"You're seriously telling me that I woke up super early, got on a bus, and walked five blocks just to find out that spotting is a perfectly normal symptom in early pregnancy?!"


"Oh my god!" I said exasperated. A part of me was perfectly fine with this. I had a whole doctor's office to myself and my hot gynecologist. The other part of me wanted to take the horny part of me and knock some damn sense into it. I can NOT be crushing on my doctor.

"I don't think I want you to be my doctor."

"What? No- why?"

Damn it. He was just too cute and innocent.

"You make me uncomfortable."

"I'm sorry. I'll stop! Whatever it is that I'm doing to make you uncomforta-"

"No, that's it! The nice guy talky thing you do just...god!"

I stormed out and slammed the door. I heard him say my name apologetically and my hormones took over. I slammed the door open and kissed him hard as he was trying to tell me I had left my purse. We kissed intensely for a bit until I realized what I was doing.

I pushed away quickly and ran towards the door. He stopped me as I tried to open the door.

"Hey, woah, hey. Um...what?"

The majority of myself had deeply enjoyed the kiss and I realized with a start I was in trouble.

"Um. I don't really know."
"I wanna see you, outside of this place, I wanna see you. Do you want to get coffee later?"

"Doc, I-. I can't have coffee." I said with a slight annoyed tone. "In fact, it's on the list of things you told me NOT to consume while pregnant! What kind of a doctor are you?"

"Right. Jenna please, I-"

"We can't do this. This is a very bad idea."

"Yeah you're right. It is a bad idea, but-"

"You're goddamn married!"

"So are you!"

"Well, you're my doctor."

"And you're pregnant."

"This is a bad idea, doc."

We turned toward each other.

"What if we just kept kissing." I found myself saying.

I ran towards him, and then we sidestepped each other realizing that kissing each other was a terrible idea. Then why did I want to? God, heart, slow down. I can't do this. I had a small mental picture of me and him on the gynecological table, making out. And then I told my brain to shut up.

"This is just gonna make things worse, isn't it?" Jim said, breaking my thoughts.

"Yeah, we better just let this go. Even if it was a pretty good bad idea."

I went to reach for my purse as he reached for the pastry I had brought him. Our arms crossed and we looked at eachother, the want clearly in both of our eyes.

"Nope!" We both said.

I turned away, as did he.

"What about just holding each other?" He suggested.

We ran and I shoved him up against me as he wrapped my tightly around my waist with his arms. We almost kissed, our bodies pressed against each other. Then we pushed away quickly, realizing that that was stupid. C'mon, Jenna, this is stupid. You can't be doing this. He looked at me as I looked at him and we ran towards each other again, breathing heavily. He had me in an embrace from behind and was holding me tightly. I guided his hands around my body and then forced them away. His hands found their way to my body yet again and damn did it feel good. We then pushed away again and silently yelled at ourselves.

Damn it Jenna! Pull you stupid-ass horny self together. You can't do this with a married man! For God's sake you're married! And pregnant!

Son of a bitch. I'm in love with my doctor. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear! Mama, what do I do? Earl will beat the shit out of both of us. But he felt so good against me. That kiss did wonders for my emotional state.

Well, shit. I can't take this anymore.


Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. . Shit. Shit. Shit.

I'm in love with a pregnant woman. This is madness. I can't do this to her, that would make me and asshole. I know, I flirted at the bus stop. I know, she kissed me hard and good and left me begging for more. I know, the press of her body against mine felt amazing. But for the love of God I can't do this. What will Francine say?Jesus Christ, what will her husband do. He'd kill her. I already figured out that she doesn't love him, and he uses her.

Shit. I can't take this anymore.

Jenna looked at me as I looked at her.

"I need a bad idea."

"I need a bad idea." I repeated.

We ran to the gynecological table and shoved her purse and my pastry off. She hurriedly jumped on the table, and I did too. We shoved our bodies against each other and kissed with a passion. Her hands were going through my hair, damn, and mine were exploring her back. I jumped off the table, going to the side to stand in between her legs.

"You are one naughty doctor."Jenna giggled before smashing her lips against mine.

Wow. I flippin' love this woman.

We pulled away for a second.

"I think I like that." She finished her thought. She ripped my white coat off and crawled backward on the table, beckoning. My male brain was going crazy. I followed her placing my hand on her knee as I slowly went downward, my hand following on her leg. Her movements followed mine until she was laying down on the table. She grabbed my face and pulled me down on top of her.

And there the bad idea began.