naruto placed down a rock he took from the ground nearby. Then Naruto flipped his right hand upwards with his middle, pointer, and thumb pointing upwards, Shambles! Like that, a scroll was in its place. Naruto picked up the scroll and looked over it, one of the most important lists of people Naruto read was, Nine, Slice, Chimera, and Mummy. Naruto knew it was from Yami Naruto, though another name caught Naruto's interest. Naruto stood up as he Hiraishin back to his dorm room.


U.A Dorms

Naruto appeared back in their dorm room to find Momo asleep with Eri. Naruto changed into comfy clothe and climbed into bed. Naruto brought Eri closed as she slightly opened her eyes, "Papa…zzz" She instantly fell back asleep. Momo was out cold, Naruto kissed Eri on her forehead and placed a kiss on Momo's cheek. Quickly, Naruto fell asleep.


This Chapter *Hospital Room*

Naruto and Momo are allowed to keep Eri with them while sleeping in the dorms. Then she has to go to the hospital each day to do check-ups. Then afterwards she goes back home to Momo's parents' house. Momo's mother, Shuri, already has taken the grandmother role for Eri and spoils her. Sairaorg when he came back from work would be the grandpa for Eri, but that's still in the air. Eri has yet to really bond with them, and they've only been with one another a couple times. Eri is usually comfortable when Naruto and Momo are there. However, they're students attending a school to become heroes. So, it's not that easy for Momo and Naruto to be constantly there for her.

Eri struggled internally, even during one of the days Naruto and Momo had class. Eri called for them, the doctors wanted to run more blood work. They were worried that if Eri were to see a needle she would panic. Not only that, but the amount of guilt she feels for causing so many of them to suffer. She has yet to be told that Momo lost her quirk, but besides that. There weren't any other horrid injuries. Except for Naruto being impaled by a giant pillar of concrete and coming out unscathed.

They told Eri their hero names and their full names. Though what worried Naruto the most were the words that came out of Eri's mouth. It made Naruto and Momo hurt, to see a child who has lost almost all of her innocence. The weight of guilt that rested on her shoulders, "Creati… Kyuubi…and everyone else… and that man wearing those glasses… all of you were worried because of me. Because of me, you all suffered… I'm sorry…It…. It was my fault that you lost your power, Creati…" Hearing Eri not use Momo's and Naruto's titles Mama and Papa respectively worried the two.

Though Naruto wouldn't be Naruto if he didn't step in. He simply placed a hand on her head, and then gently pulled her into a hug. Naruto held her tight, "Eri… no one suffered because of you. Yes, we got hurt, but that is to be expected as us heroes." Naruto gently pulled away so Eri could look up at him. Naruto gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, "All we thought is 'We want to see you safe, and we want to see you smile.' To make sure we could change your entire life around."

Eri moved her hands up to make herself smile, she struggled, and it was some of the hardest things to see her try to do. Naruto knew how hard it was to smile, when he meant smile, it was a true smile. Not the one he wore all the time he was a kid; the same one he wore all the time in the academy. As well as just strolling throughout the village. Eri placed her hands in her lap, "I'm sorry…" Tears began to well up at the corners of her eyes again, "How do you smile again...?"

Naruto could feel it, even with Chisaki gone, he could tell his shadow still loomed over the poor girl. Naruto fought back in his mind to let his anger out. Naruto continued to hold her and rubbed her head gently, "Eri… I know how you feel… to feel that everyone around you is going to end up hurt because of you." Naruto looked down at her.

Eri looked up at Naruto, "W-What do you mean?"

Naruto had a small smile appear across his face, "I've never been in a situation like yours before, but I do know how you feel. You feel like everywhere you go you're a burden to others. Too weak to do anything, and anything you try to do. Someone will knock you down and it's annoying. To go day in and day out with someone doing that to you. You've lived such a lonely and dark life, you lived in fear for others more than yourself. You've been broken and abused to the point where you don't even know how to act anymore."

Eri looked up at Naruto confused by his words, "I-I don't understand… you're such a happy person… So why? Why can you smile?"

Naruto patted her head ruffling her hair a bit, "I was lucky, I had someone finally see me for me instead of a monster. You were seen as a tool and was continuously looked down upon by another. I'm sorry that happened to you Eri, but I promise, I'll never let someone else do that to you. Together… you, Momo, and I will become a family. So how about that… we can be your Mama and Papa?"

Momo nodded her head in agreement, "Yeah Eri! We want to make you as happy as can be! Wouldn't any parent want that for their child?"

Eri's eyes began to shake a bit with more tears beginning to flow freely, "E-Even… w-with everything? Y-You still w-want me?!"

Naruto and Momo pulled her into a parental hug, "We might not know how to be parents, all that well." Naruto began.

"But we'll learn and be a happy family together." Momo finished as she placed a kiss on top of Eri's head as she began to cry out for her Mama and Papa holding onto them for dear life. Wishing she could stay like this forever.

Naruto had just the thing to make Eri happy, and hopefully with the dance his class will do. Hopefully, that can make Eri finally smile. Soon Aizawa came walking in with Mirio and Izuku following suit, "Hey Eri!" Izuku called out to her, "Remember me? I'm Deku!"

Mirio jumped in with a bright smile, "And I'm Lemillion!"

Naruto smiled towards them and asked, "Aizawa-sensei! When the time comes to it! You think you can give Momo's parents a pass to the school festival? That way she can come see the wonderful events and things there? Momo's parents can bring Eri!"

Izuku's and Mirio's eyes widened along with Momo's at the wonderful idea. Aizawa's own eyes widened as well at the sudden proposal. Eri looked at them confused, "School festival?"

Mirio cheered for the idea, "Eri-chan, this is a great idea! The people at the school plan things for everyone at school to have fun, and they sell food—Oh, apples! There might be candy apples!" Mirio began to gesture in the air the shape of the apple.

"Candy… apples?" Eri added with an innocent look on her face, she stared up in the air about the idea. Naruto and Momo could see the interested look in Eri's eyes as her cheeks had a tint of red on them.

Mirio continued his explanation, "It's a type of candy where they make apples—of all things—even sweeter!"

Eri began to drool at the idea of apples being sweeter, "Even sweeter…"

Naruto nodded his head as he walked back towards Eri, "Yeah! You can have all you want during the festival!" Naruto patted her head with a big grin on his smile, "I'll also have to introduce you to Ramen!"

Eri's eyes broke when Naruto said 'Ramen', "Ramen?"

Naruto smiled as he began to talk about ramen, "Ramen! Ramen is the food of the gods! The best dish cuisine ever made!"

Momo flicked him in the nose, "Hold your horses buster!" Eri was surprised to see Momo apprehending Naruto, "We don't need another ramen addict! One Naruto is enough!"

Naruto deadpanned, "So cruel Momo! I want to teach Eri the ways of the Uzumaki! Ramen flows through our veins! We live and breathe the ramen broth! Don't keep that from her! Our precious Eri!" Naruto fell to his knees grabbing onto Momo's ankles. "Please Momo! Let Eri try it! You never know it might truly make her smile!" Naruto looked up to Momo with his own teary eye look. Izuku, Mirio, and Aizawa deadpanned at the scene.

Eri didn't know what to make of it, "Why is papa acting like a baby."

Naruto had an arrow shoot through his back through his heart as he laid his head on the ground, "Eri so cold…" Naruto mumbled out.

Momo shook her head, "You can try some ramen, but you can't have as much as Naruto. He already has far too much." Momo looked down at her boyfriend with a sigh.

Naruto slowly stood up pouting, "Hmp! You won't even let me have 5 a week! I usually need eight a day to function! That's not fair Momo!"

Momo just shook her head as she turned to Eri again, "Eri… please don't end up like Papa and be a ramen addict." Eri could simply nod her head, she was not understanding what the situation was. Was it supposed to be funny? Fun? Enjoyable? She didn't even feel what those words were anymore.

Izuku shook his head, chuckling at Naruto's antics, "Besides that." Izuku turned to Eri, "What do you think? You want to go?"

Eri began to ponder, if Mama and Papa wanted to go, then why not, "I thought… I thought about the people who saved me. I thought about how I wanted to know more about everyone."

Mirio smiled, "That's great then! I'll make sure to introduce everyone to you! That way you can make lots of friends!" Mirio cheered as he jumped into the air fist pumping it.


*Scene Shift* U.A Dorms Late at Night

Naruto, Momo, Izuku, Tsu, Ochaco, and Eijiro came walking into the dorm room with the rest of their classmates, "Sorry we're late." Izuku added, ready to help out.

"We've finally made up for all of our classes!" Ochaco said with a tiered expression on her face.

"That was such a drag." Naruto finished rubbing the back of his head which he then put down and placed into his pants pocket.

"Yeah, what can we all do to assist?" Momo added curiously.

"Ribbit." Asui finished for everyone.

*One Explanation Later*

"I see… actually I can play the piano. While I was young as part of my education, I studied the piano from a young age." Momo lifted her finger into the air with a nervous smile on her face. To suddenly be asked to do so was exciting and terrifying since they'll all be performing.

Mina smiled happily, placing a hand on Momo's shoulder, "Then Yao-Momo, you'll be the keyboards!"

For Kyoka this was a bone which made her smile, "That's great to hear! We have to have a synth for club music. It'll be a big help!"

Momo smiled as she held both her hands up in a fist, "I'll do my best!" Momo figured she would have to polish up on her piano then.

Eijiro crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head to the side. Ochaco and Asui mimicked one another placing their right hand on their right cheek. Eijiro said, "I see then… Jiro on bass and Yaoyorozu on keyboards…"

Ochaco added in, "But Bakugo on drums is kind of… how do I put it…?"

Naruto went to say something, but Toru beat him to the punch, "Unexpected?"

Bakugo glared at her angrily, "YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!" Quickly, Eijiro, Ochaco, and Asui shook their heads 'no'.

Asui then pipped up and asked, "So, who will sing the all-important vocals?"

Kyoka raised her left hand saying, "Well, we haven't decided yet…"

Ochaco interjected and said, "Huh? You're not going to sing, Jiro?"

"Huh?!" Kyoka looked at Ochaco like she was crazy.

Just then Mineta shouted, "If it's vocals you want, I can do it! It'll make me popular!" Naruto simply looked at Mineta causing him to back up and shut up.

Yuga volunteered to do the part himself, "I can be a disc ball and sing!"

Eijiro pointed both thumbs towards himself with confidence as he said, "Yeah! I can't play any instruments, but I'm a pretty good singer!"

Then Eijiro, Mineta, and Yuga began to sing trying to show off their vocals. Just then Momo interjected, "Wait I know! Naruto can!"

Naruto flinched at the sudden spotlight being pointed at him, "W-What?! M-Me?!"

"OOOO! Uzumaki-kun can sing! Let's hear it! Maybe Uzumaki-kun and Jiro-chan can sing together!" Toru shouted in excitement.

Naruto nervously began to scratch his cheek, "Momo… you know I just… don't sing… it's something I picked up." Naruto scratched the back of his head.

Kyoka was intrigued by Naruto's sudden talent of being able to sing, "Really? Who knows two singers are always better than just one?" Kyoka was hoping she didn't have to sing by herself.

Momo smiled as she whipped her phone out and began to fish through her music app. Soon enough she pulled a song up, "Payphone! We sang it together that one time we went to the Karaoke place!"

Naruto sighed as he closed his eyes for a moment and cleared his throat. He was also handed a microphone and he heard the beginning of the song begin to play.

I'm at a payphone trying to call home

All of my change I spent on you

Where have the times gone?

Baby, it's all wrong

Where are the plans we made for two?

Yeah, I, I know it's hard to remember

The people we used to be

It's even harder to picture

That you're not here next to me

Naruto finishes as he lets out a sigh and opens his eyes. He rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry if I ruined the song for you all, but I tried. Momo says I'm a good-"

Before Naruto could finish, he was cut off, "What are you kidding me?! That was great!" Kyoka shouted, surprised by Naruto's natural singing talent.

"That was amazing!"

"You should totally sing!"

"Let's do it! Naruto and Kyoka!"

The rest of the class was in a uproar about the idea. Toru even said, "Besides! When you were teaching us in your room, your singing was super cool, too! Come on! Let's hear your voice!"

Kyoka was handed the microphone and she began to sing, closing her eyes.

You know everyone wants to sparkle

Like the stars in the night sky

In this wondrous place, filled with all the dreams

I've been wishing for, waiting for the chance

When she began to sing everyone was taken back by her voice putting Mineta's, Yuga's, and Eijiro's singing to shame. Kyoka opened her eyes nervously to get a response from her peers. Once again everyone in the class went into a uproar over Kyoka's singing, "That was so beautiful!" Mina shouted.

"I was music to my ears!" Toru added to Mina's claim.

Meanwhile Yuga, Eijiro, and Mineta laid on their backs on the ground, defeated.

Iida raised his right hand happily, "It's unanimous, then!" Mina behind him was excited for the two to sing together.

Kyoka quickly tried to push the scene away from her. She said, "Let's put that on the side for now!" Kyoka held up her fingers, "I need guitars! Two of them!"

"I can do it! The guitarist is the star of the show!" Denki smirked as he strung on the guitar perfectly.

Mina wanted to do it, but his arms were too short, and the guitar was taller than he was. Mineta tried but he was too short and ran away crying, "Because of my character design, my hands won't reach!"

Everyone else then began to add in what they wanted to do. Many of them wanted to dance, which Naruto could somewhat do as long as he was given some sort of instruction. Not only that but can also add effects thanks to his ability to use chakra. Before anyone knew it, Tokoyami picked up the guitar and began to play it as if he was doing it all his life. Eijiro quivered as he heard Tokoyami's talent with the guitar, "What a heartrending sound!"

Mezo even had to ask, "You can play Why didn't you say anything?"

Tokoyami replied with, "I quit once at the F chord." Tokoyami turned to Mineta who was curled up in a ball upset, "Don't worry Mineta, I will strum for you in your stead."

Mineta bitterly said, "Do what you want? This is stupid. Stupid. Let's get this stupid festival over with."

Mina walked over and smiled, placing her hands behind her back, "Mineta, I can make a harem part for."

Naruto interjected, "No, he's going to enjoy it like the rest of us. No way am I letting him do something. He can dance, and stop being petty about this." Naruto looked at Mina sternly.

Mina shrugged her shoulders, "Well a girl can try can't she?"

"Yet, you need to entice a fifteen-year-old boy to do a class dance with a harem?" Naruto crossed his arms as he shook his head, "Don't give into what he wants."


After 1 a.m in the Morning

Iida shouted, "All right! Everyone's roles have been decided!" Iida's eyes were shot red, "The band team!" There was Bakugo on drums, Denki and Tokoyami on guitar, Kyoka on bass and Naruto with her on vocals, and Momo on piano, "The effects team!" This was a group of Naruto clones, Eijiro, Yuga, Hanata, and Shoto, "Dance team!" The dance team was Iida, Izuku, Asui, Mina, Yuga as well, Sato, Mezo, Ochaco, Mineta, Toru, and Mashirao, "Everyone, we'll be busy starting tomorrow!"

"YEAH!" Everyone shouted.

Next Day


Everyone was practicing as Momo and Naruto were called to the front of the dorms where the dance team was at. Momo's parents came by for Eri to see Naruto and Momo. Asui and Ochaco were cooing over how cute Eri was in her new outfit. She had a white dress shirt with a frilled collar and a plain red pinafore with two large, golden buttons on either side of her chest. Under this, she wore gray tights and a large set of tan boots, and a small dark red messenger bag with the strap sitting over her right shoulder, and a little floral pattern decorating one of its sides. Her hair also looks to be better cared for, appearing straighter and neater than it was during her time with the Shie Hassaikai.

Naruto jogged up as Eri came running up and jumped into Naruto's arms, "How are you doing my little flower!" Naruto smiled as he rubbed his cheek against Eri's.

This earned a small blush to appear on her cheek. Feeling his whisker marks on her cheek felt funny, "I'm good papa, I've been listening to Baa-san and Jiji-san."

Naruto patted her head, "That's good to hear, you've been a good girl for them." Naruto looked up to Sairaorg and Shuri, "How have you two been?"

Shuri giggled and smiled, "Eri-chan has been a good girl, it seems she really missed you two. Her Papa and Mama."

Sairaorg let a small cough out as he nodded his head, "Eri is a splendid girl, great to have around!"

Momo smiled happily as she hugged Eri who was holding making it seem like a family hug. Aizawa also came by, "Uzumaki, Yaoyorozu, the principle has given permission for Yaoyorozu's parents to come by and bring Eri to the school festival."

Shuri piped up saying, "To make sure she isn't scared by the sudden surprise of the school events! Sairaorg and I will be making sure to find time to take Eri places! The zoo! Park! Museum! Concerts! Arcades!"

Sairaorg chuckled as he walked up to Naruto and Momo and placed a hand on top of Eri's head, "Yeah, hopefully this little squirt and begin to learn how society really is."

Soon, more of Naruto's and Momo's classmates walked up to meet Eri. Naruto placed her down as Iida walked up, placing a hand on his chest, "So you must be Eri-chan! Naruto and Momo have told us a lot about you. I'm Iida! Nice to meet you!"

Mineta, who also walked up, put two fingers up and said, "I'm Mineta! I can't wait to see how you look in ten years!"

When Mineta said that Eri hid behind Naruto and Momo, she pulled Momo closer to Naruto so she could hide better behind them. Though Mineta felt a shiver run down his spine as he felt Naruto's cold hard stare at him. Mineta saw Naruto's eyes weren't sky blue, but blood red with a black slit down the middle, "Are you hitting on my Eri? M-I-N-E-T-A?" Mineta quickly ran away before he received the end of Naruto's fist, even Momo glared at the short purple haired boy angrily.

Shuri walked up and pulled the hiding Eri into a hug and said, "That's why Sairaorg and I came, to show her around U.A since she's been coming back here with you guys at night. I guess a new developing family requires the child to be there, right?" Shuri giggled which caused Naruto and Momo to begin blushing. Eri looked up at her Obaa-chan, confused by her comment, was she saying that her Mama and Papa were married or something?

Just then the door opened and Eijiro shouted, "Hey dance team we… oh! It's Eri-chan!" Eijiro came running out of the dorms. He knelt down a bit and asked, "Hey do you remember who I am?"

Mina raised her hand in the air and shouted, "Why don't we take a break! Let's have a tea break!"


Later that Day

Naruto and Momo were walking Eri around U.A for her to get use to people. Mirio and Izuku decided to accompany them. They wanted to get closer to Eri too, "Even though today is a weekend. Since everyone is in the dorms, a lot of students are still preparing for the festival."

Naruto smiled looking down at Eri who clung onto his U.A jacket uniform. Just then a group of students walked by and Mirio shouted, "Oh! Togata!"

The other kid shouted, "Oh! I've heard about you Yaoyorozu-san! Wait… a kid…?!" The kid looked over to Naruto who was holding Momo's hand while Eri was in between them, "Wait! I heard you were on temporary leave from school!"

Naruto and Momo began to sweat, they were told along with everyone in Class 1-A that Momo was not to reveal her quirk was erased. Naruto interjected and said, "No, that's not entirely it, but Eri is one of the reasons why she's here . Momo and I have been assigned as her guardians when Momo's Kaa-san and Tou-san aren't there." Naruto was giving them a smile pleading them to drop the subject, which the two luckily caught onto.

The group continued to walk and talk together as they passed the students who were building things for the festival. With the four walking, suddenly a dragon head appeared in front of them. Scaring Izuku, and surprising everyone else. Naruto and Momo looked down to see Eri surprised by the sudden appearance. Naruto noticed it was Tetsutetsu from class1-B, "Oh! Sorry! Hey! You're Midoriya, Yaoyorozu, and Uzumaki from class 1-A! Oh! Togata is also here!"

Then a very annoying person popped their head to the side, "What's this?" It was Neito Monoma whom Naruto and Momo found to be quite annoying, "For you to be idling around in a place like this… You don't have any work to do?"

Naruto simply ignored him, "Eri, you, okay?" Naruto had a smile on his face as he rubbed the top of her head.

Eri then simply said, "I thought it was that person that fell from the sky the other day." Eri remembered seeing a creature that fell through the roof of the building that other time.

Izuku smiled and said, "She must be mentioning Ryukyu!"

Neito smirked, leaning in with his hands on his hips, "Oi, are you ignoring me? You sure about that?! I heard class 1-A is doing a concert or something. You okay with that?" Neito began to point at the group with his finger, "This time, to put it bluntly, Class B's performance is going to be much more amazing than yours! "Romeo and Juliet and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the King." It's completely original script written by us, a super spectacular fantasy play!" Naito continued to lean further and further with his finger pointing at them, "A handkerchief to wipe your tears when you're blown away by us, that is!" Naito began to laugh maniacally causing Eri to fear him a bit thinking he was some sort of a nutjob.

Naruto, agitated and seeing Eri seem to dislike his presence, before Naito's classmate could whack him in the back of the head. Naruto threw a kunai that landed behind the unsuspecting Naito and Naruto teleported behind him in a flash of yellow light. Naruto brought his fist down upon Naito punching him straight into the ground causing an indent in the ground to take the shape of his head. Naruto growled at him, "Sometimes, I swear he can be worse or on par with Bakugo! That's saying a lot!"

Then Naito's classmate came walking up, "Kendo isn't here to stop him so, thanks for that. My name's Awase by the way."

"That's strange, Monoma is usually here, where is she?" Izuku began to look left and right.

Awase replied saying, "She's actually part of a beauty pageant."

"Let's give it our all Class 1-A!" Tetsutetsu shouted as he turned and began to walk away.

Izuku said, "Sorry to suddenly show you the bad parts of UA Eri-chan." Izuku was worried that it would scare Eri away.



Naruto and Momo eventually split since Mirio and Izuku decided to give Naruto and Momo time alone with Eri. Eventually Eri got hungry, so they took her to the cafeteria to get some food to eat. Naruto placed a hand on Eri's head, "So how was it Eri? What do you think of U.A and it's students?"

Eri stopped sipping her drink and scrunched her face a bit, "I'm still unsure…" Naruto and Momo both gave deadpanned looks with smiles, "But… there are a lot of different people working hard, so I wonder how it'll turn out…" Naruto and Momo's smile began to brighten until another voice spoke up.

"That's what people call "getting excited." Naruto and Momo turned their heads to the left along with Eri, it was principal Nezu and Midnight.

Naruto waved to them, "Oi! Nemuri-Okaa-san!" Naruto smiled seeing Nemuri, he hasn't seen her as of late since he has been busy, but Naruto was really looking up to her. She might have a weird style of sorts, but she was really caring and loving. She's never got to show her paternal love to anyone before. So, Nemuri really does look at Naruto like an adopted son. Then there was Nezu, "Then it's our weird rat of a principle." Naruto shot his principal with an annoyed look.

Nezu seemed to ignore Naruto's comment and turned to Eri and Momo after eating his cheese, "I'm also excited about the school festival! So many students are working hard and having fun in order to make it the best and to let people enjoy it!"

Nemuri closed her eyes and said, "The police also had stuff to say about it." Nemuri said quietly enough for only Nezu to hear her.

"Now Kageyama-chan." Nezu quickly rebutted and hopped out of his seat and went towards Naruto, Eri, and Momo with his hands behind his back, "Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it to your heart's content." Nezu waved to Naruto and Momo and then gave a cute smile and a wave to Eri as he left.

Nemuri sighed as she stood up and said, "I won't tell you the details, but it looks like the principal worked hard. As a result, the security is even stronger… And if an alarm sounds, even if it's a false alarm, we have agreed to cancel it and evacuate, otherwise we can't have it."

Naruto was surprised, "Wow, that is really tight… well I can always help having my shadow clones surveying the area at all times." Naruto suggests raising his hand in the air with his palm facing upward.

Nemuri smiled and nodded, "It'd be a good idea, you're a licensed hero, I'll run it by Aizawa, Nezu, and everyone so they aren't confused why there's an army of Naruto's running around the area." Nemuri was happy to see that Naruto and Momo fixed their relationship. They were almost like a family, and it definitely made her think a lot about her own life. Truly, she was happy and content with her relationship with Naruto. Being a mother to him was something she didn't expect, but she cares about him nonetheless. Nemuri then added, "Of course, to keep that from happening we're also beefing up our defense. We even have hound dog patrolling the area."

"Hound dog?!" Momo was surprised.

"Yeah, Class A's performance is causing a stir in the faculty lounge, too!" Nemuri would be lying if she wasn't excited for what Naruto and his class's performance will be, "Do your best living your youth!" Nemuri waved as she began to walk away.

Naruto waved bye as well as he felt a tug on his shirt. Naruto looked down and it was Eri, "Uh Papa is she your Okaa-san?"

Naruto nodded his head and began to explain, "Well yes and no. We aren't related by blood or anything, but we're close enough that I like to call her Kaa-san." Naruto gave Eri a bright smile which caused Eri's cheeks to turn red a bit. So, that would also make her Eri's Baa-chan then!

Eri then also asked, "So… what are you doing for the school festival?"

Naruto and Momo both smiled, and Naruto said, "We're performing a dance with music! I'll be singing vocals along with a classmate of mine!"

Momo then said, "I'll be playing the piano!"

The two both said, "We'll make sure it is as fun as possible for you, so make sure to come watch!"

Momo then said, "Well I think this should do it, let's get you back to Baa-chan and Jiji-chan Eri! Naruto and I need to get back to practice." Momo scooped up Eri as the two began to head back to the dorms.


Week Later *Afternoon*

Naruto was standing in a training area with Toshinori and Momo training. Toshinori last week taught Naruto how to release shockwaves of punches which Naruto picked up almost instantly. It left little to no damage when he performed it. Then again, Naruto was pretty sure he's done it already by the moves he created with One For All. So, his main focus was Momo to train her using chakra. Naruto and Momo were doing a series of cardio and strength training exercises while he placed seals on her that made her clothes heavier and restriction seals that made it difficult for her to move her limbs.

Thankfully, everything that he was learning through Kurama was from his mother. Whom she either faced against or fought with. Teaching Naruto the hand seals to teach Momo so she could perform either water or earth ninjutsu. Naruto also gave some instructions to Momo to teach her some water ninjutsu and earth ninjutsu. For now, he taught her the basic Earth Wall and Water Bullet Jutsu. Mainly she needed to increase the amount of chakra she had, otherwise she would struggle to use ninjutsu. So, teaching her the basic henge, clone, and substitution jutsu was easy enough for her to perform.


Time Skip Few Days Later 7:00 am

Naruto was out in the morning training together with Momo working on her chakra control. Naruto wanted her to continue improving her chakra control to the point where it was flawless. Since her reserves were already higher than what Sakura's chakra capacity was at. Her control was also very good, it was better than Naruto's when he first started off. Then again, she doesn't have a giant mass of chakra in her gut to help increase her pool, "Oh shoot, Naruto I just got a text from Izuku that we need more rope! Do you mind going to get some? We're going to need more for the performance." Momo shot Izuku a text that Naruto would quickly go get it before the performance today.

"Yeah I'll run out and get some before the festival begins! I want to make sure Eri has a great time!" Naruto grinned happily while Momo simply nodded her head happily. Naruto ran off waving to her, and Momo stood there watching Naruto run off.

Momo placed her hand on her cheek, "To think we came this far… after all that we've been through. I'm so glad…" Momo began to smile brighter as some tears ran down her cheek, "I'm so glad we stayed together…" Momo calmed herself down when her thoughts went over to Eri. She has been such a sunshine for the both of them. They truly were loving Eri very, very much. Were they too young to be parents, sure, but they didn't care. Eri was their little girl no matter who said what, "I love you Naruto… I love you so much. Thank you… thank you." Momo slowly turned and walked away to go take a quick shower. She had to get the sweat off her body after training with Naruto with chakra.

It was exhausting.


With Naruto 8:30 AM

Naruto began to pick up the pace by jogging back to school. Until he stumbled upon two people wearing weird disguises. Naruto deadpanned, "What in the hell type of disguises are those?" Naruto looked at the two idiots like they were crazy. The guy had a large tan trench coat, a hat, white mask, and a cane. While the other one ha a long purple cover on, "Sorry about that, didn't see you two there."

In the middle of summer?

The man said, "Please be careful. You were about to ruin the aftertaste of the Gold Tips Imperial. Come, let us go, L—Honey…"

The girl said, "Honey?! Yes, I'm Honey!" The two began to walk in front of Naruto in a weird fashion.

Naruto went to walk as he narrowed his eyes, "Strange… you guys seem to live in that house… is it a tea house perhaps?"

Just then the man in front of Naruto stopped and turned to Naruto. He put his hands up to the side, "If you knew what Gold Tips Imperial was, then you would not have thought that… It's wonderful, even though you're so young!"

A sweat drop appeared on Naruto's head, "Okay… so I don't know what they are. Who cares? I mean… I actually do care." Naruto swore he had heard that voice before. Not only that but the tea that he was referencing is what Momo made more than few for him, "Why does his voice sound so familiar?"

"Hoh? You are someone who is of high class?" The man stopped walking towards Naruto, questioning why he was even talking to Naruto still. He knew who he was, and how strong he was already, "Now if you excuse me-." The man tipped his hat a bit and began to walk away.

Naruto realized who it was thinking back on the tea. The voice the man had, he remembered that weird guy with the white hair and mustache. He heard the voice from the video Ochaco showed Izuku, "An alarm will sound, not just to my dear listeners, but to all of society." Naruto heard Nemuri's voice from when he took Eri around U.A."So, you think this a game, don't you?""And if the alarm sounds, even if it's a false alarm, we had agreed to cancel it and evacuate, otherwise we can't have it." Naruto placed the bags down while taking out a three-pronged kunai twirling it in his right hand and stopped it in a reversed position.

"What do you mean?" The man turned around with his hand up to his face.

Naruto stood back up and held his left hand up for it to face the sky, "I saw your video. So, I'm not letting you escape." Naruto was solely focused on knocking these two out, for Eri's sake. For Eri's happiness. Room! Naruto said lowly as a yellow sphere formed in his hand and shot outwards engulfing the two in his sphere, "You two aren't going anywhere."

Like Naruto predicted, Gentle Criminal removed his disguise, "La Brava, start filming."

Naruto angrily held his head up as his eyes were blood red with black slit in the middle, "…there are a lot of different people working hard, so I wonder how it'll turn out…" Naruto spoke again, this time his voice was deeper, "Just try attacking my school… I dare you! I'll make sure you live to regret it! I'll take you out! Just as I did with Kai Chisaki! I'll do it with you too!" Naruto's body had red energy lines appear around his body as orange red flames began to dance around his body.

Gentle said, "You are very perceptive my boy." Gentle knew this was about to get messy. He brought his hand up to his top part of his jacket, "La Brava. From this moment on, no matter what happens, don't stop the camera!"

La Brava took out the camera and said, "Of course, Gentle!" She pointed the camera at him, "But, but! Are you going to fight? Here? Do you think that's a good idea?"

Gentle prepared himself, "Dear listeners! The grand adventures of a man of extraordinary talent is starting. Gentle then placed a strange barrier around him after he threw off his disguise, "Don't be dazzled, or look away—I am the gentleman thief who will save the world, Gentle Criminal!" La Brava threw off her disguise too, "My plans have shifted. In this current predicament, I'll keep it brief. This time!" He then struck a pose getting close to the camera, "I tried going to U.A!" Naruto made two shadow clones that shot forward and got stuck in midair. Gentle said, "If you watched my videos you should know. My quirk is Elasticity."

Naruto smirked back as his two clones smirked as well, "Clearly you don't know any of my abilities." Naruto shot his left hand up making his pointer finger aim up, Shambles!

Like that La Brava found herself in place in the elasticity wall. The real Naruto appeared next to Gentle with his fist raised back, Naruto was ready to end this guy in one strike. He won't kill, but he definitely won't be holding back. No way was he going to let him cancel the school's plans. Naruto remembers back to when he took Eri back when she came to visit them while they were practicing, "Papa, you're leaving already?" Eri asked with an upset tone. "Papa… Mama…" Eri had an almost excited look on her face. She didn't know how to express it yet, but she was feeling something, "I'm getting pretty excited." Naruto rammed his fist straight into Gentle Criminal, Konoha Smash! Naruto shouted as his fist made contact slamming Gentle Criminal Straight into the ground.

Naruto stood over the knocked out Gentle criminal. Naruto took out ninja wire and began to tie him up. Naruto nodded his head towards his clones who restrained La Brava and tied her up in restraints too. Naruto walked up to the camera and looked down on La Brava, "Gentle Criminal is not a person I see as even remotely a criminal. Much less of a threat, but he threatened the smile I could see on my little girl's face". Naruto took the camera from La Brava and dropped it on the ground and smashed it with his foot, "All for a stupid YouTube channel? Please…" Naruto picked the two up to deliver them to a teacher at U.A.

La Brava began to cry as Gentle laid there unconscious, "Y-You don't understand! H-He sacrificed so much! He p-planned everything even after his tea break! You can't keep mocking him."

Naruto glared down at her, "I never said I was looking down at him. I saw his video; it was clear he was someone who wanted fame. All villains have a backstory, villains are just broken heroes. But I won't tolerate what he wanted to do, for fame? Being a hero is more than just fame. It's about protecting the lives of innocent people, and striving to put yourself on the line constantly so everyone can live happy lives! I won't let you ruin this; I won't let you ruin this school festival for a girl. So, don't think for a second, I will allow you to do what you want. Because there's a goal I want to achieve in my life. If you two want your dream so badly, then find a different way to do it when you get out. Don't go down the easy path and be criminals." Naruto then shot off towards the school and then dropped them off at the school entrance.

Gentle was awake the entire time when Naruto finished tying him up. He could hear Naruto's sincere words; he was angry at him for trying to ruin someone else's happiness. It was something Naruto wasn't going to let slide, the power that he had within him. Wasn't going to make it easy for him to be dealt with. Thus, Gentle lost before the fight even began, he heard La Brava fight for him, but he decided to stop. Maybe it was time to achieve his goals a different way.

Before Naruto could Leave Gentle spoke up and said, "Uzumaki Naruto… I was once in the hero course at school, too. Gentle Criminal is the mere shadow of someone who was once a hero dropout. I have nothing more to say, but I hope your feelings reach those you want them to reach."

Soon Pro Heroes came running up towards the binded villains. Hound Dog and Ectoplasm watched as Naruto dropped the two villains off. Naruto continued to take off towards the direction where their performance was about to take place. Naruto heard Ectoplasm and Hound Dog tell Snipe on the radio that everything was fine.


Performance Stage For Class 1-A 9:45 AM

Naruto arrived in time as he quickly prepared himself getting into a proper outfit. He was wearing an orange shirt with the letter A on it with a pair of black pants, "Sorry being a bit late! I hit a roadblock! Are we all set and ready?" Naruto turned towards Jiro.

"Yeah, everything is set, we just need to get into position." Kyoka turned to everyone else making sure they were in position and at their stations.

"Well, I'm glad you got here, you're both our vocals." Momo only sighed as she shook her head, "Come on now, let's get ready."

10:00 AM

Naruto was next to Jiro with a microphone in his hand. The curtains lifted as the entire viewing and stage was semi dark. Naruto could hear the other students cheering, "There they are!" "Fire Years, do your best!" "Show us what you've got, first years!" "Yaoyorozu!" "Yaoyorozu!" "Yaoyorozu!" "Yaoyorozu!" "Uzumaki!" "Uzumaki!" "Uzumaki!" All of their dancers had their left hands up in a fist.

Eri, who was in the crowd was being held up by Sairaorg with Shuri, "Can you see them Eri?" Sairaorg smiled at Eri, he was really beginning to see her like a granddaughter, "You see Mama and Papa?" Shuri could only giggle as she saw the display of affection Sairaorg had towards Eri. Not only that, be said Mama and Papa for Momo and Naruto.

Soon the lights turned off and silence roamed the area. Naruto waited for Bakugo as he screamed out, "LETS GO, DAMMIT!" Bakugo's voice grew deep, "All of U.A…. WE'LL KILL'EM WITH OUT SOUND!" Bakugo let off a huge explosion.

Like that the music began playing and after a few seconds Jiro shouted, "Thanks for coming today!"

( watch?v=UB6QjOxB3kA) (A/N: I'm pretty sure you all can't use this link, but it's the Hero Too song obviously. However, it's the duet between Kyoka and Izuku on youtube. Just Naruto is replacing Izuku, if you want you can all skip the lyrics if you want. I'll describe what Naruto is doing throughout the song).


What am I to be?

What is my calling?

I gave up giving up, I'm ready to go


The future's left unseen, it all depends on me

Put it on the line to follow my dream, yeah!

Tried all my life

I've tried to find

Something that makes me hold on and never let go



Hero too, I am a hero too

My heart is set (My heart is set) and I won't back down

Hero too, strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes (True heroes) stand up for what they believe

So wait and see

So wait and see


What do they think of me?

Who do they think I'll be?

I could not care less, I don't wanna know

Am I doing right?

Am I satisfied?

I wanna live my life like it's meant to be


Tried all my life

I've tried to find

Something that makes me hold on and never let go



Hero too, I am a hero too

My heart is set (My heart is set) and I won't back down

Hero too, strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes (True heroes) stand up for what they believe

So wait and see


People will judge for no reason at all

Yeah, they might try

To say your dream's dumb, don't listen

They may look down on me and count me out

I'm going my own way


They may look down on me and count me out

I'm a hero, I've got music

Hero too, I am a hero too

My heart is set and I won't back down


Hero too, strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes stand up for what they believe (Yeah, I'll be!)


Hero too, I am a hero too

My heart is set (My heart is set) and I won't back down

Hero too, strength doesn't make a hero

True heroes (True heroes) stand up for what they believe

So wait and see


I have met so many heroes in my life

Gave me the strength and courage to survive


Gave me the power to smile everyday

Now it's my turn to be the one to make you smile

(A/N: All dancing will be the same as in the anime, so I won't go down into too much depth and bore you all. Though I will change some things up).

As Jiro is singing her first line, Naruto creates a bunch of Shadow clones and has them begin dancing in the background. Once Naruto's line came up she began to sing and dance along with the others. Izuku then powered up his quirk and launched Yuga into the air. He was wearing his hero uniform as he spun in the air and shot out lasers.

As the song continues Izuku disappeared behind curtains while the special effects people did their thing. Hell, Mineta even got his small harem moment which perturbed Naruto, but he let it slide. Shoto shot out ice across the roof of the ceiling, Hanata shot out tape across the place. Naruto's clones shot off confetti cannons he created with Momo's help and the money side. Getting cannons wasn't that easy. Kirishima began to run across the ice bridge Shoto created using his hardening quirk to shave ice off to make it snow. While Izuku ran across the ice to pull Yuga around like a disco ball.

[People will judge for no reason at all] When Jiro sings this verse Naruto activates his Kurama Chakra Mode. This time he was cloaked in a golden shroud of chakra with the black lines. Naruto and his clones ran around tapping his fellow classmates. As everyone felt Naruto's power course through them. This gave everyone a shroud of red chakra cloak, two ears, and a tail. Then Tsu wrapped her tongue around Ochako and swung her around as she used her gravity quirk on students watching. This allowed them to float in the air, and Naruto's clones jumped around tapping people, giving them a taste of his power.

Naruto sang and watched as the dark shadow of Chisaki that lingered around his little girl was dispersed. Naruto could see his and Momo's sectoral beings wrap their arms around Eri allowing her to be free and feel protected. Eri, in Sairaorg's arms, raised her hands into the air and smiled happily. Naruto saw from the stage as he smiled on the inside as he felt his own tears begin to swell up. He did his best to fight them back, hell he even saw Sairaorg tearing up as well as Shuri.

A/N: That's it for this chapter, not a whole lot is going on, though I will say I can't wait to write the Heroes: Rising movie 2 to write! I'll enjoy it for sure. As for the next couple episodes after the U.A Festival Arc. There isn't much need to write those out since it involves Endeavor and Hawks. Anyways, that's it for this chapter! Sage of Prophecy OUT! Ja Ne!