"Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything.

They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change." -Malcolm X

Ch 1: The Revolution Shall Not Be Televised




This was not supposed to be happening!

He bit down hard enough on his cigar to snap it in half and tobacco fell down onto the ground. His fists shook and glowed a bright blue as his anger and his Semblance began to surface in response.

"Sir!" A voice snapped off to his right. He spat his now snapped cigar over the edge of the railing and turned to the younger man in his white and grey uniform.

"What is it?!" He snapped angrily. "I told you to gather everything you could and burn everything you couldn't! What is so hard to understand?!" He grabbed the younger man by his collar and shook him in fury.

The younger man flinched from the shaking and desperately grabbed at the hands gripping his collar to get free.

"W-we did! We did!" The younger man stuttered out in a panic; his eyes suddenly wide with fear. "We've dealt with as much as we could, sir! The men are asking what to do with the workers! We gathered them up j-just like you asked!"

The furious man narrowed his eyes and grit his teeth as he pulled the scared man closer.

"All of them?" He asked through gritted teeth, the vein on his forehead throbbing angrily. The terrified man could only nod his head as quickly as possible in response.

The angry man grunted and tossed the scared one away onto the ground. He began to walk away, leaving the other man on the ground of the rafters.

"Burn them with the building. Is that understood?" he answered callously, scowl on his face as he walked away.

The man on the ground gulped and nodded his head slightly in understanding. "Y-yes, sir."





He couldn't breathe with all this smoke! He coughed heavily once more and tried to stay on his feet. He looked behind him to the men, women, and, sadly enough, children. The thought of what these people tried to do to them, all of them, was enough to make his blood boil. He had to focus, though. These people, his people, were counting on him.

He raised the towel, the best he could do, to his mouth and nose in an effort to not breathe in all the smoke.

"We have to get to the exit!" He screamed over the raging flames. He knew not everyone could hear him, so he pointed to the glowing exit sign and arrow. It would be their salvation. He wouldn't let his people down!

He turned forward and began making his way through the fire and debris. He went as fast as he could, maneuvering around burning wrecks or immovable weight all while making sure everyone stayed low and stayed together.

"We're almost there!" He yelled as loud as he could. He coughed. "We're almost home free!"

Sadly, it was not to be.

The group's collective hearts sank as they saw the exit barred by a large piece of machinery that was in no way meant to be there. The forklift that pushed it there off to the side surrounded by fire.

"Oh, no," one of the group muttered.

"Are we gonna die in here?" A child asked from behind a rag.

"Those monsters locked us in here!" Another raged.

The man grit his teeth in fury and frustration. Tears threatened to leak from the corners of his eyes as he turned to face the group of weary workers. No, not like this! He moved forward to try and push the machine but recoiled in pain as his hands came away smoldering and red.

It was too hot to touch. Damnit! His brain moved a mile a minute in an attempt to think of something, anything, to get everyone out of here safely.


He gripped the towel he was holding in one hand and slowly tried to get a handle on the machine to see if a buffer would do any favors.

He hissed in pain, but it wasn't terrible. He now had a plan! Again, the smoke got into his lungs and threw him into a coughing fit. Black crept closer from the corner of his vision, he didn't have much time. Out of all days to not have his medicine.

"I need," He coughed again. "I need anyone and everyone to help me push this thing out of the way! Use your rags, your clothes, whatever to grab hold and push! This is our only chance!"


"You got it, Dre!"

Together, Adults and Younglings found somewhere to put their hands on the blazing hot piece of machinery in order to help and grit their teeth through the pain.

"It burns!" One yelled in pain.

"We have no other choice!" Another rebuked desperately.

Dre braced himself and began to push.

"Push! Push it!" He yelled hoarsely. All the coughing was taking its toll.

They pushed and pushed at the impossible weight of the piece of machinery. This was meant to be moved by a machine.

"It's not budging!" Someone screamed.

"Just keep pushing! We can do this!" Dre answered back. Suddenly, his chest constricted painfully one moment and in the next, he was on the ground.


"It's all the smoke! He's got asthma!"

Voices were coming in and out. He felt flashes of heat and pain all over his body as he lay there.

"Check for his inhaler then! See if it's on him!"

There was another voice. Softer and lighter than the others. He knew that one.

Breathing became harder and harder. Hands fumbled and grabbed across his body searching for something he knew wasn't there. He couldn't breathe. He couldn't breathe!

"I can't find it! Damnit, I can't find it!"

It was getting darker and darker. The light of the flames couldn't reach him down here it seemed. Voices were screaming and struggling unseen but heard. His own wheezy breath became more and more pronounced.

H-he couldn't do it.

He faded but came back to in someone's lap. It was soft. Hands combed their way slowly, soothingly, through his plumage. Kinda like how Ma used to.

"Push! Push with all you got!"

There goes the screaming again. Someone screaming? Why was everyone screaming? Escape! They had to...

Water drops fell onto his head and onto his face. He moved his eyes up to see where the drops came from.

"Reni?" He wheezed pitifully. She was crying. He couldn't move his arms to wipe them away. He couldn't do anything.

"Shh," she hushed him as she stroked his head with one hand and wiped away her tears with the other. He heard sniffing and saw the few kids they had huddled together beside her with another woman, Prima. "Save your breath, Dre, for when you get outta here, ya hear me?" Reni told him through her tears.

She pulled him up further into her lap. He felt her grip harder into his arms as she cradled him there.

She sniffled and coughed hard into the fold of her arm.

"You save your breath cuz you're getting outta here, okay? You're gonna go back to your Ma and-and you're gonna let her know how you quit your job and how you're gonna spend more time at home," she whispered through tears.

Breathing was getting harder now. Was that wheezing sound him? His throat felt all about closed up by now. Black crept ever closer from the corners of his eyes.

"She's gonna make her special pudding with the cookies and-,"


Darker. It was getting darker.

"...I'll bring plates cuz Oum knows how y'all don't got any for all of us and Reg will-,"

"It's not moving! We're stuck!"

His throat was dry and it hurt to try to swallow. Shapes became blurry and voices became indistinguishable. Darker it still got.

"-ay with me, Dre! Dre! Oh, Oum, Dre!"

"Tunneling Fang!"




He growled low as more White Fang ambulances and White Fang personnel arrived at the site of the burning factory that firefighters were slowly but surely putting out. By the size of it, he didn't think they'd be done until well into the early hours of the morning. He had the utmost respect for those guys. All the smoke was really starting to irritate his nose. Why he didn't take a mask when they offered them, he didn't know. He was really starting to regret that decision. Maybe it had to do with the fact that they had, yet again, not made it in time.

Well, almost not made it in time, he thought to himself as another singed-but-alive Faunus was carted into the ambulance on a stretcher. A bird Faunus with an oxygen mask stuck on his face and a woman, girlfriend maybe, following him and the paramedics, also Faunus, into the ambulance. He stuffed his hands in his pockets to keep from punching something at the sight of another injured Faunus. They didn't deserve this-this barbarity!

Ha, 'barbarity'. That's the word for it, he was sure. He'd have to let her know that she's starting to get him to use the words she does.

"Are you over here brooding again, Kiba?" A familiar voice asked from behind him.

He flinched in surprise and scowled at the laughter that followed.

"Grr, you know how much I hate it when you sneak up on me!" he yelled at the culprit while shaking his fist.

"Pfft," she scoffed. "Stop shaking your fist at me. You look like an elder angry at the 'youth'," she teased with air quotes. She pushed a dark bang out of her face and moved closer to Kiba.

Kiba huffed out his nose and grumbled under his breath. He crossed his arms and scowled up at the raging fire. His anger felt much like that fire. Furious. Unrelenting. If only they got there sooner.

Like a balm that cured all aches and ailments, a warm hand slid itself across the back of his neck and into his hair. The gesture instantly took his attention away from the fire and his thoughts, as he leaned into the hand almost on reflex. He grabbed it softly from its place on his head and brought it to his lips to kiss softly.

He sighed in content and laced their fingers together; her darker, slimmer fingers in contrast with his lighter, thicker ones painted a picture he'd never let go of.

"You know just the right thing to do, don't you, Sienna," Kiba murmured to her as he turned to look at her.

And what a sight she was.

Dark, rich brown skin covered in fierce tattoos that added, in his opinion, equal parts sexy and dangerous. Her face, framed by her well-maintained dark hair, was illuminated by the red of the fire and lights from the emergency services, but those ridiculously wonderful, and sometimes scary, yellow eyes stood out along with her red bindi.

He let himself look at her, really take it all in, before leaning in to give her a searing kiss. Immediately she kissed him right back with just as much passion that threw all his previous shitty thoughts in the garbage. They separated slowly and just looked at each other for a few moments, the outside world taking a backseat for a moment.

She reached up and fluffed around his hair before taking his chin in her clawed hand.

"Better?" She asked him softly.

Kiba smiled cheekily. "Now," He replied and meant it too.

He saw in her eyes that she recognized his sincerity and leaned away but didn't unlace their hands.

"Good," she patted him on his cheek, tapping his red fang face tattoos lightly, before dropping her hand. She let their fingers unlace and stepped forward. She looked out at the burning building, the firefighters, the paramedics, the officers, and clasped her hands behind her back.

Kiba rolled his eyes. She was getting into 'Khan Mode' as he dubbed it.

"If it wasn't for the poor circumstances of tonight, I'd otherwise be proud seeing our Fang Emergency Services working so efficiently," she said and swept an arm out at the scene before them. "But all I feel is grief. Grief that our brothers and sisters, some as young as 12 years, had to be rescued from this abomination of a facility before they were naught but ash and memories."

She clenched her fist tight as the fire flickered and danced before her.

"Younglings. They were willing to burn Younglings," she whispered in disgust and outrage. "I knew there were no levels of depravity and brutality they would not go to in order to cover their tracks but to see it? To, to hold in your arms a young one on the cusp of death and know that if our enemy had it their way that youngling would be lying in an unmarked grave!" She growled out in fury, her fists clenching and unclenching, aching and furious they could not claw or rip or tear into the monsters that did this.

Kiba nodded his agreement. His thoughts were along the same line.

"They burned all evidence linking them to this," He added. He crossed his arms and stepped up beside his partner. "I wouldn't count on anything inside this building being salvageable," she didn't turn away from everything, but he knew she was listening. "I was able to talk to one of the workers, Sawyer, said it was SDC, as it usually is, but it ain't gonna hold any kind of weight. It'll just be 'Frenzied Faunus try to slander SDC' again," he said in an exasperated tone. "It'll be the same dog show as before."

"I know," she answered back promptly through gritted teeth. She breathed in deep and held it for 5 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, before letting it out. He'd comfort her, but she didn't need it. She was in better control of herself than he was.

It's why he followed her lead.

"I know," she said in a much more calm and controlled tone. "It is why we will begin taking the next steps in achieving our goals. We will use this injustice and strike back at those who would turn a blind eye to such wickedness. The Mistral council believes themselves to be untouchable," she narrowed her eyes scarily(see?).

"While they sit on their lush, privileged council seats and do nothing as their people, our people, fight amongst each other and die in squalor and in hunger, the White Fang has taken control of every city from Wind Path to Argus. It is even our people who work the trade routes. This will be the catalyst for their own undoing," she said with a sense of finality. "But we will need all hands on deck for this."

Kiba scrunched his eyebrows together in thought. Sienna opened her mouth to explain what she meant, but Kiba shook his head.

"Wait, gimme a minute to catch up. You did that thinking out loud thing, so I gotta process it," He defended.

Sienna rolled her eyes, crossed her arms, and let her partner think. He wasn't stupid by any means. He just needed a minute.

Soon, the proverbial light bulb went off over his head and his expression brightened.

"You're calling Adam and Blake back!" He exclaimed in excitement.

Sienna smiled and nodded which had Kiba pumping his fist in the air.

Her smile disappeared quickly, though, as she spoke her next words.

"I've tried contacting them for the past couple of months, but both have not responded back to me," she revealed.

Kiba stopped his celebration and he shrugged. "Well, if you're worried about them, just send someone to check up on em. No biggie," he said easily and scratched his head.

"What a wonderful suggestion, Kiba!" Sienna praised with no small amount of cheer.

There was a beat of silence.

"You're being sarcastic because you already thought of that aren't you?" He asked with a frown and unbelieving look.

Sienna nodded and gave him the motion to keep going with that line of thought.

He sagged in defeat as he came to the only conclusion he knew she came to.

"You're sending me aren't you?" He asked in defeat.

She nodded again and patted his head consolingly.

"Look at it this way, Kiba. You get to see them for the first time since they began the branch in Vale, and you get to see Vale for the first time," she told him. "It'll be like a field trip."

"A field trip? Yeah, right" he scoffed, clearly not buying what she was selling to him.

"I can't trust anyone else with this job, Kiba," she insisted. That caught his attention. Sienna Khan never pleaded with anybody or anything, so she must be talking to him as Sienna. He straightened up, and she reached up to caress his face.

"You get them and come back here, Kiba. That's it. I want them here for this. We need to show a united front if this is to go as smoothly as we want it to. They deserve to see it," she explained softly.

Kiba grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles softly, inciting a smile to grow on her face.

"You know just the right thing to say don't you, Sienna?" He asked rhetorically. She didn't have to do that. He was gonna do it regardless, but her showing him this vulnerability put more weight and importance behind her request.

She shrugged and smirked smugly. "Comes with the territory."

Kiba brought her in closer and wrapped his arms around her as hers went around his waist. For a few moments, they just stood there holding onto each other as the fire slowly died and the last ambulance was on its way to the medical facilities in Argus.

"When do I leave?" He asked her softly, face buried in her soft hair.

"Tomorrow afternoon," she replied back just as soft with her head resting over his heart.

Wait, afternoon? Why not in the morning?

"Wait, why not in the morning?" He asked in confusion.

Sienna leaned back and looked at him through a hooded gaze.

"You're really gonna question spending more time with me?" She asked suggestivly.

She'd give him a minute to get what she was alluding to.

Light bulb.

"Well," He said and pulled her tighter against what she knew was lean muscle. "Let's not waste any more time," He said with an equally suggestive tone.

"As your High Leader commands," she said huskily.

She quickly kissed his nose and turned around to walk away. She might've added a little more sway in her hips but who was going to check her?

Khan could take a night off. Sienna wanted to play.

Kiba let himself admire the view for a few moments before he pulled out his Scroll and tapped a button.

A few feet away his car rumbled to life.

"As you will it, High Leader, so it shall be done," He muttered to himself as thoughts of one thing and one thing only ran through his mind. He put the scroll back into his pocket and hurried after his partner.




"Team of Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee, and Blake Belladonna shall be dubbed RWBY with the team being led by Ruby Rose."




"Do we have a deal, Mr. Taurus?"

Adam was never the religious type, but as he shook hands with this...Cinder, he contemplated if this was what they meant by making a deal with the devil.

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Some things to note here, I'm using the term partner to describe any Faunus relationship because I feel like Husband and Wife and etc are very human terms and it's been made clear that while Faunus are a people(s), they are not necessarily 'human'. Human-like, but not 100%, ya feel me? So, they won't use those terms. Instead they will use Partner or Mate. Man, woman, and child are also not used but instead will use Elder, Adult, and Youngling and specific terms depend on the Faunus sub-group such as 'cub' or 'hatchling', ya get what I'm saying? Mr. and Mrs. are not a thing unless they choose to use it because Mr and Ms are a Human concept. They still have a genetic sex: male and female, but gender is not a thing. Gender is, again, a Human concept. Faunus don't do that because they are not Human. So, how will that affect pronoun usage you ask? Everything is fair game. It is all a preference. If a Faunus has spent a lot of time around males, they might go by He/Him/His if they feel more masculine and same goes for She/Her/Hers if they feel more feminine. For those that feel in between or both they would use They/Them/Theirs and for those that feel none they use It/Its or just their name. So, if you get confused during the story, just reference this.

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